waynesville nc

Done by AJ James at Euphoria Tattoo & Piercing in Waynesville, NC. A quote from Jamie Tworkowski’s book “If You Feel Too Much”, elephants and a semicolon for mental health awareness. These words really reached out to me.

GPOYW: I had the best mini-vacation ever.

Me and Eddie in Cataloochee - Great Smoky Mountains National Park.
Between the next few bullets:

  • The Yellow House Bed and Breakfast where we stayed. I was served strawberry stuffed french toast on our private veranda, attended their 5pm happy hours where wine, cheese, crackers, fruit, etc was provided, and made late-night trips to the living room for a movie before stopping through the butler’s pantry for the freshly baked cookie of the day, took a bath for the first time in years in a jacuzzi tub equipped with bath salts and candles… I was so spoiled, guys.  If you ever get the chance to stay in a bed & breakfast, I highly recommend it.
  • Tipping Point Brewery where we had many beers and delicious food.
  • The hike we went on through the Great Smoky Mountains. I swear we heard an elk bugling to her new calf (GO GOOGLE THIS NOISE RIGHT NOW. IT IS THE MOST BIZARRE NOISE I HAVE EVER HEARD IN MY LIFE).  We also saw several wild turkeys and a few beavers and deer and crossed log bridges and frolicked in the ice cold mountain stream.  I may or may not have drank the water straight from the stream.
  • It was so great to travel and spend a ton of quality romantic time together - just us two. We really had a great time.
  • Plus we saw a mountain woman riding a dirt bike up a gravel mountain road with a baby strapped to her front in a papoose and a cigarette hanging out of her mouth.  Eddie was approached in the bathroom at one of the restaurants where we ate by a man who claimed he was going straight to hell because he was a sinner and when Eddie attempted to console him, the man asked Eddie to pray for him and then approached us later (while we were eating) to thank him for showing him the same kidness God would show him. (WTF. Mountain people are crazy.)

I don’t think I could have asked for a better 3-day, 2-night mini vacation.