Waystyles “Active Child Flip” (@activechild) So my friend Waystyles (@Waystyles) approached me saying he was doing an MPC routine for an Akai rep, but he didn’t know what to chop up for the routine.  When he told me that, I knew I had the perfect song for him, Active Child’s “Playing House.” I send Way the song and he loved it.  After a couple of days of brainstorming, he came up w/ the ridiculousness that you see above.

How Kendall Jenner Does Denim the SoCal Way

Style.comHow Kendall Jenner Does Denim the SoCal WayStyle.comHer famous sisters may be known for their over-the-top take on glamour, but Kendall Jenner is all about easy SoCal style. When it comes to denim, the leggy beauty appreciates variety, but whether her jeans are skinny, cropped, or ripped into oblivion …

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Chopped up M83- Midnight City on the 1k. Thanks to Simon ( http://www.justin.tv/93simon ) for filming. Enjoy!

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Chopped up Active Child - Playing House Feat. How To Dress Well and flipped it. Thanks to Simon ( http://www.justin.tv/93simon ) for filming and Promo ( http://basquiatwhenipaint.tumblr.com/ ) for hippin me to this track.


Made this a year ago and never posted it. @ZeeAvi Is dreamy