wayne gretzky

I have been seeing these all over and I’m curious. So answer me this in the tags.

Crosby or Ovechkin, Bruins or Canadiens, Orr or Grezky, Blackhawks or Penguins, Gallagher or Marchand, shoot out or OT goal, Matthews or Laine, jersey or hat, big hit or great fight, playoffs or regular season, PK Subban with the Preds or with the Habs, blowout or close game.


It’s that time of year when these pros have to be the most professional. Not only is it because [of] the strength and speed, but it’s the pain thresholds that they must have to succeed and get through a round, let alone four. It’s the anger that they have to have -and maybe facing that same guy they dislike terribly for seven games- and then at the very end, the tightest and most successful group of guys get the names they were given at birth on the Stanley Cup. And forever they have an adjective to describe them: Stanley Cup champions. 


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