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So you've shown us what a couple of your Rogues look like with descriptions and sketches and real life photo examples, but one person I can never properly visualize is your Waylon Jones. There's been so many versions of him over the years that my brain can't seem to pick one. Could you describe (or possibly sketch) your version of him for us? Like, does he look human with a skin condition, or more reptilian with a tail and snout? Does he tend to be shirtless or does he hide under a coat and hat?

Waylon Jones was born with green scaled skin, crocodile eyes, and a semi-functioning tail (albeit only approximately 8″ long [full-grown]). He is 6′6″, and 330lbs.

During his time with Bartram & Topps (Travelling Circus) as “The Crocodile Man”, Waylon was injured quite a few times through various stunts - most noticeably losing the end of his nose to a crocodile when a previously rehearsed fight went bad.

The circus was going to foot the bill for reconstructive surgery, but Waylon liked the look. He never felt truly human, but hadn’t considered going “Full Croc” until now. With some help from his fellow performers in the circus, Waylon became obsessed with Body Modification. He had his ears removed (which admittedly was only one ear – a particularly rough youth has cost him the other already) and removed the remnants of his nose, giving a snouted look to his face.

He had his tongue bifurcated next, and then proceeded to get various facial piercings (two on each brow, one chin (labret), and a hoop through what remains of each tragus). His teeth were filed into more distinct points (despite already having been more fang-like than regular teeth).

As for wardrobe, Waylon wears a pair of khaki cargo pants (that are basically tatters beyond the side leg pockets), and a Gotham Goliaths (Basketball) hoodie with the sleeves torn off. His hands and feet are wrapped with linen (the wraps help keep Waylon’s skin lotioned as the scales are very dry and uncomfortable around his fingers and toes. If left untreated, it becomes very uncomfortable to move his various digits, often resulting in bleeding). He always has clothes with pockets, as he leads a very nomadic lifestyle.

Being less than subtle, Waylon had informed Edward Nygma of how much he loved Ed’s overcoat. Knowing he would never ASK for one, Edward had a replica coat made for Waylon to wear when he walks around town (with the proportions altered to fit, obviously). It’s not in the best of shape anymore (given Waylon’s living conditions), but he will never give it away.

I hope that gives a better idea on Waylon’s appearance. I’ve probably missed some points, and will update as things pop into my bizarre little mind.

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So how did Waylon end up drawing the question mark backwards on Eddie Jr.'s little hat? ...Dyslexia?

Waylon got his three R’s (Readin’ ‘Ritin’, and ‘Rithmetic) from school before his sudden departure but not much else, so symbols and subtleties elude our good Mr. Jones.

He knew there was a swirly and a dot, but he couldn’t remember how it was supposed to go. “50/50 chance″ he’d say, but only because he’d heard Harvey say it so many times.

Side note: Waylon was surprisingly upset that bags of money don’t actually have the dollar sign on them like in the cartoons. Childhood: Ruined, amirite?


((Livestream requests whoo! Lisa, Blaire, Lil’ Way, Variant Waylon (complete with duck hat!) and baby Chris. Well, the request was actually just for Chris, but I pooped out on it and made it baby chris instead. Credit goes to ask-outlastfamily for this cute little guy!))

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