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I can low key imagine Joker and Batman having a fight while Frost and Alfred having a tea party together talking about their days and what a pain in the ass having to make sure their Clown Prince of Crime and Bat of Gotham won’t get their asses killed
—  this needs to happen in DCEU with Joker Leto and Bat Affleck tho
Batjokes hc of a night-out

not a single word spoken between them when they bump into each other. they don’t need that.


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Joker’s out in Gotham doing little shenanigans, nothing big an grand like he normally would, just a few store robberies and that sort of thing. Seeing he’s kind of going out with Batsy, he doesn’t want to upset him too much.

Harley’s there, Jonny, too, a couple of their goons to hold the heavy, heaving bags of jewelry and money.

But just as they are heading to the Gotham bank (well, that might seem a bit grander but nothing compared to his usual) the dark crusader sweeps down out of nowhere in front of them on the street.

He stands there blocking their way all mighty, big and intimidating in all his dark glory. And he’s staring at J.

Harley starts complaining in a pissy voice and Jonny’s slowly raising his golden plated gun in a mix of hesitance and caution. The goons flee, few of them quickly grabbing something shiny out of the bags on their way as they run away from the Batman in pathetic fear.

But Batman’s only interested in the green haired man who uncharacteristically is currently twirling a piece of his acidic hair around a white glowed hand in a nervous manner, green eyes flicking between the wet asphalt and the intense dark eyes of the Batman, knees crossed, arm around his narrow waist. He looks like the epitome of nervousness and uncertainty.

Is the Joker embarrassed?

Batman doesn’t let Harley’s bickering and Jonny’s hesitance go on for long. There are people watching in the dark of the evening under neon lights of busy nightclubs and dirty bars dumping cigarette buts into the ground or drinking away their insomnia.

He doesn’t let the blush creep up on the paper pale cheeks of the Joker until he’ can’t look anymore and has to turn away. He doesn’t want to make him feel uncomfortable around his criminal buddies. He just wants him to feel guilty and stop this. He wants Joker to stop whatever he’s up to, even if it was nothing like he usually does. He wants him to stop because he wants him to come with him instead.

So he comes forward and stands in front of the clown, green hair reaching the height of Batman’s chest, and looks down at him. The eyes glancing back at him are vulnerable, but as dangerous as ever. Always. Daring.

The clicks of Jonny’s and Harley’s gun aimed at Batman’s head can be heard through the cool rain beginning to drizzle over them and the swooshing of passing cars. He doesn’t need to worry about that. He’s got his gauntlet covered hand on the crook of Joker’s shoulder already, touching the bare skin of his neck, and the clown’s giving in. His hand is gentle and careful. The bag of money falls from his hand along with his glimmering gun to the ground with a thud and the clink of metal.  

He gazes down to the freshly wet asphalt, red lips twitching into a slight grimace for a second before he takes the first step forward with Batman’s arm winding around his purple clad shoulders. Batman escorts him away, leaving behind his stunned accomplices.

The Penguin trudges out of the Iceberg lounge with a cigar between his teeth to the alley and watches the unexpected situation unfolding before his eyes.

Batman walking out the Joker out of his misdeeds in peace and calm, rest of his thugs left to fend for themselves with their jaws slack and open. Cobblepot quips to his workers about it, leaving them gaping as well as they come around the corner to see.

What’s truly mesmerizing is the gentility the Batman holds the clown, rather simply just guiding him out of his mess than forcing him to submit. And when they think they are already out of the sights of others, they are wrong, and Gotham watches the two unlawful legends embrace each other with remorse and forgiveness and hopeless love in the shimmering light of passing headlights and streetlamps. Batman’s hand caring on Joker’s pale cheek, and painted lips soft and yielding against the knight’s.

They vanish into the shadows almost like a dream that’s harried out by the morning sun. There are just the screams as Harley curses to Jonny in frustration, kicking at the bags of money left at their feet in rage, hundred dollar bills flying through the polluted air in a mess. Police sirens are closing in.

The two are nowhere to be seen.

Nickname - Loki - 5

Lokiice pick or snowflake because every time he saw you in the beginning the room would get cold or it would begin to snow.
YouBunny. Because that was the time he found out he loved you.

After you both have come to terms with your feelings for one another, the pranks have almost stopped. At least against you. You look at Steve that hasn’t yet realized the dog tail that is attached to him, and you are not quite sure if you should say something that it is actually kind of cute. Just like the tiger ears on Tony’s head you see when he walks through the living room mumbling about a new suit to himself.
You shortly after realize that is like the avengers have turned into a zoo. Hawkeye have eagle wings, Natasha have four eyes and Thor he’s turned into a frog. Or you at least think is him, when you find a frog with a red cape in the kitchen.
You don’t even want to think of what has happened to Bruce. And the weirdest part of it all, it’s like none of them even realizes it. You find Loki laying in the couch with one of his famous ‘I have done something' smirks on his face. Only when you come closer you realize that he has black cat ears.“Alright snowflake, what are you up to? Are you trying to make the Avengers into the Avenging Pets?” you ask and put your hands on your hips looking down at him, he looks at you and laugh a little.
“Hi bunny, you talked about you loved animals with Thor yesterday so I just taught it would be fun” so now it’s my fault? You shake your head trying to see what a small conversation with Thor could end with him as a frog.
“It doesn’t mean you should turn anyone into someone that look like they just have come from a Comicon” he looks confused at you but the smile is still there.
“I do not know what this Comicon is. But I must say you are cute with bunny ears. Perhaps I should let them be there from now on” you almost don’t believe your ears and quickly put your hands up to your head where to long ears are pointing out, you look behind you and see the little fluffy tail. Before you even have a chance to tell him what you think about the situation he sits up and grab your tail, you whine loud and look at him with big eyes.
“It’s so fluffy” he mumbles and squeeze it. You slap his hand away red all up to your bunny ears.
“Loki I mean it, remove the animal traits from us all” you growl and try to look evil at him. The cat ears falls down and he looks at you like you just have scolded him for no reason. You try not to let it affect you how cute he looks with ears and remain the stare.
“Fine” he claps his hands and the cat ears vanish, you see Thor come into the room looking normal.
He sees you and stops up with a confused look and points at you.
“Lady Y/f/n why do you have bunny ears?”

Superman/Batman: Public Enemies
(2003-2011) #3

“It is a remarkable dichotomy. In many ways, Clark is the most human of us all. Then… he shoots fire from the skies and it is difficult not to think of him as a god. And how fortunate we all are that it does not occur to him.

“Sometimes, I admit, I think of Bruce as a man in a costume. Then, with some gadget from his utility belt, he reminds me that he has an extraordinarily inventive mine.”

PFFT. Like. This is rarely the case when you compare Batman and Superman, but how hilariously reverent and respectful Bruce is here and just plain flattering and Clark’s just “I sometimes think my best friend is just some looney guy in a bat costume and then I remember he’s pretty smart!”

Nice. Just. 

Clark, aren’t you a reporter? And like, supposed to be good with words?

In which Jason cooks and Damian has a neon crush.

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