Well, that was unexpected. 

So… The Way Station, the bar with the TARDIS, is about 4 blocks from my apartment and I go there several times a week generally. I have friends there and usually, during the week it’s quiet(ish) enough for me to sit in my “nook” (back next to the TARDIS) and write.

On Sundays they show movies or TV shows and when Doctor Who is airing, they show the previous night’s episode. Today they were showing last night’s season finale… aaaaand we had some surprise visitors.

Holy cow did everyone’s teeth hit the floor.

I really hope everyone was on their best behavior and Matt and Steven didn’t feel too overwhelmed. Also, apologies to Sue Vertue on behalf of the fan who forgot herself and basically followed Sue into the TARDIS/bathroom. We are all beside ourselves to host you at our favorite bar and hope we weren’t too much for you. But then, I suppose, if you decide to visit a known Doctor Who bar when they are showing the season finale in order to watch the screening, I imagine you know what you’re getting yourself into. 

Anyway, thank you so much for coming. It’s personal things like this that make such a HUGE fandom feel so small and special.