BTS going shopping- Zayli & Chei:

Jin: Now listen here you little shit fucks, we’re only buying stuff for spaghetti so don’t pick up anythi-

Jungkook: *runs to the candy section* 

Jin: WhY DO I EVEN TRY??????

J-Hope: Don’t worry Jin, I WILL GO AFTER THE YOUNG FETUS *runs the opposite way*

Jin: SOmeone please tell J-Hope he’s going the wrong way

V: *Talking to some 5 year old in the store* Now what if we had 10 hands instead of one, WE COULD DO ANYTHING


Jungkook: *cringes because he feels Jimin’s words from far away*

Suga: Uh…I’m going to go find Rapmon…

Suga: *finds Rapmon picking up a bag of chips* n00OOO DON’T TOUCH THAT WIth YOUr HAndS OF DESTRUCTION 

*store falls down*

Police: Do you know these people?

Jin: ….No. No I don’t know them

*Jungkook is screaming in the background because he was handcuffed to Jimin*


St. Vincent - Cheerleader

I don’t get these two… I mean he is on tour, you think he would be occupied with ya know performing and meet and greets and Z doing a million and one things she got going on, To be on social media at the same damn time really this happens way to often to be a coincidence… Sorry for my rant… These two just take me there sometimes

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fthrsn - oooweeooo


M83. - Midnight City