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My kinda late birthday book haul!
I’m currently flying through ACOWAR and holy shit, a lot of stuff is happening😮😮😮

Who’s the doctor here?

Nursing home patient: *Has dementia, always complains of back pain, doesn’t remember to ask for her Tylenol that is ordered as-needed.*

Wayfaring: *Changes Tylenol order from as needed to scheduled twice a day.*

Patient’s family member: Dr. Wayfaring, why does she need Tylenol?

Wayfaring: Because she complains of back pain and looks like she hurts and she feels better when she takes it. But she doesn’t remember well enough to ask for it when she needs it. 

Family member: Is she really in pain?

Wayfaring: Well, every time I see her she tells me her back hurts. She walks very stiffly with her hand on her back. So yes, I’d say she’s probably in pain.

Family member: Are you checking her liver? Did you even know that Tylenol hurts the liver? What are her liver functions? 

Wayfaring, thinking

Wayfaring: Yes ma’am, I am aware that Tylenol can potentially cause liver damage. We are checking her liver enzymes periodically and they are normal. And the amount of Tylenol she is prescribed is well below the maximum daily dose.

Family member: Well why can’t she have ibuprofen instead? Or mobic? That’s what I take and it’s better.

Wayfaring: Because she has chronic kidney disease and a stomach ulcer and those medicines will make both of those conditions worse. And the Tylenol seems to be working for her.

Family member: Does she really need pain medicine at all? I think you should just stop the medicine.

Wayfaring: You know, generally families are happy when their loved ones aren’t in pain. So I tell you what… why don’t you come visit her sometime (thinking: since you never do) and ask her how she feels?  I’d be happy to do whatever she wants.

I am from Van Lear, KY. I wrote this sad song about two travelers falling in love in the mountains from back home. It’s very dear to my heart.

In two weeks, I am performing this song at the International Bluegrass Music Association’s World of Bluegrass Festival! I am so honored that my song was selected.

If you haven’t heard it, give this tune (and maybe my others!) a listen and tell me what you think! All of the album sales are helping me pay my way through my degree, and I’m so grateful for the support you guys give me!

How comforting it is to understand that we inhabit seconds like wayfaring travelers, only briefly touching time before we are somewhere different all together. The seconds float, dust sprinkled throughout the air, reminding space of its own enormity. But we pass it all, watching and wondering, never stopping long enough to be buried in its might. It soothes the soul to know that all the pain and the ache, the want and satisfaction, the hope and joy, they all just cycle through, barely holding onto us before pushing us ahead for what the hourglass offers next.
—  The Hourglass

So these two are the Asscreed IV multiplayer character that me and my friend alway use. (I alway use the  wayfarer, and she stole Lady Black from me). Since We play wolfpack all the times, so we always see them work so well in the cinematic. And i guess this is their love and revelry relationship…? I can totally see them killing each other, but I can also see them being in love.  Well… this is Katie and My Ship!!!!! U3U

Keepin it simple

Wayfaring: …so a simple rule of thumb is to avoid white foods like bread, rice, pasta, potatoes, and cereals and replace them with more fresh vegetables.


Wayfaring: Oh, and I should add avoid corn too: we have a lot of corn in our diets here and that’s a big source of carbohydrates. 

Patient: I kind of lumped that in my head with white foods. Carbs. I get it. 

Wayfaring: Good. I have found some patients end up trading in their cereal and biscuits for grits and cornbread and they don’t see any improvement in their blood sugars, so I started specifying corn. 

Patient: Really, people don’t know that corn is a carbohydrate? Do people really not know what carbs are? Are they really that clueless?

Wayfaring: Yes. All the time. Erryday. Ten times a day. 

LotR Quotes (6/??)

Frodo began to feel restless, and the old paths seemed too well-trodden. He looked at maps, and wondered what lay beyond their edges: maps made in the Shire showed mostly white spaces beyond its borders. He took to wandering further afield and more often by himself; and Merry and his other friends watched him anxiously. Often he was seen walking and talking with strange wayfarers that began at this time to appear in the Shire.

The Target Exclusive Edition of Wayfarer

Hey all! Just stopping in to tell you that there will be an exclusive edition of WAYFARER available for purchase through Target! YAY! This edition is signed by moi (you may remember me signing thousands of these sheets) and will also come with a short story called Pathfinder, which is centered on a seventeen year old Rose Linden reconnecting with Henry Hemlock… aka Etta’s dad, who you’ll get to know in WAYFARER. I had a wonderful time writing their story and exploring who they were before everything fell apart. 💔  Just to be clear, this is a short story, rather than a deleted chapter or extra scene.

If you’re interested, you can pre-order it using this link, or look for it in stores on January 3rd! And while we’re on this topic, don’t forget to submit your pre-order receipts for the swag giveaway. There are still a few slots open for the holiday card and print!

Important Names

J, front desk receptionist, who is my age: *says something about David Beckham*

K, Nurse: Who is David Beckham?

J and Wayfaring simultaneously: POSH SPICE’S HUSBAND!

K: Um, who is Posh Spice?

**J and Wayfaring and K launch into 90s pop culture discussion**

J: Hey what ever happened to Hanson? And what were their names?

Wayfaring: Oh, Isaac, Taylor, and Zac? One of them got married at like 17 and they all have a crap ton of kids and I think they’re trying to be a thing again.

J: Ooh I used to have a poster of them from that magazine…what was it called?

Wayfaring: Bop?

J: No, the other one.

Wayfaring: Tiger Beat.


K: Wait wait wait wait WAIT! Wayfaring, you are all the time asking me who this patient is or who that patient is. You can remember all this stuff from 20 years ago and you can’t remember the names of the patients you saw yesterday? 


Now you’re starting to understand me. 

The JobSearch '14 Struggle.

Recently I met with the recruiter type person for my residency’s hospital system about possible jobs. It was a very worrisome meeting for me. Here’s the breakdown.

  • Background: Wayfaring is unsure about where she might want to practice when she graduates. She definitely doesn’t want to go to her hometown and definitely doesn’t want to be a hospitalist or urgent care doc, but otherwise has no clue. She would prefer to run a women’s and children’s clinic in Obscuristan, but has been turned down from a medical missions job and is already discouraged about such prospects. An attending suggests that she is awesome and should stay in ResidencyTown for a few more years.                                                          

  • Wayfaring texts, calls, or e-mails recruiter 2-3 times a week for about 8 weeks, trying to get an appointment to talk about job opportunities.
  • Recruiter always responds about a week after emails or texts are sent, conveniently just past the dates Wayfaring offered to meet up.
  • At least three of Wayfaring’s attendings speak to Recruiter and encourage Recruiter to take a meeting with Wayfaring.  
  • Recruiter has spent their time recruiting our 2 chiefs–one of whom already has a contract elsewhere and the other who is 100% not interested in staying–rather than the 3 of us in our class who are interested in staying.            

  • Wayfaring finally gets a last minute meeting.
  • Recruiter realizes in the meeting that Wayfaring is, in fact, a third year, and not an eager beaver second year as they had initially thought (thus completely ignoring the picture of all the residents separated by class hanging in their office). 

  • Recruiter panics, realizing that they only have 8 months to find something for Wayfaring.
  • Wayfaring panics, realizing that these people are totally incompetent and that she is in deeper doo-doo than she thought when it comes to job searching.
  • Recruiter offers a contract which essentially offers ZERO loan repayment and requires a 3 year commitment with 2 “mandatory” 2 year renewals, totaling a 7 year commitment. No mention of pay is made.                 

  • Wayfaring, a single lady unaccustomed to commitment, wants to vomit. 

  • Recruiter states that there are “loads of opportunities for work here” but follows up with “but we just don’t have the facilities to put you in right now”.
  • Wayfaring thinks of her loans and reconsiders faking her own death and moving to Fiji. 

  • Recruiter asks Wayfaring why she isn’t moonlighting. 
  • Wayfaring states that the urgent care people also won’t return her e-mails to give her the paperwork required to moonlight.
  • Recruiter is embarrassed again, directs Wayfaring to the appropriate people and giant stack of paperwork for moonlighting, then asks if she will take a shift this weekend.
  • Wayfaring declines.
  • Wayfaring leaves, has a mini panic about today’s crappy meeting, the prospect of selling her house on short notice, moving back home to practice (please Jesus no), and is generally miserable about her career options. 

  • Wayfaring writes blog post.

anonymous asked:

what would you do if louis was to end up going to Coachella with harry ? a lot of larry shippers i follow were talking about it & like i KNOW its probably not gonna happen but i like how you react to things lol and a part of me hopes that louis gets that reckless and show's up it could be like their leeds trip 2.0 lol imagine how cute those hqs of them hanging out would be be ??? they'll be cuter then vanessa hudgens and her bf :((( :)))

Don’t do this to me, this is an actual dream, the boyfriend in matching jean shorts and Louis making Harry wear vans and Harry making Louis wear a headscarf and bare chests proudly showing off the tattoos and the anchor and rope matching up as they swing their held hands back and forth and they switch up their aviators and wayfarers just like old times and ahhhh this needs to happen. 

leeds 2.0 lets go

Y'all, this is why medblr is important.

aspiringdoctors performed a basic act of self care.
ermedicine vocalized a need for that self care.
I identified a problem in that I have received and sent pizza across state lines to medblrs before, but can’t help people that are completely anonymous/wouldn’t want to come off anon to very many people.
wayfaringmd found a solution that not only encompasses pizza but myriad other care packages like starbucks giftcards and basically any emailable gift.
And everyone jumped in to make this awesome and spread the word so that we can all take care of eachother. I make a motion that we put an email in our about me (or the medblr list, if Wayfaring has time to update it) and that we have an excellent time practicing compassion and enabling pizza for our fellow medblrs.