wayward art

Everyone shall sit under their own vine and fig tree
And no one shall make them afraid
They’ll be safe in the nation we’ve made

Happy 4/13! Celebrating with… a painting… because if there’s one thing Homestuck has done for me, is make me experiment in regards to art styles! And here’s a lil tribute to Wayward Vagabond and Peregrine Mendicant.. .it was great to see them again at the very end… the true heroes of the story……


That’s right folks, I’ve escaped my academic imprisonment for the summer and I’m opening commissions to celebrate and make a little pocket change. All prices are in USD, but I’m in Canada so if you’re Canadian feel free to negotiate a price in CAD to spare us both the currency exchange. You can contact me through the tumblr messaging system, or email me at jakejjudson@gmail.com. 

For the prices listed you’ll get a digital image of the traditional piece, but if you want me to send the actual physical art feel free to ask so we can talk about the price of mailing it to you. The payment will be taken over PayPal with the email above, and yes, I’ll require it in advance, though with an unfamiliar character I might send you a little WIP sketch to test the waters.

I will draw: OCs, fictional characters, simple backgrounds like those above, simple animal elements (ears, tails, etc), ships, some gore (blood is fine but I’m not overly keen on guts or guro) and waist-up nudity in nonsexual contexts (think mermaid).

I can’t/won’t draw: NSFW/kissing (not confident enough in anatomy), furries (ditto), complicated landscapes or mechanical elements, fanart for ships involving irl people, intense gore, or any of the obvious gross stuff you shouldn’t be asking me for anyway (noncon, adult-child ships, etc. - fuck off m8).

I’ll be making a separate post down the line for digital commissions so if that’s more your speed then stick around and keep your eyes open, and give this a reblog if you’re in the mood to help out! Otherwise, my inbox is always open if you’re interested in some ink!

Infinite gifts,perfections and grace..One wee woman.. Ladies and gentlemen, Ruth Connell, aka a real role model.

It took me like 9h to finish this, but I think it was worth it. I want to thank every Rowena/Ruth tumblr blog that helped with the whole concept of this, including @darktweet @royalrowena @v-club-mega-coven @passmesomepie and many more ❤
We love you and we’ll always stand by you,Ruth. Stay awesome. ❤