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Birthday Update - 5/28/2017

Quick little update: It’s my birthday! 

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That means I will not be writing today. I may pop in to check requests and messages. But everything is going to pause for a day.

I will be at MegaCon 2017 for a handful of hours and then going to a nice dinner with my family at one of my favorite places in Epcot! 

Also, I want to take the time to thank everyone of you for your support! The biggest thing right now is how much love “Like a Glove” has gotten in the short time that I’ve had it posted. I wrote that story in order to help me escape what I was going through one night (anxiety, depression, and my very bad skin picking flaring up). I almost didn’t post it because I didn’t think it would do that great. But I decided to post it and see what happened. 
As of the last time I checked, I am at 105 notes on it and I never expected it to surpass 20 or so notes! And the feedback has been nothing but kind and supportive! @marvelous-imagining ‘s wonderful note that she left on it actually made me tear up a bit at the convention I am attending this weekend! <3 So thank you all, from the bottom of my heart! 

Thank you for understanding my short hiatus! I will be back to writing soon! I have posts scheduled for Monday and Wednesday and then I will continue to post “Tightrope Walking” on Fridays! 

Hope all is well in your worlds!



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To be honest learning about Serial Killers, Mass Murderers and being part of the True Crime Community is probably the best thing that has ever happen to me.

Update 5/23/17

Update time again!

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I still have a lot of requests to do and my various series to finish. I have been writing more selfish pieces because I have been going through some stuff in the mental health department and writing helps me escape a bit and put myself in better situations. So I apologize for that. 

This week is going to be super crazy. 

  • Cosplay work
  • Online classes
  • MegaCon all weekend
  • NSP Concert on friday
  • and my birthday is on Sunday (5/28)

So knowing all of this, my writing may be delayed even more. That begin said, after this week, I have a lot more free time and less work. I will still have some traveling and family business, but not as much as this month has provided. 

All I ask is that you guys be patient and understanding. Feel free to send requests or pieces for me to beta read

I will be back to normal as soon as I can. 

I love you all and I can’t thank you enough for the support you all have given me! Hope all is well in your own little worlds! 


- DreaSaurusREX

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what i love about being a football fan is that you could hate a team from your gut and you probably wouldn’t even know why but when it would come to the team that you love then each one of us could probably list down 826389181819 reasons to prove it to somebody