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Plot: Can you do a jace wayland imagine where the reader tells him that she’s pregnant, but sort of at an awkward time like maybe he was in the room when she was arguing with clary about the reader slowing them down or something and she just blurts out she’s pregnant? 

 Word Count: 1,152

A/N: first of the gif is not mine, second I’ve never written a Jace Wayland before. I don’t write in third point of view with the reader, It’s not my writing style. I pick a name that fits. I’m so excited this is my first request. when requesting, throw in a name.

P.S: Just noticing I missed read the request, Sorry. Hope you still like it.

My hands shook rapidly as I held the pink and white pregnancy test in my hands. Two blue lines crossing over each other indicating I was pregnant. My eyes brimmed with tears and my throat grew sore.

I rolled my lips inward holding back the tears that wanted to fall. My grip on the pink stick grew, I held my arm back before throwing it against the wall with all the force I could muster. It broke into pieces, flying all over the room.

A knock on the bathroom door made me take in a calming breath. Realizing I stopped breathing for a seconds. “Yes?” My voice strong, taking every muscle inside my body to not sound weak.

“Sydney , are you okay? I heard something.”  Isabel’s voice was loud and silky as she spoke through the door. Izzy was like a sister to me, it was nice to feel like someone was there. Un-like I felt at my old institute the clave dragged me from.

“Yeah, I bumped a shampoo bottle and the cap flew off.” I replied, faking the reassurance in my voice. “Okay.” she said sound unconvinced, but never pushed. It was clear that she knew something was wrong, I’d come to her when I was ready to talk about it.

I heard her high heels click against the floor while she walked away. I closed my eyes sighing in relief, I collected my thoughts before I bent down. Picking up the little pieces of pregnancy test and shoved them into my back pocket.

If I just threw them away someone would find them. Then try and find who they belonged to, it’d trace back to me.

I twisted the cold knob and pulling the door opened. exiting the room fast and bumping into someone. Why couldn’t I just escape in peace?

The tall and firm structure of the person tolled me it had been Alec. I would be able to know who I ran into, it was an art to me since I did it so many times I lost count.

His big hands flew to both of my arms and moved me from his body. Only a few inches from him, “Where you headed Sydney?” He asked his facial expression dripping with curiousity, looking like a cat.

“Hey Alec, I was going to look for Jace. Have you seen him?” I asked him,  the memory of a few weeks ago replaying in my head.

Jace wandering  my body like it was a maze to him. Kissing every inch of me, until I turned into a moaning mess. That night I lost control with him so close, my defending thoughts got clouded over with lust. Jace was everything I wanted and I got it, now I was about to lose him to his sister.

“Yeah. He was by the training room hallway, last time I saw him .” Alec piped up as he moved from me and stalked down the opposite direction I was headed towards. “Thanks Alec.” I called to him before I started my journey.

“Whatever you need.” He hollered, letting his words reach me.

I heard them before I saw them, Strained and angry voices as they argued with each other. I sighed preparing myself for whatever came next.

I cautiously walked into the training room, seeing them just centimeters to one another. Clear frustration played onto Clary’s delicate face, “…She’s dragging us down, has for awhile now!” She tried to project her voice more.

“Clary, Sam’s been here longer than you have. If anyone is dragging us down it’s you.” He barked back at her, from the begging I knew they were talking about me. Clary never liked me from the start.

Where I stood I could feel the tension grow bigger and longer. I knew I caught him at a horrible time, but I needed to tell him I was pregnant with his child. The tension would turn into awkwardness, as soon as I came from the shadows.

I continued moving towards them, having no idea what to say. Before I could stop myself I burst out with words. “I don’t think I was pulling you guys down, but now I think I will. Since I’m pregnant.” It was confidently dripping with slight anxiety.

They both snapped their heads towards me half way through my burst. Silence washed over us, nobody talking only the look of shock. I could help but want to be sucked into the wall. Never wanting to come out again. It took a lot just to tell that him, the father of my child.

“You’re what?” Clary asked, her word laced with venom.

“She’s pregnant. And I’m the father.” He said quietly as the room picked it up and let it echo through the place. Something inside me ran with relive, he didn’t have the slightest of thought it wasn’t his.

My heart fluttered with warmth as he looked at me, his blue, green, and brown gaze holding something that felt like love. It was lightly covered. My stomach drop watching Clary’s expression turn into a scowl.

Jace eyed her before he stormed towards me. Grabbing my forearm, with a hard enough grip to yank me from the room. He dragged me down a few halls until he found a empty one. He stopped and threw me in front of him.

“Are you sure?” He asked his eyebrow raised, as if I would be lying just to keep Clary away from. It sounded like something I’d do, but I wouldn’t lie about being pregnant.

“Yes, Jace I couldn’t lie about anything near this serious.” I snapped at him trying to keep my voice down. I had to understand, I would question anything that’d be able to be life changing.

 “Okay, I’m just making sure.” She voice surprisingly calm around a situation like this. Almost like he’s been in one like this, I wouldn’t be shocked. Have you seen him? He was the definition of perfect.

“Have you thought about anything?” He asked, It took me a few seconds to understand what he meant.

“No! I haven’t thought about abortion. I know how much family means to you, but if it’s what you want.” I chocked on my words knowing the hormones were coming on.

“Hey, no that’s not what I want.” He said soothingly as he reached out for me, pulling me to his body. His arms wrapped around me as I let my hormones consume me.

“Family means a lot to me, now you and our baby are my family.” He said in a hushed tone, rubbing light circles on my back to  comfort me. Without him I’d be lost, he wasn’t just the guy I loved. He was my best friend.

“I feel safe when I’m with you.” I said once my head wasn’t covered into his shirt, and my sobs were subsided.

“I love you, Sydney.”

Jace giving advices *wink*
  • Jace to Julian: You've got a lot of responsability now. You'll have to make sure she winds up with a guy who deserves her.
  • Emma: What about me? Don't I have to make sure Jules winds up whit someone who deserves him?
  • Jace: Absolutely. I did it for Alec. Alec did it for me -well, actually, he hated Clary at first, but he came around.
  • Julian: I bet you didn't like Magnus much, either.
  • Jace: Maybe not, but I never would have to said so.
  • Emma: Because it would hurt Alec's feelings?
  • Jace: No, because Magnus would hace turnes me into a hat rack.

I didn’t know,“ he said. ”I didn’t know you needed me.“
Her voice shook. ”I always need you” (…)
He ducked his head down, kissed her cheek.  “I swear on us.
Clary wound her fingers into the sleeve of his T-shirt. “Why us?
Because there isn’t anything I believe in more.”

“You love each other – anyone can see that, looking at you – that kind of love that can burn down the world or raise it up in glory.” Lilith, City of Fallen Angels about Jace and Clary


IMAGINE: Meeting Jace for the first time and he instantly falls for you…


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Pulvis et Umbra Sumus

We are dust and shadows

Horace, William Herondale