If you post original gifsets, photos, music and/or artworks and you are terrified by the new tumblr feature allowing people to erase captions in one click clap your haaaaaands


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But honestly it would just be easier to have an ED then "recover" and gain muscle from there. That's what all the girls on here do, you, aubernuter, birdyally and basically everyone so that's most definitely the way.

LOL YOURE IGNORANT. EASIER? You’re saying it’s easier to ruin your life, relationships, basically everything in your life hen to go and work your ass off like everybody else did to achieve what they have now? I can’t stand this mindset. Having an ED would be easier? Really? Hating yourself every single day? Constantly thinking about food? The constant hate for yourself? Not being able to control your own thoughts? Being sad? Being tired? Being cold all the time? Having your hair fall out? Not being able to sit down because it physically hurts so much? The constant negativity? Anxiety attacks? Really? Does that sound easier then going to the gym? Think before you send hateful messages.


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By Dunkmaster Yi

If you have the shitty new reblog thing and you want to trim your threads


Reblog the thread like so


Copy the text out of that box from where you want to cut it from and set it up in a blockquote or whatever. Also press the X on the box so everything looks like so


Now with bigger threads, or if you don’t want to cut it to just one, you may have to go into the html tab to make sure everything cascades correctly. If you’re not confident with writing your reply in the html mode, you can at this point save the reply to your drafts. It will then look like this when you go to edit it

but if you’re just cutting to one like above or you’re ready to write then


Write your response to your heart’s content

Hope this helps someone in some way if this becomes a permanent feature

I sleep in my band shirts because they make me have less anxiety and also if they’re new shirts it’s an easier way to make them more comfortable


Brad knows how important the plan is, and being heir means getting married and having kids. He was totally game to be part of it, mostly because he actually totally loves London.

Grey: man this is way easier when you aren’t doing it for a national audience!

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To your last anon: don't give up on lashes! I know they can be so difficult at first, after my fourth failed attempt I was on the verge of tears, I was so frustrated! But now I literally pop them on in like 10 seconds, you'll get there! Try to pick up lashes with a very thin band, I learned with the ardell wispies and they're still some of my favorites! Don't give up, they make a huge difference and they look beautiful!

yes i forgot about that tip! the thin band makes such a huge difference and its way easier to blend for beginner

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For the Anon asking about sight-singing: learning to read ahead is pretty daunting to think about because it feels like relinquishing control. If you can trust yourself and your ear enough to do it, sight reading becomes way easier. What I find hard is not backtracking when I make a mistake. But it's essential in sight-singing to keep moving forward and never break your tempo. And keep plugging along. Becoming a good sight reader takes practice just like any other aspect of your music.

Looking for Dream Addresses!

hey!! as some of you may or may not know, I have a sideblog for my dream adventures, and I stopped it recently due to getting a New 3DS and thought it was awkward, because of where the sd card is placed! 

BUT!! Miiverse have finally released the “screenshot album” thing, so it’s way easier and faster than making actual posts on miiverse, meaning I can access my screenshots easier!!


I can’t guarantee I’ll visit every one, please keep that in mind!!

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hey, i'm jewish and idk how to define myself... like i'm half italian (sepharadi jew) and half moroccan & algerian (mizrahi jew). i have very pale skin but mizrahi features and what do i call myself lol

It sounds to me like you’re mixed Sephardi/Mizrahi. I don’t think there’s an easier way to say it. 

Scrolling though my dash, I have been watching everybody’s reactions to Tumblr’s dumbass update. Some people are surprisingly chill and think they can work around it. But if you’re impatient and not as savvy with html as I am, I have an easier way that will fix Tumblr’s stupid decision. Some of you may have noticed this post circling around. This is the best fix for the reblog situation I have seen yet. However, I have noticed that some people are using it and it’s not working for them. That’s because you can’t just install the extension on it’s own, you have to insert the script that is given at the bottom of the post into the the extension. It sounds like a lot to do, but it actually take five minutes to set up if you know what you’re doing. I promise you, none of these links will give you a virus and they work like a charm. Also, I think there may be an easier way to set it up that involves just a few clicks, but this is how I did it and if you follow closely it’s pretty much faultless. 

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how do you make the boarder tiles for your games? And what's your usual sprite strategy?

hmm, anon, i’m not really quite sure what you mean by all this? for the border tiles, are you talking about something like this? if so, i made them all using Paint Tool SAI and they’re all actually images rather than titles. using the “Display Picture” function to show the image and set it as ‘1′ so that i can overlay the talksprites on top of them!

also for sprite strategy, i guess for the walking sprites, i use the same ‘base’ for all of them (it’s more like a sketchy outline) and just change the heights according to different characters. for talking sprites i switched from lined to lineless sprites and also make all their parts (body, arms, eyes, etc) seperate layers so i can change their pose and expressions! it’s much more easier that way than before, tbh.

Am I the only one who actually enjoys playing Sevcik? I find the scales and arpeggios way easier than other books and the intonation stuff is actually helpful instead of just being frustrating. When I plug out 20 minutes of Sevcik it feels like I’ve actually accomplished something.

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Hey! I must be way behind but I have not seen the interviews where Paul is saying something like "I want you baby" or when he talks about how he wants sterolines first date to be like. Do you have any links to them? Thanks a lot and I love all your fics!!

Sure anon!

· First date: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PTRHdIDtjNU

· “I want you baby”: www.accesshollywood.com/paul-wesley-teases-the-vampire-diaries-season-7_video_2889237

Thank you and enjoy :)

Oh, and in case anyone thinks is behind too, I always post everything (any interview, any picture, any article) about Steroline in my FB page: https://www.facebook.com/sterolineteam It’s an easier way to find everything because in Twitter there’s a lot of random talk

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Thanks so much for your words of encouragement about those that could be thinking about deleting because of the latest and needless Tumblr update. I am deleting not because of that, but because RPing stopped being fun in the new home I chose. Continue to be encouraging but I don’t need to tell you that because that is who you are.

I absolute support anyone that feels that it is best for them to delete and stop rping, that is what I had to do as it was stressing me out so badly so please please please always do what is right for you. Always put your needs and health before RPing!

If anyone is considering deleting because of the new update, please stick it out for a week or two before you do! The update looks and sounds completely awful, but maybe there will be an add-on developed to counteract it or perhaps someone will figure out an easier way to RP with it. Just stick it out for a little bit before you make your decision!

beatbutton replied to your post:I take back what I said in the tags of a previous…

It’s always been super easy to erase all comments on a post I dunno what you’re talking about

Well yes, you could always highlight and delete. But you could also stop at any point, deleteing some comments but not others. This update makes it harder to keep only SOME of the comments, and way easier to delete them all with literally one click. They changed it so that now when you go to reblog a post, all the reblog-comments are frozen as one big block. This prevents you from tampering with previous people’s comments, which is kinda nice. But it also has a big “x” in the top-right corner that lets you delete the entire block of comments, including the one that the original poster made, which is SHIT.

There is a workaround: you click on the name of the person whose comments you want to keep, follow the post to their blog, and reblog it from there. But people are lazy as hell and they’re not gunna think to do that. They’re just gunna reblog from the dash and hit that “X” and delete EVERYTHING. As someone who uses art and words in tandem for my posts, this pisses me off a LOT. Very few of my AU doodle posts make any goddamn sense without my sentences at the bottom expanding on them.

And what about RPers who like to keep chains of conversation all on the same post but delete comments from the top down as they go, to save space? Shit outta luck.

This update has a nice premise, but horrible execution imo. 

Alright since it’s v hard to message everyone I’ll just make a post.
If you need something my askbox is always open, if you need help to introduce yourselves I’m always here, but doing it this way is easier so…
Friendship matches yay!!

Nur & Natalie (nurtheawesome and damnthatclifford)

McKenna & Jacqueline (dearestginger and 4aussiedorks)

Alexis & Tatiana (converse-lukey and just-alittle-boring)

Zoey & Hailey (softgrunge-floralsmke and mychemicaimuke)

Sarah (aka Sare Bear) & Macey (too-con-fused and liamdunbarsmermaid)

 Peyton & Amber  (grungeluek and enchantinglrh)

Kat & Nysa (punkrockkittenmikeh and smartypants42203)

Faith & Camila (clxssicharry and hxlsey-xshley)

Ana & Sophie (captainhemmingss and 5sosafblogthing)

Have fun with your new friendships and of course if everything works out don’t forget to message me to let me know so that I can add you to my SUCCESSFUL FRIENDSHIPS page :)