Rose teaching everyone to knit:

- Karkat takes to it really well. Sure, he spends more time yelling at the yarn for getting twisted and tangled, but his spacing is really even.

- Dave is awful, and he knows it, but he knits so damn much. He knits everyone presents and they’re all holey and loose as fuck but they wear them anyway.

- Jade is good, but shows very little interest. Every now and then she’ll make something small, particularly knitted animals, but she’s just not that interested.

- Sollux makes a massive fuss when Rose sits down with him. He doesn’t have time to learn to knit he barely sleeps because of how much time he spends coding, he has more important things to do than play with yarn. Except all of Rose’s red and blue yarn mysteriously disappears all the time. Hmm…

- Terezi doesn’t like knitting but she can crochet really fucking fast.

- Roxy already knew how to knit, and she made everyone a stripy scarf like her own. She and Rose have contests, which WV really loves to watch.

- Tavros actually approached Rose asking to learn. He originally wanted to knit his own stuff for cosplays, but knits just for the fun of it too.

- Vriska once knitted a really, really large blue square - large enough to cover an entire room, and now uses it as a rug. She never picked the needles up again.

- WV doesn’t knit, but crochets with Terezi. They prefer holding the yarn for someone else, but they do have their own projects that they work on. It’s not uncommon for WV, Terezi, Karkat, and Dave to sit in a circle all working on their woollen creations in silence (except for Karkat’s yelling, of course).


spending 4 days drawing homestuck; boss battle edition™

“Carry On My Wayward Son” - Digital Oil Painting

He has such a gorgeous profile, just look at those eyelashes. I combined this painting with some Photoshop effects for the glowy-shiny mirror.

If you enjoy my art, please consider subscribing to my Patreon! I am saving to buy a wheelchair lift.

Everyone shall sit under their own vine and fig tree
And no one shall make them afraid
They’ll be safe in the nation we’ve made

Happy 4/13! Celebrating with… a painting… because if there’s one thing Homestuck has done for me, is make me experiment in regards to art styles! And here’s a lil tribute to Wayward Vagabond and Peregrine Mendicant.. .it was great to see them again at the very end… the true heroes of the story……

I’ve gotten:

  • Percy calling Whitestone Castle “his sister’s”
  • Percy pulling Vex aside to do the do in the Castle’s Treasury
  • Percy being super defensive of his own tinkering skills in the face of Opposition
  • Percy flirting openly with Vex’ahlia
  • Percy showing Rich Boi With Daddy Issues around his workshop (senpai)
  • Percy teaching Vex about money and spending it and being a legit member of royalty


The Way You Look Tonight

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Summary: At a cast party, your favorite song starts playing and you ask your best friend Jensen if he’ll dance with you.

Word Count: 995

Warnings: this might give you a cavity, drunk!Jared, cursing

A/N: Written for @wayward-mirage‘s Rat Pack Challenge! Sorry it’s past the deadline, I really suck.

“You almost ready?” Jensen called from the living room as he buttoned up his cuff links. 

You hummed and stepped into the hallway, black heels clicking on hardwood floors. Jensen looked up from his task, his eyebrows shooting upward.

You look… amazing.” He coughed and stood, meeting you by the door.

He helped you into your jacket as you blushed, unsure of how to respond to his compliment. Opening the door for you, the two of you made your way to the cast party to celebrate the 300th episode of Supernatural.

“There they are!” Jared’s voice boomed toward you, followed closely by his hulking figure.

“Hey Jare, few drinks deep already, huh?” You chuckled and adjusted his bowtie for him.

“Been waiting for you two! What took so long? Some pre-party fuckin’?” He wiggled his eyebrows.

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