Alright, let me get this straight...

James: If we ever get married, I wanna get married in Venezuela that way your family can be there. 

Natalie: Yeah, that would be really cool if that happened. That would be amazing. I don’t want a big wedding though. I want a small wedding.

James: We’d have to fly everyone out.

Natalie: If you win BB18 you can fly everyone out.

James: I don’t know…it’s too early to tell if I’m gonna win BB18.

Natalie: Yeah, nobody really knows if they’re gonna win or not.

So, basically…

Jatalie: Oh, it’s way too early to tell who’s going to win BB, but planning our wedding?  No problem!  What color do you want the flowers to be bae???


anonymous asked:

Some of the Band Six members have mentioned things like people taking pics of them like they were a zoo attraction or people coming up to gawk at them when they were trying to eat. Another time people thought they were a group of rappers. But, yeah, I don't think trying to get dirt on BB or YG from them is the way to go. I mean, they've chosen to continue working with them for many yrs and have been on all group tours and almost all solo tours too.