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Jaal’s first “oh, damn” moment came during the initial excursions on Havarl. He, Vetra, and Gemma had been slogging through some dense plant growth for hours when he spotted a shortcut from his childhood. It involved a lot of climbing, and Vetra gave him a (gentle) hard time about it, but what Jaal remembers is Gemma staring up the incline, a little frown on her still-strange face. When he asked her what she was doing, she said “I’m trying to figure out if I can do it in four boosts, or three”. Then she grinned at him, and said “I bet three,” and took off. He watched her jet to the first outcropping of rock, catch it, and leverage herself up, and then keep going. 

She made it in three, and laughed when she reached the top. 

He lost his handhold just before he reached her, the rock crumbling under his hand, but Gemma was already there, so fast he never even knew she had moved, and she had her hand locked around his wrist before he could yell for help. And to this day, he remembers the jolt that went through him at the contact, and how her grip did not falter – and how bright her eyes were as she pulled him up. Oh, he thought. This feels familiar. 

No, he added, only to himself, when Gemma – this alien woman – grinned up at him, this feels good. 


Gemma’s moment came later; it was seeing him on Aya, after they rescued the Moshae. She found him on a balcony, looking out over a forest so green it hurt her eyes. For the first time since she woke up, she had a moment to pause, and breathe, and not worry about getting attacked, and she was happy to just bask in the sunlight and the rustle of wind through the leaves with a friend. 

She would have been content to stay quiet – Jaal didn’t owe her conversation after all her prodding back on the Tempest and in the Nomad – but he started pointing out the farms where he had worked as a teenager, his favorite place to watch the sunset, the races he and his siblings used to run near that river to the west – and she felt every knot in her spine coming undone. 

He spoke with so much love for everything around him, and Gemma was so tired and lonely and hating being either of those things that she started crying. She’d always been one for a good stress-relief cry, but this was exhaustion, and longing for home, and grief, and the pressure of knowing everything depended on her. 

She tried to keep quiet about it – not really good diplomacy to start bawling in public, especially if you were the damn Pathfinder – but when Jaal noticed, he just put his arm around her shoulders and told her no one would shame her for this, of all things. 

Gemma tried to make a joke – cover my back for a few minutes till I stop looking like a boiled tomato, okay? – but he was looking at her so sincerely, so gently, that she just nodded and maybe – maybe – leaned into him a little. Jaal was alien, half his people wanted to kill her, and she didn’t really blame them – but he was warm, and solid, and he didn’t let go till her tears were done. 


Part 2 of Yoi but with bad writing and computer generated text to speech voices.

Part 1: Computer is the Future // Part 2: Viktor’s Lament // Part 3: Pip Pip Yurio


iconic/memorable Goblin moments (1/?)

Goblin & Reaper arrive in style to save EunTak - episode 02

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Do you think Kevin's romantic/sexual feelings for Chiron were as strong as Chiron's feelings for Kevin? Or do you think they were weaker? I can't figure it out. There is no way Kevin didn't have feelings for Chiron. But I just don't know if his feelings for Chiron were as strong. What do you think? And do you think Kevin liked Chiron from the start or do you think he only really realized his romantic feelings after they kissed?

It’s hard to say because we see everything in Chiron’s POV you know so obviously from what we see it’s easy to say Chiron’s feelings were stronger you know? But there’s just so much we don’t know but I totally agree, there’s no way Kevin didn’t have feelings for Chiron, there’s too many moments which prove that he does feel something for Chiron (that final look between them during the 2nd chapter I mean, don’t tell me Kevin didn’t feel something for him then). But whether his feelings were as strong, I can’t really say… I mean depending on what time in his life is also an important thing to factor in. When they were teens, I think it’s safe to say Chiron had feelings for Kevin but kept them hidden whereas with Kevin he possibly didn’t know he had those kind of feelings for him until they started talking on the beach because they got really real with each other and learnt a lot about each other in that time. Also them only have one scene before the beach scene makes it hard to tell if Kevin had romantic feelings for him at that time, but something was there, whether it was just familiarity or the comfort of being a friend.. it was there. 

Fast forward to adults, the feelings are there, no matter how big or small. Kevin didn’t just call Chiron for the sake of it, he made the first move 10 years later which changed everything. You don’t randomly call someone 10 years on for no reason, the same way you don’t drive 9 hours to see someone after not being in contact for 10 years (these two i s2g). At this point, I’m not sure if their feelings are on the exact same level, but they’re definitely similar because the whole hello stranger scene and the kitchen scene, you know? Idk, I don’t know if seeing who’s feelings are stronger is completely relevant at the end of it all because their feelings for each other are there and completely real, on such a similar level otherwise the last scene would have happened completely different if one didn’t feel the same amount of love as the other, if that makes sense? Honestly I’m making no sense, but at the beginning I think it’s safe to say that Chiron probably had stronger feelings for Kevin but towards the end, equal playing field. 

I don’t think that people understand that the Malec fandom knows that Shadowhunters isn’t about Malec. Trust me, we are well aware. The problem that people are having is that Malec is the longest canon couple on the show and the only lgb couple on the show, but they get less screen time than Climon who have only dated for two episodes, and Rizzy, who have only been whatever they are for about two episodes also. Climon gets all the intimate moments and get to be shown being an actual couple, and Rizzy gets sensual moments as well, while Malec gets interrupted way too many times while they are having a serious discussion about Alec’s suicidal tendency, and when they are trying to be intimate and kiss each other. Climon had a make out session with Simon being shirtless, and had their intimate moment on the van, all in one episode, and Jace was shown hooking up with someone where he was actually on top of the girl underneath the covers half naked, but Malec’s first time wasn’t even done properly and was so rushed. Fans didn’t even know they had a first time until the cast mentioned it on twitter. Freeform also has a habit of releasing Malec sneak peeks even when that is the only scene they may have in the episode. And when you the straight couples have more than one scene and Malec having less than a minute of scree time together, it pisses you off. People are allowed to be upset with how Malec is being portrayed or the lack of screen time they are getting when compared to their heterosexual counterparts. So don’t call the fans whiny or ungrateful when we have every right to want Malec to get the same treatment as the hetero couples on the show.

My roommate is A GIRL?!

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WARNING : You might blush/scream/laugh/ BE EMBARRASSED AF/ DIE OF FEELS or fall for Jungkook’s adorable personality <3



Genre: College au/ Roomate au/ Romance/fluff/ Smut (sometime soon)/Angst (in this chapter) /Comedy ( tbh there’s way too many dumb moments in this series lol)
Pairing: Jungkook/You
Length: 11 641 words
Summary: Jungkook is your campus roommate who has a huge crush on you. He’s been hiding it for so long and you’re still clueless about it.

CHAPTER 12: Conflicted Coconut head turns into a panty dropper

Jungkook came back to his senses when you closed your eyes.


Panic suddenly invades his body as he watches your eyes suddenly shut on their own. He would momentarily ask himself, what was he doing so close to you in such an intimate position only lovers usually shared? It was the perfect occasion for him to simply lean in and get rid of all these emotion pilling up on his body and heart for the past year and half, but jungkook knew better than to let his impulsion win over his love for you.

He sure felt these raging emotions and his heart throbbing crazily as if it’d burst any second, but he couldn’t help but soften while looking at your soft facial features. As much as this was his best opportunity to show you that he was a man, he preferred backing up and admire you from afar. You were his biggest fantasy, his weakness, his most loved one and he knew better than to lose all the respect and trust you had for him.

Y/N deserves way better than this, he bites on his bottom lip while brushing his thumb over your soft cheek

“Y/N-ah” his manly tone calls your voice

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Okay so I read over 'The Curse' and I kind of made a theory? Do you think Gwyn was born the way he was because of Crielle's glamour? I mean it was extremely powerful and she could control almost anyone. I feel like her coaxing him to be her bright shining son made him do just that. Maybe she had let her glamour out of control unconsciously and Gwyn had fed off that love and affection and became so powerful, he destroyed Crielle's body. (btw that chapter of TGATNW made my day 10x better)

That’s a cool theory, anon!

I definitely think Crielle influenced Gwyn’s gestation a lot, though not necessarily all via her glamour. There was definitely like this weird circle of energy between them. Would Gwyn have been a fae with light powers, if Crielle hadn’t called him her child of light? Hadn’t wished on a star? Didn’t have that glamour? Probably not. None of the other common fae in that family have ever had the power before.

But Gwyn was always going to be very powerful, no matter what his core ability was. Crielle’s glamour is out of this world, and she had an immense amount of power to confer onto a child. Gwyn was always destined in that sense, to be a huge locus of power, it’s also one of the reasons he’s got this massive untapped well of magical power as well.

But yeah that is an awesome theory, anon. :D

My Top 5 Ships

I was tagged by @dreamersdaredarling on my Charmed blog @wearethecharmedones but since it is Phoebe Month, I’m posting on my regular blog. I’m also adding “Moment I shipped them” Note: These are in random order since I have way too many ships

1. Carol and Daryl from The Walking Dead
    Moment I shipped them:
When Daryl held her back after Sophia came out of the barn. I was goner. Still am.

2. Zuko and Katara from Avatar: The Last Airbender
    Moment I shipped them:
The crystal cave duh

3. Piper and Leo from Charmed
    Moment I shipped them:
I was younger when I watched Charmed but it had to be when Piper made the first move

4. Barry and Iris from The Flash
    Moment I shipped them:
Literally the first episode. I could see Barry was hopelessly in love with them and it was adorable.

5. Hermione and Ron from Harry Potter
    Moment I shipped them:
POA when they were fighting. I think I yelled for them to stop being stupid. Also in GOF when Ron got jealous over Krum

I tag @spinneryesteryear @sleeplessbutdreaming @nerdy-cake and anyone else!

Do you ever get that feeling of suddenly being REALLY inspired just by listening to a certain song? Because that’s exactly what happened to me as I drew this. I really want to continue with this and visualize the whole song I heard, but I have way too many projects ongoing at the moment (as usual). Hopefully I’ll get back to this and finish it, because I’m pretty sure you’d like to see the story behind it ;)

Now let me return to my other duties xD

6 frames; 1 fps

Redecorating Captain’s Cabin

A'yi grabbed her books and the mail from the Astrologicum and headed over to the Scholasticate to log some much needed study time.  Pushing the huge door open with her heavy satchel on her hip she overheard some heated conversation and nearly every seat was taken.  She sighed and backed out of the room.  She could not go to her cabin there was way too many distractions.  She thought for a moment… I will go to the Captain’s cabin she knew there was a large desk in there.  She used aether to get there just to save time.  She knew the Captain was with Ayla and likely to not come home anytime soon.  When she opened the door the desk was piled high with papers she set down her bag and moved them all to smaller piles where she could find room, on the couch, the bed, the floor, the shelf clearing the desk. They looked important so she would try to remember which pile went where.  She pulled out a volume and started to study.  Learning new things seemed to come easy for her though she still needed to make some notes.  She bent down to dig in her bag for some ink and parchment.  There was an envelope with her name printed neatly on the outside but she decided to look at that after she studied. Her hand did graze her latest purchase and she giggled it was a large tube of glitter.  She pulled it out and rolled it back and forth on the desk thinking if her dagger training did not work out if she could projectile glitter she could do some damage, much like sand in the face.  She wanted to rummage though the Captain’s desk for some sort of stretchy stuff to test her theory but it was locked.  As luck would have it she does not give up that easily.  She pulled off one of her stretchy leggings and cut a strip long enough to tie into a loop.  She positioned the tube in the loop and pulled back she did not want it to spill so she did not open it.  Pulling back on the elastic and the tube she aimed for the ceiling moving to the bed to get a better angle.  sitting on the sheets she let go and the tube shot up in the air much faster than expected hitting the ceiling and busting, as she watched a downpour of glitter cover the room.  A scream and “Oh Gawds”  was all anyone would hear from the other side of the shut door.  She sat there stunned for a moment before falling over covered in glitter, in fact his whole cabin was glitter.   She laid there for a moment before jumping up and running back and forth trying to clean it up, there was even a ton of glitter floating in the hot tub.  The more she cleaned and ran around the more glitter fell off her.  She decided it was best to go to her cabin and clean up before coming back to clean his room.  She pulled the door shut behind her and snuck to her cabin she prayed to the twelve she would get back and get it cleaned up before he stopped in to check on things.    

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Day 27/100 | September 10
I got about a third of my linear algebra assignment done today. So that was nice.
I also went to brunch with my best friend, and we followed that up with a trip to the library. I checked out way too many books. 📚😃📖

I’m digging the OneNote tablet app at the moment. It is saving me from death by refill. 👍