ways to make a man regret losing you

The Memories Of You

Characters: reader, Dean, Sam, Rowena

Pairing: Dean x reader

Warnings: little angsty, bit fluffy

Word count: 3013

A/N: based around the episode: Regarding Dean

You couldn’t believe your eyes as you looked over at Dean, you were so angry that you thought steam must have been coming out of your ears and your face must have been bright red. Sam tried to calm you down in the bar, but all you could think about was that stupid bitch with her hands all over Dean. It’s not like he tried to stop her, you didn’t even want to watch more after it looked like she was about to lean in and kiss him.

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The Innocent

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Requested: Happy taking the readers virginity!

Warning: SMUT ahead, you’ve been warned.

Happy sat at the bar drowning in self pity and deep concentration “Happy.. I’m a virgin..”. Those words replayed in his head over and over again, a year of being with you and he hadn’t realized that you were a virgin. He loved you unconditionally but now he has worried, not feeling as if he was worth something so precious and unforgettable, he didn’t want to hold the pressure of being your first as he sat there he contemplated on breaking up with you so he wouldn’t be your first and ruin your life but the thought of another man touching you pissed him off even more, enough to where he slammed the beer on the table causing it to shatter.

“Well shit Hap, what’s got your panties in a bunch?” Tig said sitting on the bar stool next to Happy as he held his head lowly trying to get a grip on himself “Lovers trouble?” he heard Bobby say patting his back “Happy, you’ll be fine.” Chibs said holding his beer towards Happy. “What’s going on brother?” Jax said, Happy felt suffocated with all the guys surrounding him looking at him as if he was a freak show “She’s a virgin.” he mumbled causing all the guys to keep quiet “Happy, you of all the guys in the charter are dating a virgin?” Kozik said scoffing behind Happy causing him to turn in his stool. “Fuck you man.” he said lowly gripping another bottle of beer “I hate the guy Happy, don’t get me wrong but he has a point. You’ve of all people chose the virgin?” Tig asked shocked “I didn’t know she was a virgin.” he said lowering his head in shame, he couldn’t believe it himself.

You had stepped into the bar but came to a complete stop once you heard the guys laughing “Happy, just a fuck a croweater, at least they have experience in that area.” Kozik’s words stabbing your heart. “It’s fucking crazy Happy never would’ve taken you as a virgin taker.” Jax said causing all the guys to laugh but not Happy, you heard him mumble under his breath but you didn’t have the heart to listen to the guys make fun of Happy because of you. You marched out of the bar and made your way home trying to talk yourself into the idea of giving the man you loved the love he deserved, and as nervous as you were, you knew that even though you’d planned on giving him your all, you’d give him your all with no regrets because you were not going to lose your man to a croweater.

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Okay so my take on Welcome to the Madness as someone in their early twenties: It’s funny as hell in that “oh yeah I was a teenager like three years ago I fucking remember this oh my God” way. And that’s fucking AMAZING.

Yuri Plisetsky is one of the most accurate depictions of a teenager I’ve seen in media in like… ever. He doesn’t act like a mini-adult, and he doesn’t act like a little kid. He just… acts like a teenager.

He’s a teenager who wants respect and wants to be seen as someone with artistic autonomy. How does he do it? By being E D G Y. And Otabek’s go9ng along with it because holy shit his friend is So Cool!!! And I’m not trying to be mean! I did this when I was a teenager! He’s expressing himself in a healthy way, it just happens to be in front of a huge audience and on live television!

What I also did was want to be sexy. Not necessarily want to have sex, or even do it to be seen as older, I just wanted to be sexy. Otabek and Yuri are being sexual in a teenage “I wanna freak out my parents also holy shit it’s my crush” way (poor Yakov is probably losing more hair, the poor man). It’s honestly…. yeah it’s pretty relatable tbh. I still try to poke the bear when I visit my mom.

Welcome to the Madness is hilarious to me, not because I’m making fun of him (even though yes I have said “okay edgelord” multiple times in regards to this thing), but because I remember being fifteen and how it felt and how I acted and how my friends acted. I laugh and nods and say “yup that about sums it up, see you in five years when you regret everything!” Because he definitely will, guys, it’s the circle of life. You’re fifteen, you think you’re cool and rebellious, and then you look back when you’re older like “oh my God I did that in front of people”.

So basically as a twenty-one-year-old I say… oh my God look at my cute little edgelords they are going to regret the fact that the Internet exists in five years.

Heart In The Ocean

A/N: This is my entry for the Gods and Monsters challenge hosted by @moonlitskinwalker [Happy Birthday for the 26th! Hope you have a great day!<3] my God/Monster was ‘Mermaid’ and my prompt was ‘I can’t believe I thought I could trust you.’ 

This is also my entry for the album fanfic writing challenge hosted by @mrs-squirrel-chester​  my song inspiration for this fic was Nothing Left To Say/Rocks - Imagine Dragons from the album Night Visions. [If you’re ever looking for fic inspiration, I definitely recommend them! Their songs are beyond amazing.]

{Sidenote: mare maleficus means sea witch in latin.}

Summary: You’re a Mermaid whose returned to land looking for a weapon to take out your kin after they recently killed half a dozen innocent men out at sea. But what happens when you meet the Winchesters who are after the same thing?

Characters: Dean x Mermaid!Reader, Sam Winchester

Warnings: language, angst, implied smut, character death(s), more angst, un beta’d

as always, feedback is much loved!

‘Who knows how long I’ve been awake now?
The shadows on my wall don’t sleep
They keep calling me, beckoning,

You’d never felt the way about anyone like you had about Dean Winchester.  

You were investigating a case where a group of men had hired out a boat from the docks, and only one came back alive. That’s when you first met Sam and Dean Winchester. 

The other five men on the boat were taken over board by what the man described as the most beautiful women he’d ever seen, and that they had scaled tails and fins. You knew it was probably the work of your mermaid kin. But, you had to make sure it was really them who’d been doing the killing, after all there were many more monsters who swam beneath the sea. You were thankful your Father had been human, it seemingly gave you a lot more control on the urge to kill while you were in your Mermaid form.    

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Trigger Words

Author’s Note: Holy shit. I wrote smut. This is my first smut piece, and I don’t even know how I was able to write this, coming from ZERO experience. Hopefully, I didn’t do a shitty job. What the heck, I can’t believe this. PLEASE, let me know how I did. This may be a one time thing or a reoccurring thing. Depends on the feedback.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: Smut, a whole dose of feels, and fluff.

Words: 2057

You loved Bucky Barnes with every fiber of your being, and seeing the way he sees himself just breaks your heart. Bucky Barnes was a man of guilt, regret, and pain. You felt as if it was your mission to make Bucky see him the way you do.

Every now and then, Bucky would have an incident and relapse to his Winter Soldier days, and every time he would want to go back under for everyone’s safety. Steve, somehow, managed to talk him out of it each time, but it was a losing battle. That is until you came into his life.

You talked to Steve and told him about your idea of reversing his brainwashing. After much debate, you got Steve to agree on your plan. You two asked Wanda if she could help Bucky. She definitely had the power to, but it was whether she could trust herself. You and Steve trusted Wanda, but you guys knew she was nervous about touching such a fragile topic, like Bucky.

After prepping both Bucky and Wanda, you guys managed to set up a session. The plan was to replace the bad memories that were associated with the words with good ones. Steve thought it be best it would be you to do the therapy session. Associating the words with old memories would be more difficult and risky than using new ones. Plus, you were fluent in Russian, seeing your background.

It was just you, Wanda, Steve, and Bucky in the room, trying not to put any pressure on him. You nodded to Wanda, giving her the signal to start. The red glow appeared in front of her hands, and her focus was on Bucky. You started to speak in Russian with the words you’ve been thinking about for the past months, ever since you thought of this idea.

“I love you Bucky. Through all the shit we’ve been through, I’m so grateful that we managed to find each other. Ever since I was a kid, I had a longing to meet my soulmate, and in all honesty, I thought I would never meet him. But now, I think my soulmate is you.”

You said this with a loving voice in normal speed, trying not to trip over the word that could trigger him. Bucky’s jaw clenched at the word, but there were no other signs of him being triggered. You glanced at Steve as he nodded for you to go on. Steve didn’t know what you were saying as you were speaking in Russian, but he understood your love for Bucky.

“Every day I was trapped in that HYDRA facility, I lost hope. I thought I would never graduate college, never have kids, never find the one. My faith had rusted away. That’s what happens when you are stuck in such a horrid place like HYDRA since you’re seventeen. You begin losing all feeling of faith, hope, and love.”

“That was until you came and rescued me from the hands of HYDRA. My knight in shining armor.” You chuckled at your nickname for him, but Bucky had no expression on his face. You continued on, hoping that this was working. “I remember being so scared when I heard nothing but explosions and gunshots go off. When you came in, I cowered in the corner, having lost all trust in people. But you came to me and said, ‘Don’t worry. We are here to save you. HYDRA no longer controls you.’ I don’t know what made me trust you, but when you offered me your hand, I took it, following you out of the facility at daybreak. It was the first time I saw outside, the sun, the sky in years.”

“I’m was so used to that cold cell they trapped me in that the sun felt like a furnace. And there I was, following a random man out of the hell I was stuck in. Who would have thought I would have fallen in love with him nine months later? A man that was so handsome, kind, benign, and so misunderstood.”

You had tears falling down your cheeks as you said your declaration of love. You poured your heart and soul into these words and meant every single one. You continued, “Who would have thought that following you would have led to such an amazing life? For years, I was only met with harsh, merciless people, and I come here and the homecoming is everything but. The Avengers brought me in and treated me as equal.”

“Now, I actually have a family, a home, a purpose in life. And out of all of that, I managed to find you, the love of my life, the one.” Tears were streaming down your cheek, off your chin unto your lap. Tugging on your sleeve, you lifted your hand to wipe away some of the tears. “James Buchanan Barnes, you came out of nowhere in a time where I thought nothing but pain was possible. You hit me like a freight car, hard and fast.” You laughed at your choice of words. You needed to get those last two words in there somehow, and that’s how it came it. But it was all true.

Wanda’s red glow dimmed down as she smiled at the success. She took her eyes off Bucky and smiled at you, touched by your words. Your eyes stayed on Bucky though, waiting to see his reaction. When his lips curved up in a smile, you lunged into Bucky’s arms and slammed your lips unto his. The kiss held so much passion and love, but it was short, seeing you had an audience.

Steve stood up from his seat and patted Bucky’s shoulder. “I’m glad it worked it,” he said. “We’ll do this again tomorrow.”

After days of the same routine, Bucky’s brainwashing was reversing, thanks to Wanda. Your last session went perfectly without a hitch, so the four of you were ecstatic with the ending result.

You and Bucky were laying on your guys’ bed in pajamas, staring at the ceiling and just thinking. Your head rested on his chest, while your hand laid across his abdomen. His left arm was wrapped around you, cooling the skin on your waist, and his head was resting on the other.

“я люблю тебя (I love you),” Bucky said breathlessly, aimlessly drawing circles on your waist. You looked up at Bucky to see him looking down at you lovingly.

“я тоже тебя люблю (I love you too),” you stated with a small smile.

Bucky leaned down and placed a kiss on the top of your head. He scooched down to a position where your lips were just inches apart. You could feel his breath fan over your cheeks. He stayed like that for seconds, just looking into your eyes. You couldn’t take it anymore and pushed up to have your lips meet his.

The kiss started off sweet and lovingly but turned passionate and hot as it continued on. You gripped onto Bucky’s shirt, as you deepened the kiss. You moaned when you felt Bucky’s tongued lick your bottom lip. Without hesitance, you granted him access. Your tongued battled for dominance, but you succumbed and let him win.

Bucky pulled back from your lips. “Сильное желание,” you moaned, slowly testing the waters. Bucky tugged on your earlobe before laying open-mouthed kisses on your neck. You tilted your head, giving him more access. Your hands flew to his head, running your fingers through hair.

You cheekily tugged at his hair. “Проржавевший,” you said breathlessly. He brought his lips back up to yours. The kiss was sloppy, all teeth. Bucky grinded his hips into yours, making you moan at the friction. “Семнадцать.”

You released Bucky’s hair, you hands running down his chest to tug his shirt up. He seemed to get the message as he pulled away and took off his shirt, leaving him in just boxers. “Рассвет,” you said softly.

He dove back in, roughly grinding his hips on yours. His lips met yours as his hand traveled under your shirt and cupping your bare breasts. His fingers found your nipples teasing and pulling them, making them into peaks.

“Печь,” you whined, frustrated at the amount of clothing you still had on. You wanted to feel his skin on yours. You pulled back and tugged your shirt off, absentmindedly throwing it.

Bucky moaned at the sight of your breasts. He licked your nipple, making you release a shaky breath. He sucked onto the peak, his hand teasing the other. “Девять,” you hissed. His other traveled down south and cupped your core. You groaned at the contrasting feelings between his cool metal hand and the heat pooling at your core. He moaned at how wet you were, sending vibrations down your spine. “Доброкачественная,” you mumbled.

He released your nipple with a popping sound before traveling down where you needed him most. His hands caressed up to your bare sides, rubbing up and down your curves. His touch made you squirm in anticipation, with one hand leaving heat at its touch and the other cooling down your skin. You were so focused on the feeling that you didn’t notice that his hands kept traveling down, pulling your underwear down as well.

Bucky’s hands traveled down your legs, dragging your underwear with them. He threw your underwear to the side, before nudging your knees with his elbows. You happily obliged, opening wide for him. He wrapped his arms around your knees to hold you steady before licking a long stripe from your cunt to your clit. “Возвращение домой,” you moaned, gripping onto the sheets underneath you.

Bucky dove into your cunt lapping your folds, as you screamed in pleasure. Your thighs involuntarily closed around his head, not wanting to lose contact with the wet heat from his mouth. Your mouth was left ajar as his tongue attacked your pussy. It was as if he was writing out the alphabet with his tongue. Your eyes fluttered close as you felt your orgasm pent up. You were so close, so close it made you whimper.

Bucky’s left hand rose up to your abdomen, traveling down your naval tortiously slow before touching your bundle of nerves. He rubbed his thumb on your clit, bringing you to your climax. “Один,” you screamed. Your climax was violent as your body shook, releasing cries of pleasure. Bucky lapped up all that you had to offer before releasing your legs.

You were panting, slowly coming down your post-orgasmic haze. You didn’t notice Bucky shedding off his boxers and getting a condom. You screamed in pleasure when he rammed his cock into your slick pussy, setting a punishing pace. It wasn’t long until you felt yourself traveling closer and closer to your second orgasm. The room was filled with pornographic sounds, with the sound of skin hitting skin joined with your constant moans.

You felt that you were at the tip of your orgasm, so you lifted your hips to meet his, making his cock hit your g-spot perfectly. You knew Bucky wasn’t going to last any longer as you felt his cock twitch and his pace faltering. But he wasn’t going to go out until you were. Bucky leaned down to your neck and bit just hard enough to send you to your climax.

“Грузовой автомобиль!” you exclaimed, convulsing underneath him. Your pussy clenched around his cock, sending him into his own orgasm. He tucked his head in your neck, as string of curse words came out his mouth.

You two stayed like this, trying to come down your highs. With a loud exhale, Bucky pulled himself off of you and slowly withdrew from you. He got up and carefully took the condom off before tying it and throwing it in the bin.

He collapsed back on the bed next to you. With what little energy you had left, you turned your head to face him. Bucky stated, “I’m glad it worked and all, but let’s not make that a routinely thing. Last thing I need is to come every time those words are said.”

You bursted into laughter, before curling up to him. Bucky wrapped his arms around yours, unconsciously drawing circles on your bare hip. You sighed in content as you closed your eyes, letting sleep take over.

No one knows how heartbreaking this is.

In 2008 Beijing Olympics, he won a silver. In 2012 London Olympics, he won a silver, losing to Lin Dan once again. It was saddening. In 2014, he got a 8 month suspension for doping (substance found in drug to heal injuries but was deemed as doping if found in body during competition) which nearly ended his career. He was devastated. He was the hope. After 8 months, his rank in badminton dropped to 180+ worldwide. He worked hard, participating in tournaments and competitions. He climbed back up to world number 1 in a short period of time. He wanted a gold medal in Rio Olympics, not for himself, not for his family, not for the team but for Malaysia before retiring. This could and will probably be his last Olympics. He wanted gold so bad. Yesterday, he finally beat Lin Dan in the semifinals and got into the finals. He was relieved. He was one step closer to gold. Real close. Today, he fought hard with Chen Long but still, lost to fate. 3 silvers in Mens’ Singles since 2008. No one will understand the feeling of standing at the same position of the podium for 8 years. It was heartbreaking to see him apologise and wipe away his tears. What broke me was his trembling voice during the interview. He looked calm but i knew he was devastated. But I certainly know this man, Lee Chong Wei, is a legend. The amount of effort and work he put into climbing back up is undeniably more than anyone else. No one knows the pain and despair he once went through just to get back up, especially during the period of doping ban. He once said in an interview, that he had sleepless nights and days where he silently cried. He’d always put up a strong front and to always persevere till the very end. I will always look up to this humble man, not because of his achievements but his words and actions. He didn’t give up, and he certainly displayed sportsmanship. Yes, he lost to the world ranking no. 2 Chen Long; but he won our hearts and gained our respect, in every way. “Skills win you medals, but attitude wins hearts.” I think, what a moment to be alive, to witness all these events. Yes, I was disappointed because it’s heartbreaking to see you lose again and again. But again, your fighting spirit will always make me think twice before giving up, and to work even harder next time. I can only admire this man, admire his attitude and his passion towards badminton. Regrets are always there, and you learn, you make mistakes, and they are what makes you a better person. Dato Lee Chong Wei will always be a badminton legend and a hero to the world. He created history, he won our hearts and I am proud of DLCW, and I am proud to be a Malaysian.

Baby Its Time To Come Home

Read “If you’re Gone” first!!

Read “If you’re Gone” first!!

              “PUT YOUR WEAPONS DOWN!” he roared. You looked between Cas and Sam, before slowly lowering your shot gun. Dean glared at the three of you; his held his gun out moving it between each of you. “I told you not to mess with me. I warned you.” He growled. “Dean we’re only trying to help you. Let us save you” Castiel said stepping close. The loud shot that rang out echoed off the old warehouse walls.  He was dead before the gunshot reached your ears. It was violence to the still of that foggy evening - a noise that heralded death and destruction.

               Castiel lied on the ground, blood escaping his body from the bullet hole in his head. You tried to focus, your mind reeling in thoughts like ‘it’s all an act on Castiel’s part.’ ‘He’s not really dead…’ ‘Cas wake up….’ But he never moved. “I told you; Next time, I won’t miss.” You looked at him, this wasn’t Dean. Dean was long gone, this man before you had only taken the shape and looks of your boyfriend. But he wasn’t him.

               Sam tackled him; you weren’t sure how he’d gotten close enough to tackle Dean, but he did. They fought and punched; pushing each other around. “Y/N! Run! Get out of he-“ he didn’t finish his sentence. Crack. You turned to see Dean straddled over Sam’s now lifeless body. Blood ran from the back of his skull out. You felt yourself break. Tears ran down your cheeks as you pulled Castiel’s body away from Dean. He watched as you checked on Sam, and pulled him by Castiel.

               Once you stood between their bodies, your face puffy and red; you stared at the man before you. You raised the pistol from your waistband. “So kill me.” He said glaring toward you. “Dean, please stop” you whispered fresh tears coming to your eyes. “Aw, you think that’s gonna work? You think you can waltz in here and make me, me again? Nice try. I like this new me. Im free. I can kill whatever I want. I don’t have you three to drag around now. I love this new way of livin. No rules. No regrets.” He moved closer. You felt another sob break lose and you closed your eyes. “STOP!” you shouted.

               Dean was still in there, you knew it. But something had to trigger him to come out. He had to push this damn mark or demon or whatever evil it was inside him, he had to push it out. You stood taller; you lowered your gun. “You think I’d kill you?” you spoke quietly, your voice just above a whisper. “Oh I’m countin on it baby” he smirked. You closed your eyes before raising your gun. You stared at him directly in the eye. “I know you are” you whispered, tears brimmed your eyes again. “But death is too easy” your face twisted with anger. “You may not feel guilty today, or tomorrow, or hell even next year. But one day, you’re gonna look back and see what you did, what you caused…and it’s eat you alive. This moment; will always burn in your thoughts; you’ll close your eyes and this will be what you see. The people who risked everything to save you, because they loved you; you want to know how this ends? I do…I know…” you whispered the last line before cocking your gun and suddenly turning it, pressing it to your temple.

               For a split second, you saw that flicker in his eyes. Concern. “What are you doing? Put the gun down!” he yelled. You felt the tears fall; “You’ll have to live with this forever…and that, is a punishment worse than death itself.” You whispered you felt your finger shake on the trigger before pulling it.

               Dean stared before him, the shot echoed off the walls; and then it was silent. “Y/N…..Sam……” he suddenly ran over, checking for a pulse. No this had to be a dream, this wasn’t real. They weren’t dead. “Cas!!! Come on Cas wake up!” he moved to Castiel and began shaking him. “Wake up dammit! Wake up!” he screamed through clenched jaw. He moved back your body, tears rolling down his cheeks as he sobbed. “No baby…no no no…come back to me” he pleaded holding your body to his. “I’m sorry…I’m so sorry” he cried harder into your chest, he prayed, oh how he prayed he could go back and change everything.

Wedding Update #6 - And the train keeps on chugging

CHOO CHOO!!!!! All aboard The Olicity Wedding Train!!!! We are chugging right along.

For those of you who want to catch up - The Olicity Wedding Theory and all the updates are linked in my Top5 posts.

Dug up a few more interesting tidbits this week for you guys to feast upon and yes…I saw the 3x22 and 3x23 episode descriptions.  We’ll get to those.

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Clarkson Agonistes

The facts of l’affaire Clarkson make it a simple case. A man punches a subordinate in the face. He loses his job. In most workplaces, for an employer to let someone get away with that would be considered a scandal.

If you are an admirer, there are sympathetic ways to vent your frustration that the pleasure the man, doing the job, brought to your life is now suddenly vanished. Regret that the man let his passions overwhelm him, perhaps. Anger that he was such an idiot. It’s very hard to build a reasonable case that the man should have kept his job and got away with what he did.

I’m not even sure Clarkson’s fans - who do believe this - are trying. This is a great injustice to them, his sacking is a mighty wound to something precious. Of course if you hold certain prejudices - about political correctness, or health and safety, or the BBC - this event will confirm all of them. But this goes beyond those touched nerves. They feel, I would say, that a promise has been broken.

Top Gear was a show about cars, and not very successful. It then became - imagine the enthusiasm of the car manufacturers at this! - a show about the promise and legend of cars, and what cars might mean. Freedom, individuality, cameraderie, boyish enthusiasm, above all the absence of responsibility.

It’s a classic piece of marketing substitution - taking the truth about an object, inverting it, and selling the exact inversion. In fact, owning and driving a car places you into an awful web of responsibility. You have control of a vast lump of metal, travelling at speeds unimaginable to anyone who lived before the 20th century, which can pulverise other people, their property, and yourself beyond the dreams of millennia of kings or warlords. A sip, a twitch, a doze at the wrong time and you’ve killed someone.

Drivers know this, or even more people would die on the roads than already do. They are mostly not fools, or not in any greater proportion than anyone else. Driving imposes a pressure of responsibility on the driver, which is felt unconsciously even by people who otherwise love the speed and power of it and the options it brings.

To drive without this responsibility would be a superhuman power, as wonderful as flying. The character of “Jeremy Clarkson” that Jeremy Clarkson played on Top Gear had this power. That character embodied the fantasy of driving in a world without consequences. There would be a play at consequences - losses in the currency of banter, fast exits, hangdog faces, pranks gone wrong - but only in the way that there’s a play at Superman being defeated by his enemies, before the story rights itself.

So for Jeremy Clarkson, the man who plays this superhero, to be laid low by the dull grind of consequence, of taking responsibility for his actions, is a great betrayal. The carefree promise of no consequences - the heart of the Top Gear magic - has been broken. It’s not surprising - though still pathetic - that denial would be an easy reaction to this, a stamped-foot, fingers-in-ears assertion that the facts don’t matter, that breaktime hasn’t ended, that every logic and common sense fact of workplace relationships be suspended so that our hero can - yet again - jump free and rollick on to his next adventure.

It’s the same identification that leads people to believe that an actor who plays a doctor on a soap has medical knowledge, or small children to imagine Matt Smith or Peter Capaldi really have travelled in time -  the belief that Jeremy Clarkson actually had the abilities he seemed to have on screen. Instead he was a spoiled bully. The BBC have no culpability at all in that. But they did let the spell, the legend, and the idea of Clarkson grow, and will find him a hard monster to kill off.

The Office: Part 3

Requests: “Hey I loved your office part 1&2! Maybe you could write a part 3…. 😂 Haha, but really its a really good fanfic” by thescrewballpancake

“Heyy! I’ve read couple of works of yours and I’m sooo happy to have found them:3 I wanted to ask if you’re planning to continue The Office because that twist broke me in so many levels that I must know what happens next:D <3 xo” by lovetoheadbang

pleaseeeee write the office part 3! omg it’s so good! pretty pretty please :‘D” by l0serlike-me

“Did you write a part three to the office by chance?” by faking-my-death

“Can you please do office part 3 :)” by xxcherrxx

“Hi I was wondering if you will you be writing part 3 to the office? :D!?!?! Sorry if you’ve answered this question before. :|” by sailortiff

“Oh my gosh.. I just read The Office part 2. That plot twist was so… You have to make a part 3. Please?” by den-jenta1

“If it’s not too much to ask, you please let me know when you post part 3 of the office? I don’t want to miss it! Thanks!” by supernaturl-imagines

Pairing: Dean x reader

Words: 1500

Warnings: swearing, cheating on Dean’s wife, smut smut smut, also fluff kinda ?

Summary: After the reader finds out that her boss Dean has is married, she decides to end their relationship. But Dean doesn’t want her to leave…

I suggest you read Part 1 and Part 2 first!

A/N: This one got requested so much! And I had a lot of fun writing it, so I hope you guys like it, too! Yay for smut!

I hadn’t talked to him for three days now, systematically ignoring him at work and not giving him the possibility to catch me alone. I didn’t know what to say to him. I didn’t know what I to do.

I mean, of course I still wanted him and I didn’t want the thing between us to end. He’d kissed, touched, made love to me like no other. He’d put me in a tornado of sensations that I’d never felt before. The tension between us, the sparkling passion that we’d shared had always made me dizzy, the way he’d said my name in that dark, hoarse voice… It was special. And I would miss it if it was gone. I would miss him. He was so mature and serious most of the time, but he could also be silly and cheeky like a school boy.

I sighed. Maybe I was better off this way, better off without him. I had noticed myself falling for Dean and that really wasn’t a good thing at all. So if we stopped now, I would be able to recover, I could be able to get over him and forget about the sprouting feelings that were starting to torture my heart.

Not only that, I also felt so sorry for his wife, for the woman that loved him, that he’d sworn fidelity to and that he betrayed. That he cheated on. With me. Guilt ran through my veins like a poisonous drug. Made my heart race and my head turn. Shit, he was married. I felt like a sinner.

Everything about me and Dean had been wrong… How come that it had felt so right?

Every time that I saw him, my heart started to ache, there was a regret and hurt…But at the same time, there was this inappropriate, erotic, filthy desire for him. Because after all, that was what Dean and I had been about – really good sex. I craved his touch, craved his hands on my back and his body pressed against mine. 

His muscles always emerged through the thin fabric of his white shirts and that sight always made me want to rip his clothes off him, made me want to run my fingers over his soft skin, making silky sounds of pleasure escape him. Whenever he talked, all I could do was stare at his distracting lips and think about how they’d felt on mine, how he’d kissed me eagerly, passion and need making him lose control over his actions… But then again, I knew that I couldn’t let any of this happen again… Could I? My feelings were a hot mess.

I decided that I needed a break from it, stay away from work for a while, stay away from him and let the heat between us cool down. It would help me clear my mind and find out what I wanted.

So I went to Mr. Winchester’s office after lunch. I was a little nervous, a little scared to see him, but I swallowed my anxiety and knocked.

“Come in,” he called out, and I did so, silently stepping into the room and closing the door behind me.

“Y/N,” he said, slightly surprised, and his voice was so soft that it made me melt like chocolate on a hot day. His eyes roamed over my body so lovingly, he tensely shifted in his seat. It was hard to stay focused. I just wanted to jump into his arms and let him do whatever he pleased to me.

“Dean,” I replied, and it sounded so melodic, “I wanted to ask you if I could maybe take a break from work… For like… A week, or so…I just need some time to think about…stuff.”

“Do you need a break from work? Or from me?” he asked.

“Both, I guess,” I answered, not daring to look at him, afraid of the sadness that might linger in his irises, afraid of seeing him clench his jaw in mental pain.

“Yeah, well, I understand. It’s for the best isn’t it?” He stated, a forced smile on his lips. He stood up from his chair and walked around the table. He was in front of me now, his face was close, too close for me to concentrate.

 “But I’m going to miss you anyways,” he declared. Fuck, he was near. I wanted to touch him so bad.

“I’ll miss you, too. But this is wrong in so many ways,” I pressed out, staring at his full, rosy lips. This man was going to make me lose my mind.

“It always felt right, though.”

“But it isn’t. It never was. You’re married and I don’t want to stand between you and your wife. It makes me feel guilty and I don’t…like that”

For a few seconds, it was silent. We just quietly looked at each other.

“Y/N, you really are the most beautiful and unique person that I’ve ever met. And I know that I’m married. I know that what I did wasn’t right but I don’t regret it. Not at all, because you made me feel…you…there’s just something about you that I can’t describe. I never wanted to cheat on my wife but when you came to my office the other day with that look in your eyes… Fuck, I just blew it. I didn’t care. You’re special,” he kept his eyes locked with mine as he talked, he took my face in his hands. “Not to mention that I’ve never wanted anyone that much. I’ve never been so attracted to anyone. No one has ever made me cum like you did. And I know you feel the same, Y/N. Right now, looking at you, I can see that you do.”

“I just feel so bad about this, Dean. Your wife…” I knew that he could see my resistance falling apart, he could see that I couldn’t hold myself back much longer and that I just couldn’t stay away from him.

“Y/N,” he whispered. And that’s when I kissed him. Crashing my lips onto his in desperate hunger. He responded immediately, moving his mouth erratically, slipping his tongue inside. My hands tangled in his short hair, slightly pulling it as the kiss got more intense. He grabbed my butt and pulled me even closer, heated bodies pressed together. I could feel his manhood rising against my crotch. 

“We can’t do this, this is so wrong,” I mumbled against his lips while letting my fingers travel down his back. “I know,” he replied, licking my neck, biting it, “But I can’t stop myself.”

He literally ripped my blouse open, the buttons fell to the floor, then he unclasped my bra and started kneading my breasts. One of his hands pleasured my nipple, circling around it. “Dean,” I moaned when I felt his tongue swirling around the other one. 

The sensations made me shiver, the urge to feel him inside of me grew big, it felt like it’d been months since the last time he’d touched me, since the last time I’d touched him, even though only days had passed.

I unbuttoned his shirt, let it fall to the floor, admiring his bare chest. Then, I made him take his pants of. “Touch me, baby,” he whispered, dark and hoarse. My fingers were everywhere, exploring his beautifully built body. He was a masterpiece. There was no man in the world that could keep up with him. He was my favorite painting, my favorite color, my favorite sound. Shit, he was perfect. 

I got down on my knees, pulled his boxers down, set that his hard length free. I kissed the tip, twirling my tongue around, then taking him all in. I bobbed my head back and forth, also using my hands. I started slow, then went faster. He grabbed my hair. “Fuck, Y/N, that’s so good,” he groaned, his hips thrusting in my direction. His grunts got louder and louder. 

“Let me fuck you, baby, I want to come inside of you,” he squeezed out, so I stopped and got up.

He sat down on his chair and made me get on his lap, facing him.

“You’re so fucking sexy,” he groaned, then he pushed into me. “Oh god!” I gasped, he filled me out fully, stretching my tight walls. It felt amazing. His fingers dug into my back, as he fucked me, going faster and deeper with every thrust. “I’m going to come,” I moaned, we synchronized our movements, we became one. His large member inside of me was a feeling like no other.

“Come for your boss, babygirl,” he said, taking one of my nipples into his mouth, intensifying the pleasure. 

 “Fuck! Yes! Dean!” I screamed. My walls clenched around him and sent him over the edge, too, groaning my name.

We were still heavily breathing, on the chair, pressed against each other, when suddenly, the door opened.