ways i fall asleep


high school !!!!!

I can’t wait to move into an apartment with my person and decorate it the way we want. I can’t wait to fall asleep by my person in our bed and wake up to her every morning. I can’t wait to cook her dinner and bring her shower beers and warm towels. I can’t wait to stay up all night doing our grad school work together with a pot of coffee between us. I’m so excited to struggle through adulthood with my person, ya know?

I want good morning texts, and sleepy morning kisses. I want giggly ‘I love yous’, and dancing in the kitchen at 3am. I want held tight goodnights when I can’t sleep because of a nightmare. I want my hair played with until I fall asleep because sometimes I can’t any other way. I want a girl to look at me with confidence in her eyes for the love she has for me. No more guessing games.
I want a girl to wholeheartedly love me.
Because I’ve only ever been loved with half. I want a girl to say she loves me and 110% mean it. I want a girl to stay.

dating Bucky Barnes...
  • he’s definitely really hesitant around you at first because this is all so new to him and he doesn’t wanna fuck it up
  • he ends up pushing you away as a defence mechanism 
  • you’re not upset though, you understand and give him a little room
  • then one day it’s just you and him in the tower
  • so you decide to watch a movie (he let’s you pick)
  • so you go with Titanic because a) it’s a classic and b) he’d never seen it 
  • there’s subtle touches 
    • like his hand grazing yours in the popcorn bowl
    • or his side pressed against yours
    • he’ll definitely be paying more attention to you than the movie
  • that’s when he realises he’s in deep and you’re the only thing that matters to him 
  • he doesn’t even realise but he’s pulled you into his lap, crashing his lips onto yours

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Daddy's love.

‘Daddy, why do you always hold my hand?’

‘I thought you liked holding Daddy’s hand? Oh! Do you get embarrassed? Does it make you feel like you aren’t a big girl?’

'No. I quite like feeling not so big. But you always hold it. Aaaaaalways. Why?’

'Well, for a few reasons. I don’t want to lose you.’

I see a duck on the lake and excitedly start my way towards it. My arm is tugged and I realise I’m pulling. I stop.

'See?’ Daddy asks, 'you could easily have fell into the lake or that duck could have eaten you. Then where would we be?’

I giggle and swing our clasped hands playfully.'I’d be in the duck’s belly,’ I laugh.

'Exactly. We don’t want that, do we?’ Daddy smiles down at me.

'Noooo!’ I agree, frowning solemnly.

I forget I even asked a question before he continues. 'Another reason I like to hold your hand is so I can lead you to places I want us to go.’

I shuffle my feet and protest by inhaling. 'That’s like I’m a dog!! AAAAND…what if I know which place I need to go?’

Daddy laughs heartily. 'You’re more of a little monkey! Anyway, it’s my job to make sure you get where I want you to go. If I hold your hand, I can be sure you get there safely, with me.’

'Hmm. Ok, but I can still see you and still hear you.’

'Ahh, but sometimes you don’t look and sometimes you don’t listen’ he raised an eyebrow.

'But you can always see and hear me!’ I exclaim.

'Haha! Oh you aren’t wrong! But it’s different to feel you, and hold you. Don’t you think?’


Daddy went on, 'when I tuck you in, it isn’t enough to see me or hear me is it? Eventually you close your eyes and you start to fall asleep. I stroke your hair. That way, you can be doubly sure I’m still there can’t you? It makes you feel safe to know I’m definitely with you just that little bit extra, doesn’t it?’

'Yes! I’d be sad if you didn’t stroke my hair when I fall asleep.’

'Exactly! That is how Daddy feels. He feels that little bit safer knowing he has you. And that you’re absolutely, definitely, undoubtedly with me all the time.’

'Ohhhhhh! I understand now!’

'But the biggest reason…’ He pulls me in.

I nod, eager to listen.

“is that you are mine. When I hold your hand, you are mine. Everyone knows not to hurt you. I can keep you safe when you are close. I can know so much about you when I hold you because your hands talk too.’

I laugh, 'my hands don’t talk silly Daddy!’

'Oh yes they do. They tell me when you are scared, excited, too hot or too cold. They even tell me when you need to pee. Although you usually do a funny dance too.’

'Shhhh’, I look around to make sure no one heard and pout up at him.

'Your hands are just as important and as lovely as your eyes, your voice. Why should I leave your hands out?’

I wonder.

'I love to look in your eyes, so I look. I love to hear your voice, so I listen.’

He stops.

'I love to hold your hand, and that’s why I always hold it.’

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Reader waiting for her boyfriend Peter to get back from his first big mission with the avengers, she waits in his room but falls asleep bc he doesn't get back til like 2 in the morning. He gets back to his room and he's completely drained and exhausted but he sees her sleeping in his bed and it just makes him smile and he cuddles in beside her and it's just adorable

Peter limped down the hallway, his mask clutched in his hand and his suit draped over his shoulder. He was glad he’d listened to Bruce’s suggestion of keeping a change of clothes in the Quinjet, and gladder still that the clothes he’d left were his comfiest pyjamas.

As he entered the code to unlock his bedroom door, his thoughts turned to you, his girlfriend. Part of him had hoped you’d be waiting for him when he returned from his first mission, but the more rational part of him reasoned that it was two in the morning, and he couldn’t blame you for choosing sleep.

If he hadn’t turned the light on so he could see the drawer to put his suit in, he wouldn’t even have noticed you in his bed, sound asleep.

He smiled lovingly; you were snoring softly, a peaceful expression on your face as you unconsciously pulled the duvet closer to yourself. He pressed a kiss to your forehead, biting his lip as you smiled in your sleep and began to wake up.

“Pete?” you mumbled sleepily, your eyes fluttering open. “You’re back.”

“Hey,” he whispered, sitting on the side of his bed. “Sorry I’m so late.”

“’S okay,” you replied, sitting up and rubbing your eyes. “The mission went well?”

“It was awesome, Miss Romanoff said I was-,”

He stopped talking when he noticed you trying not to yawn, and he smiled slightly.

“I’ll tell you in the morning. You wanna sleep in here tonight? I missed you.”

You smiled softly, lying back down and opening your arms to him.

Peter climbed into bed beside you, resting his head on your collarbone as you wrapped your arms around him. He pressed a gentle kiss to the area between your shoulder and neck, and draped an arm over your belly.

“I missed you too,” you whispered, massaging his scalp slowly in the way you knew helped him fall asleep. “I was worried about you, out there without me.”

“I’m home,” he mumbled. “You don’t need to worry anymore.”

A small smile tugged at your lips, and you buried your face in his soft, chestnut hair.

“Good,” you whispered, closing your eyes and allowing yourself to fall asleep, content with the knowledge that Peter was home and safe in your arms.

Tim was a man of many talents, Jason had come to realize. Yeah, he was really fucking smart and daring to the point that it was borderline stupid, but he also had a few other hidden abilities. Not all of them were exactly “useful”; they were more like… survival instincts.

Like the way he could fall asleep anywhere, any-when.

Jason found it rather fascinating, really.

He first witnessed this a few months back. It was his off day, and he was spending it at the Manor, kicking back and watching a movie when Tim walked in, casting a glance about the room before dropping to the floor, curling up on the plush carpet and instantly conking the fuck out. All in the span of about ten seconds. Jason could only stare.

The second time it had happened, Tim and Bruce had just returned from a late patrol. Tim looked dead on his feet, nodding off even as he stripped out of the Red Robin suit, leaving a trail of equipment in his wake as he stumbled over to the training mats. When he was free of everything but the tights and an undershirt, he let himself free-fall onto the mat, sound asleep within seconds.

“Bruce,” Jason had whispered from his place at the monitor. “Bruce, that is unnatural. How does he do that? I’m partly jealous, a little impressed, and a touch concerned.”

“He’s tired, Jason,” Bruce had said, like that was that. “Can you please take him to bed? I don’t want him sleeping down here.”

‘He’s tired, Jason,’” Jason mocked incredulously, standing up and walking to the mats, carefully picking Tim up. “What the fuck. I’m tired, too, but do you see me dropping dead like this? I’ve only been able to do that once.”


“I never wanna go to another gala ever again, thank you and goodnight.” Tim unceremoniously plops down on the couch, yanking the tie from around his neck and tossing it behind him. He undoes the top three buttons of his shirt and kicks his dress shoes off, propping his feet up on the coffee table. 

Jason flips a page of his book. “I’m surprised you’re back this early. You just abandoned Brucie?” 

Tim scoffs, falling back into the cushions and throwing an arm over his eyes. “He can deal. I am very tired.” 

“Poor Bruce,” Jason laughs. “Left to fend for himself, where’s your sympa- are you kidding me?” 

Tim’s asleep. Of course. Three seconds on a flat surface and the kid is fucking out like he doesn’t have a care in the world. He’s even snoring, his mouth hanging open and he’s probably going to start drooling. Gross.

Jason rolls his eyes and throws his jacket over Tim’s frame. “You didn’t even wait until I finished my sentence, you rude son of a bitch.”