every time i listen to radioactive


I think the album has a lot of fight, because life is a struggle. Always dealt with depression and anxiety since childhood. Just as these points are on the album, also wanted to show the positive side and a sense of “escape”. The intention is to make people feel less alone and more understood after listening to the album. In the end, I hope the disc inspires people to feel a little better about life. - Dan Reynolds about Night Visions

  • Me:How come none of my friends like this band?
  • Me:*plays song*
  • Friend:Actually, they're pretty g-
  • Me:nO STOp THEY aRE MINE !!

Imagine Dragons + Billboard Music Awards

  1. Milestone Award Presented by Chevrolet (Vote here)
  2. Top Artist
  3. Top Duo / Group
  4. Top Hot 100 Artist
  5. Top Digital Songs Artist
  6. Top Radio Songs Artist
  7. Top Streaming Artist
  8. Top Rock Artist
  9. Top Rock Album - “Night Visions”
  10. Top Hot 100 Song - “Radioactive”
  11. Top Digital Song - “Radioactive:
  12. Top Streaming Song (Audio) - "Radioactive”
  13. Top Rock Song - “Demons” , “Radioactive”