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You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you that you should go and bear fruit and that your fruit should abide, so that whatever you ask the Father in my name, he may give it to you. John 15:16

We’ve each been chosen to do something. We each have something unique and awesome to offer the world. Everyday I’m seeking to find mine, and as a career in music and education quickly approaches, I know I’ll finally be on my way to being the person and woman of God He wants me to be. I hope I can make him proud.

anonymous asked:

See, my issue is that you define good and evil as submission to or rebellion against God's will. I define good and evil as what is beneficial or harmful to humanity. I respect the right for God to exist, but I personally believe that he would rather us love and care for one another over whorshipping him if it ever was a question of choice. Theoretically speaking who do you think God would rather send to Heaven: An evil, hateful Christian, or a kind, loving atheist?

woah woah woah. 
I am a theist. You are a humanist. I am a Catholic. Goodness comes from obedience to the Creator. Self-righteousness comes from being obedient and lovely in the sight of other sinners. Which would you rather? The Righteousness of God? Or the ego of man? 

Theoretically speaking who do you think God would rather send to Heaven: An evil, hateful Christian, or a kind, loving atheist? 
Let’s make this clear I am not God, but here’s my limited wisdom. (I am playing the role of Jesus) 

Both would go to Hell.

I would punish the sinner who called himself christian for neither doing my will, which is Love and Mercy, and I would punish him even more for hurting others and being an evil force into the world. 

I would send the “kind” atheist to Hell, because He did not love me or do those good things in my name, but in his own name, to build his ego and reputation. I wouldn’t punish him as much as the evil fake christian because at least he did some good in the world. But I would judge him for every sin he did, because he did not Hope in my Salvation, He did not live as I spoke to the world, and He denied my existence even when I made the world and everything in it and gave him a good long life and he never Thanked Me once or acknowledged me. He laughed at me at parties and told his friends stupid jokes about Me. He took an interest in science, because he thinks it makes faith look ridiculous. He watched stupid television, slept with a bunch of girls, got drunk on the weekends. Oh bet he met one girl and he loved her, and they got married in a very secular way, used birth control until they had 2 perfect children, He raised them without knowledge of me, but celebrated christmas like some cultural holiday. He raised his children to be just like average americans, with some kindness and basic decency. This man was decent. Everyone loves people who love them, anyone can raise decent children. This man lacked deep virtue, yet he did little good things for people. But in difficult moments he took the easy road. He still was a little racist. He still would make jokes about how atheist he is. He mocked me and my Son. He blasphemed like it was just another phrase. So casual. His life was merely casual.  this man isn’t good, he is merely human…He’s an everyday guy. This man isn’t worthy of eternal paradise, He never knew Me, the Lord.


In this lab, Pastor John reminds us that wisdom is not something for the academic elite but rather it’s for everyone who desires to follow God and live a joy-filled life.