wayland high school

  • Clary: it was a great mission
  • Jace: But the dessert afterwards had to be the best part... her mom makes the best brownies-
  • Simon: *cuts Jace off* Ya, I know I've had them.
“You are the coolest person I ever met, Simon Lewis”

Mundane AU where Jace’s shitty childhood translates to Valentine being a cult-leader, but when he was eight, Jace met a boy at a summer camp where Valentine dropped Jace so the boy would be out of the way as Valentine reassembles his cult. That boy? That boy was the first one to ever show genuine kindness to Jace and he always smiled and was always nice. That boy was the first friend Jonathan Wayland ever made, which basically puts Simon onto a golden pedestal for Jace.

So when Jace meets that boy again in high school… and that boy doesn’t recognize him, it breaks Jace’s heart. But it was totally okay. Simon Lewis was just way too cool to hang out with some kid he had met years ago, right? Jace understood that.

But how about you let Simon decide that, Jace? Maybe he just doesn’t recognize a kid he had played with for one summer ten years ago! Maybe you changed a little in the past ten years, huh? Give the poor guy a chance, will you? Because Simon is kinda busy having the hugest crush on Jace Lightwood!

Never Be The Same by aelclightwood (jordahparrish on ao3)

Izzy and Magnus have been best friends for years. Both of them watched as her older brother, Alec, changed from the silent ‘loser’ kid into one of the popular boys in high school. After Alec starts to show strange signs, Magnus and Izzy (with help from Clary and Simon) become curious and decide to investigate.
Things definitely don’t go the way Izzy ever expected them to.

Chapter One: Simple Equation

I'm suspended from school again.

So today at school, my friend wanted to fight this girl named Abbey. They were yelling and getting all amped and shit, so I tried to calm my friend down and get her away from the situation. I had my hand on her arm, guiding her out the door. Then the nurse came…

NURSE: Don’t touch her!! *grabs me up by my arm*

ME: Don’t touch me!! *pulls away*

NURSE: Excuse me?! *grabs me upagain*

ME: I said don’t touch me!! *pulls away again*

NURSE: *grabs me up AGAIN*

ME: DON’T FUCKING TOUCH ME!!!! *pulls away and walks out the door*

Is it me, or does this seem unfair?? I told her not to touch me multiple times, yet she still chose to grab me up. I swore at her only after repeatedly telling her not to put her hands on me. Not to mention, I was clearly upset when she first approached me. But my principal is a fucking bitch, along with most of the other people in my school.

What makes the situation even more fucked up, is the Abbey girl called me a bitch for no reason yesterday and didn’t get suspended. I was provoked. Not to mention, the people at my school know that I have anger problems.Come on.I was in therapy for that shit.

I really can’t wait to get out of that place. Fuck Wayland High School.

I hate my school so bad.

The way I see it, school really shouldn’t be this bad to me.

I don’t have trouble with academics.

I have a friends.

No one bullies me or anything.

I never have more than three classes per day.


Unfortunately, the administration and most of the teachers decided it would be a good idea to target the black students. Normally I don’t like to pull the race card, but these people are literally lobbying to get us out.

Also, a lot of the students are starting to show their true colors. If it weren’t for the white people I know out of school, I would be extremely racist. I can count all the Wayland kids who I talk to in my fingers. I think there’s 8. And they’re mostly just associates. It’s a problem.

I have less than two months to go. On the day of my graduation, after I walk across the stage, I’m cussing my principal the fuck out. He fucking disgusts me. He’s one of those black people who doesn’t like black people.