sisters so beautiful they reduce the self esteem of everyone who meets them


Steven Universe + the diverse cast of female voice actresses → requested by anonymous

From top to bottom: Susan Egan, Estelle, DeeDee Magno Hall, Michaela Dietz, Charlyne Yi, Erica Luttrell, Jennifer Paz, Kimberly Brooks, Shelby Rabara, Rita Rani Ahuja, Aimee Mann, Nicki Minaj, AJ Michalka, Grace Rolek, Kate Micucci, Mary Elizabeth McGlynn, Reagan Gomez-Preston, Toks Olagundoye


heather, heather and heather
mcnamara, duke and chandler aesthetics

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ichigodaisuki  asked:

How about Harry Potter? Thank you for reading!

there are a LOT OF characters i love from hp, luna is probably my favorite??? it’s hard to pick just one :D

  • Emhyr: I am the emperor of Nilfgaard, I rule the largest empire the world has ever known, command men in tens of thousands. I do not take commands from anyone.
  • False Ciri: Take off you socks in bed.
  • Emhyr: Ok. :3

i’m still working on a drawing and a few comics so in the mean time i made a quick meme. (personally both ships are pretty good but i know how much people care). i wonder what @starlovesmarco and @jarcoweek2016 thinks (again just a joke i just think is funny and am not trying to cause any actual argument)

Top 5's: SnK Characters & Ships

No one asked but I thought it’d be a fun way to know what I usually reblog. (I’ll still reblog most of the characters because they are all amazing).

1. Jean
2. Bertolt
3. Mikasa
4. Marco
5. Ymir

1. Jeanmarco
2. Yumikuri
3. Levihan
4. Jeankasa
5. Reibert