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Ok but imagine a shadowhunter who just transferred to the NY Institute and Jace asking him to go and get a book or something from Magnus and him being at the loft waiting for Magnus to find the thing and Alec comes home. And the dude is like “Mr. Lightwood? What are you doing here?”
And Alec just raises his eyebrows, walks over to Magnus to kiss him and says “I live here??”

Or alternatively for Alec to hear about Jace asking the new guy to get the thing and calling him into his office because he wanted to go home anyway. So, if there’s gonna be a portal to Magnus’ loft anyway, the guy doesn’t have to walk to Magnus’ place. (You know Magnus would make a portal for Alec after a long day at the institute)

Gay culture is anxiously waiting for the end of the day for a new shadowhunters epidode to only come to realizing that there’s no more until the next year

Anyone who has ever read like half a Shadowhunters fic of mine knows that I am a huuuge Jace fan and that I have the need to wrap him up in blankets of love and safety, yes?

So, somehow in the Jimon story I am currently working on, it… happened… that there’s a self-proclaimed Jace Lightwood Protection Squad. Founded by Alec and Magnus. Members include Simon, Clary, Izzy, Max, Lydia, Maia and Bat (I’m a huuuge fan of a Jace-Bat-friendship, dunno where it came from, but it developed so nicely in this story so there’s that?). And in the story, there are buttons, red ones with Jace’s face in stylized and the letters JLPS on them. Because Jace deserves all the love and protection possible.

So, I got kinda bored and figured I’d try myself on the general design of it. And I ended up turning it into a poster instead, but oh well. Headcanon that Clary would totally make those and everyone would be totally on board, if only to tease Jace.

And since this whole posting-teases on here is fast becoming something very fun for me, here have the scene where the Jace Lightwood Protection Squad was “born”! ;)

(Note: Simon and Jace just had a bit of… relationship problems about miscommunication before this scene)

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I Love My Dead Gay Son (Shadowhunters Crack #2)



Jalec / Parabatai fanvid

Alec Lightwood x Jace Wayland
Song : Issues / Julia Michaels
TV Show :  Shadowhunters (S02 centric)

‘Cause I got issues, but you got 'em too
So give 'em all to me, and I’ll give mine to you
Bask in the glory, of all our problems
'Cause we got the kind of love, it takes to solve 'em

I don’t own any of the videos or music in this fanvid.

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When young, up-and-coming cellist Alexander Lightwood heads to Aspen, Colorado to attend the prestigious Aspen Music Festival he has no idea what destiny awaits him there. This is an alternate universe Malec love story full of twists and turns, triumphs and tragedies. Asking one of life’s most difficult questions… does true love really conquer all?

Chapter 18 is now posted! 

Thank you to @mundanelion for the beautiful fanart to go with my story! 

I hope you guys enjoy the update!!  :)