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Stubborn as a mule

Wayfaring: So…. you’re calling me because you’re so sweaty and nauseated and short of breath that you couldn’t finish your All Star Breakfast at the Waffle House.

Patient: No the gym called you because I came here to check my blood pressure and now they want me to go to the ER and I told them I wasn’t going. 

Wayfaring: Mmmhmmm… so… even though you had a heart attack and got a stent and then had an enormous blood clot in your lung all less than two weeks ago, you don’t think it’s reasonable that we send you to the hospital? 

Patient: What’re they gonna do anyway? They can’t do anything! They just wanna run tests and run up bills. I don’t think I ever had a blockage. They made me get the blood clot when they were running wires into my heart. I can just come to your office and you can check me out.

Wayfaring: Let me be clear with you, sir. If you come to my office, you will be wasting your time. I will be sending you to the emergency room based on your symptoms and your vitals and your recent illness.

Patient: Ugh, you people and your tests. 

Wayfaring: Do I need to remind you that I have already saved your life TWICE this year, sir? Please at least respect that and trust me when I tell you that this is not good.

Patient: *hangs up. Shows up at my office 2 hours later. Gets sent to the hospital. Gets mad. But once again DOESN’T DIE because of Wayfaring.*


Nurse: You know, one day he’s not going to come up here and he’s just gonna have the big one and die at home.

Wayfaring: And I’m gonna put “stubbornness” as his cause of death on his death certificate.

anonymous asked:

I hc your Yuuri changes his glasses every. Single. Day (or week) like Masterchef Big Willie. Phichit has an entire album of him with different glasses ranging from Wayfarer, horn-rimmed, clear frame to mirror lens and notch bridge to the extra sultry cat eye look that Victor keeps as laptop background. He was soooo obsessed with it to the point that Celestino have to sign him contracts with famous glasses brands to stop him from 'advertising for free then waste your money buying it'

This is a very interesting headcanon! Although umfb!Yuuri is quite similar to canon and canon Yuuri does seem to old wear one pair of glasses