ways to destroy your life

Anton Walbrook behind the scenes of ‘The Red Shoes’, 1948.

Who You Should Fight: Greek Gods Edition
  • Zeus: Don't fight Zeus. You'll only end up sleeping with him. On second thought, do fight Zeus.
  • Hera: Look, I'm not saying anyone is really going to try to stop you, but I am saying she is petty as shit and will dedicate the rest of your life to destroying you in other ways. Your call.
  • Poseidon: You could probably fight Poseidon. Dude is built like a brick shithouse but he'd think it was a good time and buy you a beer afterwards.
  • Demeter: Are you fucking kidding? She created a new season the last time someone really pissed her off. Do not fucking fight Demeter.
  • Hades: Fight Hades, but only in spring, and then ask to see pictures of his dog.
  • Hestia: Are you Satan
  • Aphrodite: Arguably the lowest reward to risk ratio on this list. What is even the point here. Might as well save us all some time and punch yourself in the groin.
  • Athena: If you must, a sneak attack is required, and even then you’re still probably boned. Alternately, distract her first with statements such as "Mozart is an overrated hack" and "Garfield is not funny."
  • Hephaestus: You could beat Hephaestus. You could not beat Hephaestus' robot army. Do not fight Hephaestus.
  • Ares: Absolutely fight Ares. This is a no-brainer. Literally everyone wants you to kick Ares' ass including Ares. You might feel bad when he starts crying but only if you are weak.
  • Artemis: Do not fight Artemis. Do not talk to Artemis. Do not look at Artemis. Do not think about Artemis.
  • Apollo: What did I just fucking say
  • Hermes: You could beat him if you could catch him, but you can't, and even if you did, he would convince you to talk it out instead, buy you a drink, and be gone before you noticed your wallet was missing. Avoid.
  • Dionysus: Dionysus is an easy fight until he decides not to be. You could fight Dionysus but under no circumstances force him to give a shit.
  • Persephone: Don't fight Persephone. She will beat you up. Her mom will beat you up. Her husband will probably also be unpleasant and disapproving in some way. Listen to trash pop with Persephone instead.
  • Hebe: Idk man, she bites.
  • Iris: Yo have you ever tried to punch a rainbow?
  • Heracles: Dude has seen some shit. You may think you're bad enough but you really aren't. There is literally no way this could end well for you. Do not fight Heracles.

anonymous asked:

Since I`m a kid,I wake up in the middle of the night every day. I told my parents but they said it`s nothing. What`s wrong with me?

Hi there lovely anon :)

I can understand where you’re coming from. As a child, I would have major issues sleeping (I still do). I’ve got some tips for you on sleep in general and some different ways you can help yourself fall and stay asleep plus some links :)

How to improve sleep:

  1. Listen to calming music- Having music in the background is helpful because it allows your mind to flow into the music while you drift off to sleep.
  2. Sleep medication- Talk to your doctor about prescribing you a natural sleep medication if you are having severe instability to sleep.
  3. Calming scents- Having calming scents in your room such as lavender or vanilla are helpful because those scents ease the mind and are very nice to smell.
  4. Comfortable temperature- If your room is too hot or cold, it can be hard to sleep and find that just right stop. I suggest having a fan in the summer time that can blow cool breeze at you, and in the winter have a heater or have a plan to wear more blankets.
  5. Limit distractions- When you’re trying to fall asleep, having things around you that can be distracting, its best to move those things out of the room or turn them off. You could put your cell phone on the counter instead of your nightstand so you are not woken up each time you get a text.
  6. Comfort items- Having stuffed animals or blankets can help improve your sleep because when you have those items, you feel comfortable and in a safe place which is a must for a good nights sleep.

Helpful Links:

Sleep issues;

Dealing with insomnia/sleep deprivation

I have some general advice on how you can cope with having nightmares and some more links for you:

  • Create a playlist of music that relaxes you.  Keep your music player on your night stand so that it is available when you wake up.
  • Keep a journal by your bed.  When you wake up, write down everything you remember about the nightmare.  This will help to focus you on a task and distract you, plus you may start to notice trends.  Writing things down can be highly therapeutic.
  • As with most sleep disorders, try to keep a regular sleep-wake cycle. Get up at the same time every day, go to sleep at the same time every night.  Having a routine before bed is important as well, as it prepares your brain for sleep.  
  • Reserve your bed for sleep only: no watching TV, texting, or using your laptop.Regular exercise reduces stress and releases endorphins, and can reduce your night terrors.

Helpful Links:

Why do we need to sleep well?

How to do it?

How about an actual good morning?

Once you’ve looked over those links (I know there are tons, but I like to go above and beyond)

Anyways, below are some general tips on how you can fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer:

  • Get the number of hours of sleep each night you need to function optimally. Although it varies, most individuals need between seven and eight hours of sleep every night.  When sleep-deprived, you are less efficient and focused during the day, and may be leaving yourself open for health risks as well. Research has shown sleep deprivation can affect appetite, weight gain, diabetes risk, the strength of your immune system and even your chance of developing depression. If you have been trying to get by on less sleep, try backing up bedtime by 15 minutes each week, until you are getting the amount of sleep that leaves you feeling refreshed in the morning.
  • Create a calming atmosphere in your bedroom. If your room is cluttered with work, books that have not been read, papers to attend to, and dirty laundry, it will be a constant reminder of all you need to do.  Take 15 minutes each day and begin clearing the clutter and making your room one you will look forward to relaxing in at the end of each day.
  • Make your bed in the morning. A straightened bed is so much more appealing to go to at night then one that is a jumble of sheets and blankets.
  • Reserve your bed for sleep and sex only. This will allow your mind to associate your bed with rest and relaxation only. Watch TV, use your computer, talk on the phone, and eat somewhere else.
  • Create a calming nighttime ritual.Turn off your computer, shut the TV, and do not answer your phone for an hour before you want to go to sleep. Choose activities you find calming.  Take a warm bath, read a magazine or novel, have some decaffeinated tea or cookies and milk.  
  • Keep your bedroom cool at night. For most individuals, 65 to 67 degrees Fahrenheit will allow the dip in core body temperature you need to induce sleep.
  • Avoid caffeine in the later afternoon and evening. Caffeinated coffee, tea, soft drinks, chocolate and sugar-laden snacks can all keep you too wired to fall asleep at bedtime.
  • Avoid late night workouts.  Exercise is a great sleep aid, but a vigorous workout too late in the day may keep you up at night. However, a leisurely walk after dinner could be just the thing to calm your body and mind.
  • Avoid alcohol and spicy foods in the late evenings. Although a nightcap may help you fall asleep, you will probably experience fragmented sleep, and find yourself wide-awake within a few hours. Steer clear of spicy foods or anything you know causes you heartburn or gastric distress.
  • If an evening party or celebration finds you consuming wine or cocktails, drink plenty of water throughout the evening, and keep a water bottle by your bedside. This way, if you do wake up dehydrated, you will not need to get out of bed.
  • Spend a few minutes creating your “to do list” and preparing for the next day.  This will allow your mind to know everything is ready and your morning will be calmer as well.
  • Keep a pad and pen by your bedside. If you wake in the middle of the night, and your mind is racing with thoughts of things you neglected to do, or need to get done, writing them down will release your mind from worrying about forgetting in the morning, allowing you to drift back to sleep.
  • If you have not fallen asleep after 20 minutes, get out of bed and find a relaxing spot to read. Do not use your technology or watch TV, do anything that requires brain work, or look at a clock.  Any of these will stimulate you and increase your anxiety.  As soon as you feel sleepy, return to bed.
  • Eliminate or reduce afternoon naps to a maximum of 30 minutes, regardless of how little you slept the night before. Napping too late in the day or for too long can set you up for another sleepless night and a vicious cycle.
  • Go to bed and get up at the same time every day no matter how much sleep you had the night before. The closer you can keep to a routine, the more your body will recognize and respond appropriately to your bedtime and wake up hours.  Don’t attempt to make up for lost sleep during the week by sleeping in all weekend.


Hope this helps! Keep me updated? I’d love to hear back from you and see if my advice has helped :) Take care and don’t forget to smile :) xx

TITLE: Too late.


AUTHOR: greeneyedgirls4 

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine you have known Loki your whole life. What happens when you get married.. to someone else?

RATING: General

NOTES/WARNINGS: Sad(ish) ending (one of my first actually) but it’s still good. Angst. Fluff. Wedding. I forgot all about this story when I submitted the imagine last month but here it is and I hope you all enjoy it. Please feel free to leave some feedback/comments. I kind of am still a beginner writer and I love to hear from readers :) Thanks! Based after Thor The Dark World

The past followed her, as the past often does, somehow never quite getting the hint.

Fara walks along the long corridor of her new home as she admires the various paintings of previous owners. This house would be her marital home. The home she would raise children in and be a good wife to her equally good husband. This would be her life now.

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Les Misérables manga: The Not-Scanlation, 4.6.1

Previously on Les Misérables Manga: Cholera stalks the streets of Paris as Les Amis prepare for an imminent revolt. Meanwhile, Bobcat is nowhere near translating this part of the manga.

Coming up: Enjolras’ barricade outfit needs work. Also, an unexpected flashback!

As always, beneath the cut are scanned pages, followed by my translated script, one line per speech bubble. If you want to see translations of previous parts or overviews of more recent chapters, check out my manga masterpost [here].

And if it’s within your means, I highly encourage supporting the artists by buying the manga! The art is even better in person, and there’s a number of stores that will gladly exchange money for shiny, shiny manga [here]. The entire manga is now available to purchase, in both Japanese and French. No official English translation, alas. 

Preview is giving you one minute to start reading this

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How I Keep Organized and Sane in High School

Inspired by @eruditekid ‘s request for organization tips :)

Here are some organization and life tips that have totally saved me in the past. Enjoy!

School and Studying

1. Don’t overload your class schedule!! Freshman and sophomore year classes are innately easier, so you won’t have to worry as much about it then, but make it a habit to lay out all of your priorities before committing to classes or new clubs. If you can’t practically be in student council and 2 AP classes and a sport, and you care less about the AP classes, it’s better to know that beforehand instead of getting overwhelmed and dropping all of it!

2. Get a weekly/monthly planner. Write every assignment that’s due on the day in the week page, and then bigger assignments and social events on the day in the month. KEEP IT WITH YOU AND UPDATED. I also put the events in the month on my google calendar so I can access it on my phone. If you have a lot of different important activity groups or things to schedule, color code them on your calendar. Like on my calendar, college apps are lavender, ASB is green, and school events are red.

3. If you have a memorization heavy class, like equations in precalc or vocab in a foreign language, carry blank 3x5 cards in your pencil case and write on them in class. It’s super helpful to have all the info for a given quiz on a card that you can carry around.

4. If you make online study tools like a quizlets for any big test, share them with your class. They will love you. They will carve a statue of you out of marble. (And if you need help down the road, they’ll volunteer)

5. Don’t feel the need to write down everything that your textbook says when taking notes from it. What I do is go through and highlight key points, cause and effect, and vocab the first time I read through. Then, I go back through and take notes just on the parts that I’ve highlighted. THis is a HUGE time saver, believe it or not.

6. Find a binder system that works for you. I like to have a binder for each class, and an expanding file folder with a tab for each class. I take whatever papers/notes I need for that night’s homework from the binder and put it in the folder, and keep the binders at school in my locker (I only have to take them home when I need to study for huge multi-unit tests or finals). My textbooks ordinarily have to travel with me for reading assignments, but if there are only a few pages assigned, or it’s just for problems to work out of, I take pictures on my phone and leave the textbook at school. (Textbooks are really really heavy if you haven’t noticed)

7. When doing revision, you don’t actually need to rewrite your notes!!!! That seems to be very popular on studyblr, but it won’t help significantly unless you learn kinesthetically. (but if you do, that’s great! Keep it up!) What I do instead is to reread them and highlight in a color coordinated system (I do all black ink the first time around).

8. If you can, find a lovely study spot outside of your house. Mine is a corner at my library, and a coffee shop by my school. Having a quiet place away from the insanity that family is can be incredibly helpful when you need to clear your mind.

Mental Health

9. Have a conversation with your parent about missing school, and establish your own little policy, ie I’ll only stay home if I’m not doing anything important in school or I have to go to school if I’m trying to escape a situation. My mom is okay with me calling in sick if I need to rest or just not be around people, but not every parent is okay with that.

10. IF YOU’RE TAKING A MENTAL HEALTH DAY: Email all of your teachers as soon as you decide to stay home. Ask what you’re missing and what you can do to make it up. Then rest! Don’t waste the day watching TV or indulging. You need to refuel your body and mind. Drink some tea, read a book, do some of the make up work. It’ll make it a lot less painful when you have to go back tomorrow!

11. IF YOU CAN’T TAKE A MENTAL HEALTH DAY: It’s okay to be more reserved and focus inwardly. Bring a blanket to school, wear comfy clothes, bring a travel mug of hot cocoa. Anything that’ll make that day bearable is okay.

After School Activities

12. Keep healthy snacks in your car/locker/bag! There’s nothing worse than being at school for 15 hours and reeeeeally hungry

13. If you’re somewhere like rehearsal for a play and you’re offstage, try to get a head start on your homework! It’s hard to not start homework until you get home at 9 pm - I’ve lived that way at a few times in my life, it destroys your soul.

That’s about everything I can think of, I’ll update if I think of anything else!

I love your town olivia. I want to be the annoying city girl who rolls up to destroy your way of life and then you all put aside your differences and unite to save a building or whatever it is I’m about to ruin and show me how not to wear black and live a little. I fall for ryan reynolds and wear jeans as character growth.

Eating disorders are selfish.

Yes, if you say eating disorders aren’t selfish you’re wrong. They’re greedy and will take every part of your life and force their way into it only to destroy you and your family’s lives. Your life revolves around your eating disorder. You would rather give up friendships, your health and even your life than lose the control you think you have.They destroy everything in their path and eventually destroy you. So yes, eating disorders are selfish but you as a person are not. Just remember that.

I Want To See You [Jungkook Angst]

Genre: Angst 

Summary: You can’t keep your child from his father any longer. 


Normal. That was something you always disliked. You preferred individuality and uniqueness, to have everyone having something special about them that attracts people to them and not being simply just the same. But one point in your life, normal was suddenly something you prayed for so badly. Never did you think that one day, you would wish for something or someone in your life to be normal or like every other thing or person but it came. The day came when you couldn’t understand why God made your child different. 

From afar, you could see the tent where Bangtan was in and you couldn’t wait to go in to see them again. You had beautiful memories which each one of them, especially the maknae but something happened along the way. 

They say people make mistakes. You, made a huge one that could cost Jungkook his career. A life. There was a life in you which meant so much to you but at the same time, was a huge problem for your celebrity of a boyfriend. Of course, you knew that this wasn’t a problem that couldn’t be solved. The little boy in you could be easily taken away. That would solve everything and you could live happily with Jungkook as per normal, wouldn’t it? But that was something you just could not bring yourself to do even if it would cost you your happiness. 

Through little hints and indirect questions, you tried to find out how he would react if he had a son. After a week, you were a hundred percent sure that if you were to break this news to Jungkook, things were going to be a disaster. You thought about it for an extremely long time. Is it being selfish not to tell him about it or is it being considerate? Torn. You didn’t know what to do. 

Bucking up your courage, you went to Jungkook’s manager. There were two options he gave you, both which you had already guessed beforehand. Have an abortion, or leave to somewhere far away. Both solutions were painful, but one would kill you. There was no way you could be so heartless and destroy your own son’s life. 

Sure, it wouldn’t be easy for him to grow up without a father but you would try your best. You told yourself that you would give everything to give him a good life. One day, 5 years later, your son was at home when he blurted out two heartbreaking words that pierced your heart instantly. “Where’s daddy?“ 

At that time, you had no idea what to say and so you simply ruffled his soft hair and whispered,"I’ll take you to see him some time okay?" 

"Hear him?” Fumbling around the couch to find you, you held his hands as his guide and brought him to your arms. 

“Yes my dear, you’ll be able to hear him.” Your son nodded his head cutely and tears trickled down your cheeks. Life was just cruel. Your little son would never be able to see you. Your son would never be able to see his father. All he would ever be able to do is to hear your voice. The least you could for him was to let him hear Jungkook’s beautiful voice as well. 

That was why you were here. That was why you were queueing up with hundreds of fans to fulfill your child’s wish to meet his father. 

“Is daddy near?” Feeling around him, little Wonwoo tried to feel whether Jungkook was around. 

“Yes Wonwoo. Your daddy is right in front. Give mummy 5 minutes okay? 5 minutes and I promise, you’ll hear your daddy’s voice.”

 "Nicer than mummy’s?“ Laughing slightly, you held your son tighter to you.

 "As nice as mummy’s." 

Soon, you were very close to him and you were very scared. How would Jungkook react? You did leave him suddenly and that must have been a shock, and a bigger one that you were now here. 

”_________?“ That was him. That was the voice you promised your son about and the voice you missed so dearly. Raising your head slightly, you tried to smile as you placed the album on the table. 


"Mummy, is that daddy’s voice?” Your son tiptoed, his head popping out slightly. Bending down, you picked Wonwoo up and carried him in your arms. 

“Yes dear, that’s daddy’s voice.” You specifically picked this fan meeting to go to where each fan could spend 5 short minutes with the members in the tent, sort of a privacy thing. You needed this of course, if not the whole world would know about little Wonwoo. “

Daddy? I-I what?” Jungkook got up from his seat and knelt beside Wonwoo when you put him down. 

“Wonwoo, feel for Daddy’s hands for balance okay?” You said encouragingly and watched as Wonwoo gripped Jungkook’s hand tightly. “

Daddy, I can’t see you.” That hit you hard. Wiping the continuous flow of tears flowing from your eyes, you looked away, too ashamed to face Jungkook and too broken over your blind son. 

“You can’t…you can’t what?” Wonwoo nodded his head sadly and hugged Jungkook tightly. 

“Daddy, I can’t see you. Mummy tells me that you’re the most handsome man in the entire world.” Jungkook’s head turned to you and his eyes were blood red. 

“Did she?" 

"Mummy tells me that you cannot be happy with her and me.” Breaking away from the hug, Wonwoo continued gripping Jungkook’s hands. 

“Why is that daddy?” Suddenly, Jungkook remembered those times when you would randomly ask him about having a child and those times when you would run to the toilet halfway through eating or watching television. 

“Oh gosh. I-I never thought-” The rest of the Bangtan members were also sniffing and ruffling Wonwoo’s hair. 

“It’s my fault. I just thought that it was best for you and I…if you ever want to visit him, I’ll let you. If you ever want to go out with him or have him stay over, I’ll bring him over. But if he will affect your career, I’ll…I’ll take care of him by myself. I can cope don’t worry-" 

"Are you kidding me _________?” Picking Wonwoo up, Jungkook kissed his forehead and watched as Wonwoo smiled widely. “There’s no way you’re going to take care of him by yourself." 

"He’s different Jungkook. Wonwoo won’t be as easy to take care of than other-" 

"My son. Wonwoo is my son. Whether he’s normal or not doesn’t matter. You’re back now after years. The most important thing to me has come back with a precious gift. There’s simply no way I can let the both of you go this time." 

"Fans outside are complaining about the wait!” Called the manager and you quickly carried Wonwoo in your arms and took a few steps to the opening of the tent.

 "I have to go.“ Taking a slip of paper out of your pocket, you placed it into Jungkook’s palm and closed his hand. "We’ll live happily as a family, won’t we?” Jungkook nodded and gave you and Wonwoo one last kiss. 

“You both will never be alone.” Finally turning to Wonwoo, Jungkook whispered softly into his ear. “Your mother is also the most beautiful woman in the world." 

Wonwoo smiled and held both your hands with his two tiny ones after a few seconds of feeling around. "I love mummy and daddy so much.” Holding your son’s hand and looking at Jungkook, your eyes shone with happiness as you smiled the most brightly in 5 years. 

“I love you and daddy too.”

I admit, on a visceral level I’m sympathetic to rural-conservative “They want to take our guns away!” stuff even if it’s presented terribly.

“A coastal elite that has immense power to shape media tastes and politics, has no idea how guns work (for instance, using “high-powered assault rifle” as if it means anything specific), openly speculates about why you’re so terrible and subhuman, makes jokes about how incestuous and fat and ugly and irredeemable you are, and makes ha-ha-only-maybe-serious remarks about how you and your entire way of life should be destroyed” doesn’t seem like a group I’d ever want to negotiate with.

The door creaked open and Admiral Lawrence Norrington entered. Trailing closely behind him, hanging onto his coattails, was a young boy, about ten years younger than Jack.
‘James,’ Admiral Norrington said, 'please refrain from tugging upon my waistcoat.’
The boy looked down, ashamed. He was clearly frightened by all the goings-on aboard the ship, and every time a blast resounded he attempted to hide behind the admiral, who, in turn, was having none of it. The admiral squatted beside the boy and held him by the shoulders.
'You need to be brave, son. There are men out there who are savages, and they want to destroy you and your entire way of life. They are uncivilized, heathen, thieving, filthy pirates, and when I have gone on to a final rest, it is you who will carry on the banner of civility and order, and help the Crown and our allies in the East India Trading Company eradicate their slime from the Seven Seas.’
As if in response, just as the admiral finished, a tremendous explosion rocked the boat. The boy began to sob, and his father slapped him across the face, telling him to come to his senses and act like a man.
—  Sins of the Father (Pirates of the Caribbean: Jack Sparrow #10), by Rob Kidd
20. Hold Me Tight

members: Jeon Jungkook

content: a distant friend and a bunch of people you don’t think are good for him

rating: angst

You heard the front door to your university block of flats close, jumping from you comfy position on your bed, pushing the book and the blanket off your lap. You darted across your small room, pressing your body against your door as you glanced out of the spy hole. You watched as Jungkook limped up the green-carpeted staircase, gripping the wooden railing; his face grimacing in pain.

You flung your door open, startling your best friend. He rolled his eyes and continued to move up the stairs. You leant back on your door, folding your arms as you watched your best friend struggle; torn between rushing over and helping Jungkook and allowing him to struggle. You settled on allowing him struggle up the stairs, having tried to help him far too many times recently.

“Don’t give me that look.” He mumbled as he reached the top and began to walk towards his own room, fishing around in his pockets for his keys. You rolled your eyes at him and began to walk towards him.

“What happened?” Your voice was soft but you also knew he could hear how concerned you were.

“Drop it.” He whispered as he slipped his key into the lock, you heard the familiar click and then Jungkook was pushing it open.

“No Kookie, you’re worrying me.” You scolded him ever so slightly, just wanting to make sure he was alright, dress his wounds and maybe convince him to stop hanging around with his new friends.

“I said drop it.” His voice was strong and demanding. It was harsh and unlike the way Jungkook usually spoke to you; he had changed. You went to move forward, to step into his room but you were greeted with his wooden front door. It slammed shut in your face and you flinched in response, tears suddenly springing up in your eyes.

“Fine Jeon Jungkook. Just fine! I won’t stand in your way, go ahead and destroy your life!” You screamed through his door before turning on your heels and stalking about your room, slamming your own door shut with as much ferocity as he had.

You had been close friends with Jungkook for the year and a half you had both been attending to same university. Living within close proximity to each other had brought a fierce friendship that was soon to turn into something less innocent. You had been eagerly awaiting a confession from him about a month and a half ago when he fell into friends with a bunch of local lads who did not attend your university. At first you had let him go, friends were important for the both of you but it soon became clear that these lads weren’t a good influence. He’d come home late with fresh bruises covering his body and he began to distance himself from you; barely speaking nowadays. It was killing you inside.

You were awoken rudely by the sound of someone pounding on your door. Rolling over you flicked on your bedside light, glancing at your clock you noted it was nearing 3 in the morning, the pounding on your door suddenly becoming more demanding.

“Noona!” You heard his strained voice through the small crack in your door and instantly you flew from your bed, slamming your bedroom light on. You didn’t care that you were only in a thin spaghetti top and pants; only worrying about the timid voice of the boy you loved.

“Kookie!” You cried as you flung open your door, watching as Jeon Jungkook slumped into your room. You bent down and pushed aside his dark hair, it was soaked through with sweat and you tried to glance in his eyes; they were heavy lidded and struggling to stay open.

“Y/N.” He whispered, slowly slipping in and out of consciousness.

“Stay awake for me sweetheart.” You mumbled as you hoisted him up to his full height, you stumbled as he leaned all his weight on you. You scooped under his arm and practically heaved him to your bed, you pushed off everything that had been resting upon it and let him fall on top of the soft mattress. You huffed and grunted as his weight fell from your shoulder, you heard your door swing shut as you gripped Jungkook’s cheeks, making him look at you whilst your eyes roamed his face.

“Kookie, where does it hurt?” You asked, eyes roaming the rest of his body for any bleeding.

“In here.” He mumbled, obviously somewhat intoxicated, as you watched as his hand slapped over the left side of his chest in the area in which his heart is located. You followed his gaze and rolled your eyes.

“That’s not what I meant.” You mumbled and he laughed, you looked into his beautiful brown eyes; clouded over by whatever he had been drinking.

“But it’s true.” He slurred and you watched as tears formed in his eyes and suddenly you felt pity for the young boy, sitting battered and bruised in front of you.

“I know Kookie but we’ll talk about in the morning,” You leaned in and placed a soft and affectionate kiss on his cheek before gently pushing him back down on your bed, “Rest for now.” You spoke softly, chuckling to yourself as your heard soft snores escape his lips the moment the words had left your mouth.

You had managed to get Jungkook out of his sweat soaked and ripped clothes and into a fresh t-shirt you had found in his room. You had blushed slightly at the sight of your once innocent Kookie in his underwear but the soft grunts that escaped his lips took your mind of it. You had dressed his wounds, the light gashes on his face, the large but thankfully shallow one sliced along his chest and the various bruises that covered his body. Slipping your duvet over his tender body, allowing him to curl up in the warmth.

Finally you had grabbed a blanket from your cupboard and pulled your desk chair to sit facing Kookie, collapsing on the stiff cushioning and watched Jeon Jungkook until you fell asleep; praying that maybe he had finally returned to you.

You heard movement on your bed and upon slowly opening your eyes you saw Jungkook wincing as he tried to sit up. Instantly you were there, aiding the younger boy in sitting up; lifting his fragile body and placing pillows behind his back so he could sit up. You gently sat back on the edge of the bed, reaching over to push strands of hair away from his face as he grimaced in pain.

“Did you sleep on that chair?” He whispered, his voice straining through the pain. You simply nodded as you continued to look at Kookie with a worried expression, “I’m sorry.” He whispered and you bit your lip, not letting yourself give in to your words just yet.

“What happened?” You asked, your voice was soft and yet demanding and through Jungkook’s exhausted state he knew he had no choice.

“I guess I got into a fight,” He sighed and you nodded, encouraging him to continue with his story, “T-they said they were going to initiate me into the g-gang and they wanted me to fight…I was too weak.” You nodded and sighed, dipping your head and breathing deeply to fight back the tears before raising your head and looking him into the eyes.

“You’re not weak Kookie.” You whispered.

“Yes I am!” He protested before wincing, “I didn’t listen to you and that makes me weak…you were right Y/N.” He trailed off and you reached up to cup his cheek.

“Oh Kookie, you aren’t weak but if you don’t learn from this then you’re a fool.” You watched as an amused smirk fell on Kookie’s lips and you raised an eyebrow in response.

“Thank you Y/N.”

“For what?” You asked confused.

“For being you and being there even when I didn’t want you there but needed you.” He laughed and you couldn’t help but laugh too, he reached out and ran a hand through your hair, softly soothing you.

“I’ll always be there for you.” You whispered and he nodded, slowly bringing your head closer to his. You shifted on the bed, moving nearer to Jungkook’s body.

“I love you Jagi.” He whispered before dipping his head and connecting your lips together. The kiss was soft, sweet and his lips were succulent, you both melted into each other’s touch; finally after what felt like so long. You instantly moved closer to him, your hands sliding over Jungkook’s strong chest and slipping to wind around his neck. His arms wrapped around your waist and pulled you closer, ignoring the shot of pain that flashed through his body, intent of there not being any space between the two of you. You plopped on his lap as he deepened the kiss, his tongue tracing the shape of your bottom lip.

You pulled apart, resting your foreheads against each other’s; panting heavily. You grinned as you looked deeply into his eyes.

“No more gang initiations?” He chuckled and pressed his lips against yours once again.

“I promise. Only you.” He whispered and your grin grew wider still.

“Only me?” You teased, Kookie laughed whilst you giggled slightly and he nodded sharply “Good. I love you too.” You whispered and you pressed your lips to his, exploring each other’s senses.

You slipped into bed beside him, “By the way, totally loving the outfit choice,” He winked and you suddenly remembered the tank top and pants combination you had thrown on. You went to whack him but he pouted, “I’m injured.” You rolled your eyes and continued to snuggle in next to him as he wrapped his arms around you and you cuddled into him.

“Sometimes you’re an arsehole Jeon Jungkook.”

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So strong so right

It must be nice to hide the truth and believe your own ways are right so much that you seriously think I destroyed your life. You destroyed your own, over and over again the same way. And it’s so easy for you to stay the same you can’t even begin to change your behavior. So you block me and run instead of facing your actions. You asked to fuck me got mad when I denied you because I knew about the girls you’ve been playing. So much so they cry when you deceived them. And run and try and cover your ass. I never threatened to fight anyone over you I threatened to call you out and show her what you do to everyone you associate with from the opposite sex. So please call me the child when you’re still running games on girls like 16 year old boy.

Take responsibility and man up have a relationship with someone where you’re honest and open instead of being addicted to cheating and meth. Hope you find yourself and don’t rely on the shit person you are now to define your future. But I’m sure by 30 if you haven’t changed you won’t.

anonymous asked:

Hello Ally ! :) I wanted to know if you had any kagehina or iwaoi fic recs ?

kagehina: you HAVE to read all the kagehina fics by buu (contains nsfw), in transit, i like the way your clothes smell (this destroyed my life), every one of iwillstillopenthewindow’s fics

iwaoi: things that change, things that stay the same; we will shine like diamonds (ruined my life too), 

tell me how they are! i need to read more iwaoi fics mm. 

Who destroyed the Orokin? Your way of life? Who do you hunt Shadow, to cleanse your despair in their blood?


Sever their heads yet they rise again. Someone has hidden the Tenno essence, their truth, from you.


I know where she hides the Tenno heart. A womb in the sky, forbidden to my kind, but where you will take me.


I am Hunhow, Sentient destroyer of worlds. By your hand, expose their heart. By my edge… Cleave it beating from its nest.

Look at the lights
Look at the city
Look at the cameras
Remember the beauty of the world

Look at your family
Look at your friends
Look at your pets
Remember the beauty of life

Look at the trees
Look at the flowers
Look at the clouds
Remember the beauty of nature

Look at yourself
Look at your perfections
Look at your face
Look at your body
Remember the beauty of you.

Never,ever forget how beautiful each and every one of these things are. And none of these things should be destroyed and hurt.
Don’t destroy the world
Don’t destroy life and kill creatures
Don’t destroy nature
And most important:
Don’t destroy yourself and your beautiful way of life. You are NOT worthless.

don’t fall in love with sentient rings like me. i will take you to mountains and bogs with dead bodies floating in them and caves of giant spider demons. i will make you put me on in every inconvenient situation so the nazgul can locate you. i will destroy your life in every way possible. and when you finally cast me into mount doom, you will finally understand, that you can never pick up the threads of your old life. 

The Kossith are Dead

There are no more Kossith.  The Kossith died long ago.  Once they lived where the Qunari exist.  Once they set up a small colony in the Kocari Wilds, before it was destroyed in a Blight.

Then came Koslun, and his rapacious philosophy known as the Qun. And it attained such a following that the Kossith were wiped out.  What remains is only the Qun and its Qunari - horned descendants of the Kossith, and all who fall to their pervasive, invasive, smothering, destroying way of life.  All identity is destroyed.  You are only your job and your purpose - as if you were born and assigned to be an Electrician, and had no name, were called only Electrician.  Your value begins - and ends - by the limits of your assigned position on society.

Whatever society the Kossith had is dead.  Whatever culture they had is dead. Whatever brightness and beauty that once existed, unique and intrinsic to what was Kossith, is dead. They gave the world the Qunari and the Ogres, and neither of their children remember their name, or care if they do.

The Kossith are long, long dead.

So stop calling the Qunari that. 

The Qunari, the mostly horned people with metallic shades of skin and towering heights, is the name of their race as well as the name of the culture they evangelize and to which members of other races might belong to. The two cannot be separated.

The other designations which might apply to their people are Vashoth (Grey Ones: Those without the Qun who may be redeemed) and Tal-Vashoth (True Grey Ones: Those who have rejected the Qun) - as in all cases, for the Qunari one’s race is not separated from one’s philosophy any more than your identity can be separated from your purpose and function.

For the Qunari, physical differences mean very little - philosophical differences define all.  And as such, they are not Kossith.  The Kossith are long, long dead.