May 18th 1986  - Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, Kris Kristofferson and Waylon Jennings appear in a CBS-TV remake of the western movie “Stagecoach,” along with June Carter, John Schneider, John Carter Cash, Jessi Colter, David Allan Coe and Billy Swan


“Ah darling, It seems like you have no other place to hide~”

2 hours and staying up from 1 am to 3:30 am and I finally did it. Something I’m actually proud of xD ah jeez I’m having a huge headache right now mm

Something to end the year with a good start I guess

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“Waylon?” You asked, very confused as to why your childhood hero, who you just had spotted, was heading towards the battlefield. Quickly you jogged over to him and his friends, stopping before them. He looked down at you, not recognizing you, so you spoke up quietly.  “Uhm, I don’t know if ya remember me but I’m the stupid kid who fell down the sewers a few years ago.” 

That seemend to spark his memory. “What are you doing here, little tadpole?” He asked after a while, a very tiny smile on his lips. “If you haven’t seen-”

“Actually, I was running away when I saw ya… and your friends.” Curiousity won over and you looked over his shoulder to smile at the bunch of strange looking people.

Harley Quinn, you heard of her from the newpaper and the internet, came foward. She grinned, laughed loudly as she shook your hand. “Hi, I’m Harley. Nice to meet’cha!” 

“Uhm, hi…” 

“We have to go…” One of the guys said and pointed to the lights in the sky. “Have to stop them.” 

“Oh… okay.” Worried, you turned to Waylon. “Waylon? I don’t know if I ever told ya how thankful I am. You saved my life back then. You’re my hero… so be careful, will ya? Ya’ll be careful.” 

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