Some Exo-L’s really took things WAY too far the moment that BTS won the daesang. They called Melon and somehow even contacted someone from the government. Even though Melon explained the reason why BTS won over and over again (even they pointed it out that Exo-L’s kept calling them) they still continued to complain and leave hateful comments. And I don’t know how but they somehow got the government involved in this situation as well & do y'all think that Exo would take the daesang? It would just make things awkward between those groups. So shouldn’t it be the time to just live with the fact that BTS won the daesang? I really lost all my respect for Exo-L’s.

Okay but WHY does Ed find the idea of Oswald being in love with him ridiculous? Has the thought simply never occurred? Is his view of Oswald simply shrouded in aloof asexuality? Does he think Oswald is way too far out of his league? SOMEONE HELP ME UNDERSTAND. 

pairing: jongtae
genre: romance, smut
rating: r (non-explicit sex)
word count: 595
a/n: part of a larger wip

wherein taemin says ‘yes’ because has no reason to say ‘no’

taemin comes out of the washroom rubbing his hands, the feel of cold water on his skin refreshing after the sticky mess he’d made with the book store cafe’s cinnamon roll.  he shoves them in his pocket & drops his head as he makes his way towards the exit. he’s a paying customer but it still feels like they see what he is & he hasn’t yet come to terms with it. he’s halfway out when a man pops out of an aisle & nearly knocks him down.  they stand there, stunned, blinking, & the other smiles in a way that is far too bright for a cloudy afternoon.

“hi!  do you happen to know where the manga are?  i got turned around & now i’m a little lost.”  very lost, taemin thinks, since they’re standing in the religious section.  he swallows at the thought & frowns because he’s clearly not a clerk & the other man is still smiling at him.  but he knows where they are & he knows what it’s like to be lost.

“over here.”  he tilts his head to the left as he turns & heads down the aisle, avoiding the bibles that watch him passively from the shelves.  they reach the display & he gestures to the selection.

“awesome.  do you have any recommendations?”  taemin pauses, startled by the request.  

“uh, yeah.  this one’s pretty good.”  he pulls a familiar title off the shelf & hands it over to the stranger.  the other inspects it closely, flipping through a few pages.  he snaps it shut & looks up at taemin with that same smile, the one that’s a bit too bright.

“thanks, i think i’ll give it a try.  can i buy you a drink?”  it’s such an abrupt shift that taemin’s not sure he’s heard right.


“a drink.”  he’s pointing to the cafe taemin was just in & still smiling.  taemin shrugs & says, “sure”.

the guy’s name is jonghyun & he’s a professor of music.  he’s engaging & nice & he smiles quite a bit.  it’s disarming.  when he asks taemin if he wants to go back to his place he says yes because he has no reason to say no, & it’s often the safer answer.  it’s a small apartment with a big television & an even bigger stereo system.  a guitar sits in one corner & there are candles on either side of the sofa. jonghyun lights them & has taemin sit down & they talk for a while. 

he’s not subtle, his gaze flickering down to taemin’s lips frequently.  he lets him kiss him because he asks & because he has no reason not to.  there’s a certain timidity in everything jonghyun does, even when he’s fucking taemin in his bed, as though he can’t quite believe that he’s stayed, that this is all happening.  his confidence is a front & a protection, one that taemin is intimately familiar with & is a comforting tether to this stranger.

he leaves the room with the promise to return & there’s a look of disappointment on his face when he returns to find taemin half-dressed.

“are you leaving?”  it’s not a question he’s used to hearing, the reverse often implied or stated outright & he’s not certain if he’s being invited to stay.  he is. he’s naked again & even sweatier when he falls asleep, the unfamiliar arm holding him around the waist a neutral experience that has connotations he’s not ready to explore.

jonghyun makes him breakfast in the morning.

& dinner that night.

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I don't understand... there are still people skeptical and angry. Do you think JJs insistence on a "mystery box" has turned off a big part of the fanbase for good?

Of course there are still people skeptical and angry; the “mystery box” has made this whole thing spin way too far out of control, and nothing will be resolved until Rey’s parentage is finally revealed in December 2017. 

Honestly, at this point, I don’t care what other people have to say about Daisy’s comments. To me, the message was pretty clear: The answer really is right there, just like ReySky fans have been saying for months. So much for TFA trying to set us up with a red herring, right? 


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I’ve… been saved by you countless times, right?


Happy 40th birthday, Benedict Cumberbatch! (July 19, 1976)

“Despite all of her son’s success, one of Ann Hurley Beyer’s favorite memories of her son is him at age 6, when young Andrew Hurley told his mom to wait upstairs while he put on a shirt and tie, put on some classical music, and asked his mother to come downstairs and slow dance with him.” can u hear me literally sobbing and dying in the fucking corner