- Nice song, by the way, Madison recorded the whole thing.
- He what now?
- You were screeching so much we thought someone was getting murdered.

[If I had to witness this with my own two eyes so do you. Also, Namaqua frogs.]


This AU is from: @bunny-yams .

This is one of my favorite AU’s in fact (LOL). Their just quick sketches and I hope its oke to post them. 

Alex is just like: What the actuel fuck is wrong with this forest?! 

And Thomas has the creepiest rapeface i ever draw in my whole life O_o.

Thomas took me around 30 and Alexander around 15? min. 

Over Indulgent

Prompt: Damian interested in his veterinarian would be cute

Requested by: ANON

    You stare at your fiance with all the contempt you can muster. Your body language says annoyed and your stance shows that you’re done. Of course Damian doesn’t notice any of this. He’s too busy playing with a tiger cub.


    “I rescued him from a zoo.”

    “Understood, but the answer is still no.”

    “You’re a vet. You can’t just say no.”

    You roll your eyes, “I am a vet. That’s why I’m saying no. I’ve already contacted four sanctuaries that are willing to take her. All are certified, and I’ve already had Tim check to make sure they don’t mistreat and/ or sell their animals.”

    He stares at you, “But if we take care of her, I know she’ll be fine.”

    You narrow your eyes, “Damian we already have two dogs, a cat, a cow, a demon from another dimension, and two chickens. We are at full capacity.”

    “Yes … now that we have the tiger, we’re done.”

    You bite the inside of your cheek, “Damian, it’s a wild animal, and while we can’t release it back in the wild it will do much better at a sanctuary with other tigers.”

    You watch him frown, and then mumble something before finally giving in. You watch your fiance, who is twenty-three, and over six feet tall pout as he walks back into your bedroom with the cub. Sometimes you curse Bruce Wayne and his over indulgent behavior.