So, after a lot of playtesting, the biggest issue people had was with the collisions. Since Virgo (and all other NPCs for that matter) stand way too far from each other (the same problem exists for most interactive elements in the world) because of tile size and their proportions to it (tiles are 24x24 with 4x zoom), it may look like interactive stuff isn’t really interactive because you can’t really ‘touch it’.

Something that I couldn’t solve with free movement plugins and trying to change tiles inside the grid because of how NPCs/events can only be placed in the middle of their tiles, and if they didn’t, there would be a lot of invisible collisions throught the world.

It was a huge design oversight and I’ve already spent a lot of time trying to fix it without having to resort in changing Virgo’s (and every other NPC) world sprites, but it is the most sensible thing to do right now to avoid confusion and weird 5 km conversations between NPCs.

I would like to know your opinions on it, though, since it does change a lot about the game, as illustrated above how the same situation looks right now and how it would look with Virgo/NPCs filling their tile space some more. I can’t possibly make Virgo bigger, or this would hurt her design too much. So, please tell me if you like this new design, and if this distance between the characters bother you at all! It was really the best I could do, and I’m running out of ideas. :C


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I spent 4 dollars to upgrade my stupid acapella app to be able to record 3 minutes so y'all better reblog the hell outta this full cover of How Far I’ll go


“I always get happy when the sun’s out, shining. I’ve always had a thing about that. Like, I hate it when it’s like raining. But when the sun’s out, I can’t help but be like smiling.” x

Happy Birthday, Alexander David Turner - January 6th 1986


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This is possibly reaching but it just caught my eye

So we see in this fight that Sasuke protects Naruto

and then he says this

So he is using “the past” in reference to Naruto. 

Then, before the last fight, Kakashi says this about Sakura’s feelings for Sasuke 

He instantly relates “loving someone so much it’s breaking your heart” to “chains from a failed past” and it shows his family

Who do we know that reminds him of his family? That he needs to break his bond with to be alone?

I feel he could only really be talking about Naruto, since his entire family, including Itachi, is now gone and Naruto was the only person left that could be considered a “chain” as he is Sasuke’s “one and only friend”

If you consider that Sasuke singled out Naruto as the only obstacle that kept him from being “alone”, it really seems like Sasuke “loves him so much it’s breaking his heart.”

I might be overanalyzing but I haven’t seen anyone bring this up before, so here it is for your consideration.