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Worth (DamianXReader)

Requested: Yes
Request: Hubby Dami finds reader crying on the bathroom floor because of insecurity and maybe they heard someone say they don’t deserve Damian?
Word Count: 760

    The paparazzi had been following you since the moment you returned from your honeymoon with Damian. You couldn’t even go to the grocery store without a photographer capturing a picture of you in yoga pants and putting it in the newest tabloid with some degrading headline. You thought you had seen the worst of it already, but it was only getting worse and it was wearing you down.

The latest photo that had been plastered all over Gotham’s favorite tabloid was captioned with “Princess of Gotham or Garbage?” You had been running errands in a pair of jeans that may have seen better days, being covered in various paint splatters and frayed at the bottoms, and an oversized hoodie that Jon had gotten you for your last birthday. Your hair was a mess, but you hadn’t planned to be in public long, just long enough to mail off a letter.

Despite your better judgement, you read the article inside. The journalist was obviously angry with you for whatever reason. They had gone to great lengths to point out all of your physical flaws as well as compare you to Damian’s ex-girlfriends and flings. The article ended strongly with stating that you did not deserve the Wayne heir, the Prince of Gotham, Damian Wayne. It wouldn’t have bothered you, if you hadn’t thought it was true.

That’s how you found yourself staring into the mirror without really seeing your reflection. All you could see were the flaws the angry article had listed for the whole world to see. The damned journalist had gotten into your head, making you doubt any confidence you had in your appearance.

You don’t know how long you had been crying before you realized it. It was as if noticing it made it worse, because with a pained sob, your knees buckled and you curled up on the tile floor. The world was crashing around you all at once. How could you possibly live up to the standards set for you? How long would it take Damian to notice you were falling short? That thought alone spurred a full blown panic attack.

Damian heard your cries from the bedroom. As soon as he figured out where it was coming from, he was running to find you. He found the bathroom door locked.

“Beloved? Are you alright?” he called. When he was only answered with your sobs, he didn’t wait to break down the sturdy door to get to you. He quickly spotted you curled on the floor, the tabloid tossed onto the bathroom vanity top. He knelt beside you and pulled you into his chest. Your initial instinct was to curl into his embrace, until you remembered why you were crying in the first place. You pulled away and did your best to push him away, but he wasn’t budging.

(Y/n), what’s wrong?” Damian pleaded. He tried to pull you close again. “Beloved, please, talk to me,” he practically begged.

I don’t deserve you, Damian,” you finally sobbed. You couldn’t bring yourself to look at his face. “Everyone else sees it,” you added when he didn’t respond.

What?” he sounded utterly shocked. You finally looked into his blue eyes and found genuine confusion there.

The people of Gotham think I’m not good enough for you. They’ve made that very clear, so it’s only a matter of time before you realize it, too,” you explained desperately as you wrapped your arms tightly around yourself.

Beloved,” he began in a soft loving voice, “I do not give a damn what the people of Gotham think of you,” he admitted plainly. “I love you, all of you, and nothing a stupid tabloid article says is going to change that,” he continued. He reached forward and gently wiped your tears. “I love you,” he whispered gently over and over until you melted into his arms.

The tears finally stopped and you felt complete holding on to your husband while you sat in the bathroom floor. His fingers brushed through your messy hair and down your back soothingly. He pressed kisses against the top of your head. You tilted you head back and met his lips with yours, kissing him with all you had.

“I love you, Damian,” you said honestly.

“I love you, too, (Y/n). Always,” he responded without hesitation. He helped you up out of the floor and led you back to the bedroom the two of you shared. He pulled you into the large bed and wrap his arms tightly around you just the way you liked.  

A/N: Hoped you liked it! Please let me know what you think!

Lian and Damian headcanons

(Bc why the fuck not)

  • damian is lians favorite uncle. He teaches her the coolest sword moves, actually gave her a wooden sword to practice (and promised her, when jason wasn’t listening, that he would get her a real one on her tenth birthday), he never patronizes her, and practically treats her like an equal (which was a bit of a mess a bit but eventually damian learned when he could treat her like he would treat everybody else and when he need to remember she was just five years old)
  • Damian and lian conspire to get her a pet at least five times a month
  • damian promises lian she could be his robin once he finally takes the batman mantle..
  • dont tell anyone but damian really enjoys babysitting her…
  • “father, as much as it pains me to say this, you need to get hood on this case. He is obviously the best choice for a mision like this.” “Damian you’re not coming along, you’re aware of that, right?” “I do know. That’s why I suggest you also accept arsenals help” “Damian… you know you can visit lian anytime you want, right?” “what are you trying to insinuate father?” “… nothing. You’re right.” “Alright. Now if you excuse me I have homework to do. Oh and feel free to remind Todd I’m the only one in the country at the moment, and that last time Hawke babysat he didn’t color lians coloring book properly. I know this because lian told me herself.” “Ahá.”
  • Jason and Roy come back home a lot of times to find them sleeping on the sofa, still with either wooden swords or crayons on their hands
  • Jason definitely takes a thousand pics that he sends to dick, bruce, alfred, and cass.. (not tim or stephanie because he doesn’t want to be directly connected with that.. dick will probably put it on Facebook anyways so,)
  • Damian fights tooth and nail to keep Lian’s interest in swords alive… but of course the Archer DNA is stronger.. (or that’s what roy says. Damian knows theres no such thing)
  • Damian pretends not to know the basic archery techniques so Lian can teach him what she’s learning with daddy, aunt mia, and uncle connor
  • the moment lian knows she wants to become speedy and not robin after all, she tells roy and jason, very seriously, that she needs a little sibling so damian could have a robin…
  • (roy and jason take that request very seriously by the way..)
  • Lian doesnt let anyone but Damian help her with her drawings (“no dad! Uncle dami said those two colors dont match! They dont match!!”)
  • She starts using “fool”, “buffoon”, and “imbecile” when she wants to insult someone (and roy and jason cant really complain because it could always be worse)
  • theres that time lian insists on damian tagging along to their zoo visit (he listens to her pointing to the animals and telling him the names even if he had visited that same zoo with dick a thousand times), and she finds really amusing when some old lady tells jason he has two wonderful kids and damian and jason jump at the same time indignantly “HES NOT MINE” “IM NOT HIS KID”… and even more amusing when roy wraps his arms around damian and exclaims “i love my beautiful child!” (and admonishes damian when he tries to elbow him on the crotch, even if she does find it a bit amusing too)
  • When Damian is having a Bad Day he just stops by the Harper-Todd household, and he doesn’t even give explanations before sitting with lian to draw while she tells him about her day at kindergarten
  • one Halloween, Damian soberly announced Dick he wouldn’t be trick and treating with him anymore. Dick was heartbroken, thinking Damian has reached the “I’m too old for that!!” Phase, but when jason sent him a pic of damian in a speedy costume and lian in a green arrow one, with the caption “Oliver queen eat your heart out, you son of a bitch” he almost started crying
  • Damian most definitely attends Lians tea parties, even when Stephanie (and Cass) are also invited
  • When roy gives damian a ridiculous bright red “Best Uncle in da world” shirt, Damian seriously considers to stab him, before he sees Lian in a matching “Best Niece in da world” shirt. He wears it often and Bruce and Dick try very hard not to cry everytime.
  • connor and damian “agree” that they’re both lians favorite uncle.
  • “I’m favorite arrow uncle and you’re favorite bat uncle.” “I’m her favorite altogether but if that helps you sleep at night.. Alright, hawke”
  • Jason and roy see it as a victory.

A/N: @boyheroics hey I saw your post about Damian and legos so i wrote this. Sorry it’s the shittiest thing in existence but I really wanted to write it so yeah…sorry.

There’s a fort made of legos in the middle of the living room. Bruce is not surprised.

Damian had done things like this before. He had once built a scale model of the Versailles in one day, so this was pretty normal.

His son’s head pops up from behind the wall first. Stephanie’s blond curls make their appearance second, and then she finally raised her head completely so Bruce could see the many Twizzlers she had stuffed in her mouth.

“Damian,” he says.


Bruce takes a sip from his mug. “Stephanie.”

She tosses a few curls over her shoulder. “Bruce.”

Bruce tilts his head slightly, staring at the fort the pair had built. It must be at least 24 square feet, mainly because it takes up most of the living room. The old furniture has been pushed back against the walls to make room for their multicolored plastic fort. He notices the sounds of Zelda coming from the inside and the many blankets that were draped over the walls, so it was safe to assume that they had been in the fort for quite some time.

Bruce knows he should probably ask why they built it and if this was the reason that 600 dollars mysteriously disappeared from his bank account earlier that morning, but he had other concerns right now…

Bruce reads the sign outside the fort. “It’s called-?”

“Fort Kickass,” responses a deep voice from inside the fortress walls. “And grumpy old men aren’t allowed in it.”

“Aren’t you a grumpy old man?” questions Stephanie.

“I’m a delightful youngster.”

Bruce takes another sip. “Jason, how did you get inside?”


“Who else is in there?” asks Bruce.

“Me,” says Duke. “And Cass.”

He takes a long sip, briefly contemplating about easier times when all he had to deal with were Dick’s sugar rushes and dumb puns and not…this. “Why?” he asks.

“Knife Roomba,” replies Stephanie.

Bruce narrows his eyes. “What?”

As if that were its cue, the Roomba came rolling into the room. It had a knife strapped on top of it with duck tape, along with a speaker blaring music. It spins around before making a beeline for the fort, where it promptly runs into the wall.

“Who put a knife on the Roomba?” he asks.

“Probably Alfred,” says Jason.


Whose Line Is It Anyway S10E22 Doo Wop

I’ve been listening to it non stop since last night. Send help. I really love Ryan’s voice.

Hour Nineteen : Fireworks

Prompt : “Best night ever.“

A/N : 19 out of 24 (5 more to gooooo)

Pairing : Tim Drake x Reader

[•] [•] [•]

“Did you bring the picnic blanket?” You asked Tim as you placed the basket containing the food and drinks down on the grass.

He nodded and pulled it out of his bag. “Wouldn’t want you to burst my eardrum every time you see a bug crawling on your leg, now do I?” He joked, chuckling.

Your face scrunched up in disgust, “Don’t even bring them up,” you said, shuddering.

After getting situated, you and Tim made yourselves comfortable on the blanket. You handed him some food from the basket while he poured you a cup of your favorite drink.

“I love fall.” He mused, taking a bite of his sandwich. “Perfect time for drinking coffee outside in the mornings.”

“You always have to bring up coffee, don’t you?” You laughed at him fondly, laying your head comfortably on his shoulder.

“Well duh,” Tim muttered, “how else am I suppose to start a conversation? Don’t you remember? This was how we first started talking to each other.”

You sighed as the memories came rushing back, “You were so nerdy back then.”

“Back then?” He snorted, “I still am now.”

“A cute nerdy though.” You added, smiling cheekily, “If you had acted like Dick or Jason, or God forbid, Damian? I would’ve never looked in your general direction again.”

“That’s a lie and you know it.” Tim said, smirking smugly. It was one of those rare moments where he wasn’t afraid to show his inner Wayne.

You didn’t bother replying as you saw a group of people making their way over to light the fireworks.

Tugging on Tim’s jacket, you whispered excitedly, “The fireworks are about to start!”

And sure enough right after you said this, a loud boom was heard from above.

You and Tim leaned closer to each other and watched in amazement as the different colors lit up the dark, Gotham night sky.

Fireworks were the only source of light besides the moon that the people of Gotham could admire. Not many could see the stars because of the pollution, which killed your dreams of ever kissing Tim under them.

Tim breathed in the scent of your hair as the both of you continued to watch more rockets soar into the air. “Best night ever.” He whispered.

Someday: Damian Wayne x Reader

With Damian aged up to…maybe sixteen or thereabouts? He and the reader are in the same grade and have been dating for a while, but the reader doesn’t know he’s Robin yet.

Also, Marvel comics/movies exist in the DC universe and vice versa and you cannot tell me otherwise.

Your name: submit What is this?

“You taking me out to brunch tomorrow?” you asked your boyfriend. “I wanted to check out that little pancake place by the movie theater.” You’d thought about making plans for breakfast, but you were pretty sure Damian was never awake before 10 am. Even in morning classes the guy was constantly asleep (he somehow knew all the material already, though, so you figured it didn’t really matter.)

“Of course I am, Y/N.” Damian glanced up at the sky. “It’s getting late. I should be headed home.”

“You won’t even come watch Infinity War with everybody tonight?” you asked, pouting a little. “It’s going to be great, I’m smuggling in candy.” Reaching forwards, you tried to take Damian’s arm, but he jerked away.

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