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The Plumber Hoedown

I was gonna gif it (well, I still might) but you KNOW no gifset is ever going to be as hilarious as this video is so W A T C H it.

Chatting with Colin and Brad

I got to speak to Brad Sherwood and Colin Mochrie of “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” in anticipation of their two-man show at Merrill Auditorium in Portland on Thursday, Sept. 17. I spoke with them separately via phone and asked them the same questions. An abridged version of this is appearing in the Portland Phoenix, but here’s the complete transcript.

How is that out of all of the “Whose Line” guys that it is you and Colin that have a two man show?

BS: All the “Whose Line” guys have some sort of incarnation of touring. Ryan (Stiles) goes out with a couple of the guys. Colin and I have probably been touring the longest. We’ve been doing it about 13 years now. Wayne (Brady) goes out with Jonathan (Mangum) who is on “Let’s Make a Deal” with him. So, we all sort of split off into little subgroups so we can get on the road and make some money.

Obviously all you guys have been working together for more than 20 years. How has your relationship and dynamic shifted over the years?

BS: It hasn’t changed much. It is kind of like we all went to college together way back when and now when we see each other to tape these shows on the CW, it is just like “Hey, what’s up?” We do a bunch of shows in a couple of weeks and then we leave and we don’t see each other for a year.

CM: No. It still sort of has a sibling sort of thing to it. I keep hoping that one of will mature a little more, but it doesn’t seem to happen. It is a nice playful sort of relationship that carries on off stage and on stage.

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