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Dancing Hurts

Member: The8
Genre: Fluff
Word Count: 842
(this is more like a drabble shhhh)

“Minghao, this is way too complicated!”

“No it isn’t; you just don’t feel like trying. It’s really easy!”

“That’s for you to say! You’re a professional dancer who’s had years of training and practice!”

“Which is why you’re doing it now. Practice makes perfect, you know.”

Minghao was right; practice does make perfect. It was hard to believe, but Minghao was in this position once, totally hopeless and just ready to give up. He persevered until he got better, and he continues to work on his skills whenever he gets the chance. His passion for dancing was beyond anything you’ve ever seen and the diligence he showed was equally amazing.

You hated to complain, especially in front of Minghao, but learning how to b-boy was simply too much. Your arms were aching like there was no tomorrow and you were sure as hell that you could not bend the way Minghao wanted you to for certain moves. A hand came down on your shoulder and gave it a supportive squeeze. “Come on, you can do it. Just try it one more time and then you’re done. I believe in you, you know that, right?” Minghao’s voice was gentle and his smile was even softer, which made your heart melt like butter.

“Alright, fine,” you reluctantly agreed. “But what do I get out of it?”

“The sense of accomplishment?”

You rolled your eyes. “I don’t think that’s happening anytime soon.”

“Come on, do it. Please? For me?”

“I said fine already!” You sighed and pushed Minghao’s arm away. “You’re lucky I like you enough to do this.”

“You’re lucky I like you enough to teach you this.”

You stuck your tongue out in response and got into the starting position, though your tired limbs were practically screaming for you to stop and just give up. You glanced over at Minghao, a doubtful look taking over your features. He nodded with a smile and flashed you a thumbs up. The music was catchy enough and had a beat that was easy to follow, which was why Minghao insisted on you learning to it without playing anything else. The first steps surprisingly came with little effort, but you knew you had to stay concentrated or you would mess up again. It was a nice to feel your body let loose and move freely, but your joints burned with ache and it felt like your legs would give out any moment.

With a deep breath, you managed to smoothly drop down into a crouching position and kick your legs up, keeping them straight as you swung them around. This was the hardest part, and every time you did it your arms would start shaking and you would fall. But this time something was different. You were doing it. Minghao’s clapping proved the unbelievable true. A breathless laugh fell past your tightly shut lips. “I’m doing it!” you exclaimed.

That’s when everything went wrong.

Your already exhausted arms gave out completely and you fell mid-swing, your knee scraping hard across the ground, sending pain throughout your entire leg. It didn’t feel any better when you basically bashed your head against the ground either. Your laughter quickly turned into drawn out hisses and muttered curses. Minghao was at your side in an instant, his hands helping to push you onto your back. “Are you okay?” he asked, his eyebrows knitted close together.

“Clearly not,” you groaned and heaved yourself up onto your elbows. Your knee was covered in oozing blood and was more scraped than you thought. The worst part was how bad it stung. And then there was a sudden warmth, and it took you a moment to realize that it was Minghao’s hand.

“I’m sorry,” he muttered, a guilty look overtaking his face. “I didn’t mean for you to get hurt. I know you didn’t even want to learn how to b-boy in the first place, and now you’re hurt because of my constant insisting.” The look on his face reminded you of kicked puppy’s. You sat up the whole way and placed a hand over top of his.

“Minghao, it’s not your fault. You just wanted to teach me something new. I pushed myself too hard, okay? There’s nothing that could have been done to help me from scraping my knee. It’s not even that bad. It hurts a lot, but it’ll be gone before you or I will even know it. That, and I don’t want you getting my blood all over your hand. That’s just unsanitary.”

Minghao chuckled and the sound brought a smile to your face. He didn’t look as sad anymore, but guilt was still deep in his eyes. “I know. But I pushed you to keep going.”

“I’m going to smack you with your own bloody hand if you don’t shut up about it!” You felt Minghao interlock his fingers with yours.

“I’m serious. You don’t have to do this anymore if you don’t want to.”

You leaned in and pressed a soft kiss to his lips. “Practice makes perfect, right?”


On Fandom Negativity:

I get it. You like criticizing things, and it makes you feel better about yourself, or it gives you somewhat of an outlet. I understand, okay? Nobody can stop you from voicing your opinion, or saying something’s bad, or nitpicking something. It’s your right to say what you feel is wrong with something, or to say something isn’t going the way you want it to.

But you know what you have no right to do?

Step on those who still like something. You have no RIGHT to crush people under your heel with aggression just because they say something nice about what you dislike/criticize, or because they enjoy it. LET. PEOPLE. LIKE. SOMETHING. Let me tell you something, I can deal with negativity, alright?

But only when there’s a balance. Nowadays, for example, a new episode of SU airs, you know what’s in the tags? Almost nothing but negativity. I used to see people posting little blurbs about parts of the episode they liked, or something that excited them! I would see people yelling about things in the tag! They were happily enjoying a cartoon! But now, I don’t even bother going into the tags because it is almost NOTHING but holier-than-thou criticism and blatant hatred and disappointment. You wanna know where all the positive people went? They were harassed into silence. Either silently or vocally. People are told on a regular basis to kill themselves over a fictional pairing of characters. If people say anything positive about what they like, SOMEONE feels the need to come along and knock them down a peg. Do you see people doing that to those who are being negative? Maybe now and then, but more often than not, the people who still like the thing will go quiet. They won’t bother saying they like it anymore. They repress themselves for fear of bringing on the hatred of those who make it their goal to step all over something.

I tried to cut myself out of the fandom recently. I told myself, no more fanart. No more posting about it. No more making theories. No more enjoying the thing I love so much out loud.

I let myself get stomped out.

I was done. I still am semi-done. Let. People. Enjoy. Things. Stop going on crusades to knock people down because you disagree with them.

And guys! If you like a thing!!! Talk about it! Don’t let this stuff silence you!!!

I did, and I regret it.

I know I can’t fix this problem. I know I can’t stop people from being negative. In a few years, they’ll get over this need to constantly crush something that isn’t worth their time crushing. But until then… you know what I can do?

Be positive.

If I can even balance out a LITTLE of the hatred with all of this overflowing love I have for something, I’m going to do it. I’m done letting myself be silenced.

And I suggest you do too. If you get people hating on you for something innocuous, ignore them. Block them. Don’t let them run your life. Be happy. Enjoy things. Live.

Life’s too short to criticize cartoons.


I Am Not A Gifmaker… but I like using Kyuranger gifs over on my JJBA artblog to draw attention to textposts, sooo I ended up sitting down and making a bunch today.

There’s probably almost definitely better ones out there. But you can feel free to use these, if you like. uwu

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Can I just say I love you for that post you just reblogged? It makes me feel relieved to know that an artist I look up to believes that. Sometimes with all the discourse on this site I feel eaten alive with guilt by the way I want to enjoy fandom.

I’m really sorry you have been struggling with feelings of guilt, anon ): I’m glad the post helped make you feel a little better, though! It’s a really good and well worded post. (And also a link to the post again just in case.)

Sometimes I get the impression that fictional characters and theoretical people and concepts tend to be prioritized over actual human beings.
Yeah, dealing with real people is difficult. They’re complicated and have messy feelings and experiences that can’t be put in neat little boxes. But that’s why the black-and-white approach doesn’t work.

You know, so many fandom discussions about all these dark and upsetting topics like abuse and discrimination often appear completely devoid of any genuine warmth and compassion, and that seems very backwards to me.

I’m not sure where I was going with this and I don’t words good at the moment. If you feel guilty again, maybe it helps to remember the saying “do no harm, but take no shit.“ An anon told me about it once, and I think it’s excellent!
Basically, treat others with kindness and respect, but don’t let them make their personal hangups and issues your problem.
For fandom, that mostly means tagging and warning for things appropriately, and respecting people’s squicks and NOTPs in their spaces (so post and reblog stuff you like to your own blog to you heart’s content, but don’t go bother people on their blogs about stuff they don’t like.)

Anyway, I hope you’re okay! You sound like a good egg to me, anon.

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How can you purge your body of all the unhealthy foods you've eaten without actually purging? How can I make that gross heavy feeling go away?

I’m proud of you for considering alternatives ❤️

What really helps me is to take a shower (preferably not looking in the mirror and just focusing on getting clean) and going for a walk. That way I can focus on my surroundings and I forget about the gross feeling really quickly, plus it helps you digest so things aren’t just sitting in your gut. Get some rest, too, things will be better in the morning!


no no, hypocrite that you are,
for you assert your doubts of knowledge
being unprovable as fact itself. only a fool
would state that they know that knowledge
is a false concept, when the very
statement implies they have
knowledge themselves? it is
completely and outright impossible
to truly believe that knowledge
is based on things we cannot
prove, as we cannot prove even
that under your statement! you
have tried to pass a paradox,
you peon! it is completely absurd
to state that value cannot exist
either, as value is a human
concept and a concept every human
percieves. if we are all human
we should not shame ourselves
for being that way. we must live
by either knowing we may not
understand precisely why we
perceive things the way we do
or lie to ourselves to make us
feel better. will you accept your
uncertainty? will you fabricate your
own belief? will you join another
belief? or will you loaf and whine
over your indecisiveness like a
bloody child?

EXO Reacts to: You having a bad day

Summary: You’ve had a terrible day and he knows the perfect way to make you feel better.


Minseok knew you were upset as soon as you entered the door. It hurt him to see you sad, so of course he wants to do anything he can to make you feel better. He wraps his arms around your waist and places gentle kisses on the nape of your neck.

‘You know you can talk to be about anything right? I love you and I’ll do anything for you.’

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He’s gonna be so mad at whoever made you cry. You’re his baby, and no one is allowed to hurt you. But before showing how angry he is at the person that upset you, he needs to make sure you feel better.

‘Don’t let them bring you down, okay baby? I hate seeing you cry.’

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As soon as you tell him what your boss said to you, he’s gonna be resisting the urge to go to your workplace and kick their ass. However, he doesn’t upon taking in the sadness in your eyes; he knows that you need some comfort right now and he’s the right person to give it to you.

‘Don’t dwell on assholes like them Y/N. You don’t deserve to be spoken to like that.’

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He misses your usual bubbly self and wants to help you go back to that. Seeing you sad wasn’t something that he was too familiar with, but even so he tries to return you back to your happy self. Hopefully making you laugh by doing aegyo

‘I love you jagi!’

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He’s gonna do everything in his power to make you better. Yixing will cook you dinner, buy you chocolate and flowers, he’ll probably get you a dog just to see you happy again. He wants nothing more than to see the love of his life happy again. If nothing else works he’ll just lay with you and make sure you know how much he loves you.

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He’s gonna shower you in kisses and cuddles. Literally you’ll just be in each other’s arms for the rest of the day. Of course there will be playful moments, but they just make it even better and you’ll be back to your usual self in no time.

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Jongdae was so excited for when you came home, but as soon as he saw the sorrowful look on your face his smile immediately fell. He is determined to make sure you’re happy. He does this by doing silly things to make you laugh.’

‘Smile Y/N! It makes my day.’

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Chanyeol would be salty af. You sit on the couch together, your head on his shoulder, as he goes on a rant about how much better you are than them and how they’re just jealous of you.

‘They’re stupid for saying those things to you jagiya, you’re amazing and you don’t deserve negative people like that in your life.’

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His main priority right now is to put a smile on your face, even if that means making a fool out of himself. He’ll save the scolding for your ‘friend’ for later.

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You bet he’s mad. He’ll stomp right over to whoever ruined your day and tell them straight not to mess with you. Once he’s calmed down he’ll comfort you by hugging you and stroking your head gently.

‘I’ve got your back no matter what Y/N.’

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This sweetheart is already all over you, repeatedly asking what’s wrong. You can barely explain as your face is smothered by his chest. He’ll calm down and listen after a while, he just got worked up because of course he doesn’t like seeing you upset or angry. Jongin will listen to every word you say, making sure to give you supportive words.

‘Aw jagiya I’m so sorry that happened. You’ll feel better soon, don’t worry I’ve got you.’

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You’re down? Then he’s down too. He’ll hold you in his arms pouting along with you as you tell him what happened. He’ll reassure you that he’s there for you and that you can get through it together.

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hi kaz!! i adore the rival series, and your writing style so much that it led me to consider trying writing as a hobby!! do you have any tips on how to begin and if you know any, are there any websites i can go to for further advice? :D thank you so much!!!

My way of learning to write was almost exclusively through reading a lot. Reading is the best way to figure out what you like and don’t like in a story and writing style. Aside from that I’d say planning makes everything easier, thesauruses are great if you’re feeling stuck or repetitive and just keep practicing because practice is the only way you’ll get better. I don’t have any specific website recommendations but I’m sure there are lots of good ones out there :D 

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Currently everything in my life goes to hell, but I can open your blog, look through your art and laugh and be happy. I love your Witcher art. I love how you draw Geralt, Regis and Dettlaff (And I can't stop imagining the 3 of them together). Love your ideas and your humor. I'm laughing and crying but I'm feeling better. So, thank you so much for sharing your art and ideas.

Aw dude, I’m sorry to hear things aren’t going good for you. I hope your situation improves soon, but in the meantime, I can offer you something that makes me feel better when things go shite in my life.

I think the phrase “this, too, shall pass” rings true. You’ve gotten this far in life, despite what hardships life might’ve thrown your way, and you shall endure again. Sometimes it’s also quite liberating to ask yourself, “does this matter in five years? Ten?” and realize it doesn’t.

All the best to you, Anon, you can do this!

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Do you have premonitions or something alike? I do as a Scorpio. I cannot help but think of myself as a harbinger of misfortune. Everything crumbled, missing, break, became problematic and chaos when I'm within perimeter or exiting. I write them off many times as coincidence, but now I know better than that. I'm considerably a curse if someone makes fun, mock or anger me enough, something bad immediately befallen. And my carefully constructed thoughts make it ways as predictions and comes true.

I wouldn’t technically call them premonitions when I meet someone new for the first time, I can already tell whether we’re going to get along.. a gut feeling or intuition. I analyze their body movements, the tone of their voice, their aura or the kind of energy that’s around them and you can tell a lot about someone not by just listening to what they say but what they mean or what they’re truly feeling. I like to make estimated calculations as most of the time I’m correct and the very few times I’m not, lead to increasing my interest in that person. When sleeping I don’t tend to remember my dreams and on the off chance that I do it’s something meaningful that I’m supposed to be made aware of happening in my life. 

I use to be someone who wished the worst for some people who made my life hell but life is too short to waste time on people - holding grudges, not to mention how emotionally draining it is and exhausting. In the moment I maybe in rage or anger but then you confront the issue and move on. For whatever choice you have, no matter what you cannot control what other people do or say but you can overcome how you handle the situation. How you can become a better person and rise above, spend your time on projects or people who are worthwhile to you. If not, this darkness you have building inside of you will consume you. 

-A Scorpio Woman  

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I don't what kind of person you have to be to see sexual undertones in that art, especially paired with the previous one. To me it's really beautiful. Thank you for posting it here.

Thanks, that makes me feel a lot better about it. I just wanted to draw a cute Robin again. ;_; Thank you for looking at it the way it’s supposed to be looked at.

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51, and 60 for Kakashi if that's alright? I just asked one a second ago and then I went back to the list and saw these!

51. “I see the way you look at me when you think I’m not looking.”

60. “If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you were trying to seduce me.”

You didn’t have much courage to fully admit to your feelings in front of Kakashi, but you’d thought of a way to tell him without using those words exclusively.

Plan in motion, you just had to take a moment and make it your own, for the right moment didn’t exist. It never existed. 

Your potential moment came when the two of you were walking home together from Ichiraku, both of you fighting off food comas from eating too much. It was a peaceful silence between you and you were loathe to break it, but something within you told you to.

“Y’know something, ‘Kashi? I see the way you look at me when you think I’m not looking.”  

Kakashi chuckled, rubbing the back of his neck. “Oh yeah? And how’s that?”

You grinned, feeling the words coming and you could do nothing to stop them. Not that you would, of course. “Let’s just say that, if I didn’t know any better, I’d say you were trying to seduce me.

Without missing a beat and knowing the game you were playing, Kakashi smoothly came out with, “Well, let’s put that theory to the test, shall we?”

You didn’t sleep much that night, needless to say.

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62. “It’s okay to cry…” with Archer ♥️

Archer was surprised, but not at all hesitant about the hug you initiated. He wanted to help in any way he can, and if a hug would make you feel better, he’d make it the best damn hug he could muster up. “It’s okay to cry…” He started.

“No. It’s not.” You mumbled out, and he recognized the tone of your voice. Teetering on the edge of sobbing. “No one else is. You’re not crying. I don’t want to seem…”

“Weak?” Archer finished, and when you didn’t reply, he figured he guessed right. The Captain gave a small sigh, gently pulling you away so he can look at your face. You instantly glanced away, not wanting Archer to see the tears welling up. But when he leaned to the side, drawing your eyes back to his. “You’re not weak for crying, Y/N.” He said gently. “And nobody would think less of you for it. Crying isn’t a weakness, and you should never feel ashamed about it.”

Drabbles are closed

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A follow-up to that anon's praise that you're staying unbiased. I'm totally with you that it's better to read it without thinking about ships too much. But I understand why people feel like Touken is being shoved down their throats. It's not the manga, but it's the shippers who attack people who make objective posts,instead of gloryfying the ship. And shippers who don't stay out of the general tags. Been like that for at least two months now, I'm not surprised people are starting to get annoyed.

Anon I understand, but something that you have to understand is that this is such a two way street. Shipping wars are fucking terrible why do we care about fictional couples this much honestly. I mean I understand why fans and shippers use the general tag I mean it’s still tg, and I see all different ships in the general tag when I have enough patience. Also, it might just be me, but I have seen non touken shippers attacking my friends objective posts who don’t ship touken themselves. There is attacking on both sides and it needs to stop, it’s exhausting I mean I had someone making fun of my grammar on one of my metas who has been filling both Touka’s and touken tags with hate.

Literally why has this fandom been in such a bad mood, is everyone getting enough sleep.

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trauma victim anon again. in case you're wondering why, let me spell it out. I have an extreme guilt complex around manipulation due what has occurred. pearl is the epitomy of manipulative, she makes ME, a traumatized person, feel like I am manipulative. she uses her crying (something I do quite often) to manipulate others, and uses self esteem issues to garner 'pity' as she never evolves as a character. she is everything I am terrified of being, all in one.

I am sure you are a much better person than Pearl. She acts like her manipulative ways are totally okay which they are not and like you said never learns from her mistakes and grow as a character.

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i find my parents so emotionally draining and i just dont want to spend time with them. but then i start to crave physical affection from my mother and i feel like i dont deserve to have my mother be affectionate to me because i dont want to spend time with her usually. i feel like im taking advantage of her.

you;re definitely not taking advantage of her. it’s normal to crave physical intimacy with people. receiving affection is nice! a lot of times survivors/victims want it even more from the people who have hurt us. it’s just a way of making up for the lack of affection. if her being affectionate with you makes you feel better, then thats good!even if yu don’t like spending time with her!! you don’t need to feel badly

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@sailorkillian has been defending you and the swanqueen fandom and has said that you have helped her in understanding swen's point of view. Do you feel the same way in terms of understand the point of view of captain swan? Not trolling here. Just a genuinely curious Captain Swan shipper. I think in general if our two sides of this fandom dialogued more, it would be better for everyone. But there is so much vitriol (with both sides guilty) that it makes things difficult to talk.

i agree! and also i just wanted to thank every cs shipper i know that stands up for what is right <3 and because they don’t generalize my fandom and say that we also deserve respect - they will always have a special place in my heart. 

also @sailorkillian and @killianjones deserve so much love bc they’re literally getting hate for the past 15 hours which…. wtf. anyways they’re the sweetest and i love them a lot!!!! (a lot) and i’m so glad i’m friends w them so go send them some love 

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A lot of people get carried away by their growing popularity and forget to be thankful for the community. Lucky for us, Sean’s not like that. I realize I say this way too many times but I mean it every single one of them: thank you, Sean, just for being there and doing what you do and cheering me us up whenever we feel down and making us feel even better when life is going okay. You taught me the value of kindness, respect and honesty so thank you, Sean. 

Thank you.

Please ignore the disorganization (look, I tried, Tumblr wouldn’t let me put all 20 screenshots in at once)

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Oh no, it's not silly at all! If you have trust issues due to bad experiences in the past that's completely valid and should be taken seriously. I just hope everything goes well and we as your followers(im sure others agree) will do our best to help u in any way.

how are you so nice to me? this is seriously a very very sweet message to receive and it makes me feel 100 times better. thank you and i hope you have a great day!!! :-)