Taehyung Scenario: Steel Hearts Part. 3

Request: can I request a Taehyung robot au except the mc gets him as a birthday present from her parents bc they realize that she’s been feeling lonely lately?

Genre: Fluff / Romance

Part 1 / Part 2

You never knew robots could be so real, until your parents gave you Taehyung.

Taehyung kept taking photos of you no matter how many times you told him to stop doing it. You even read the manual, checking if there was an option for you to turn the camera off, but it appeared that said function could only be deactivated for a technician at the brand’s fabric and laboratories which was located way too far from your house. But you discovered some other interesting things about this robot of yours after your little investigation.

He could translate from ten different languages, he could learn whatever discipline you choose just by buying a software at the company’s internet site and he could even charge your phone, although that would cost him part of his own battery. And of course he was a deadly annoying wake up alarm.

-Y/N!- he was cheering loudly at five thirty in the morning. -Y/N wake up, wake up Y/N!-

You covered your head with a pillow, Taehyung managing to take it immediately away from you. -Stop-

-This Taehyung won’t stop until Y/N is up- you didn’t move so Taehyung kept shouting your name.- Y/N told this Taehyung to don’t stop after she was up-
You groaned. -Alright, I’m up, but stop talking in third person for god’s sake-

He looked confused. -But you told this Taehyung to speak like that until you were up the bed-

-I’m up- you said now on your feet. -You see? I’m up-

Taehyung smiled. -Good morning Y/N-

Seeing him like that you couldn’t help but smile a little in return. -Yeah, good morning to you too-

Today your parents were coming home, so last night you had made a quick cleaning all over the house, of course with the help of Taehyung who proved to be a handyman in the making, the robot could achieve any task, from swiping the floors to cleaning the oven. 

That day you followed your new normal routine, which was getting up as late as you could but still with enough time to arrive at school on time looking human and awake, then enduring time at school in which you only enjoyed certain classes, like your psychology extra academic for example, but that one you saw only on friday, which wasn’t today. 

The routine was pretty normal and there was nothing new on it, the novelty was  that now you weren’t coming home alone, now every day waiting for you at the school’s gates was a tall and handsome guy, no one would give a second thought on him being an idol, or just a fortunate over the average good looking guy; no one would ever suspect that Taehyung who waited patiently for you was actually a robot.

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okay so this showed up in my recommended and i decided to check it out, even though i thought it would probably be really gross and disrespectful like most anti-sjw blogs but i was really pleasantly surprised to see that you're respectful and pretty much only mock the things that take stuff way too far or that are just ridiculous. thank you so much!!!

no problem! i try to be as humane and respectful as i can when delivering my arguments!

I honestly HATE Dean & Lorelai’s relationship. Say what you want about Dean as a character, you can’t deny their interactions are always borderline creepy. Lorelai always takes his side over Rory’s. She never thinks it’s weird how obsessive he is with Rory. ((I’m not sure she knew about his, umm, anger issues so I won’t get into that.)) And she makes Rory feel bad whenever she questions whether or not she wants to be with him. Not cool. And Dean has no problem going to Lorelai to whine about Rory. Argh I hate it so much!!

I love how close Rory an Lorelai are! I love that the grown ups of Stars Hollow can hang out with L & R together like its no big deal. I love that Lane is “friends” with them both. And even Paris a little bit. But Dean takes it way too far!


Happy 40th birthday, Benedict Cumberbatch! (July 19, 1976)

realistically i’m never gonna get over 1d so many of my friends have moved on to other fandoms but i’m telling you now i’m way too far up their asses to dislodge myself and be free


Well, I do believe that’s a head shot, Mrs. Woodhull.