wayne kramer


“He stayed and signed for everyone of them. We attended a neighborhood Italian restaurant one night during shooting, and I swear about five grandmothers came over to our table to marry their daughters off to Paul. He barely got a morsel of food in his mouth that night because he was too busy auditioning future wives and ‘grand’ in-laws (if there is such a word). He always had time for his fans and had he lived long enough to no longer be the cool movie star, I can guarantee you he would have rather gone hungry than sell his autograph to fans.” - Wayne Kramer

Paul Walker on set of 'Running Scared

Wayne Kramer is an impressive man, having turned the early struggles of his life—drug addiction, the resultant stint in prison—into motivation for good works. He’s passionately committed to helping others avoid the mistakes he made, or helping others overcome the fallout from such mistakes to create better lives for themselves. With Billy Bragg, he co-founded the United States chapter of Jail Guitar Doors, a nonprofit organization focused on the much-neglected correctional aspect of incarceration. Taking its name from The Clash’s 1978 song about Wayne’s own incarceration, Jail Guitar Doors USA provides musical equipment to prison inmates. jailguitardoors.org