I swear it has to be possible to fall in love with songs, I mean like deeply in love like where your heart aches and feels like it’s going to burst out of your chest and it’s like you’re so happy you’re almost in pain but you never want it to stop I know it has to be real and I think it’s the most beautiful thing ever

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woah i don't even think many reylo shippers who reblogged that hug gif even realized that the op used Finn's body for the manip but I noticed it after you pointed it out and you're right. That erases Finn and was whitewashing. Yeah I know the op also erased Han Solo in order to make the manip but the more problematic part is the erasing of Finn because Star Wars Fandom already doesn't talk about Finn enough as it is.

Exactly. And it literally changed the color of Finn’s hand on Rey’s shoulder to white so it would match Adam Driver. You can tell it’s still John’s hand just literally whitewashed because he’s still wearing the same jacket. I get that we don’t have a lot of material to work with for manips but this went way too far.


I’ve… been saved by you countless times, right?


Happy 40th birthday, Benedict Cumberbatch! (July 19, 1976)

“Despite all of her son’s success, one of Ann Hurley Beyer’s favorite memories of her son is him at age 6, when young Andrew Hurley told his mom to wait upstairs while he put on a shirt and tie, put on some classical music, and asked his mother to come downstairs and slow dance with him.” can u hear me literally sobbing and dying in the fucking corner