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Publicidad para Knoll Internacional de México SA en 1962 con McGregor Memorial Conference Center con sillas por Mies van der Rohe, de la Universidad Estatal de Wayne, Detroit, Michigan, EE.UU. 1958

Arq. Minoru Yamasaki

Advertisement for Knoll International of Mexico in 1962 featuring McGregor Memorial Conference Center with chairs by Mies van der Rohe, Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan 1958

The Amazing Chimps Facts: Similarities Between Chimpanzees and Humans

To put it another way: we could take 99 percent of a gorilla’s DNA and substitute it for that of a human being’s-and no one could tell the difference. Over the coming decades, that crucial one percent will be the focus of some fascinating research into what sets us so very far apart from the apes.

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