And let’s not forget…

(1) Racial housing discrimination [where and when: New York City, 1973-1975] when the Department of Justice sued Trump and his father Fred in 1973 for housing discrimination at 39 sites around New York.

(2) Mafia ties [where and when: New York and Atlantic City, 1970s- ?] wherein Trump has been linked to the mafia many times over the years, with varying degrees of closeness…. There have been a string of other allegations, too, many reported by investigative journalist Wayne Barrett.

(3) Trump University [where and when: 2005-2010, online] — It was also never really a “university” by any definition, and it changed its name to the “Trump Entrepreneur Initiative,” because as its scamming of students occurred, the school was violating New York law by operating without an educational license.

(4) Tenant Intimidation [where and when: New York City, 1982-1986]

(5) The Four Bankruptcies [where and when: 1991, 1992, 2004, 2009]

(6) The undocumented Polish workers [where and when: New York City, 1980] in which Trump took advantage of their labor.

(7) Antitrust Violations [where and when: New Jersey, 1986]

(8) Refusing to Pay Workers and Contractors [where and when: various, 1980s-present]

(9) The Cuban Embargo [where and when: Cuba, 1998-present]

Read details on the above along with additional crimes via The Atlantic’s article: “A rough guide to the many scandals of Donald J. Trump


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In the days immediately after the election that shocked the world, POLITICO Magazine convened the group of people who know Donald J. Trump better than anyone outside his family. We asked his biographers the questions that were on everyone’s mind: What happens next? Will the unabashedly self-promoting and self-obsessed businessman transform himself into a selfless and dignified president of the nation he was elected to lead?

Now, after more than two months of Trump’s norm-shattering transition, we gathered Gwenda Blair, Michael D’Antonio and Tim O’Brien by conference call (Wayne Barrett, the dean of Trump reporters, could not participate because of illness) to assess whether Trump has continued to surprise them. Their collective wisdom? In a word, no.


Jason Wilnis vs. Wayne Barrett

Dutch kickboxer Jason Wilnis came up short in his last Glory appearance when he lost a title eliminator to Joe Schilling at Glory 24 in Denver. After recovering with a win inside Kunlun Fight in China, Wilnis is looking to climb the rankings to get a title shot. He’ll face Filip Verlinden on the Superfight Series portion of the Glory 28: Paris card to air on UFC Fight Pass this Saturday (March 12th).