Counting down the days and drawing the trashiest of the trash idea. Totally self indulgent. I apologize for my existence.

- what the tags goodbye
- I only planned for 9 spaces and didn’t get Austria I’m sorry Alaba
- my chance to draw Robben and Ned together is never meant to be
- I am not ready and in denial about this Germany NT
- it’s Klose’s birthday www


Footballers and Their Adorable Kids 💞


One Direction’s Niall Horan meets Manchester United players after the club’s match against Paris Saint-Germain | 29.07.2015

Evil Kermit meme (football version)

Neuer: The opponent is controlling the ball at midfield.

Neuer to Neuer: Run over there and snatch it.

Messi: That red coat too glossy.

Messi to Messi: Wear it.

Neymar: The opponent is approaching me.

Neymar to Neymar: Drop to the ground, NOW!

C Ronaldo: *looks at mirror*

C Ronaldo to C Ronaldo: You are the fairest of them all.

Suárez: Shit, the opponent snatched my ball.

Suárez to Suárez: Bite him.

Ramos: The first half has ended and I didn’t get a red card today.

Ramos to Ramos: There’s still second half.

Ibrahimović: I’m fabulous.

Ibrahimović to Ibrahimović: I know right?

Maradona: I can’t reach the ball with my head.

Maradona to Maradona: Use the hand. The hand.

Referee: Wait, is that a foul?

Referee to Referee: *tosses coin*. It’s heads, so nope.

Rooney: Is that alcohol?

Rooney to Rooney: Just drink it.

Everyone is afraid that Rihanna is going to steal their favourite player but y´all better watch out for Niall bc he is the real threat………

And look how he is flirting with Mata

What a whore……………



I put my armor on, show you how strong I am
I put my armor on, I’ll show you that I am

Players who sold most shirts during the 2015/16 season
  1. Lionel Messi: 1.985m
  2. James Rodriguez: 1.234m
  3. Eden Hazard: 975k
  4. Cristiano Ronaldo: 955k
  5. Neymar Jr.: 942k
  6. Wayne Rooney: 877k
  7. Zlatan Ibrahimovic:  865k
  8. Paul Pogba: 667k
  9. Alexis Sanchez: 566k
  10. Antoine Griezmann: 491k

Clubs that sold most shirts during the 2015/16 season