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Dating Bruce Wayne Would Include

(Btw I am using the Batman v Superman Bruce Wayne, y’all)

  • Not being entirely sure as to how it all even happened
    • On the off-chance that you’re one of Gotham’s minimal elite, you probably met Bruce at a charity gala and, for some reason beyond your comprehension, he picked you out of the other well-dressed women
    • In the higher likelihood that you don’t come from an affluent family, there’s a multitude of possibilities as to where you met: Maybe you were at a gala working as part of the catering company and he accidentally spilled red wine on you. Maybe you worked as an intern or temp or had a desk job somewhere in the Wayne Enterprise building in Gotham. Or maybe he just saw some assholes giving you a rough time and he stepped in and then offered to walk you home.

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I find it endlessly fascinating that Bruce Wayne, known in DC as the crabbiest, grumpiest, darkest character is (when written well) a very open and sympathetic person who mentors and parents a large number of children. Meanwhile, Clark Kent, the eternal boy scout who is cheery and kind and wonderful has a known history of being uncomfortable and even rude children who look to him as a mentor. I love that dichotomy and, more importantly, I love how such paradoxes actually really suit their characters.

Because the best way to Bruce Wayne is damaged, every single action he has taken is a result of grief and guilt and an inability to move past his tragedy. He acknowledges he is not normal, that he can’t think or feel in a normal, healthy capacity so he uses his trauma to help himself heal and maybe even better his city while he’s at it. But likewise, he understands sorrow and tragedy in others and is very empathetic to the plights of children in similar situations. He is dark and not very good with emotion but he does understand what grief can do to a person and when he sees children suffering, his big heart compels him to help out in anyway he can. He’s not always the best at it and a lot of times he becomes nervous over how attached he becomes to his children/partners and tries to distance himself. But that doesn’t change the fact that his initial reaction to sadness is to try and prevent them from going through what he did because he understands and is honestly upset by their plight.

Clark, on the other hand, had a picturesque Norman Rockwell childhood just with the occasional freak-outs about his ancestry and troubles with his powers. But having grown up in such an idyllic place where he didn’t have to suffer too much and had very open and accepting parents, he becomes a bit sheltered. Ma and Pa (rightfully so) tell Clark that his life is his own and he is entitled to his own happiness. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but I’ve seen people that go through their whole lives without conflict who react poorly when faced with change they were not prepared for. Superman is, of course, kind and generous and loving because he’s a genuinely good person and 9/10 his kindness doesn’t affect him and how he views his life. So when Kon comes along and even people talk about discovering Captain Marvel’s civilian identity, Clark responds negatively or at least, not in the open manner we would expect.

Because Clark is still caught up with his own life and his own desires that the thought of changing that up for these children just doesn’t occur to him. You can call it selfishness, cause it is, but it’s also human nature which is fascinating coming from an alien immigrant. Plus I imagine Clark has some rather traditional values having grown up in rural Kansas, he could barely handling finding out he was an alien much less properly deal with a sassy teenage clone of himself via Lex Luthor and a magic boy who can transform into an adult. I can see Clark being, well, a bit freaked out by all that. But this is a pattern we see over and over again with Clark dealing with children. He fares much better when a) he chose to have this child enter his life and isn’t feeling like he’s being forced and b) the child was younger and acquired through more normal means.

Now this isn’t a criticism on Clark, in fact, while I may curse about his treatment of Superboy and cry over the fact that he didn’t adopt Billy straight away, I love this complexity. I don’t like it when my characters are perfect, when they always do the right the thing and behave in a blameless matter all the time. It’s boring frankly. But I like seeing consistent character traits, good or bad that make sense when it comes to their behavior and actions. Like, I can easily see why the Dark Knight is a good father figure while the Man of Steel, the golden boy, is awkward and unhappy with these children in his life. Of course we see that Bruce fucks up with his kids as much as he helps them and Clark gets over his pettiness and learns to be a better mentor but we still have these initial reactions which say a lot about their feelings. DC is capable of building these interesting, complex characters and they never utilize them. They think making everything dark and grim makes things more interesting but really, if they just extrapolate the wealth of development and character they’ve already built, they could satisfy at least this reader a lot more.

Supermom: Part 1

Prompt: Supermom, kind of like batmom, but with Clark Kent, and meeting superboy for the first time.

AN: I want to make it clear that this is not the same AU as YJ Batmom. This is completely separate! There will be one more part after this and then it’s done!

Words: 861

          “Why does everyone want to clone you? I mean I love you, I really do, and you’re wonderful, but I don’t see a need to clone you.”

          Clark doesn’t look at you, his gaze stays focused on the door. You sigh and plop down beside him on the couch before, climbing into his lap. He doesn’t snap out of it until you kiss him. Your lips meet his, and suddenly his arms are wrapped around you. When you pull back you smile and say, “And so sleeping beauty awakens.”

          He gives a small smile that doesn’t reach his eyes, “I suppose I have been a bit out of it.”

          “If I had been Lex Luthor, you’d be dead right now.” He gives another small smile. “I get that you’re freaked out Clark, that you’re not really sure what to do, but pushing this boy away isn’t the answer. Think back to when you were first discovering your powers, wouldn’t it have been nice to have someone to help?

          He shifts slightly so that you move from his lap, and then he’s pacing. “You sound like Bruce.”

          You roll your eyes, “Yes, well, he is my brother, we share a good bit of DNA, and I’ve found that every once in awhile, we share a thought or two.”

          He lets out a small frustrated sound, “I’m just not ready to deal with this, why can’t you understand that?”

          “Because there’s a boy out there who is confused and probably really scared, and I’m not in favor of having emotionally unstable superheroes.”

          “Are you sure this doesn’t have something to do with what the doctor said?”

          You feel the blood drain out of your face at those words. You bite the inside of your cheek to stop yourself from saying something you’ll regret. Without a word you move from the couch and towards the door.

          Clark sighs, “Y/N, I didn’t mean it,” but when he reaches for you, you pull away.

          Without another word you walk out the door. You find yourself at the Wayne Enterprises building almost by magic. You don’t remember the walk there; you only remember your thoughts. In fact, you don’t even realize you’re there until Bruce’s arm wraps around you, and he starts guiding you to his office.

          There’s a long moment of silence before you say, “I want to meet him.”

          Bruce raises an eyebrow at that, “And how does Clark feel about that?”

          “I really don’t give two figs about Clark’s feelings right now. He’s acting like a spoilt child. That kid needs someone, and I’ll be damned if I’m going to leave him alone Bruce.”

          You walk into the mountain a few hours later. There’s a mask covering your eyes, and you’d be lying if you said you didn’t feel a little silly. You watch from beside Bruce as Dinah and Superboy train. When they’re done the room empties almost like magic.

          “Who are you?” You smile at the bluntness.

          You smile and hold out your hand “My name’s Y/N. I’m married to the man you know as Superman. I also refer to him as a toddler because he’s been acting like a child since you’ve come around.” The boy’s hand goes limp in yours. You take a deep breath and ask, “Do you mind if we talk?”

          He nods, “Of course.”  

          You take a seat on the sofa, you twist your hands in your lap. “Superman, sometimes has a hard time dealing with things. He’s always been on the outside of things, and when he meets someone like him, he doesn’t always deal with it well. Usually, I’m able to talk some sense into him, but like his mother says he’s as stubborn as that damn mule who kept trying to kick him.”

          He smiles a bit, and you smile back, “Anyways, he’ll come around eventually. But in the meantime, I wanted to give you this.” You hand him a small piece of paper, “This is my card, if you need anything, or have any questions, don’t hesitate to call, text, email, or even fax.”

          He nods, “Thank you for this.”

          You nod and stand to leave, when he grabs your arm. He looks you in the eye and asks, “Does he hate me?”

          Your heart breaks in that moment, and you sink back onto the couch. You wrap your arms around him, “No hun, he doesn’t. He’s just scared.”

          “Superman, scared?”

          You smile and say, “It happens to the best of us.”

          You end up staying with Superboy for several hours, until it gets dark at the very least. When it comes time to leave, you don’t type in the coordinates for Metropolis.

          The surprise on your brother’s face says it all when you step through the Zeta Tube. He’s dressed in his gear, and ready to go out, but he seems to forget all about it with one look on his face. He just opens his arms and you walk into them. You just ask, “Do you mind if I stay here for a few days?”

          He kisses the top of your head and says, “It’s your home too.”

I’m not crying (Damian Wayne imagine)

Requested: Yes
Request:  How about where Reader’s eyes will sometimes get watery for no reason, you know the feeling eyes stinging slight and you blink which causes your eyes to get watery like you’ll cry, but for Reader, this causes a tear or two to slip a lot of the times when this happens and Damian catches them when some tears slip now they have to explain to Damian that they aren’t sad and this happens on a regular basis.
Summary: Damian mistakes your teary eyes for crying.
Word count: 464
Warning(s): Fluff

You had just put on all your makeup and you were running to the Wayne enterprise building to meet up with your boyfriend Damian, you were already practically late. The wind outside, and the fact that you had to hold your eyes open for an extended period of time to do your makeup had made the teary eye appear once again, but you didn’t want to stop to deal with it.

You were trying to get rid of your tears, taking some of the water away with your tissue, so you wouldn’t have a wet stripe running down your cheek and for some time it actually worked. 

Hi, Dami,” You said, slipping your arms around his waist, he tenses for a moment before turning around,”Beloved,” He smiles, kissing you, before you two walk hand in hand toward the park.

Ice cream?” He asks, in front of a small local ice cream shop, you smile and nod. As he goes inside, you sit on the bench in front, trying to dry your eye again.

He brought you a cone of your absolute favorite ice cream before intertwining your fingers once more and making your way to the park finally.

You were in the middle of the park, when you blinked, and a small stream of water slid down your cheek. “Dammit,” You say, trying to pat it dry. Damian looking at you quickly turned your head with his fingers, gently. “Beloved, what’s wrong? Did i say something? Did something happen?” He asks, his green eyes full of undeniable concern. You look at him confused, before realizing what made this appear.

Ohh, Dami, I’m not crying,” You chuckle, causing him to scrunch his eyebrow, “But you are,” He gestures at the water on your face. “Oh no, It happens all the time, don’t worry about it,” You say, laying a soft kiss on his lips, but it still didn’t seem to convince him.

My eyes just get all watery sometimes, it doesn’t mean I’m crying.” You smile, he seems to think for a moment, before smiling brightly. “And here I was, thinking I had made some horrible  mistake that will make me lose you, beloved” He says, kissing the wet spot on your cheek, your foundation rubbing off on him slightly.

As he pull out, there was just a splotch of makeup on his chin, lips and nose, causing you to laugh. “What is is?” He asks, quirking an eyebrow with an amused smile. “My makeup’s all over you,” You tell him, smashing his face with your hands, trying to rub it all off, his face making all kinds of weird faces that makes you laugh even harder.

Well I’m glad my face amuses you, beloved,” He smiles, before taking your hand and continuing the walk.


With love,

Secret is Out: Part 4

Prompt: What happens when secret identities are taken away from every DC superhero?

Words: 2060

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

        You don’t leave the house for about another week after that meeting with the executives. The press outside your house never lightens, but at some point it’s decided that things need to get back to normal. That starts with going back to work.

          For the most part it isn’t that big of a deal, Jason runs security for the company, and Damian and Tim are both still in school. It’s Dick that worries you. He’s heading back to Bludhaven. Back to the force. You’re worried about him becoming a target, or even worse for him, isolated. You send him off with the best smile possible, and that morning you and Bruce head into work together.

          You want to call in a bulldozer to part the crowd outside your office, but Bruce just takes your hand, and drives on. There’s a notable silence in the building, as you walk past employees. You can feel the eyes on the two of you. You can’t help but fidget, but Bruce never bats an eye. In your own biased opinion, you find it simply amazing.

          You say goodbye at your floor before walking into your office. You do your best to catch up on work. You’re more than a bit behind, and you’re actually moving pretty well until the television screen catches your eye. You hit unmute and just listen. “Bruce Wayne, recently revealed as Batman left his home for the first time in nearly two weeks today. The billionaire, whose children fight alongside him, has yet to issue a statement. In other news it appears as though Mrs. Wayne may be expecting the couple’s first biological child, this was photo taken as she walked into the Wayne Enterprises building this morning.”

          You cut it off before you can hear anymore. You want to curse the public’s fascination, but you can’t really blame them. The first hint of queasiness hits you a moment later, and has you running to your private bathroom. You’re in the middle of emptying your stomach when you feel your hair being pulled back, and a hand begins rubbing your back.

          With one last dry heave you lean back into a broad chest you’d know anywhere, and look up into Bruce’s eyes. His hands are running up and down your arms in a comforting motion, as he smiles and asks, “Something you want to tell me?”

          You give a small smile, “I honestly didn’t plan to tell you by the way of television.”

          He just smiles and says, “The television didn’t tell me, you did.” Your brow knits together in confusion, and he just smiles, “That night after the executives came over.”

          Your mouth drops open and you turn to face him on more even ground, “You no good faker!”

          He smirks, “But it’s already made T.V.? Impressive, personally you don’t seem to be showing to me.”

          You throw your hands into the air, “I can’t have any secrets can I?”

          He smiles, “You live with five detectives darling; we don’t really do secrets.”

          “Well that’s just great. Wait, if you weren’t down here because of that, why are you here?”

          His smile disappears, “Dick called, it’s starting.”


          “Deathstroke made a direct challenge to Dick. He probably would have hid it, had it not taken place on national T.V. I was heading over there now, to stop him from doing something stupid, Jason is picking up Tim and Damian and meeting us there. We have to make a stand now, show the bad guys that nothing has changed.”


          He smiles, “You’re the best public relations specialist I know; any chance you want to be the Batman’s as well?”

You smile, “I always did like a challenge.”

He holds out his hand and says, “Good, let’s go.”

You storm the Bludhaven Police Department as a family. Dick is there, waiting, still dressed in his uniform.

He gives you a small smile and a kiss on the street, before turning to Bruce. His attitude is all business.

He crosses his arms against his chest and says, “I’m assuming you saw the footage?”

Bruce nods, “You mother has the computer analyzing it, in case there’s anything to use.”

“How are we going to run this?”

You watch as Bruce surveys the room, and you do your best to see what he sees. You see a room full of cops, staring in wonder, at someone many thought was a myth. He sees assets, fire power, and who knows what else. Then he turns to Bludhaven’s commissioner, and you watch as your husband becomes the Batman.

Any easy going attitude is gone. You watch as the men and women in the room stand up a little straighter, under his gaze, and how the commissioner takes a step back.

His voice has just a hint of Batman’s when he speaks, “We do this like we always have. Nothing has changed, we need to make that clear.”

Jason smirks, “Except for the clothes, right? We’re going in our civies.”

This time it’s your turn to smile. You turn to your son and say, “When have I ever let you leave without being fully prepared?”

The growl of an engine accents your words a moment later, and Jason just grins. “I’ve got it.”

Bruce raises an eyebrow in question. You just shrug and say, “Alfred was already in the cave.”

It’s strange watching them suit up somewhere other than the cave. They still have a private room, but still. You watch them leave with more than a bit of fear in your heart, but when they’re gone you force yourself to focus on your own work. You prepare statements, and set up interviews, things like that.

It takes two grueling days for them to catch Deathstroke, and your boys are more than a bit bruised at the end of it. There’s awe there though, you can see it in the people’s eyes.  They know who Batman is, they know who Bruce is, but as he pulls the cowl from his head, you can see it in their eyes; the disbelief.

You take one last photo to use in your press release, the photo of Bruce in full uniform sans cowl. His face is bruised, and there’s blood dripping from his nose, and he’s surrounded by the boys. Public opinion is fickle, you know that, but in that moment you make it your mission to make sure that your boys are always displayed in the proper light.

Jason talks in his sleep.

“Batman, you stole my fucking snickerdoodles.” That was the first dead giveaway. Of course I would date a guy who talks in his sleep. It was both hilarious and scary at times. 

The time when he screamed in the middle of the night, softly crying, and whispered unknowingly in my ear, “Bruce will come for me…”, and I cried myself– that was the breaking point. I approached Jason on the job, wearing the same mask (I found it in his underwear drawer) as him. I wasn’t really surprised that he was the Red Hood, but I was dead set on getting him to agree with me on one thing.

“I know who you are.” I smiled at him. “And I’m not afraid.” Smiling at the man with the gun, I put your hand over the barrel and lowered his hand.

“Who are you?” He questioned cautiously, hearing my smug tone.

“You seriously don’t know?” I asked him, flashing a cheshire cat grin. “You live with me, don’t you?”

“What are you doing?” He put his pistol back in its holster. “You are going to get hurt!”

“Oh, goodness gracious, I hadn’t thought of it that way! Getting hurt while fighting people with superpowers, save me now!” I feigned sarcasm. I stepped up and looked at his eyes. “Did you really think that once I found out who you really were that I would leave you alone?”

“I–well, no.” Jason sighed. He removed my mask and stared into my eyes. “Listen, you might think that you’re tough and all, but it’s a dangerous city.”

I caressed his cheek gently and gave him a chaste kiss before sweep-kicking his legs from under him. “I think I’m fine.” I informed him. “Lesson number one: don’t ever lose your guard.”

“Good point.” He stood up, rubbing his ass. “Are you sure that you want to go all in?” 

“Yes.” I said without a second thought going through my mind. 

“Okay then.” He said, then looked up at the sky. “How did you find out?”

“You talk in your sleep, babe.” I smirked. “’Batman, where are all the clowns?’” I mimicked him jokingly.

“Well, there goes my cover.” He laughed. “I guess you’re a part of the team now. I’ll introduce you to Bruce– the real Bruce– tonight.”

“Great.” I wrapped my arms around his neck and smiled. “What do you want to do now?” I asked him, trailing one hand down his chest. He brought his hands around to lift me around his waist.

“I think you can guess.” He breathed against my lips between kisses. I gave in to him willingly. 

That night, after what would be considered a relieved hook-up on the roof of the Wayne Tech building, he was finally as in this relationship as I was. No secrets, no rivalries, just a team. Just how it’s supposed to be.

BatFam X Reader "New Family" Part 2

You work for Wayne Industries when you are asked to see Bruce Wayne with your boss Mr. Fox. On your way up to meet wit him, you meet someone else.

Part 1


The elevator ride seemed to take forever especially with people getting on and off of different floors. It just made you mad that it was taking so long to to get up to your floor. Though it did make you feel better that several other people were grumbling the same thing as the elevator slowly crawled up the Wayne Industries building. You were relieved when you only had one floor to go and there was no one else on the elevator with you. You sucked in a big breath and let it out. Peace.

“Nervous huh?” You shriek in surprise. You fight the instinct to attack the person that surprised you. He laughs and says “Sorry I didn’t mean to scare you,” He looks you up and down analyzing you. “Are you also going to see the big boss?”

Still a little too stunned for words you simply nod your head. He is a tall man with strong chin and cheek bones and blue eyes. But what really caught your eye was the tuff of white hair that fell between his eyebrows. You frowned knowing who this guy was and where he got that piece of hair. This was someone you should not provoke.

“No kidding.” He prattled on without missing a beat. “I am also on my way to see Bruce Wayne.” He said Bruce Wayne with so little reverence it confirms your theory of him. This man did not work for Bruce Wayne. Everyone who worked for Mr. Wayne always had nothing but good things to say about him and always spoke about him with respect. “You don’t talk much do you?”

At that very moment the elevator doors dinged open. Without giving him a backwards glance you walk out of the elevator. You don’t like talking to people because having space and being alone kept you safe… kept others safe from you.

“Hey I’m sorry did I say something wrong?” He asked keeping up with your fast pace. Ignoring him you hurry to the front desk of the floor.

The secretary smiles at you “Name and badge please.”  

“Y/N, I am here to see Mr. Wayne.”

“Y/N, that is a pretty name. Oh hey Marcy I’m also here to see Bruce.”

“Mr. Todd how nice to see you again I can’t remember the last time I saw you. Mr. Wayne said that you are to wait until he needs you.”

Todd as in Jason Todd? Bruce Wayne’s adopted son? What was he doing here? It said around the rumor mill that Jason Todd didn’t like his adopted father and that they had had a falling out. So why was he hear.

“Y/N,” Marcy said catching your attention. “ Mr. Wayne is waiting for you in his office with Mr. Fox.”


Mr. Wayne was sitting behind a large desk with two chairs in front of it. One of the chairs was occupied by Mr. Fox. He turned his head and smiled at you encouragingly. You walked up to Mr. Wayne’s desk.

“Ms. Y/LN, It is so nice to finally meet you. Please take a set.” Mr. Wayne does not skip a beat as you take a seat and asks you to explain you GPS software and code that you are working on. That was all the prompting that you needed to launch into a full on speach. You keep an eye on Mr. Wayne changing your technique of explaining at the slightest look of confusion. By the time you are done you feel confident that you have done your job right.

“I am impressed Ms. Y/N Y/L/N, I can see that our new GPS system is in good hands. Thank you for coming in it was very enlightening and I hope that we can speak again soon.” He smiled and with that you are dismissed.

“Likewise. Thank you.” The two of you shake hands and Mr. Fox rises and walks out with you.

Both of you are almost at the door when you hear. “Marcy could you send in Jason please.”

Once you are out Mr. Fox smiles at you. “Y/N you did a very good job. I am impressed.”

“Thank you, but I still don’t understand why you wanted me to talk to him about it.”

“Let’s just say that he wanted to meet you.”

You glance at Mr. Fox. That made no sense at all why would he want to meet you and if he did why did he make you prattle on and on about code when he could have just spoken to you. It made no sense.


“So that’s her. The one that you want to be the Oracle?” Jason asked. Jason liked her plus it helped that he thought that y/n looked hot.

“Yes, that is her. What do you think about her?”

“I like her, but why should I care? What is your plan, Bruce?”

“I want you to become her friend and get her to come onto our side. We need an Oracle. Since Barbara is Batgirl now we can’t continue to rely on her it is just too much. That is why I need you to this.”

Jason nodded he understood… sort of. But if he was going to do this he was going to do this his way.

<p>Beyoncé, Jay-Z, Rihanna, Blue Ivy, Drake, Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne, J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Janelle Monae, Jidenna (some of Hip Hop royalty) meets Avatar: The Last Airbender with an African Influence</p>

Dumbass - Roy Harper x Reader

(Requested by @batlog)

You and Roy crept silently through the air ducts of a Wayne Enterprises building. You glared at him judgmentally, to which he responded with a grin.
   “This is the dumbest thing you’ve ever done. And you and Jason have done some really stupid things, Harper,” you hissed. “What in god’s name were you thinking? Yeah, let’s break into a high-security office building and try to snoop through the owner’s files. Really damn brilliant.” Roy sort of shrugged it off. “Hey. It could be worse,” he offered. At that moment, the metal ducts started creaking. You both flinched as voices got louder below you. 

   “Screw it. We find a vent, then we run,” he commanded. You didn’t argue. Opening a vent, the two of you dropped down into a conference room. Fortunately, it was empty. You peeked through the door, and upon seeing nobody, led Roy out into the hallway. You continued making your way through the office building until you reached the stairs. Realizing you were on the 18th floor, you groaned, but started running down them regardless. Roy trailed behind you. As you emerged onto the ground floor, you were met with a security team. Their weapons were trained on you and Roy. For a second, you wondered how they’d found you so quickly, but Roy quickly answered your unspoken question.
   “The cameras,” he groaned.

   “Remind me why I decided that being your best friend was a good idea?” you inquired harshly. He shrugged, attempting to reach his lockpicks with his cuffed hands.
   “You know you love me,” he declared. Your heart beat a bit faster. Roy was your best friend, and he didn’t know about how you actually felt. He didn’t need to. You huffed.
   “Whatever. Just come closer, I’ll grab the damn lockpicks,” you muttered. He leaned over to you until he was close enough that you could grab the picks from under his belt. You passed them over to him.
   “Salty…” he commented under his breath. You scoffed.
   “It’s your fault we’re in this mess!” you argued. He smirks as he frees his hands and starts picking the cuffs on yours.
   “Oh, but Y/N,” Roy announced. “You didn’t have to follow me.” You froze. That was actually a valid point. The handcuffs fell off your hands, which Roy promptly grabbed.
   “Now let’s go,” he says, pulling you off into a run.

Later, in his apartment, you collapsed on the couch.
   “We shouldn’t visit Jason at the manor for a while. Bruce will be pissed,” you suggested. Roy flopped down next to you, making a noise of agreement. He put his hand on your shoulder, which made you tense up a bit.
   “Thanks for helping me out of that,” he said. You turn your head, looking into his bright green eyes. There was something there he hadn’t ever shown you before. Affection?
   “You’re welcome,” you replied. “You’re still a dumbass, though.” He chuckled.
   “Yes, but I’m your dumbass.” And with that, he did what you had wanted him to do for a very long time. He kissed you.

So much happened on tonight’s Gotham finale, omg

  • Alfred and Lucius teaming up to rescue their son Bruce
  • Victor and Bridgit being bickering siblings
  • Hugo Strange having a very bad day
  • Ra’s al Ghul
  • Bruce stabbing Alfred 
  • Alfred breaking through Bruce’s brainwashing by getting stabbed
  • Bruce using a conveniently placed Lazarus Pit to heal Alfred
  • Virus-infected Jim going apeshit every five minutes
  • Virus-infected Jim killing Fish Mooney
  • Babs shooting Butch in the head
  • Butch ‘Cyrus Gold’ is gonna be Solomon Grundy aw yeah
  • Oswald finally outsmarting Ed 
  • actual human popsicle Edward Nygma
  • Babs getting electrocuted and possibly dead
  • Tabitha watching Selina use her whip and being shook

anonymous asked:

rewatching BvS, and in the begging when the Wayne building colapses, after the cloud of dust settles and Bruce is just kind of walking, trying to figure out what to do, he only starts running because he hears a kid's cry and batmode kicks in, I love him so much

yeeeees he is prime batdad in the beginning i love it so much and i hope the stand alone movie will have more scenes like it

Batman's other Robin (part 1)

Phantom had joined the Justice League about 2 months after the Pariah Dark incident. An entire city disappearing of off the face of the Earth for a week, even if it was a smaller city, was more than enough reason to investigate for Batman. After extensive research and interviews of the locals, he was inconclusive about Phantom himself. And what do you do when unsure about a ghost? Kidnap them with the help of the Fentons. Obviously. They had trapped him in a stasis feild of sorts, and he was reluctant to say anything whilst the Fentons were present.
That was understandable, seeing as they had Fenton-bazookas out and kept threatening to tear him apart molecule-by-molecule. It was starting to unnerve Batman as well, so he sent them out and freed Phantom. Shortly after they left Phantom sighed, “Thanks for making them leave, and letting me out of that too I guess,” gesturing to the thing that had previously contained him. “Why did you do that, exactly?” He said, tensing, as if he had experience in people with manipulative tendancies.
“Because I need to see if I can trust you or not.” Batman said simply, while stepping out of the shadows. “Holy Hecate you’re Batman.” Phantom visisbly relaxed as he said this and even went so far as to sit down on the basement floor. “Yes I am. Why did you save the town from Pariah Dark?” Phantom froze, shocked by the directness of the question and once again reluctant to answer. “I’ve been researching you but can’t find an unbiased source on this, so I decided to come to you.” The ghost kid tensed up on the word researching and hesitantly mumbled, “No one else could’ve.” Interesting. Did he have a hero-complex or was he telling the truth?
After a small awkward silence -caused mainly by the Bats brooding- Phantom spoke up, “Er, Batman, is that all you wanted to ask or can I go now…?” Batman looked up and simply stated, “ I have more questions, but for another place. Do you think you can be in Gotham by noon Sunday? If so, meet me then, top of the Wayne Aerospace building. It’s for your well-being that you are there.”
Phantom paled at the threat, who wouldn’t? It was Batman for Hecate’s sake! He quickly swallowed his fear and nodded. Just like that, the Dark Knight had vanished. If Danny didn’t know better he would have said it was almost ghostly. The last few hours promptly caught up to him, and Danny detransformed and rushed up to his room in order to fanboy with Tucker. Because HOLY SHIT BATMAN had just interrogated him and it was AWESOME!

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Tastemade gets the scoop on Imagine Dragons newest album from bandmates Dan Reynolds and Wayne Sermon while building an epic sundae.

‘The Social Media Saga’

for @damiwayn and inspired by our A+ conversations [AO3]

It started like most city-wide incidents with them did. With a brag.

“There,” Dick smiled proudly, placing the framed photograph showing Gotham’s skyline on the desk in the batcave. It was taken from the top of the Wayne building, as high as he could climb on the radio mast without it bending under the weight of the Batman armour. God damn Bruce for going off world and leaving him to wear it again; he hated that thing with a passion. The weight of being Batman was even more literal than it was metaphorical, and he was eating twice as much just to compensate for having to carry the armour around. “Best view of the city. Nobody else gets that.”

It was true: nobody but those who spent the night on the city’s roof tiles got to see the city the way they did. He supposed that was why in his mind, Gotham was always beautiful. Why he defended it when his friends talked about how dark it was compared to their cities or joked about Batman’s home reflecting his personality. Why, in his heart, Gotham was home. On street level, there were grim alleys and litter torn streets and the grime the city slowly drowned in, the flood only held back by their attempts at heroics, but up there – up there, Gotham shone.

Lights in every building created their own constellations and patterns, bright and burning. Even on his worst days, when it felt like all they did was get beat up and barely sleep and then do the same again with no visible change in the city, that view was enough to give Dick Grayson hope.

Behind him, he heard Damian snort. “Whatever, Grayson. Next thing you’ll be making public speeches on ‘Why I love my city’ and running for mayor.”

“Please, I’d never be a politician.”

At his mentor’s laugh, Damian hid the small smile which twitched his lips by returning to his own training, striking a high tech dummy with a sword. Without turning around, he added, “And the view from the top is even better, by the way. What? Couldn’t you get up there? Tt, Grayson. Even Fatgirl could have done it.”

The smile grew on his face at Dick’s spluttering in response.

Two days later, a different picture had been placed over Dick’s in the frame, this time taken by Damian, who’s smaller size and weight meant he could crawl to the very top of the aerial mast and get an even better view of the city. Dick’s loud curse and then even louder laugh when he noticed could be heard from in the manor from all the way down in the cave.


Steph was the first one to get Instagram. Her first post was a video of Batman trying to climb an aerial mast on top of Wayne Enterprises, the metal structure swaying dangerously under his weight. In the video, he struggled to shimmy up it, the batsuit obviously clunky and hard to move in, shown in the times he fell from his perch. Eventually, he gave up, kicking it a moment later before jumping on one foot in pain.

Batgirl gained a hundred thousand followers in a week.

Inevitably, Steph passed the idea to get an Instagram account to Cass. It was the day Batgirl’s video made the front pages of every paper and internet news website in the world, going viral. Batman’s attempts to climb the mast were analysed on tv, FOX news having a debate on how this proved the vigilante problem in America was fundamentally linked to people spending too much time on the internet and getting crazy ideas, which the two girl’s laughed themselves silly at, sitting in the booth of their favorite crappy diner.

“What was he doing?” Cass asked when Steph showed her the damage, dark eyes still laughing even when her face composed itself. She had a stack of pancakes the size of her head before her, taking a bite as she waited for her friend’s response.

Steph replied with a wave of her hand, “Oh, I don’t know. Damian said something about him not being able to appreciate the view.”

When Cassandra raised a questioning eyebrow, the blonde slurped her coffee with a dismissing shrug.

“You know them,” Steph said. “They can’t be together for five minutes without it turning into a competition. We’re lucky it was just the two of them, really – if Tim would have been there too, someone would have definitely ended up falling from someplace stupid.”

“Boys,” Cass snorted.

“Exactly. Who needs them?”

“You do.”

“Well, yeah. But not those idiots.” Steph laughed, sharing a conspiratorial look with her friend. “I mean, I’ve been there, done that – not again. No thank you. The trouble gained to pleasure ratio was too off kilter, I’m staying 5,000 feet away from the Wayne boys from now on.”

“You realise you’re talking about my brother, right?” Cass asked, but there was a laugh hidden in her words, stifled by more pancakes. Steph blushed red, and Black Bat chose to save her friend by changing the subject. “So now you’re hiding from Dick?”

“I’m not hiding!” Steph protested, eyes wide. “I mean, not much. It’s funny, right? Dick will laugh.”

Raising a disbelieving eyebrow, Cass nodded in fake agreement. “Right. Of course he will. And I’m sure he’ll explain it to Batman for you when Bruce gets back.”

“Damn it,” the blonde sighed dramatically. “I’m so getting fired. Again.”


Black Bat’s posts consist mostly of selfies of her and Batgirl around Gotham, sometimes just pictures of Batgirl alone sitting with her legs dangling across rooftops, or the food they ate while on patrol. She used the sides of a mirrored building to take a selfie as she swung past once, and it became her most liked pictured within hours.

Her most popular post was, however, a video. It was a minute long, taken from a patrol with Red Robin. As he knelt in front of her and hacked a computer, Cass hummed the Mission Impossible theme tune until the electronic lock flashed green and opened.

The video ended with her whispering, “We’re in.”


Dick saw himself in the paper through Damian, who was actually laughing at breakfast as he read the article, child-like joy lighting up his face in a way Dick had never seen. He was practically giggling, and that was enough for the older man to walk forward with interest – stopping in his tracks as he saw the headline.

Snatching the paper, Dick paced, speed reading the front page with his lips set into a thin line.

“Grayson, that was mine,” Damian complained, but there was still a hint of humour in his voice. “Give it back.”

Dick just shook his head. “She didn’t.”

“She did, evidentially.”

“She didn’t.”

“She very obviously did,” Damian rolled his eyes. “I can see why my father was the detective out of the two of you.”

Dick turned back to his Robin, head shaking slightly as his hand balled into the paper. “I’m going to kill her.”

“I don’t think father would appreciate you breaking his first rule.”

“He’d make an exception.”

“Grayson,” Damian said, smirking a little again. “Lighten up. What is it you’re always saying about Batman having to change with the times? Looks to me like people are talking about him now more than ever.”

To prove his point, he pulled out his phone, searching on twitter to find the hashtag #BatmanBlunder and handing his phone over to Dick. The older man took the phone with a pout, but his lips quickly tugged upwards as he read the messages below. Some of them we’re jokes and jibes, but a majority of the tweets seemed to be laughing with him, Gothamites defending their hero against other cities, uplifting messages about even heroes failing sometimes but always trying again leaving him with tears in his eyes.

Batman was many things, but so rarely did they see the love the city had for their hero.

Damian saw him and rolled his eyes again, “Although if you really want to kill Fatgirl, it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world.”

The first time Batman and Batgirl ran into each other after the video went viral, it was Tim who somehow had a phone in his hand. He had been hanging out with Steph and Cass, roped somehow into taking a picture of the two of them doing handstands on the roof of the GCPD when Batman landed silently.

Tim hit the red button to begin recording almost without thinking about it.

“We need to talk about the video.”

Not having seen Batman’s approach, too focused on trying to stay balanced on her hands longer than Cass and slightly red in the face, Steph reacted violently to the words. With a sound that could only be described as a squawk, she tumbled from her hands – off the roof.

The sound of her screaming as she fell towards the pavement was cut off suddenly, Tim running to the edge of the roof with a shaky video capturing all of this in time to see her reappear, holding on to Robin, who had caught her before she could hit the ground.

The video of Batgirl detaching herself from a four foot Robin after her fall, embarrassment visible even through the cowl as Black Bat howled with laughter and even Batman looked to be suppressing a smile was their most popular video to date.


“I’m starting to feel left out,” Jason said, and Dick jumped a mile. He had been eating a burger, cross legged on an empty crane, listening for any trouble above the city but enjoying his break. Turning, he saw the Red Hood sauntering towards him through the inner workings of the crane, plonking down beside him a moment later, legs sticking out between the metal frame. The Hood was placed between them a second later, as Jason swiped a fry.

“Hey!” Dick snapped out of his surprise, holding his meal more protectively. “Those are mine, Jay.”

“You can afford more.”

Shaking his head, Dick regarded his brother carefully. Things were better than they were between them, and the closeness which had been slowly building only increased sevenfold while Bruce wasn’t in the picture. Jason was even patrolling with Tim, last he had heard. A lot of skeletons had been put to rest, for good this time, but Dick treated his brother a little like quicksand – always cautious of where he stood.

Ignoring the fry theft, he asked instead. “What do you mean ‘left out’?”

“I didn’t realise we were all becoming celebrities now,” Jason replied breezily. He had been looking out over Gotham, but turned with a smile, more genuine than any Dick has seen in years, “Nice going, B-man. I think that mast is a fitting arch nemesis.”

“Shut up,” Dick laughed, shaking his head and knocking his brother’s shoulder with his own. Truth be told, he thought he had heard every variation of a joke about the video in the three weeks since its release, but laughed fresh that time. It was good to joke with his brother again.

Jason went on, “No, really. Excellent performance.”

“No one was supposed to see,” Dick stage whispered dramatically, earning a snort of laughter from the other man. He turned just in time to see Jay laughing, eyes scrunched up and head thrown back, the sound so light and free and like he used to be, back when he wore the Robin colors and they were brothers. Sort of. Now they were sort-of brothers again, and that was enough for Dick.

“Does this mean I get to make one too?” Jason asked, “I mean if Batgirl, Black Bat and Robin do, surely it’s only fair-”

“Wait, wait, wait,” Dick backtracked, using his hands for emphasis. “Damian has one too now? That’s it.” With a huff, he pulled out his phone, sending off a quick text. He sighed, turning back to Jason. “I’m the one left out, now. I can’t exactly make Batman an Instagram, I like living too much and Bruce is already going to flip when he gets back.”

At his brother’s pouting face, Jason shrugged. “So? You have more than one suit, you know.”

“What do you mean?”

“I know he’s away doing I-don’t-want-to-know what and asked you to take up the mantle, but that doesn’t mean Nightwing can’t still have some fun, does it?”

Jason’s grin was infectious, and Dick found himself smiling deviously back, the world opening at his feet.


Red Hood’s first video was ten seconds long, and the first one directly calling another one of the Batfam out in the caption, which simply read: ‘Putting the other Robin in his place #ThatsForStealingMyColor’.

It showed him landing on a rooftop and sneaking up on Red Robin who stood at it’s edge, yelling “THINK FAST!” before pushing the other vigilante off the roof.

As he falls, Red Robin’s words can be made out on the video as Jason put the phone over the ledge to track his movement, floundering just in frame.

“Fuuuuuck! Hood!”

Red Robin had grappled out of his fall and swung back towards the attacker he named, the video cutting out to Jason’s manic laughter as he began to run away, back across the rooftops.


Nightwing’s Instagram was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

It was harmless enough, consisting mostly of selfies – at least five a night, by anyone’s count. Then came the trend of posing with villain’s after he had defeated them.

It started with Mr. Freeze. After a fight which left Gotham First Bank in a thick layer of ice, he posted a picture of himself with the villain being lead off my police in the background.

He posted it with the caption: ‘Just dealt with this cool customer. Luckily the boys in blue are here to put him on Ice! #Freeze #ItsThePolice #IceIceBaby’.

Second came the Riddler, who’s cane Nightwing spun in his hands in the photograph as the outraged villain could be seen raging in a trap of his own creation behind the vigilante - ‘This word can mean a boy in blue, but equally a metal too. What am I? #RiddleMeThat #TheAnswerIsGonnaBeHereInFive #SeeYouNextBreakout’

After that was Ivy, who was out of frame for the picture, but the devastation she had left in her wake evident behind Nightwing. Even he bore the affects of the fight on his face, a deep cut below his lip and green streak across his face from a spore she had created.

This time, the caption said: ‘I was going to ask her for a selfie for my Instagram, but I think she’s more of a Vine person #ShameThat’

Penguin was the latest, and most atrocious, victim of his Instagram puns. The Iceberg Lounge shone as Nightwing took a selfie, the villain unconscious and tied to a beam beside him. The caption was his worst by far:

‘Waddle I do now you’re out of my hair? I’d worry about you flying the coop, but, well … #BirdsOfAFeather #JustChillin #HappyFeet’

Sitting at her computers on a rare quiet night, Barbara was laughing at his posts, reading through them with only a hint of secondhand embarrassment. She shook her head and winced at the last one, sucking air between her teeth.

“Hunk Wonder, that is bad.”

“Not you too,” Tim’s voice sighed; she turned to see him sliding down her roof hatch, landing deftly and looking slightly exasperated. He walked over, nodding to her screen. “They’ve all gone insane. This is madness.”

At his mild hysteria, Barbara just nodded towards the coffee pot he had been eyeing up on arrival, giving him a minute to grab a mug and a chair before she spoke. “Come on, they’re not hurting anybody. It’s kinda funny.”

“I’ve been pushed off four buildings this week.”

Barbara was barely able to disguise her burst of laughter as a cough, unsneakily averting her eyes back to the screen and scrolling through a few more of Dick’s posts. In the selfies, he mostly smiled, face lit up like a Christmas tree as he beamed at the camera. It warmed her heart, just a little.

“That’s because Jason’s an asshole,” Barbara replied, to which he grunted.

“And Damian. And Steph. And-”

“They’re all assholes,” Barbara amended, but he smiled back at her with the concession. “But I mean,” she nodded towards the pictures on the screen. “How often do we get to be proud of what we do? I know it’s for a cause and noble and all – but we give a lot to this city. We sweat and bleed and hurt doing what we do, and how often do we get to smile at winning?”

Besides himself, Tim found himself begrudgingly nodding back. She was right, her enthusiasm for what they do consistent, but her appreciation of the moments in between more refined than any of theirs. He knew she missed it. Even for the few short months when he had quit being Robin it was almost unbearable, the itching at the back of his mind always telling him to be out there doing something.

Barbara looked at him curiously, “You’re the only one not on the web now. How come? You’re in some of their videos anyway.”

“Plausible deniability,” he answered. “When Batman comes back and sees all this, I’ll be the only one not grounded until I’m forty.”

Oracle inclined her head in his direction. “Point.”

“Well,” he said, standing. He shook the empty cup in her direction and received another nod in response to his silent thanks; he liked to hang out in the clocktower when everything and everyone else got too loud, and they could talk without needing words more often than not these days. “I’d better get going. I want to check nothing else has been set on fire shooting those stupid videos.”

“See you next Tuesday!” Barbara called over her shoulder as he left, eyes returning to her computer screen. He left as quietly as he sat as her eyes returned to scanning the pictures – only for her eyebrows to hit the roof as she came across a picture of a shirtless Nightwing wearing only his mask, hashtags about working out and thousands of likes and comments from pretty girls lasting for miles beneath the post.

If she knew it meant anything, she would be jealous, but Barbara just chuckled. None of the others would dare to go that far, but he was used to taking risks without a net.

“Only you, Dick. Only you.”


Robin’s most popular video, before it got taken down, was of him driving the Batmobile through a fast food drive through. In the passenger seat, a giggling Batgirl captured both the tiny driver ordering their food in a gritty impersonation of the Bat, and the drive-thru workers stunned expression as they pulled up.

She barely kept it together during the filming, the slight shake of the camera attributed to the pressure of trying to laugh silently, not shoddy film-making, thank you very much.

Robin, for his part, kept a straight face throughout. Coolly pulling in, he ignored the face of the worker, looking dead ahead with his hands on the wheel as he began to order. “I’ll have two double burgers, fries, lemonade and an orange juice.”

It was then he turned to the employee, who still hadn’t mustered up the will to even talk, hand frozen over the till. Robin looked the girl dead in the eyes.

“And make it quick.”

Suffice to say, their food arrived in less than a minute, the girl not even wishing them a nice day in her scared stupor as they zoomed off, Robin loudly slurping his soda as the video ended.

When the Justice League returned to Earth from their mission, it was almost four in the morning. Batman went home without checking the news, falling into a dreamless sleep well into the next afternoon.

He woke to a silent house, walking down the hall and finding his kid’s rooms suspiciously empty – which was strange considering for the first time in years, there should be four of them under the same roof. The thought was oddly comforting, and he had wanted to spend some time with Dick, Damian, Tim and Cass before they inevitably went their separate ways again, forced apart by missions or teams or life outside of the mask – some days, it felt like all any of them did was leave.

Even Alfred was absent, which in itself struck as fundamentally wrong. Bruce’s steps grew quicker and more frantic as he closed in on the kitchen, wanting to check for any signs of life before he got worried and went to the cave to call them all in.

In the kitchen, he found a note from Alfred saying the butler was out shopping – not on his usual day, which meant something, Bruce wasn’t sure what yet. Next to the note was a cup of coffee, a plate of toast, and a newspaper facing down to the table.

With caution, Bruce sat, feeling something was wrong in his stomach. It was centred on the newspaper, he was sure; slowly, trying to settle himself, he calmly drank the coffee and ate the toast, waiting for the explosion he knew was coming.

Bruce turned over the paper and read the headline.

His back stiffened instantly, every muscle in his body screamingly tense in a heartbeat, but aside from that and the way the whites of his eyes became more visible, there was no outward signs of rage. Almost with a forced calmness, he read the article slowly, the paper underneath his hands getting more and more screwed up as his fists closed in anger, tearing by the time he finished it.

Bruce stood, turned, and shouted at the top of his lungs. “DICK!”

Unknown to him, one of his children were watching this moment from their hiding space in a ceiling vent, videoing his reaction. From her space, silently crouched, Cassandra concealed her laughter at Bruce’s outburst, but ended the recording as Batman stormed out of the room, tearing towards the cave.

Nightwing was no longer the golden child, of that she was sure.

Cass didn’t post the video to her Instagram, knowing it would be too telling – and besides, it was never really about the public anyway. None of this was. No, she sent the video to her brothers and sisters, knowing Bruce’s reaction was something they would want to see and understanding finally that all this showboating and pranks gone wild were not to gain popularity in Gotham, or embarrass one another, or even just for the hell of it, as Jason claimed his to be.

It was about them. It was for one another, sharing memories and laughter and carving into the Gotham skyline that they were there, and they were proud of themselves, and they were, finally, happy with that.


gangsta (part one)

“i need a gansta…to love me better…than all the others do. to always forgive me. ride or die with me. that’s just what gangstas do.”

warnings:heartbreak, betrayal, asshole boyfriends,profanity, guns, sexual remarks

characters: joker, reader, barry allen(flash), the trickster(dc villain)
note:flash is played by erza miller

Racing down the streets of Gotham with J in the drivers seat in the Purple Lamborghini. Music blasting through the speakers and J punching his fist on the roof, with his loud laughter echoing in your ears. Your cheeks hurt from the amount of smiling.

How did you get here? In this purple sports car, with a man who you used to hate?

The Trickster had made another attempt to drive Barry bonkers. You had been on a date Barry, the first one in what seemed like forever. He had been so busy being the Flash, you thought he had almost forgotten about you. Of course, he denied that, and immediately set up a date for the next day.

You had your doubts, but there you were. In a small café outside of the wayne enterprises building. He had actually taken you somewhere, granted, it was 10 minutes away from your shared apartment but it was still nice.

The entire time he had actually spoken to you. Asked about your day. He made an effort.

That all changed when about an hour into the date, the news had flicked on saying how there was a building on fire in metropolis, and there was no way to get everyone out fast enough.

He was gone before you could say anything.

You huffed and puffed about it, of course. But you understood, this is his job. He saves people. It’s what he is really good at.

You started to take the cloth napkin off your lap and grab your purse when someone sat down across from you. You froze in your movements. The Trickster.

Barry had been messing with his plans lately, you knew that. And apparently, he had had enough.

A thin cloth soaked in chloroform wrapped around your mouth and you screamed, kicking the table down in the process of trying to escape. You tried to avoid breathing in the chemicals, but he only held it there longer. Your world dwindled into darkness and your breaths felt shallow.

You woke up in an unfamiliar place, unsure of how you had gotten there. Your arms were tied behind your back, and your ankles were bound together. You sat in a chair that was on a ledge, you didn’t know what was behind you but you knew it wouldn’t be good.

The trickster walked out of the shadows and smiled at you, his blond hair sweeping in front of his eyes. “Hello the beautiful, (Y/N).”

You scowled at his complement and looked at your surrounding. “Where the fuck am I, Giovanni?”

His eyes grew dark at the use of his real name, and he spun your chair around making sure to tip you slightly over the edge. Large containers of chemicals laid under you, the smell drafted up into your nostrils and your heart pounded.

“Why am I here?” You asked as he spun your chair around, so you were facing a screen and a camera.

“We’re gonna call your boyfriend, duh.” He laughed and walked over to the computer, typing some things quickly.

‘Ha, idiot. As soon as he calls Barry, I’m outta here.’ You thought, smiling to yourself.

There was a long silence before the screen opened up, to reveal The Flash, looking confused at the screen. Until he saw you. “(Y/N)?!” He yelled panicky, and looked like he was ready to speed off and save you.

“So, I have a proposition, Mr. Flash.” Trickster laughed walking behind you and putting his hands on your shoulders.

“Flash, darling, he’s fucking crazy.” You spoke sweetly, careful not to use his real name due to the countless citizens around him.

“Where are you? I’ll come-”

“Nah uh uuh.” Trickster waved his finger, cutting Barry off. “You have a choice to make mister.”

Barry squinted his eyes and glared at him. “What kind of choice?”

“You see, you can save your pretty girlfriend here and have everyone know who the Flash really is. Or, you can leave me and my plans alone, and I promise I won’t spill your identity.”

You wanted to laugh. That was the stupidest thing you had ever heard. But Barry really seemed to think about it. “Babe, c'mon.” You spoke sternly. “This isn’t even a question.”

He looked away from the camera and his eyes darted around nervously. Was he fucking serious right now? “Times a ticking, fast boy. Your girl is about to be at the bottom of a tank filled with chemicals.”

“I-I- fine.” Your heart stopped. What?“

“Barry?! What? You’re not serious right?” Tears started to collect in your eyes as you wiggled in your chair, trying to break free.

He looked you in the eyes through the screen, his own becoming glassy, “I’m sorry.”

That was the last thing you heard before the Trickster had tipped your chair. The last thing you saw was Barry turning his screen off, and the Trickster packing up his belonging.

Your hair flew up into your face as you fell for what seemed like forever. Your heart pounded in your ears, and tears flew up off your face.


The thick cold chemicals hugged every inch of your body like a snake. You tried to shut your eyes but the acids crept through your lids, burning them like fire.

A loud cry escaped your lips and the chemicals fell into your mouth. Your lungs burned with chemicals and your felt yourself fading.

As black started creeping from the corners of your vision you saw a black shadow jump into the acid and grab you.

You felt lips on your, blowing air into your burning lungs. They oddly fit perfectly in your.

Your eyes opened with a gasp and your came face to face with your savior. His green hair was faded a bit from the bleach, but his eyes shined a bright crystal blue.

Your mind was dazed but you still knew who this was. The Joker. Infamous for being the worst villain ever. You tried to scoot away, only to find your hands still bound behind you. “Oh, hold on doll.” He grabbed a knife from his acid destroyed pants and at first you though he was going to kill you, but he cut the restraints off.

When your wrists were free you sat up in against a large concrete pillar and felt every part of your body ache. “You okay doll?”

You nodded, despite the few stray tears that pooled at the bottom of your chin. “(Y/N), my name is (Y/N).” He nodded and smiled at you, his silver grill on display.

“Well (Y/N), what got you thrown into a bucket of ace chemicals?” He laughed loudly, his personality showing through his craziness.

Your heart shattered. He left you. He chose that damn mask over you. Your whole body shook as a large sob fell through your lips. The Joker looked shocked. He didn’t know what to do. He didn’t comfort people. That wasn’t his thing.

“My boyfriend left me for a mask.” You smiled sadly, your eyes bloodshot and bottom lip trembling . “He fucking chose that mask over me.” Your smiled dropped as you sobbed again, your whole body shaking.

You felt yourself being lifted into someones arms, and you felt…home.

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