Tips for Cultivating Calmness

1. Try and develop a calm morning ritual instead of starting the day off in a stressful rush.

2. Notice how you tend to automatically respond to a stressful or irritating person or event.

3. Decide to not take things personally; be the kind of person who it’s hard to offend.

4. Develop an attitude of gratitude – and decide to be thankful for the little things in life.

5. Develop healthy ways of coping with stress (as stress is an inevitable part of life.)

6. Single task instead of multitasking (as it leads to fewer mistakes in the end.)

7. Make more time for quiet and reduce the constant noise.

little ways to cope with stress ♡

➳ make silly faces in the mirror

➳ take a bubble bath

➳ pet a friendly puppy/kitten

➳ dance to your favorite song

➳ eat a rainbow of fruits (& veggies)

➳ take a long nap

➳ read some story books

➳ build a blankie fort then fill it with stuffies & fairy lights

➳ visit a toy store (or several)

➳ watch your favorite movies back to back
➳ give yourself a makeover
➳ color color color

➳ listen to lullabies or soft music

➳ do some yoga
➳ make snow angels

➳ pack a picnic
➳ cook some macaroni & cheese

➳ go on a long walk or scavenger hunt

➳ paint a picture frame or flower pot

➳ go to an animal/exotic bird sanctuary

➳ cuddle up with a bottle/binkie

➳ cry cry cry

➳ put together a puzzle

➳ eat a lollipop (or several)

➳ make a mobile with ribbon & paper
➳ bang together pots & pans

➳ build a block castle
➳ play dress up
➳ build a snowman

➳ go to an art/science museum

➳ bake cupcakes or cookies

➳ visit a candy shop (buy some sweets)

➳ make homemade hot cocoa

➳ brush your teeth & hair
➳ play cute online games

➳ buy a new toy or coloring book

➳ set goals then celebrate them

➳ watch funny youtube videos

➳ make a collage of cute photos for your wall
➳ set up a bird or chipmunk feeder
➳ stay in your jammies all day
➳ have a tea party with your stuffies
➳ make a new “imaginary” friend
➳ marathon your favorite cartoons

The Only Exception (Part 1)

Summary: AU. Reader is given the task of running a popular love advice internet show when her coworker is fired. Her cynical attitude toward love makes her offer some harsh advice, and more than a few hearts are caught in the aftermath. Will hers be one of them?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 3,442

Warnings: language, fluff, wishful thinking, hot firemen, sarcasm, cynicism, bad jokes

A/N: Okay, so I saw a movie a long long time ago that was terrible, but it inspired the ‘bad’’ love advice and the firemen. I’ve been dying to have fireman!Bucky in one of my AUs.

And yes, the title comes from the Paramore song. I felt like it’s how reader feels throughout. Hope you guys like it. I had some writer’s block, and some house guests, so this is a little late being posted.

Part - 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10

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Tips for Cultivating Calmness

1. Try and develop a calm morning ritual instead of starting the day off in a stressful rush.

2. Notice how you tend to automatically respond to a stressful or irritating person or event.

3. Decide to not take things personally; be the kind of person who it’s hard to offend.

4. Develop an attitude of gratitude – and decide to be thankful for the little things in life.

5. Develop healthy ways of coping with stress (as stress is an inevitable part of life.)

6. Single task instead of multitasking (as it leads to fewer mistakes in the end.)

7. Make more time for quiet and reduce the constant noise.

Lovers | Full Circle

Summary: (College!AU) In which your relationship with Steve comes full circle when you go from being strangers to friends to lovers and back to strangers again.

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Word Count: 1,603

A/N: For @viollettes. The Shawn to my Gus.


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“Can I tell you a secret?”

You murmur a soft ‘yes’, keeping your head right over Steve’s heart. It picks up speed as you trace the outline of his well-defined upper body. He’s all hard lines and smooth milky skin and you’re half-convinced someone sculpted him out of marble. It’s the only way to explain how perfect it is. How perfect he is.

“You remember that day we met in the bookstore?”

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GOT7 Reaction to You Stressing Over Finals


Even though he may seem mad half the time, he becomes a total softie when it comes to his baby stressing out. Jaebum already knows the feeling of being stressed out half the time since he has to deal with the maknae line everyday. The way he copes with his stress is writing songs and your way is hearing him sing. You adored his voice, it was unique unlike anyone else’s. He sits right next to you and begins singing Coming Home. He knew how much you love that song and JJ Project. As soon as he finished singing, you feel relieved at the thought of your boyfriend trying to make you feel better.


Mark is the nicest and sweetest boyfriend ever. He would be sitting next to you the whole time but wouldn’t say a thing. He knows how distracting talking is and understands how important finals are to you. He makes sure you have everything you need to study whether it be food or pencils, he supplied it. He would lay his head on your shoulder and say, “You got this baby girl.” You’ve always asked yourself what you would do without him and you’re just so thankful for him.


We all know how motivated Jackson is and he know very well what it’s like to feel massive amounts of pressure. He begins telling you that, “You are amazing and can do so much”. He mentions what you will gain after all the stress. Jackson is the type of boyfriend who would help you until you’ve reached your goal. Just how he reached his solo artist goal, he wants make your dreams become a reality. Jackson is willing to stay up all night with you even if he has to be up early in the morning:


Park Jinyoung, the grumpy and judgemental one. He will be the exact person you need at the moment. He wouldn’t necessarily comfort you. He would be helping you by quizzing you, Asking you if you really understand the content. If you don’t he’ll tutor you a bit until you get it. He’s willing to sacrifice his sleep just to help his babe pass her test.


Our Sunshine would probably try his hardest to make his baby happy. He loves you as much as he loves coco. So why not bring his two loves together. He played with Coco while you were studying and that made you truly happy. You loved seeing Youngjae smiling and laughing. Finals didn’t seem so bad since a simple giggle from sunshine could make you happy.


No matter how immature and childish Bambam may be, he knows when to be serious. He would go off and do his own thing, letting you continue with your studies. Bambam would come back with a lot of snacks for you to enjoy,bring you blankets to cozy up with and perhaps kiss you in the cheek randomly. He would occasionally complain about how you’re too busy studying and will make a fit but gets distracted by something else. When you’re done studying and feel less stressed he makes sure you get the best sleep possible.


The loudest maknae ever would attempt to be less loud. He would tiptoe around your house just to remain as quiet as possible but that’s not possible with Yugyeom. After he was done attempting to keep quiet, he would come back with a cup of tea and an advil because of the headaches you get from stress. He knew how stressed out school makes you and he knows that a good bath will help you relax. After you’re done reading, he leads you to the bath where he set up candles and an Ipad for you to watch your favorite Kdramas.

Accepting request ❤️💕

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i'm a high school freshman, and i'm taking GeoHonors, BioHonors, Advanced English, and Advanced Art... i'm overwhelmed. I attend a high school known for high stress levels and suicides.. Previously in my elementary+middle schools, i was a straight-A student, no biggie. I thought high school would be the same.. which is why I signed up for so many honors. I'm also playing competitive volleyball, studying for the october ACT (for a summer camp), and preparing for my final piano exam. help? ~Kass

Hey Kass! Hope you’re doing well. Shelby here. :)

You sure got a lot going on. Sometimes that can be good & other times not so much. But you do sound very smart and you do seem like you got a ton going for you which is a plus.

I’ve got some resources & links to show you today in hopes it helps you.

Healthy Ways to Cope with Stress

Feeling emotional and nervous or having trouble sleeping and eating can all be normal reactions to stress. Engaging in healthy activities and getting the right care and support can put problems in perspective and help stressful feelings subside in a few days or weeks. Some tips for beginning to feel better are:

  • Take care of yourself.
  • Talk to others. Share your problems and how you are feeling and coping with a parent, friend, counselor, doctor, or pastor.
  • Avoid drugs and alcohol. Drugs and alcohol may seem to help with the stress. In the long run, they create additional problems and increase the stress you are already feeling.
  • Take a break. If your stress is caused by a national or local event, take breaks from listening to the news stories, which can increase your stress.
  • Eat healthy, well-balanced meals
  • Exercise on a regular basis
  • Get plenty of sleep
  • Give yourself a break if you feel stressed out

Recognize when you need more help. If problems continue or you are thinking about suicide, talk to a psychologist, social worker, or professional counselor.

Time Management:

Motivation & Procrastination:

Study Techniques & Studying:


Exams and tests:

General Academics:


College needs:


Helpful sites:

High school needs:

Mental health resources:

Misc resources:



School resources:

Stress relief:

ACT Test Guide

Things to Remember:

  • Difficult questions are worth the same points as easy questions.
  • If you answer 53% of the questions correctly, you get an average score.
  • There is no penalty for wrong answers - guess if you don’t know.
  • Budget your time; don’t spend too much time on a question.
  • Read each question throughly and know what it’s asking for.
  • Mark up the booklet to help you - annotate and show your work if that helps you


  • Questions often test for redundancy and irrelevance.


  • The first time, go through and do the questions that are easier and faster to do.
  • Then, go back and tackle questions that you don’t know how to do or will take more time for you to complete.
  • Look at the answers and plug them in. (start with the middle answer)
  • Substitute numbers for variables.
  • Look at the question like a logic puzzle, not a math problem.


  • Skim the reading to get a general sense of the passage.
  • Answer questions that refer to specific words or sentences, and then move on the questions that require you to read paragraphs.
  • Focus on main points and ideas. (usually in first and last sentences of each paragraph)
  • Pay attention to details that might be important to the story.
  • Think about why the author wrote the passage and
  • Mark up the booklet - annotate! (as mentioned above)


  • what the labels mean
  • what the table shows
  • trends
  • units of measurements
  • data representation (charts and tables)
  • research summaries
  • conflicting viewpoints (usually asked to compare and contrast)


  • formulate and opinion
  • maintain focus on your topic
  • ability to defend your opinion using reasoning and supporting ideas
  • organize your ideas in a logical way
  • use language clearly and effectively

Helpful ACT links:

Hope this helps. :) xx



Samoa Joe/OC: You have a habit of going to the gym to get some alone time and de-stress. One day, you take Joe with you. Smut.

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50 ways to cope with Stress
  1. Get up 15 minutes earlier.
  2. Prepare for the morning the night before.
  3. Don’t rely on your memory. Write things down.
  4. Repair things that don’t work properly.
  5. Make duplicate keys.
  6. Say no more often
  7. Set priorities in your life.
  8. Avoid negative people.
  9. Always make copies of important papers.
  10. Ask for help with jobs you dislike.
  11. Break large tasks into bite sized portions.
  12. Look at problems as challenges.
  13. Smile more.
  14. Be prepared for rain.
  15. Schedule a play time into everyday.
  16. Avoid tight fitting clothes.
  17. Take a bubble bath.
  18. Believe in you.
  19. Visualize yourself winning.
  20. Develop a sense of humor.
  21. Stop thinking tomorrow will be a better today.
  22. Have goals for yourself.
  23. Say hello to a stranger.
  24. Look up at the stars.
  25. Practice breathing slowly.
  26. Do brand new things.
  27. Stop a bad habit.
  28. Take stock of your achievements.
  29. Do it today.
  30. Strive for excellence not perfection.
  31. Look at a work of art.
  32. Maintain your weight.
  33. Plant a tree.
  34. Stand up and stretch.
  35. Always have a plan ‘B’
  36. Learn a new doodle.
  37. Learn to meet your own needs.
  38. Become a better listener.
  39. Learn your limitations and let others know them too.
  40. Throw a paper airplane.
  41. Exercise everyday.
  42. Get to work early.
  43. Clean out one closet.
  44. Take a different route to work.
  45. Leave work early (with permission)
  46. Remember you always have options.
  47. Quit trying to ‘fix’ other people.
  48. Get enough sleep.
  49. Praise other people.
  50. Relax, take each day at a time…

You have the rest of your life to live.

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my boyfriend just broke up with me because I’m trans and I feel so dumb and useless what should I do ?

Lee says:

It isn’t your fault that your ex was transphobic! You shouldn’t blame yourself for his shortcomings. Breakups suck, but you will find someone who really appreciates you for who you are one day.


Self care:

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Headcanons for Gaara, Kankuro and Shikamaru with a s/o who smokes for stress and emotional related reasons

Shikamaru, Gaara and Kankuro Having an S/O That Smokes for Stress and Emotional Reasons

Originally posted by shinobi-bonds


Completely unfazed by it, he spent so much time with Asuma who smoked regularly. He won’t make a big deal out of smoking ever, he understands that there are a variety of different reasons people choose to smoke and if it’s stress related for you he’s ready to accept that’s your way to calming down.

He’s the type to buy you cigarettes before you run out. He has wrapped his head around the idea that you can become very irritable when you don’t have cigarettes, which is trouble some if you starting getting snippy with him, so he always makes sure you have enough.

It’s really rare, but every once and a blue moon Shikamaru will join you for a smoke. It’s usually only when something highly frustrating has arisen or some tragic event has occurred. Even Shikamaru hates to admit it but he uses an occasional cigarette to calm down or easy his mind – it’s his way of being closer to Asuma and remembering him too.

Originally posted by dailynaruto


No matter how you present it, Gaara has trouble accepting the idea of his partner smoking – even if it is for emotional issues and stress relief. Gaara really struggles with the idea that it’s bad for your health and he sees it as harming yourself essentially and he just can’t stand the idea. He will try and accept it for a while because he hates the thought of changing people but eventually he will not remain idle.

In his mind, Gaara is dead set on helping you quit, he is afraid of seeing you sick later in life. He will try limit the amount you have each day and slowly ween you off them. If you make good progress, Gaara will find ways in which you can replace the habit of smoking with other activities that help relieve stress. He might suggest some exercise or maybe chewing gum – anything that will replace the habit of smoking.

When it comes to emotional issues, Gaara will try his hardest to work through them together. He has his own personal demons and he fights them frequently, so he isn’t going to back down from helping his partner fight them – especially if it’s for a healthier life style in the long run.

Originally posted by emrys-ambrose


Kankuro thinks smoking is fine, in some cases he finds it sexy and attractive in a partner, it gets them that rougher persona. He isn’t the type of make a fuss or ask them to quit, he also realizes that people have their own ways of coping with stress. If he sees you smoking a lot or more than usual he will sit you down and ask what is going on, because he knows your nervous habits and he always wants to help you cope.

Kankuro might even be tempted to smoke with them, he’s the type that can get into his partner’s own habits. He can be cheap too, and will be the guy who bums cigarettes off strangers to smoke with you – just so you can have some cordial conversation and a few laughs over a cigarette.

Though it might seem like he’s lying, Kankuro will say he likes that lingering smell of smoke on you. He doesn’t want you to be self conscious about your need to smoke, and having s/o that smokes makes you seem tougher in his eyes.

You self-harm

Requested by 3 anons as well as someone on wattpad. If any of you are struggling with this kind of thing, never hesitate to send me a message about it. <3

*Trigger warning!*

Riker; Riker’s hands are gliding under your shirt as his lips move against yours. He kisses you harder and continues to let his hands roam. You grip his hair tightly, pulling him closer to you. One of his hands goes under your waistband and you tense. He’s never seen what lies beneath the fabric. He’s never seen the white and pink scars that line your skin. He’s never known.

You try to push him away, but he doesn’t notice. His fingers go down your hip and he pauses when they brush over the scars. His lips pull away and your heart drops.

“Those aren’t stretch marks, are they?” he asks in a sad voice and pulls his hands away.

You bite your lip and shake your head reluctantly. This will ruin everything. He’ll break up with you. He’ll never talk to you ever again. You’ll lose the most important thing in the world-

“Baby, I’m so sorry,” he says softly, kissing your lips gently. “I’m sorry you ever felt the need to do that to yourself. I’m sorry I wasn’t always there to make you laugh. I’m sorry I wasn’t always there to wipe your tears. I’m so sorry that the world is cruel to you, sweetheart. But I’m going to help you through this, okay? We’ll get through it together.”

Ellington; Your cries are muffled by the loud music blaring through the bathroom. Ellington’s in the bedroom reading or on his phone, and you’re there in the bathroom with a blade between your fingers. You’ve already made a few cuts on your wrist, though they weren’t too deep. Only a small amount of blood is bubbled at the surface.

You want more. You need to feel more pain, and see more blood. You need to feel something. Anything other than emptiness.

“Put that down,” a sad voice says behind you.

You jump, dropping the blade to the ground. You turn to see your boyfriend, his wide eyes glossy with tears. They flicker down to your wrist and he presses his lips together, taking in a deep breath. “Why?”

Just one simple word. A one-syllable question. But in that one-syllabled question there’s so much emotion. So much hurt, and fear. So much despair and desperation.

You can’t answer him. You only cry harder and cover your face with your shaking hands. You can’t bear to look at him. He’s now seen you at your weakest point. You hate feeling so vulnerable. You prepare yourself for some long lecture about how what you’re doing is wrong –which you already know- but instead, you feel a pair of arms wrapping around you. Ellington shushes you, holding you close to him, letting you cry into his shirt until your tears are dry. After, he helps to clean you up and promises that you’ll get better.

Rydel; “Babe,” Rydel calls from the bathroom.

Thinking she wants help with her hair or something, you walk in with a smile on your face. Then, you see what’s in her hand and your smile quickly disappears. Your blades.

“I was cleaning out the drawers,” she says slowly. “And … I found these … What … Y/N, do you …”

You hate seeing the pain and guilt that’s plastered on her face. You look to your feet and shrug slightly. “Only sometimes.”

Only sometimes?” she practically yells. Rydel never yells. “Y/N, do you have any idea how dangerous this is?! And how horrible it is?”

You nod, ashamed.

“Why? Is it something I did? Something I didn’t do? Is it the fans?” She goes to you after chucking the blades into the garbage. “Tell me what I can do to help. I’ll do anything.”

“I don’t know,” you mumble. “There’s not really any one specific reason. It’s just … a way to cope with stress, I guess.”

“Y/N,” she whispers, her voice cracking. “Let me help you. I can help you destress. I can help you relax and calm down. I can help you be happy! I’ll help you in any way I can. Please … let me help you.”

Rocky; “Why haven’t you ever told me?” Rocky exclaims when he sees the fades scars on your arm. He had been tickling you and pinned your arms above your head. When he did that, your sleeve rolled down, revealing your deepest and darkest secret to him.

“I didn’t know how to tell you,” you reply quietly. “I didn’t know what’d you’d do, or what you’d say. I was scared.”

Rocky frowns and looks at you with a sad expression. “Darling, please don’t ever be afraid to reach out for help. I can only imagine how hard this must be for you. God, I’m so sorry. I wish I had known. I could’ve done something to help. I could’ve gotten you help.”

“I didn’t want to make a big deal about it,” you tell him. “I was scared of how people would react. There’s such a huge stigma around this sort of thing. I already get so much hate …”

“I know,” he says with a sigh. “I know, I’m sorry. You don’t deserve any of the hate that you get. You don’t deserve any of the sadness you feel. You don’t deserve any of the pain and misery you cause yourself. You deserve to be happy and healthy, baby. You deserve all the happiness in the whole world.” He pulls you in for a hug, kissing the top of your head. “We’ll get through this together, okay? I’ll do whatever it takes for you to be healthy and happy again.”

Ross; The look on your boyfriend’s face is enough to trigger another waterfall of tears. They stream down your cheeks, leaving hot and wet trails on your pink cheeks.

“Y/N,” Ross says in a gentle tone. He takes your hands in his and pulls you closer to him, even though you resist. “Y/N, darling, look at me.”

Reluctantly, you move your gaze up to his face. His eyebrows are furrowed with worry, his lips are tugged down in a frown, and his eyes are glimmering with tears.

“I’m sorry,” you choke out. “I-I didn’t mean to do it again. But, you were on tour and I was all alone and I just felt-”

Ross cuts you off by shaking his head. “Don’t apologize to me. You haven’t done anything wrong to me. You should be apologizing to yourself. I love you so much, Y/N, and it kills me to know that you feel so much sadness within you.”

“I’m sorry,” you whisper.

He lets go of your hands and hugs you instead. He kisses your head before resting his chin on it. “It’ll be okay, baby. I’ll take you on tour with me. I’ll bring you everywhere with me if that’s what it takes. You’re going to get better, baby. I’m going to make sure you do.”

Ryland; “You promised,” Ryland cries, his voice cracking terribly. “You promised me that you wouldn’t do it again!”

The tears escape your eyes. “I couldn’t help it, Ry. I want to stop. I know it’s a horrible thing to do, but I can’t help it!”

He tugs at his hair and exhales deeply. “I know you can’t, babe. I know it’s hard. I know it’s taking such a toll on you. And I know that it isn’t going to stop overnight.” He reaches out to you with a shaking hand. “It’s okay that you relapsed. It’s all right. Recovery is hard.”

“I should’ve been stronger,” you whispered, ignoring his hand. “I shouldn’t have been so weak.”

“Stop that.” Ryland grabs your arm, making you move towards him. His grip is gentle, but firm. “Stop saying that you’re weak. You are not weak, baby girl. You’re so strong. You’re fighting this battle with every bit of strength you have. That’s all that matters, okay?” He kisses your forehead and you sniff. “Next time you feel the urge to do this, I want you to call me. I don’t care if I’m sleeping, on stage, or in a meeting. Call me and I’ll help you through it. I’m always here for you, baby girl. I always will be.”

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Could you write how the RFA +Saeran and V react to MC smoking? I know that's a bit of a weird thing to ask but I'm just curious as to how they would react

The is the oldest ask in my inbox right now. I’ll get through them!
Also, I hope you don’t mind but in these MC quits smoking with the RFA’s help. I just think that’s what all of them would try and do for her~
-Before after endings- But minor general spoilers in V’s about ME, nothing in his route - Except Saeran that’s complicated - this is so complicated - 
~Mod L

♡ He’s the most upset out of everyone 
♡ He lost Rika far too soon, and wanted there to be nothing that would cause the same with you 
♡ Zen is the only person he really knows that smokes, so he’s not entirely sure how to approach you on this 
♡ He wants to you to quit, but he doesn’t want to be forceful about it 
♡ Initially, although he had the best intentions he didn’t realize how hard it was for you 
♡ You had to talk to him about it and explain to him that it’s a lot harder than he thinks to quit 
♡ He feels really guilty, and for a while leaves it alone
♡ But he always felt bad whenever he saw you smoking, so after some time he carefully brings the idea back up to you 
♡ He’s much more gentle with his words now, both out of him being more mature and advice he got from asking other members in the RFA
♡ Even when it got hard for you he’s was there, and every anniversary of you officially quitting he makes it such a big deal because he’s so proud of you 

♡ When you told him, he felt kind of relieved in a weird way 
♡ Everyone always judges him whenever he smokes, and he’s glad you won’t’ do that to him 
♡ And now he haves someone to smoke with!
♡ Without even fully realizing it you two begin smoking more and more with each other 
♡ One day both of you had to stop and realize how bad it was, and that both of you have a problem 
♡ You both said that day you were going to try and quit, but it took a while before it really started to happen 
♡ Zen likes to cheat, and he’s so charming half the time you gave in
♡ It took longer than both of you knew it should’ve, but you got Zen to quit sweet-talking his way into a cigarette 
♡ But the day you both went officially went a year without a cigarette Zen had the most romantic dinner date with you to celebrate 

♡ She really hates that you smoke 
♡ It was bad enough with Zen, and now you too? 
♡ But she also knew it would be a bit hypocritical of her to just ask you to quit 
♡ Working so much caused her to pick up a few unhealthy habits
♡ In order to get you to quit, she started to plan out a healthier day to day schedule for the two of you and hoped you quitting would happen naturally with it 
♡ It was hard around her work, but the thought of anything happening to you was a giant source of motivation to her 
♡ You helped her create it too, and it started both of you on healthier diets, sleeping schedules, and anything else she could think of 
♡ While she did this all for you, she saw incredible improvements in her health too 
♡ You did cut back on your smoking, but when you had both were fully in this healthier lifestyle is when she felt comfortable talking to you about fully quitting 
♡ She’s honestly the most patient person in the world with you, and you never once felt an ounce of guilt for anything with her beside you 

♡ Did you want to be enrolled in 101 programs to help you quit? 
♡ Well you are now 
♡ On one hand, you felt a bit guilty that you weren’t as enthusiastic about any of this as he expected you to be, as they all were the best and most expensive programs 
♡ But on the other hand you felt a bit annoyed he did all this before really talking to you about it 
♡ That made you stressed, which made you smoke more, which told Jumin whatever he was doing wasn’t working 
♡ You had to explain it to him that it’s not just the most expensive program works the best 
♡ You two had a long night of talking about what he could do to help you, and that helped him learn the boundaries you had for him
♡ He understood what he did wrong, and respected 
♡ But he was still there for you to lean on the moment you wanted, and provided as much emotional support as you needed as you quit 

♡ It wasn’t the most important information when you first joined the RFA, so he just skimmed over that fact when he did the initial background check on you 
♡ It was only in the back of his mind as he fell in love with you, and he didn’t even think about it until he found a pack of your cigarettes the one day 
♡ Like Jaehee, he felt guilty just trying to ask you to quit 
♡ But he tried anyways!
♡ He put on his goofy act as he did it, to try and make it a bit easier 
♡ It made you laugh, but you could only give a halfhearted promise that you would 
♡ After some time passed and Seven didn’t notice any difference in your smoking, he opted for a more serious talk with you 
♡ Seven was rarely serious with you, so you could tell how much it bothers him that you smoke 
♡ And he was slightly jealous of you going out on smoke breaks with Mrs. Vanderwood 
♡ You made a proper promise to quit, and Seven offered a lot of remedies to help you 
♡ It ranged from actual things like patches, to offering a cigarette sacrifice to a god no one’s heard of to end the cravings 
♡ He was really good at knowing if you need him to be silly or serious in any given situation, and that helped make the whole process a little less miserable 
♡ And in the process you two totally got Vanderwood to quit with you 

♡ I mean, it’s not the worst way he’s seen someone cope with stress 
♡ But he still doesn’t like it 
♡ Everything with you was a whole new learning experience, and one thing he wanted to learn about with you was a better way of relieving your stress 
♡ The way he speaks about wanting better for you, it’s like every sentence coming from him was like poetry 
♡ You saw how much he really cared, so you decided to try with him 
♡ Not everything worked, like he tried to see if you like photography as well 
♡ Turns out you weren’t the best at it, but loved to watch him take his photos 
♡ Which lead to him taking you with him on trips with him to take these photos 
♡ But as he went on more trips with you, he found himself having less and less time to sneak into Mint Eye 
♡ And without realizing it that made him a lot happier, even to the point where he didn’t want to lose this with you so he made the decision on his own to get surgery for his eyes 
♡ Seeing him make such a big decision for you was what really got you to quit smoking 
♡ Neither of you realized it until it was all over, but over all the months of you helping V with his recovery you didn’t even think about smoking 

♡ While he never smoked cigarettes, while he was in Mint Eye he went through some serious substance abuse issues 
♡ Both of you needed help, albeit him a bit more
♡ He was so resistant to getting help, especially professional help
♡ You realized as much as you wanted to, you couldn’t fix him alone 
♡ You arranged with Seven and Jumin a rehab that could work with him 
♡ It was hard convincing him to go, but you going too to fix your nicotine problem that made him agree 
♡ It was hard for both of you, because both of you had to simultaneously be there for each other while going through the effects of quitting 
♡ You were glad you got professional help, or else you don’t think the two of you couldn’t do it alone 
♡ While going through all this you both saw each other at their worst, and once you were both healthy enough to go back to mostly regular living you two were happier 
♡ Even though he couldn’t always say it, Saeran was proud of both of you for overcoming your issues, and was so thankful to you for convincing him to do this

if there is one thing I could say about the Fairy Tail fandom, it would be “holy shit, we’re literally like a giant family” 

creating this sideblog a year ago, I thought it would be a therapeutic way for me to cope with my stress as a senior in high school. but more importantly, I wanted to keep this fandom alive. once the manga ended, I was afraid we’d just vanish

but no, the fairy tail fandom is still alive. we are here to stay. 

so I want to thank each and every 10 thousand of you for bringing life, memes, stories, gifs, and fanart everyday to this fandom. everyone here is so, so talented and we’re lucky to have you in this family. 

I wish there will be many more days to come for us, gaining more and more family members along the way

this is our Fairy Tail and I thank you all for letting me be apart of it<3

anonymous asked:

Could you do the optimistic s/o headcanons with coran?

vibrates Coran, I swear, deserves the world. I wouldn’t trust him in any other hands than yours, dear reader. Just take care of him.

– Ryan

• He hasn’t had much study of the human race after his reawakening
• But from what he’s witnessed among the five Paladins humans have different ways of coping with stress
• Some through strenuous training
• Others with silence
• But mostly with anger, or irritation
• But not you
• You keep a bright smile on your face, and an energetic voice
• You give your time and patience, and you work through problems, acknowledging the negative, but never focusing on it
• No, in fact, you find the positive through the negative, and you turn the perspective around for everyone
• He’s speechless the first time he witnessed you in action
• He expects you weren’t able to hold out, or you’d fall into the same rut the other Paladins had, but instead you pull everyone up, and lighten their moods
• From that moment on he strides to be just like you
• It becomes hard for him to not think; ‘how would [y/n] do this?’ or ‘if [y/n] were here, what would she say?’
• His thoughts are consumed of your smile and cheery voice
• And when you’ve confessed that you’d harbored feelings for him, he couldn’t quite believe it until he’d had you in his arms
• He’d felt honored to hold such a pure soul like yours to his heart
• In fact, it made everything feel right
• And each night as he holds you close in his bed, he counts and recounts his thanks to the stars that you had come into his life, and shared your world with him

A/N: Coran makes me a sappy mess okay I love him so much pls take care of Space Uncle™ okay? okay good I’m gonna go drown myself in my tears and write a Coran fic ogm

Dear People With DID,

We are not “taking the word headspace from you for our kink.” First of all, the term headspace isn’t specifically for you and you only. Secondly, the term “headspace” is used for more situations than just for your disorder and our lifestyle. Also, not everyone in the CGL community are into it as a kink; for many of us it’s a way of dealing/coping with stress and anxiety. So please stop being so ignorant and lashing out at us for using a term that you do not own and perfectly describes our regression.

Three Observations Made by Miranda Lawson

This is my January Jubilation gift for @sassybitchcici! I’m sorry it took so long; I was working way outside my comfort zone. I wanted to give you something a little different: a glimpse of Shakarian during ME2 through the eyes of Miranda Lawson. This is my first Shakarian piece and my first Miranda piece, and I hope I did everything justice. But more importantly, I hope you like it, and I really hope you can see your Shakarian Shepard in this piece. Happy Holidays, darling!

Rating: G


During the course of Shepard’s reconstruction, Miranda had done everything she could to ensure that the Illusive Man’s directive was followed absolutely. There had been years of research, years of thoroughly examining newsreels and poring over covertly taken photographs as she tried to understand what made the woman tick. As such, Miranda felt she could say with complete and utter confidence that she had seen every expression cross Shepard’s face at some point, that she knew exactly how Shepard would look and respond. Miranda firmly believed she could even, if pressed, potentially anticipate Shepard’s reactions to any given stimulus before even Shepard could.

At least Miranda assumed all of these things until Archangel had been brought aboard.

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101 ways to cope with stress

1. Get up 15 minutes earlier
2. Prepare for the morning the night before
3. Avoid tight fitting clothes
4. Avoid relying on chemical aids
5. Set appointments ahead
6. Don’t rely on your memory … write it down
7. Practice preventive maintenance
8. Make duplicate keys
9. Say ‘no’ more often
10. Set priorities in your life
11. Avoid negative people
12. Use time wisely
13. Simplify meal times
14. Always make copies of important papers
15. Anticipate your needs
16. Repair anything that doesn’t work properly
17. Ask for help with the jobs you dislike
18. Break large tasks into bite size portions
19. Look at problems as challenges
20. Look at challenges differently
21. Unclutter your life
22. Smile
23. Be prepared for rain
24. Tickle a baby
25. Pet a friendly dog/cat
26. Don’t know all the answers
27. Look for a silver lining
28. Say something nice to someone
29. Teach a kid to fly a kite
30. Walk in the rain
31. Schedule play time into every day
32. Take a bubble bath
33. Be aware of the decisions you make
34. Believe in yourself
35. Stop saying negative things to yourself
36. Visualize yourself winning
37. Develop your sense of humor
38. Stop thinking tomorrow will be a better day
39. Have goals for yourself
40. Dance a jig
41. Say ‘hello’ to a stranger
42. Ask a friend for a hug
43. Look up at the stars
44. Practice breathing slowly
45. Learn to whistle a tune
46. Read a poem
47. Listen to a Symphony
48. Watch a ballet
49. Read a story curled up in bed
50. Do a brand new thing
51. Stop a bad habit
52. Buy yourself a flower
53. Take time to smell the flowers
54. Find support from others
55. Ask someone to be your ‘vent-partner’
56. Do it today
57. Work at being cheerful and optimistic
58. Put safety first
59. Do everything in moderation
60. Pay attention to your appearance
61. Strive for excellence NOT perfection
62. Stretch your limits a little each day
63. Look at a work of art
64. Hum a jingle
65. Maintain your weight
66. Plant a tree
67. Feed the birds
68. Practice grace under pressure
69. Stand up and stretch
70. Always have a plan ‘B’
71. Learn a new doodle
72. Memorize a joke
73. Be responsible for your feelings
74. Learn to meet your own needs
75. Become a better listener
76. Know your limitations and let others know them, too
77. Tell someone to have a good day in pig Latin
78. Throw a paper airplane
79. Exercise everyday
80. Learn the words to a new song
81. Get to work early
82. Clean out one closet
83. Play patty cake with a toddler
84. Go on a picnic
85. Take a different route to work
86. Leave work early (with permission)
87. Put air freshener in your car
88. Watch a movie and eat popcorn
89. Write a note to a far away friend
90. Go to a ball game and scream
91. Cook a meal and eat it by candlelight
92. Recognize the importance of unconditional love
93. Remember that stress is an attitude
94. Keep a journal
95. Practice a monster Smile
96. Remember you always have options
97. Have a support of people. Places and things
98. Quit trying to fix other people
99. Get enough sleep
100. Talk less and listen more
101. Feely praise other people

BONUS: Relax. Take each day at a time…you have the rest of your life to live.