Hello everyone!!! So I apologize for not updating you all about my transition. My life has been chaotic but in a good way. The picture above shows the difference from pre-t to one month on t😊 Feburary 21st will be my one and a half months on t! I can’t believe it’s already been that long.
So far the biggest differences I’ve noticed is the overall change in my body shape. My hips have slimmed down and my breasts have gotten a lot smaller. My shoulders have broadened and it’s way easier to gain muscle. I’ve also gained quite a lot of hairs everywhere. Oh! And this week my voice has started cracking like crazy so I’m super stoked for that
I hope you’re all having a fabulous day❤️

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How would Levi, Erwin, and Hanji deal with a s/o that isn't apart of the survey corps being worried about them?


  • Even though they do have a mailing system, it’s not something he can do often. He actually keeps a daily log of the things he does as long with some loving notes to his partner, and he’ll send them everything in one go so they know he’s okay.
  • On his off days he’s usually the one to come see them. It’s easier that way, because the last thing he’d want is his partner coming to see him only to be turned away because he’s too busy with work.
  • Knowing he has someone to return home to makes him do a lot better in battle and also makes him a bit more compassionate, but it’s definitely not something he’d admit to them or anyone else.


  • Uses his power to a slight advantage on his part. When he knows it won’t hinder his work or anything else, he’ll take a free day to go visit his partner and tell them he’s doing fine.
  • Tends to be more calm and logical during battles because he doesn’t want to think about his partner when they find out he’s dead.
  • Makes sure to send them letters and updates whenever he can, which is frequently because of his position.


  • Appreciates how worried her partner gets, and enjoys how they care about her so much. She’ll often tell them not to worry simply because “It takes takes a lot more to kill the Hanji Zoe than that!”
  • Sometimes she simply gets too caught up in her work to remember to update them on her status, which has caused them to unexpectedly show up to her work more than once.
  • On the chance that this does happen, she’ll let them spend the whole day in the lab with her, despite any orders she may have gotten not to.

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[honmeichoco] Suga, Oikawa, these chocolates are for you! Suga's one has chilli in it because apparently that actually tastes nice? But unfortunately they look the same and I forgot which was which, so uh, have fun figuring that out!

Suga laughs. “Looks like we’ll have to taste them at the same time so we know which is which huh, Tooru?”

“There must be an easier way than that Koucchi,” Oikawa frowns. “I don’t want to bite into a chili pretending to be chocolate.”

“C'mon, ___ made it,” Suga says with a grin. “No hurt to try, don’t you think, ___?”

You laugh. “I don’t want Tooru to die, that’s all.”

The two boys flip a coin to see which of the chocolates they’re going to try. The chocolates are bars, big enough to still have some left even if they share, so the two decide it would be fine.

“At the same time,” you call. “One, two–”


Oikawa THROWS the chocolate to Sugawara’s arms, who laughs as he chews the milky chocolate in his mouth. “Honestly, I bet it’s not even that spicy, Tooru.”

“BUT IT IS,” Oikawa whines. He throws out almost all of the things in his sports bag to find his water jug, and drains it of its contents in a gulp. Gasping for air, Oikawa pouts. “It’s really strong.”

“That’s how Koushi likes it,” you reason out. “I’m sorry I forgot to label it.”

Oikawa grins. “Maybe I can give you a little payback, ___-chan~”

With your mouth open to ask for how exactly he was gonna do that, Oikawa kisses you with tongue and all, letting the little bit of the spice left in his mouth get to you. Suddenly assaulted by its strength, tears begin to form at the corner of your mouth even if you’re too hesitant to pull away from the kiss.

Sugawara laughs from the side, chewing on his own chocolate. “Not that bad, not too spicy.”

You and Oikawa break away to turn at him with shocked eyes.

Happy valentines day, everyone! 
I’ll be spending it with my one true love; pizza (灬ºωº灬)♡

But while we’re on the topic of spreading love, there are a few people I’d like to personally thank for making my simblr experience awesome!

Honestly, you’ve kept me going the past weeks. Despite me being an antisocial piece of crap, I feel like you’re easy to talk to whenever we chat, and I really appreciate you hearing me out when I was ranting about schools a while back.
As of now I practically live for your legacy, so please accept a hug from your friendly neighbourhood stalker~ ⊂((・▽・))⊃

One of the first people I spoke to after I joined the community, and despite me being a total noob you sat down and taught me how to recolor things way easier than what I was trying to do. You were nothing but helpful despite how slow I am. I’ve loved seeing you gain more confidence in your storytelling, and Rise and Fall is one of the best stories I’m currently following!

Legacy buddy! We started up at around the same time, and oh my god do I love your way of portraying your characters! It’s thanks to you that I dared writing more “freely” if I can say that, and I love seeing your posts on my dash.
Thank you for all the laughs you’ve given me!

One of the two main reasons I even started a simblr in the first place. I followed you a while from another blog, and you helped me get started on my simblr, which I honestly found really strange seeing as I kept asking all these annoying questions. But I have you to thank for even daring to put my stuff out here.

The other of the two main reasons I started a simblr. You were the first simblr I ever followed on my main blog, and your blog introduced me to the community and the people in it. Your legacy was the first I’ve ever read, and I’m still glued to the screen waiting for updates on it (even if I should be asleep when you update). 

Let’s be Life is Strange trash together! Thank you for helping me find certain pieces of CC, and for keeping up with my short, but many LiS rants. And, you know, for sharing my view on certain things so I don’t have to hold it in. :’D

Favorite sims 3 blog! I didn’t think it was possible to have so much fun reading through someones updates, but here I am waiting for your updates like a child waiting for presents on their birthday! 
Puddlesworth for president? Yes? No? Okay. (・ω・;)

Of course I love all of my friends and followers here, you’ve all made my first month on here really exciting, and you’ve taught me so much!
Honestly I’d write something about all of you, but language barriers suck ass and I’d probably end up repeating myself because you’re all too awesome for me to handle. 
∠( ᐛ 」∠)_

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Do you have any tips for teaching an adult dog? My dog is pretty well versed in most commands but I'm considering training him as a mobility service dog. I was just curious if there was any easier ways to go about training him things like under, etc?

Well, first, it depends what kind of mobility work you’re thinking of. I only really need momentum pull and very, very light counterbalance, so if you need something like bracing or guiding, I can’t help you farther than the basic theory behind it.

As far as easier, there’s nothing really to make training easier outside of figuring out how to train the dog that’s in front of you. Find out what your dog finds rewarding, find out what your dog finds fun, and go from there.

For “under”, for example, Creed does not like under very much. I think he feels very restricted in such a tight space and typically he needs a moment before he decides if he can actually squeeze under there. He usually settles half laying on my feet with just the tip of his nose sticking out from underneath the table. To get him to do it in the first place, we combined multiple things he found fun (an army crawl, a spin, and snappy obedience for a great reward) into a single command.

But honestly? I think adult dogs are easier to teach than puppies. Puppies are hard because of imprinting, socialization, fear periods, and a complete lack of mental maturity. Adults typically pick things up faster (provided of course that the trainer is communicating correctly what they want), form the muscle memory needed for specific positions, and don’t get frustrated as easily when something is a little difficult to work out. It’s like a toddler vs a grad student- you give a toddler grad student stuff and you’re lucky if they do more than drool and color all over it. You tell a toddler to solve a rubix cube and they’re more likely to chuck it at your head than they are to actually solve it. As you age, you gain the mental maturity needed to problem solve and figure out the answers to hard questions. It makes sense that an adult dog would do so too.

If you like, you can think about it like language fluency- it might be easier to teach a young child how to speak multiple languages with fluency and a native accent than an adult, but the adult is vastly more likely to use and practice the multiple languages at a harder level. Imprinting good training habits on a puppy makes training the resulting adult easier, but the adult is going to be the one actually using these skills.

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that anon was rude af. there are easier ways to tell someone to tag spoilers without being an asshole. dw about that loser. also, i normally use "hq spoilers" for the tag and thats what i see around mostly!!

I do.  I honestly try to tag the spoilers but I never know how long after it comes out that I should still tag because then I’d be tagging the manga forever because we’re only at the Karasuno vs. Seijou match in the anime.


Prompt: Pansy and Hermione get drunk together and make a bet for who will be the one to get drarry together. 

Hermione isn’t much for bets. She’s not very much into drinking either. She usually can’t stand Pansy Parkinson, but somehow all three gets combined when their mutual friends “hates” each other so much they have to go to the same party so they can keep an eye on each other. So Hermione finds herself in someones room, with Pansy and they’re actually holding (a very tipsy) conversation when Pansy makes a bet Hermione knows she can win. She can’t refuse. Getting Harry to kiss Malfoy will be way easier for her than for Parkinson to make Malfoy kiss Harry. So she agrees. 

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Hey, I was gonna say something supportive about anxiety, but I got nervous, now all I can think of is: you're not alone, so I feel you.

Originally posted by hellaharrysgay

in real life it’s easy to deal with it because i can just nod and smile and maybe talk about the weather but online it’s harder because i cant just start talking about the weather can i?? :D and then when i figure out something to talk about it’s been hours and i start thinking that i will be bothering them and in the end the conversation just kinda dies ;/

iKON x andGirl

When do you think noonas are cute?

BOBBY: I think it’s cute when they look perfect but they still make mistakes sometimes. For example, when their left & right socks are different.
B.I: When showing that they are shy. That is cute.

If you are a girl, which member do you want to date?

BOBBY: Oh! Hmm… who should I pick? It’s hard to pick… but Chanwoo! Because he’s the youngest and his personality and face are cute. In a sisterly kind of way, I want to baby him.
B.I: Bobby. There isn’t any reason why.

What type of fashion do you like on a girl?

BOBBY: Of course, sneakers with blue skinny jeans & a big cardigan is “My Type.”
B.I: Girls who wear knitted top & tight jeans.

What is your ideal type?

BOBBY: Someone who knows what they like and knows what suits them. Also, I like girls who have a strong personality, for example, someone who also suits a two block cut.  YES. It’s a man’s hairstyle. YES, it looks like Hanbin’s *cough*

B.I: I prefer girls who are cute than pretty, look like someone who is mixed with features that are sharp. Even though we are lovers we can be like friends playing together. That is my ideal type.

Words to describe your personality?

BOBBY: I’m a free spirit.
B.I: No matter where I am, I can be crazy

What is your weakness?

BOBBY: I’m too free that I can’t keep up sometimes.
B.I: When facing girls, whatever they say, I will do it.

What is your favorite sentence?

BOBBY: I like to be told to “do what I like.” Yeah, Being free is what makes me the happiest.
B.I: If I can do it, I will do it.

Trans by @kya_mii (Bobby), @ikon_21 (B.I)

Psssst. *whispers* The general population addicted to gossip sites outside of the 1D fandom doesn’t give a shit what happened in the previous five years and they have no idea (nor will they ever) who Eleanor is. They barely know who Briana is. Update accounts can @ TMZ all they want, it won’t change a thing. TMZ has a story to tell with a dramatic plot twist that will be unsurprising to exactly no one inside this fandom.

*backs away slowly*

Masks, Miscues, & Mayhem

Whew.  Did I start a kerfuffle the other day or what?  As I mentioned on Twitter, that format isn’t the best to clear up miscommunications or misunderstandings.  Blogs are.  So here we go.

It all started with DC’s tweet about their All Access interview with Emily Bett

and my response:

To save people the chore of tagging @marcguggenheim on this post or selectively screencapping it for him.  There.  Tagged him.  Figured it was just easier this way, Marc.  I’m nothing if not transparent.  Whatever I say on any of my social media accounts I would gladly say face to face for discussion.  I’m all about discussion.  Good?  Good. 

For the purposes of this post, “mask” refers to a hero suit, mask, or combo of both.  It’s just a lazy shortcut for me cause I don’t want to keep having to type mask and/or suit.

Oh, one more thing: I have never, ever, said I speak for anyone, let alone the fandom. Ever.  I speak for myself.  Period.  My opinions and the things I say are mine.  This is why I encourage everyone to be vocal for themselves.  Is everyone going to always agree on things?  Of course not.  That’s why it’s called opinion. 

Now, before we get into what I was driving at in my tweet, let’s be super clear about what I was not saying. 

I was absolutely NOT saying:

1. Felicity Smoak is not a hero if she doesn’t have a mask!

2. Felicity Smoak won’t be recognized by others as a hero until she has a mask… so give her a mask!

3. I want/need/crave Felicity Smoak as a masked hero. It must happen!  It must!!! {hurls self on ground sobbing over her lack of maskdom}

4. I want Felicity Smoak to get a mask just so she can be in posters, ads, and other promotion

I think that’s clear enough.  Everybody gets what I was not saying, right?  Cool.  So set all those out of our brains for the rest of this discussion.  This is a conversation – with questions – about a topic that’s popped up repeatedly through the seasons.  All I’m doing is phrasing & presenting it a different way and I think that’s where the short-circuiting began.

Some of these questions were asked when CW released this promo:

They were asked when CW had this Heroes/Villains panel and looked like this.  And yes, David Ramsey was there, but he also teased discussion of Diggle getting some sort of suit.

They were asked again when this printed promotional material came out and popped up at cons and other promotional opportunities.

That question was: Why, if the CW Network and the Arrow show runners say, “You don’t need a mask to be a hero,” are the only people marketed/promoted as heroes by CW the ones in masks?

Keep this question in mind.  Also keep in mind that Arrow show runners don’t control network promotion.

The other day, Marc graciously answered an Ask I sent him.

I think I’m pretty clear in my ask, right?  I’m following up a point DC Comics itself raised in their interview with Emily.  I’m philosophically musing the issue of “Why not Felicity Smoak?” and I wanted to know his thoughts on Pros & Cons of suiting her up.  I think Marc is very clear in agreeing 100% that a hero does not need a mask and that Felicity Smoak IS a hero.  I think we all agree, right?  Right.

Am I outraged over no suits/mask for Felicity?  Pfft. Absolutely not. {points to #1-4 above}.  I don’t even care if she gets a mask for crying out loud. The mask is not  the point.  This is not a rant.  I am not angry.  What I am is trying to open a dialogue and discussion about Felicity Smoak because I’m curious.  When I want to know something: I ask.

Now, bring all this together with my response to DC Comics’ tweet and when apparently everything hit the fan in a jumble of Wha? 

What HAVE I been Saying / Asking

My question is simple.  Why Not Felicity?  Why?  Why, from a show structure stance, not Felicity Smoak?  This “Why Not“ question is not about the mask.  It’s about the entire landscape and philosophy behind the choices with this particular character by the show & network vs. other characters.

I ask Why Not Felicity? not because she “has to have” a mask but because - in a comic book based show - where everyone (okay, exception of Quentin noted)… everyone has become a masked hero… Why not Felicity?  Why is she where the “Never!” line is apparently drawn? Why is the answer, for her, a “it will probably be after I leave the show” when practically every other question, idea,  and proposition for other characters is almost always answered with, “Never say Never” and “it will happen if we can find an organic way to go there”?  Hell, even the No Goatee stance has recently been abandoned.

So… Why not Felicity?

Look, I love Felicity Smoak.  I adore her.  I love her for who she is on every level.  I also love her stunts.  I love her undercover missions.  I love when she gets to go into the field to help blow up buildings, take down a master jewel thief, thwart Slade Wilson, and jump out of airplanes.  Remember all that?  Of course you do.  It was fun stuff! 

Season 3 didn’t give her any of that.  Dark days.  Boo. 

Now, in Season 4, she’s paralyzed and obviously won’t be doing any of that stuff for awhile, if ever (cue dramatic music).  Could this still be great story for her?  Of course!  It’s why I’m waiting to see how it all plays out.  There’s great setup with her dad and so many things.  I’m a story whore.  Bring it.

BUT.  This does not prevent me from asking questions now because, while the current situation obviously has great story implications, it also has deeper, ongoing issues that – while unpleasant – still have to be considered.

Felicity designed tech.  But not anymore.  Cause people with masks/mask destinies get to do that now.

Felicity reconstructed the lair multiple times.  But not anymore.  Cause people with masks/mask destinies get to do that now. Yes, she “gave input” but still it was made clear: Mask.

Felicity is tasked with saving her company.  But doesn’t.  Cause somebody with a mask destiny (no we haven’t seen said mask, but yes, they’ve made it clear it’s coming) got to do it.  But hey, Felicity got to give a Powerpoint presentation about the brilliance of masked & soon-to-be-masked people’s achievements and contributions.

Felicity used to do stunts.  But doesn’t anymore.  Cause it’s not organic.  But… masks.

Felicity used to go into the field.  But doesn’t anymore.  Cause it’s not organic.  But… masks.

Felicity “used to” do a lot of things that are now “masked” assigned, organic for them, but not for her.  So no, Felicity Smoak does not need a mask, but the question must be asked: Does not having a mask mean she’s losing out on things bestowed upon those who are?

Wait! I hear you in the back! 

“Felicity Smoak doesn’t need a mask!  She’s a hacker & doesn’t even go on missions.  She stays in the lair and nobody sees her!”

Yes.  Exactly.  Absorb that for a moment: Felicity Smoak never goes on missions anymore.

Since when?

Originally posted by damnturtle1

Which brings us back around to this:

Again: pointing out that Felicity Smoak (maskless) rocks and is just as ass-kickery and awesome as Peggy (maskless) Carter. 

I totally get what Marc is saying here about a leap of faith putting people in masks.  Clearly they took that leap with Oliver.  And Diggle.  And Roy.  Thea. Sara.  Malcolm.  Nyssa.  Katana.  Slade.  Isabel.  Brother Blood.  Etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc.

Cause the potential to feel silly is high. 

I totally get that.  I think we’ve all had that moment with the show at some point where we all kind of chuckle at the “silly” sometimes.  He’s right. 

So.  Moratorium on masks then for the future then?  Not so fast.  Don’t forget Curtis. I like Curtis.  I’m cool with Curtis.  However, he’s also Mr. Terrific who, we’ve already been told, is destined for a mask too.  Curtis.  Who is already designing tech, saving the company, doing stunts, physically fighting (Cisco, too, btw, and nobody’s blinking at them doing it, but Felicity does it it’s outrageous?) and, has already been included on a field mission. 

Do you get WHY these questions are in my brain?  I don’t think they’re illogical.  I think some of them have popped into others brains at some point, too.  I’m just asking them all in one glut, with one simple question: Why not Felicity Smoak? 

Why not? 

Because it’s not organic for her…but when a mask is involved, it is?

Am I asking them to slap Felicity in a mask to solve these issues?  No.  Again: This is not about wanting Felicity in a mask.  But if the CW & Arrow show runners continue to say “Yes, Felicity Smoak is Hero! She doesn’t need a mask to be a hero!” but turn around and keep her from doing these very things because she lacks that mask, then is her heroism really being given the same weight and empowerment as those who are masked?

Again, I ask these things not as a rant.  I’m not angry.  I want to understand choices and vision and the plan.  I’m curious.  Just like I’m curious why Felicity hasn’t been trained in even the most basic form of self defense, why she hasn’t been given a voice about children, and if – when and if she gets use of her legs back – she’ll be allowed to train then.  ‘Cause that feels organic to me.  It would, in fact, feel inorganic to do anything less.  And before you say it, “Yes, we saw one quick training scene back in season one!” not much has been done since to show her skills have continued to grow (not saying she’s not helpful in a fight).  I’m just asking: Why not Felicity?

I’ve said all of this to Marc in previous messages.  Include this ask:

This whole topic also has nothing to do with it “being Oliver’s show” or “about him” either.  Yes, he is the lead, yes {{insert all the obvious disclaimers here}}} but this show is also about the huge group of supporting players all of whom have not been denied the same attention, growth, reactions, etc., etc., etc.  So why would Felicity be handled differently?

Felicity has earned these rights.  IMO, she’s earned it as much (if not more) than some characters.  She has to be allowed to grow.  She cannot remain static “because it’s Felicity.”

Is she even being handled differently?  Is it “perception”?  Maybe. 

Does any of this mean the current story for Felicity Smoak won’t be awesome?  Of course not! 

Does it mean that any of these choices in this story (paralysis, wheelchair, etc) were made for nefarious reasons?  Of course not! 

Does it mean I’m not excited for all the possibilities, her father, and what’s to come for Felicity Smoak or feel that Felicity Smoak isn’t freaking awesome?  Hell no.  I’m in my chair watching every week!  Let’s see where this roller coaster ride goes!

However, this also does not mean that people with these questions – people like me – shouldn’t be asking Arrow TPTB about this stuff *NOW,* especially since the EPs have already said they’re talking Season 5 plans.

If nobody asked these questions – if nobody ever says, “Hey, do you realize that (true or not) the perception for some of this stuff comes across as…” – until after Season 4 is over, it’s already way too late.

“But Felicity doesn’t need to change!” people tell me.  “She’s perfect the way she is!”  Of course she doesn’t “need to change.” She is amazing.  But she does need to evolve as a character.  Every character does and has on Arrow.  Every single one of them.  They’ve been given that opportunity, whether you feel they earned that right or not.

Felicity has made some changes, but there have been setbacks as well, perceived stripping of skill-sets that feel granted to other (masked/destined to be masked) people. 

Felicity Smoak cannot be the exception to the rules the network/show applies to everybody else.  That is all I have been trying to say.  And if Felicity doesn’t get those opportunities, if she is denied everything else I’ve discussed above?  Say it with me:

Why Not Felicity Smoak?

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I'm still a tad bit confused, though. What's Jervis' backstory again?(also why isnt Harleys name tag Quinzel instead of Quinn?); )

So my version of Jervis is a tad different than fanon. I haven’t truly explained it all, as it’s mostly just in my ol’ noggin but here’s a brief rundown:

Everything in BTAS; Jervis was a dedicated scientist working for Wayne Tech. And due to a lonely existence and over-hyper imagination got himself into a right tizzy. He fell in love with his secretary, she did not return his feelings, and well, you know the rest. 

Now this is where my story comes in. Jervis was sent to Arkham for evaluation and treatment. It was well-known the timid and quiet man snapped and caused quite a rukkus (nightmares in the night, loud arguments in Leland’s office), thus gaining the passive attentions of the other Rouges. His nervousness around them (and any other inmate) however deterred any formal contact. It was assumed Jervis was just another loon, with no faculties left to ‘fight the good fight’ against Batman, and therefore not worth the time.

And then after a while he just…stops.

He falls into a deep depression. And it is then that the others notice there’s more to him once his initial fears are gone to the numbness of apathy. From answering almost every Jeopardy! question correctly when staring listlessly at the tv (much to Eddie’s amazement) to being the only resident who held up a good game of chess with Jonathan (without shrieking in fear at the man’s presence). Jon was the first to ‘warm’ up to him, oddly enough. But it wasn’t a conscious decision. It was more that he appreciated the company Jervis provided, and studied him in a way. And then of course Jervis did something no one quite expected. He tried to off himself. 

Jon had never been that…terrified in a long time. The day after saving Jervis was a turning point for them both I think…but I digress.

My whole version of Jervis Tetch is probably SO far removed from canon and fanon by this point though. Because I see him as the only rogue who had a normal life before hand. My headcanon for him is that he lived a quiet life before snapping. He had a normal family. Normal childhood, if a bit lonely. Like, he didn’t have friends growing up. But wasn’t outright excluded as say, Jonathan. I’m also tossing around the idea of him having been a caregiver for his grandmother, for specific reasons I won’t bore you with here. And as with most of the Rogues here that I portray, he’s on the road to a rocky recovery. Because I like happy endings. Doesn’t mean there’s a lot to overcome in between of course.;)

I’m tired of the whole bad-guy-tragic-backstory thing. I want Jervis to have been normal, relatively speaking. Like, a bit eccentric, a loner perhaps who dreams of having friends but an introvert who loves being in his own head or day-dreaming. I also made a point that he feels things deeply. And it’s why he snapped in the first place. That he’s the most empathetic but capable of as much destruction as he is creation, if that makes sense. For me, this makes him more relatable. *shrug* I’ll stop rambling now.


Fidgety, sensitive, and seemingly always on the brink of tears (when they’re not actually crying), babies are a lot to take care of. But sick babies? They’re on a whole other level.

When Anthony Halmon became a father, he was also taking an entrepreneurship class in his junior year at the Perspectives Leadership Academy. The 19-year-old was mentored by the Network For Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE), an organization that was partnering with his school. The NFTE asked him, what was one thing he hated seeing his baby daughter go through? “Being sick,” he answered. And what did his daughter love? “Pacifiers.” Halmon was soon inspired to create the Thermofier, a pacifier with a thermometer built in.

Keep reading