Wayne Motor Lodge - Waynesboro, Virginia

The Shenandoah Valley’s newest and finest motor lodge. Near the Skyline Drive and Blue Ridge Parkway. De luxe family rooms, furnished in the traditional - television, air-conditioned - at modest rates. A large swimming pool.

Starlings came to this country on a passenger liner from Europe. One hundred of them were deliberately released in Central Park, and from those hundred descended all of our countless millions of starlings today. According to Edwin Way Teale, “Their coming was the result of one man’s fancy. That man was Eugene Schief-felin, a wealthy New York drug manufacturer. His curious hobby was the introduction into America of all the birds mentioned in William Shakespeare.” The birds adapted to their new country splendidly.

Instead of quietly curling for sleep, one by one, here and there in dense shrubbery, as many birds do, starlings roost all together in vast hordes and droves. They have favorite roosting sites to which they return winter after winter; apparently southwest Virginia is their idea of Miami Beach. In Waynesboro, where the starlings roost in the woods near the Coyner Springs area, residents can’t go outside for any length of time, or even just to hang laundry, because of the stink—“will knock you over”—the droppings, and the lice. Starlings are notoriously difficult to “control.” The story is told of a man who was bothered by starlings roosting in a large syca-more near his house. He said he tried everything to get rid of them and finally took a shotgun to three of them and killed them. When asked if that discouraged the birds, he reflected a minute, leaned forward, and said confidentially, “Those three it did.”

Annie Dillard, Pilgrim at Tinker Creek

Here’s a pretty cool photo, my cousin was looking through the CCS contests and came across this picture and pretty much said HOLY SHIT. This is Bobby Worrest ollieing into a bank across the street from the fire department of my little hometown of Waynesboro VA. It blows our minds that anybody would end up there, especially rad pro skateboarder Bobby Worrest. We skate those banks every summer! But we never ollie from the street over the metal barrier and into those ridiculous slopes. The picture makes it look much less steep than it is in real life. Anyway, we’re pretty stoked at this. There are actually plenty of great spots to skate in Waynesboro. I can’t wait to go back and not try this trick.

I'm so ready for tomorrow.

I’m so ready to be with my best friends for an entire weekend at home. And by home, I mean camp. Whenever i’m there, I just automatically feel better and I truly can be myself. People are probably gonna think im insane cuz I might cry when I get off the bus tomorrow. But honestly, I really dont give a shit. I’ve been there so many times, but camp was just so amazing this year. Its gonna be so weird being there with nfty people, and not camp people but its still gonna be amazing. I’m so excited. I just need to get away for the weekend. I’m ready to go home.