Eris Morn does not need an anchor. She can fold the world effortlessly, wrapping it around ancient knowledge that still feels new. It follows its own rules, and in those maps are waypoints.

Toland, jester-king of his own literarchy, is a waypoint.

Eris’ emanations are strong here, like a cloak around her shoulders. Toland looks at her from a pillar of cloud flashing with green eyes. “Dearest Eris. You have joined me in my vaulted halls! Welcome. So … the lie has fallen away. Did you leave your Guardian behind?”

“The Guardian, and Asher Mir the Gensym Scribe, and Ikora, and … so many.”

“So it is your time to hear the song.”

“I have not died a third time.” She reaches out, and cannot touch the cloud of him. Grief and relief mingle. “But the lie … the smokescreen. I go to find the fire.”

Toland flickers. He isn’t self-aware enough to compare this to his betrayal, Eris thinks. Should I? He has heard the whispers she has, the warnings the Vanguard did not.

But she is hunting, and the hunt does not end at the home of this confidante.

“Did we not know that the truth brings conflict?” He says. It is a mercy that he does not continue. The battles around her are flames in a conflagration, and she will walk through them to fight the foes she knows best.

Eris and Toland never did say goodbye to one another. It had been that way from the start. They bow their heads to one another with memories of other days, other bodies, and Eris goes.


this week’s CoolGames Inc animation features “50 First States,” our dating simulator about dating every state in the union. a lot of work went into this - we hope you enjoy it!!!

(huge thanks to @charmwitch for the character designs!)


Your friendly neighborhood Austin Walker dropping by Jaden Smith’s stream to say some real shit.

Austin is doing an AMA over on reddit. A user named VOxus asked him about his most valuable lessons learned while at Giant Bomb, and he had this to say:

“ Good (and difficult) question, so let’s start with this one!I learned a ton from my time at GB—I cannot begin to overstate the wisdom that was imparted on by everyone there. Really, really hard to push So here’s a lesson I from everyone:

-Vinny taught me the value of of a backup plan—and how to face the fact that sometimes, even your backup’s backup fails. I remember when Vinny told me that our quick look system had three redundancies. I laughed at how surreal that was. Less than a week later, the initial recording and two of those three backups totally failed. I was very grateful for that third one.

-Alex taught me how to push forward on a shitty day. Alex and I both have a great deal in common in terms of our, uh, cloudy demeanors, let’s say. But Alex was an incredible professional, and even on the days where things were rough as hell, he managed to put his nose to the stone

-Jeff taught me that it’s less about perfection, and it’s more about cadence. Every swing you take will not be a home run—both as a creator and journalist and also as a person—but if you can consistently, reliably do solid work, people will follow you.

-Rorie taught me the value of prioritization. Matt is just… super busy over there, and he constantly has to decide what challenges are things he needs to address immediately and which things need to be saved for tomorrow.

-Drew showed me the courage (and the deftness) it takes to bring really, really esoteric interests to a wide audience. Things like the Crusader Kings 2 stream or the Twilight Struggle Quick Look (which I did with Drew) never would’ve happened if he didn’t prove that if you bring a fun personality and a lot of patience, you can share your weirdest interests with people.

-Jason is a living example of grit. Long nights of setup were worth it, because tomorrow it meant that things would be that much easier. And longer nights of breakdown were worth it because hey, you were done. If I’m every a tenth of the professional Jason is, I’ll be able to get a ton done even on the hardest nights

-Dan and I bonded over our social anxiety. His ability to step out into a crowd—but also to know that it’s okay to step away when you need to was a very important lesson for me.

-Brad taught me how to deal with criticism. That’s not a joke, either. There were weeks where I saw fans of ours pile onto him unfairly—unaware of whatever really difficult task he was hard at work at accomplishing—and he was just fucking head down on what had to get done. But he also listened when people had real, important, constructive critique. Super important lesson

-While I was there, I also worked with a dude named Stan who you probably don’t know, but Stan absolutely taught me the value of working with people who understand the big picture. I’m a humanities dude, you know? I resist stats and charts and all that. Stan showed me how those things could inform my work without forcing it to change in a way I wasn’t happy with.

-Patrick was obviously gone by the time I arrived, but watching his whole career (and now being lucky enough to work with him on a daily basis), he’s taught me a ton about the value of being curious. Dig deeper. The story isn’t the obvious thing, it’s the next level down. Always take that next step.

-And while I was never lucky enough to know Ryan, as a fan, I was keenly aware of his amazing way of bringing a room of people together. In prepping for our huge 72 hour livestream, I thought a lot about how well Ryan was able to find common ground between people who had very little to do with each other. He was a master MC, and I aspire to bring even a fraction of the joy he brought others.”

An entire day on the Makalu Basecamp trail spent in shadow of this peak, Mahali, a six-thousander in the Makalu-Barun region. The mountain keeps grunting and groaning through the day, as ice blocks melt and reshape.


Halo 5’s Clan System, Spartan Companies, Launches Today

Halo 5: Guardians includes a system for supporting clans, Microsoft and 343 Industries announced today.

Known as Spartan Companies, these allow for up to 100 players to form a group to play with.

Companies have access to private forums through Halo Waypoint, where they can also view stats and profiles for others members of the group. Companies themselves also have profile pages that can be customized with banners, descriptions, mottos, and customizable emblems.

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Halo Wars 2 Kinsano Vidoc - Trial By Fire

like if you look at what austin walker is saying about why and how waypoint’s approaching covering sexuality in games, he credits it to a bunch of queer ladies and im willing to believe him.

like we’ve all complained about horny trans women twitter circles but its undeniable that a lot of those people made space for this to happen

I swear to golly I am not one of Those Guys about video games, but I spent almost my entire BOTW playthrough with the HUD mode set to Pro with no minimap and no waypoints or objective markers and I am honestly telling ya’ll the game is way better like that. The world is designed in such a way that landmarks and geographic signposting are plenty to help you navigate, NPCs give you actual directions towards points of interest, and the Sheikah Slate allows you to make your own waypoints in a fun way through pseudo-triangulation.

In games with minimaps, compass displays etc your eyes will always inevitably drift over to the abstracted information for direct guidance. Turning said guidance off forces your eyes to focus on the actual surroundings and environment. This requires trusting that the designers created the world in a coherent and clear way, and wouldn’t you know it, Zelda’s devs did exactly that.