so I’m actually pretty convinced now that the reason they had Alfred tell Bruce of what Thomas Wayne did for him is because they intend to parallel this scene later on this season.

we know according to Sean Pertwee that Alfred, because of this split with Bruce, will go down a darker road and unravel in a way that’s not pretty - we get a bit of that side of him in the story about him meeting Thomas Wayne, we know Alfred without his self control is probably a lot like his old friend Reggie from season 1, and we also know Sean was seen on set with the Narrows group - it wouldn’t be surprising if Alfred gets caught up in this war that’s coming or in the fight club but when he wakes up this time covered in blood, it’s gonna be Bruce (who has woken up from being an asshole) who helps him and rescues him, just like Thomas Wayne did for him all those years ago.

that would be a good parallel and I would love for once that someone takes care of Alfred for a change - the man has always set aside his own personal trauma to take care of everyone else, time for someone (coughBruceWaynecough) to put Alfred first.

I mean, people seem to forget, the man DIED, in fact he didn’t just die, he watched the child he loves shove a sword through his chest - has anyone asked him how he felt and help him with his trauma????

Bruce: “Don’t talk to me or my son or my son or my son or my daughter or my son who is actually my son or my son or my daughter who’s not actually my daughter but her father is one of my best friends so she counts or my other daughter who’s not my daughter either but she’s dating my son so she forced her way into my family or my father who is actually my butler or my cousin or my son’s cow, dog, cat, turkey, and dragon bat or my punk daughter or her brother or my best friend who can fly or my club of super people, one of whom I plan to adopt-“

Criminal: …..

Bruce: ”-ever ever again.“

Bruce: *walks away with his ginormous family trailing behind him*

Things I associate the Batfam with:

Bruce: *internal screaming* and Adoption Papers

Alfred: The Sassy Eyebrow Raise™

Dick: Puns n’ Secret Sadness

Jason: yeET

Tim: Near Death Coffee Experience

Damian: Veggie Burgers and Massacre

Barbra: Under the Glasses Nose Pinch

Stephanie: 107% DONE

Cass: Doesn’t Deserve This Shit

Duke: *panicked screaming*

Harper: Really Really Loud Sighing

Kate: Squinty Glare

Headcanon that the batkids hide under Bruce’s cape ALL the time. When they get cold on patrol, when they’re scared of a particularly creepy villain, when they get tired and need a warm, dark place to hide, they can always be found in Bruce’s cape, hanging onto his back like a koala. One time Hal and Barry were at the watchtower just hanging out when they saw something move under Batman’s cape. Assuming it was an alien parasite out to kill the dark knight by sucking his brains out, Barry pulled off the cape to reveal not one, not two, but three of Bruce’s kids huddled under there playing a game of Uno. It was a mystifying experience.  

  • Dick: I can't do this by myself, I need adult supervision!
  • Bruce:
  • Alfred:
  • Jason:
  • Tim:
  • Damian:
  • Duke:
  • Barbara:
  • Stephanie:
  • Cassandra:
  • Kate:
  • Titus:
  • Literally everyone:
  • Dick:
  • Dick: Oh god
  • Dick: <b><i>I AM THE ADULT SUPERVISION</i></b>

someonescreamingfromhell  asked:

The new batman comic with the robins at lunch reminded me so much of your art. Can we start a petition to get you to start drawing for dc?

That was a fun issue! I’ve been on and off with the main Batman title and picked up #16 on a whim; felt like I struck gold. All that was missing was Tim. And ah yes, drawing for DC! That is the dream. That and landing a storyboarding gig. So many goals! But, in the meantime, I’m happy to keep making entertaining stuff for your viewing pleasure :)

Every Robin has fallen asleep next to Batman on a stakeout.

When Duke did it, he woke up half an hour later with his head pillowed on Bruce’s shoulder. At first he thought he was going to get in a lot of trouble because Bruce is always so stern. But Bruce just gave that same dismissive grunt as ever and filled him in on the last half hour’s lack of activity.