What’s your sexy face? 

lol My friend made this video. It’s hella people from my school just showing their “sexy face”


Check it out

Today’s theme in the #WelcomeHome #yogachallenge was #balance, so I gave this pose a shot! And since it was #GameDay, I’m wearing my #Bell #jersey.
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This makes me proud. 11 classes left and I am completely done with school. Paid all my classes out of pocket. Biggest goal was never to end up in debt as I walked into my first class and leave debt free on my last..looks like that goal is so close to being reached, only have the middle portion left. Ya boys finally going to have that BA in Business Information Systems Management and A+ Certification in 3 months. Let’s get it. No more distractions!!

I literally never thought this would happen to me. I’ve always simply thought I was an average learner and that was that. Being academically confident is something I’ve continuously have struggled with throughout my life and the fact that I earned a spot on the Deans List for my higher courses that will be beneficial to me as I try to pursue my career is simply breathtaking. Whether you’re naturally smart, or have had below average grades, please know that you can get here!!

I had a small struggle with my academic courses during my sophomore year of college that put me in a bind, and had my GPA knocked down like crazy, but I’ve jumped back from that and am now maintaining a pretty high average of 3.75!!!

Please know you can do it. People have been telling me this all my life and I still didn’t believe in myself all the way, but maybe I’ll start now.
😊💗💓 Thanks @waynestate!

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Poetry and Prints Event!

An exhibition of prints and poetry by young Detroit artists inspired by popular art of the Northeast of Brazil. 

Reception: Thursday, September 18, 6-9 PM with remarks at 7:00 PM
Location: The Carr Center 311 E. Grand River, Detroit MI 48226
Exhibition Dates: September 5 through October 15, 2014
Gallery Hours: Tuesday through Friday 9-5 PM
Contact: www.thecarrcenter.org, 313-986-8430

This summer eight Detroit arts organizations offered nine weeks of workshop to nearly 200 Detroit youth – introducing them to Brazilian popular art (with themes of heroes and superheroes) and offering instruction in poetry and printmaking. Young artists then used poetry and prints to tell their own stories and ideas. This exhibition includes prints and poems by artists in Detroit and Brazil. 

This exhibition is in conjunction with the Mid-America Print Council Conference Print City Detroit 2014. 
website link: http://www.art.wayne.edu/MAPC2014/

With generous support from The Fred A. and Barbara M. Erb Family Foundation. 

Additional support from Arts Corps Detroit, The Carr Center, Con/Vida: Popular Arts of the Americas, Inside Out: Literary Arts Project, James Pearson Duffy Department of Art & Art History, Metro Multicultural Fine Arts Inc, Print City Detroit 2014, Signal Return, Wayne State University College of Education, and Wayne State University College of Fine, Performing, and Communication Arts.


Verona Apartments (Verona Flats)
Address: 44-52/92-100 W. Ferry
Built: 1896
Architect: Malcomson & Higginbotham

The Cass Corridor is home to many impressive late 19th century/early 20th century apartment buildings, such as The Coronado, Forest Arms and El Moore are just a few examples. The Verona is yet another.

A mix of both Romanesque and Sullivanesque elements, The Verona consists of a 5-story central tower and adjoining 3-story wings. It ranks a Although Louis Sullivan, unfortunately, never made it to Detroit, his influence is palpable here, especially above the recessed archway of the main entrance. The firm of Malcomson & Higginbotham were very prolific during this time designing churches, schools and residences.

Educator David MacKenzie, founder of what eventually grew into Wayne State University, resided at The Verona.

The Verona originally consisted of 16 luxury units. The exterior was originally orange brick, but was painted gray at some point. The foundation of the building is smooth cut stone. When home ownership became easier in the 1930s, luxury apartments began to wane in popularity. In 1945, it was reconfigured as 26 smaller units to satisfy a growing middle class.

From 1965 to 1967, Canadian Joni Mitchell, an up-and-comer on the folk music scene, and her then-husband, Chuck, lived on the 5th floor. Mitchell, of course, would go on to become one of the most influential singer-songwriters of her era. However, it is fascinating knowing of her humbling beginnings in the Motor City. Today, the Verona is part of Cass & Ferry Apartment and is home to mostly WSU students. #Detroit #WayneState #CassCorridor #MidtownDetroit #Romanesque #Sullivanesque #MalcomsonandHigginbotham #CassAvenue #archi_ologie #JoniMitchellLivedHere

(at Campus Village At Cass Avenue)