Live at Ipanema is a free performance series at Ipanema Cafe. The shows are recorded & photographed, and then shared online. The band gets a high-quality recording and professional photography, and everyone else gets a great evening of music.

As always with our Richmond shows, we try to introduce a few new songs to our set to keep things fresh and this show will be no different. In fact, the entire set will have a new feel to it as we had to alter our sound for the intimate setting. It will also be the first time we’ve recorded together as a band; all of the studio recordings up to this point have just been me with the occasional guest appearance, so this will be a very interesting listen. The recording will be available online for free shortly afterwards by the talented Allen Bergendahl of Viking Recording, who has recorded SO MANY AWESOME BANDS (click that link and check out the list of artists he’s worked with, it’s ridiculous). Is there a better way to spend a Sunday night!?

Here’s the event page.

See you there!!