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kudos to myself I’ve hit rock bottom, so have a hooked wayfinder’s baby 

her name is Kalana and she has some combination of her parents “abilities” which in my mind is one part maui’s demigod-ness and another part moana’s connection to the sea which results in some form of water bending? idk lol im not too good at math, anyways

she is p arrogant and overconfident bc shes the daughter of a demigod and is pretty reckless in her actions and is a handful for her parents 


What if instead of Westfinder and Wayfinder, we had Westflounder and Wayflounder?

Then we could just, be fish, a lot. Or maybe eat fish a lot? I am fine with either option, although I would rather be a snake.

#latenightblogging #caffeinateanddrunk #atthesametime!

(what am I even doing with those hashtags, jeez)