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Written by BRYAN HITCH
Cover by BRYAN HITCH • Variant cover by NICK BRADSHAW
“LEGACY” part one! A group of heroes from a post-apocalyptic future escape into the past to stop their world from coming to be. But to do it they’re going to need the help of the Justice League—who just happen to be these time travelers’ parents! On sale AUGUST 2 • 32 pg, $2.99 US • RATED T

You got my attention Bryan Hitch

I know they will probably end up being like Brainiac robots or something, but I hope they imply the Wonder-Dude’s dad is Steve Trevor, also I’ve been waiting for a Wonder boy all my life so

Also, has I said they are probably impostors or whatever but where are Jon and Damian?

Serial killers are like spiders. They’re monsters that hunt their victims or lure them into their web and kill them. A spider’s purpose on this planet is to aid in keeping the insect population under control. So is a serial killer’s purpose to aid in keeping the human population under control? 


Oh lawd.

Ryan at the end 😂

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Love that they kept this in.

Have I mentioned that I love moments like these?

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Bryan Bickell vs Wayne Simmonds  |  March 18th, 2014


Bryan John Appleby’s cover of Sufjan Stevens John Wayne Gacy Jr. A beautiful song and a beautiful cover.


Seinfeld (1989-1998), created by Larry David & Jerry Seinfeld

There’s a lot of people who refuse to give in to the genius that is Seinfeld. They complain about the whitewashing (they have a right), they complain about neuroticism (they have a right), they complain about the complaining (for real though, they do). But when you boil it down, Seinfeld not only set the standard for modern television and modern sitcoms, but it took the torch from I Love Lucy and All in the Family. It had every kind of comedy you could want (sight-gags, physical comedy, situational comedy, punchlines, catchphrases, sexual, etc.) and Larry David and his slew of writers really knew how to experiment with the form of the 23 minute episode.

They established the formula for the 2-2-1. Think about most modern sitcoms, if there’s not specifically five characters (How I Met Your Mother) there are specifically five characters involved in the three main stories of the episode (Modern Family). Usually Jerry would accompany George, Kramer would get mixed up in something with Newman, and then Elaine would go on her own. Or Jerry and Elaine would have a story, George would fight with his parents and Kramer would be on his own. Seinfeld let that fifth slot sit like a revolving door, and it proved a wonderful trick, no other sitcom can even compare when it comes to recurring characters. The closest we’ll get to Newman, Putty, Uncle Leo, Tim Watley, and the like is probably Little Sebastian from Parks & Rec. If you don’t like the fact that “nothing” is happening, maybe you need to pay a little bit more attention.

And further than that, Seinfeld pushed more buttons than people give it credit. So many hail South Park and the Simpsons for their satire - but Seinfeld was right there with them, especially in episodes such as “the Contest”, “the Outing”, and “the Boyfriend”. It really was perfect television and I can’t wait for it come out on Blu Ray.