Series 4 is imminent and terrifying and TOO SOON, so here’s a sketch of Sherlock looking distressed and hopeless while on a bridge.

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it's gonna just kill me if nothing changes in this fandom. If people are still taking any chance they can to tear down Danielle when, at this point even if she isn't Louis girlfriend she's clearly a very close friend of him and his family. If people still mock Freddie and make it difficult for Louis to be as open and proud about him as he wants to be. If people continue to poke and prod where they're not wanted to prove a point. I can't take it. Im begging people to see reality. Begging.

i don’t think my heart can take it either. thinking back over this past year and my behavior or the things i let slide because i didn’t want to cause ~drama has been really difficult so i know, like, i know how hard this is for people (and i’m here for anyone who wants to talk), but it’s like… things have gone way too far. it has to stop. louis and his family deserve better from us.

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Oh hell no. That post the other anon told you to read about Kaneki possibly attacking :re/Touka is too much. 😶 It seems too over exaggerating imo.

I didn’t read the post but I really doubt he would do something like that, lol, sometimes this fandom goes way too far with the theories… 


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I’ve… been saved by you countless times, right?


Happy 40th birthday, Benedict Cumberbatch! (July 19, 1976)

“Despite all of her son’s success, one of Ann Hurley Beyer’s favorite memories of her son is him at age 6, when young Andrew Hurley told his mom to wait upstairs while he put on a shirt and tie, put on some classical music, and asked his mother to come downstairs and slow dance with him.” can u hear me literally sobbing and dying in the fucking corner