Waystyles “Active Child Flip” (@activechild) So my friend Waystyles (@Waystyles) approached me saying he was doing an MPC routine for an Akai rep, but he didn’t know what to chop up for the routine.  When he told me that, I knew I had the perfect song for him, Active Child’s “Playing House.” I send Way the song and he loved it.  After a couple of days of brainstorming, he came up w/ the ridiculousness that you see above.

Watch on waystyles.tumblr.com

Chopped up M83- Midnight City on the 1k. Thanks to Simon ( http://www.justin.tv/93simon ) for filming. Enjoy!

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Chopped up Active Child - Playing House Feat. How To Dress Well and flipped it. Thanks to Simon ( http://www.justin.tv/93simon ) for filming and Promo ( http://basquiatwhenipaint.tumblr.com/ ) for hippin me to this track.