wayne kramer


“I have so many images of Paul in my office (photos, posters, etc.), but this is the actual mask he wore in Pawn Shop and it sits on my set chair directly across from me. He loved playing Raw Dog, even with the discomfort of the mask - but that was Paul; he never complained about anything and did everything in his power to get you the shot. He took such pride in being great at his craft. And he was. He called me the Mad Scientist because of my crazy camera moves, but no ‘Mad Scientist’ can create magic without a willing subject to experiment with. He gleefully submitted so many times, even when an entire crew in Prague thought I was demented for filming some of the scenes we did. But he had my back every day on that set (and Pawn Shop). I am privileged to have been given the opportunity to bring the crazy with him on those occasions.” - Wayne Kramer

  Pictures of Paul Walker on set of 'Pawn Shop Chronicles’