Steps to get over a girl/boy

It was really hard for me, I was depressed and I felt like shit, the only thing I could think about was that fucking person, then I discovered these steps to stop my sadness lol

- I know it is hard to give her/him unfollow on social networks or whatever, but you have to because it is an easier way to stop thinking about her/him. (It took me like 5 months to unfollow that person, but you can do it in just a day haha)


-If you meet him/her just say hi and move on, you have to think about other important things, we are all too young to care about shit.

And that is how I got over the person I used to think I loved.

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how are you american if you live in france?

How do I have 7 messages about this omfg

yeah hi I was born in france so I got the french nationality but geT THIS my mom is american therefore I ALSO GET TO BE AMERICAN BECAUSE I’M GREEDY AND I CAN BE BOTH SO I AM BOTH (insert bi/pan joke about myself here)

it makes traveling back and forth way easier lemme tell you

also I’ve lived there and I am currently attending an american college (online, but still) and my mother is living there atm and I might join her in the next few years or move there on my own WHO KNOWS 

either way I’m a registered voter in both countries and I’ve voted in said countries and I will continue to do so!

I can’t honestly tell if you’re asking for a real answer or not but just in case you are or just in case someone else is looking for easier ways to re-think a diet plan (and I don’t mean like Atkins or something, just how you eat) or work-out ideas, here you go

EDIT: fixed it so you can actually read it.

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For people with unsupportive parents i suggest just saying things like "oh I usually like getting to know people before I get in relationships with them" and probably say whatever hetero gender they expect :/ it's easier this way and can help get family off your back

Good tip. 


6 Selfies…..that turned into 7.

I avoided this for a bit because I thought it’d be hard to find that many pictures of me that I like. But it was way easier than I thought.
I’ve really just started to love myself and I’m learning you don’t have to get all done up to look pretty. The people you are with, or the place you’re at, or the way the sun hits your face can make you just as pretty as when you spend an hour on your makeup and hair, which is just as cool.

#1: I always felt like I look really old in this picture, and I love it.

#2: My weird makes me feel pretty & I like snakes.

#3: Prom was the the best night of my life so far, so much fun and love from friends…& I like horses.

#4: I take pictures a lot, but this is one of the only ones that made me feel truly captivating. I just feel empowered.

#5: I feel really pretty in this picture. It has nothing to do with him. This day and those flowers made me feel pretty. Me and my friends went out to eat, then acted crazy in Urban Outfitters and went to this flower shop, because it’s a flower shop and it’s gorgeous. I loved this day and I love my friends. They always support me and tell me that I’m pretty and I love that.

#6: My eyelashes were super long, my skin was generally clear, and my hair was just really pretty in the wind. What more could you ask for?

#7: Now this picture IS about him. Hate to be cheesy, but no matter how rough our situation, he supports me and tells me I always look good. I know I do, but it never hurts to hear that. Before him my self-confidence was on the floor from past issues, and he picked it WAY up, but in the most genuine and lasting way. No matter what happens with us in the future, I’m always gonna thank him for that. This was the last day we were “together” and he had surprised me, so I didn’t look great, but he grabbed my hand and told me I was beautiful, and for once I didn’t argue, or care. So this picture just makes me feel pretty.

I’m pretty sure everyone has done this so…. I LOVE ALL Y'ALL. Everyone’s hot, and everyone knows they are, and that’s why I love y'all.



My family isn’t going to care, my father is 8 years older than my mother. I understand, you shouldn’t have to hear it, and I shouldn’t let him trash our relationship that we’ve worked so hard to cultivate together. Believe it or not, I really do like you, and it pisses me off when people treat us as a joke, because I take our relationship very seriously. I just try not to buy into it, ya know? I have a shitty temper, and it’s easier that way, at least for me.

I go outside, and I never smoke in my suite. Additionally, I don’t smoke around you, since that would be impolite. I picked it up while in the military, and I know it’s kind of a bad habit I’m trying to kick.

Really? Well that’s a weight off of my shoulders. …Let’s be honest, it wasn’t that hard. But…that makes me feel better. Of course I believe that you like me, that was never being called into question - by either of us, anyway. I should have known, y’know? I know how you are, I know the whole zen master thing you do. I shouldn’t let it make me feel like I have to be angry for the both of us or like I have to defend us. You’re right. You are. I’m sorry for being a brat…not to Andrew, he deserved that. But I’m sorry you had to see that.

Can we try e-cigs? At least those won’t give you cancer.

I have not gone on a vanilla/sugar first date with a nice guy since the ex. I have been vanilla dating mostly assholes; it is easier this way. So far, only N is the exception. He has this je ne sais quoi which makes him both desirable and undesirable. With N, we blaze hard in the throes of passion but I am not ready for that commitment right now. I fear getting hurt again. For all the talk with regards to abandoning the sugar lifestyle after B, I do miss it. The hunt, the dolling up, the lavish meals, the extravagant gifts and needless to say, the money. Next week I have my first sugar date, in a while, with a nice guy. I hope he will be SD #2.

Ever since the last my hatred for sasuke increased 1000000000000x

I wish he died and itachi lived. Life would’ve been easier this way.

Losing those you love to distance before the distance has actually become tangible
Is the most heartbreaking thing of all.

If I cannot reach your heart from a text and a few blocks
How do you expect my arms to extend across a river?
I was made to bend and never break
Like the Columbia I am a constant
But now who I am separates me from who I want to be with
And I can’t figure an easier way to say goodbye

When I haven’t even left yet.

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My LO falls asleep very calmly and fairly quickly whenever I wear him & he's tired. Normally, he is so, so difficult to put to bed. I've been considering just wearing him to sleep every night, but I don't want him to become reliant on that. (At the same time, is it really any different than being reliant on rocking to sleep like he is now?) does anyone have experience with this? Was it hard to break the habit? It's just so much easier this way.

I don’t really think it’s a habit that needs to be broken right now. I mean you’re right, it’s no different than rocking them. -Chey

If I Have to Crawl

“She could have killed me, you know.” He turned to look her dead in the eyes as he spoke. “It would have been easier for her. I wasn’t planned, I wasn’t wanted. I just sort of happened.”

“My mom’s own mother called her a ‘bad mother’ for letting me live, did you know that?” He leaned back on his hands, a sneer on his face as he looked up and spoke to her. “A ‘bad mother’ because a mother does what’s best for her child and killing me was what was best for me.” He spit the words like venom. “Because what kind of life can a half-breed live. What kind of difference could it make. What kind of mother could she be, disowned like her father promised she would be, if she kept me. The only way a destitute widow can be a good mother is to kill her child. It was mercy.”

That is a MUCH to pleasant cover image for this story, but here we go.

So big warning up front, this fic deals with some heavy stuff. It ends in a big inukag fluff fest, but BEFORE THAT, it deals with some heavy. stuff. So be warned, I really don’t think too many people will like this particular little (haha not little this thing has become a monster) fic, but here it is, 4,000 words + off my proverbial writer’s chest.

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Miiverse redesign coming this summer ⊟ 

Seems ppppppp cool. The new version of Miiverse will put your screenshots into a private Screenshot Album, making it way easier to capture and, say, post things on the internet. You’ll also be able to post to your own personal “Play Journal” from Miiverse, replacing the Activity Feed. I guess I was pretty hazy on what the Activity Feed was about anyway?

Maybe new Miiverse will be the jumping-off point I need to start doing Miiverse. I’m sure I have thoughts that need to be Yeah’d.


· Pinkicon Circle Lenses Review (en.pinkicon.com)

About Pinkicon:

We share the hottest fashion & beauty trend amongst Korea & Japan!

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Fancy (Blue/Brown)

  • Product Code:Fancybrown
  • D.I.A: 14.20mm
  • Water Content: 48%B.C: 8.60mm
  • Duration: 6 months
  • Price:USD$37.33

· Review:

Second time reviewing lenses from Pinkicon! I really like this store, their shipping is really fast :o

The package came in perfect conditions, wrapped in bubble plastic and you can see the items that came inside it in the photos; The circle lenses in a plastic disposable case (which are way easier to open than glass bottles), a blue and white case and a wear and care instructions sheet.

Comfort: It took a little time to put them on since these are really comfortable and I can barely feel them while wearing them. 

Color: This lenses color is slightly lighter than my eye color but work pretty good for my Aoba Seragaki cosplay.

Engagement: Almost same size as my iris so they look pretty natural. Also the gradient from color to transparent make them look even more natural.

I really like this lenses and I think they work pretty good in dark eyes.


Now you can have a 5$ DISCOUNT using my code “A24680000” in their store.

· Pages:


Tumblr: pinkicon.tumblr.com

Instagram: instagram.com/pinkicon_shop

Facebook: facebook.com/pinkicononlineshop

Fem!Kamui and Silas Support C Rank

As usual, thank you to himynameismaurice for providing these lovely HD screenshots! Please check out his Tumblr, Youtube, and Twitch and consider following and/or subscribing!

Translations and pictures found under the Read More!

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i could have chosen an easier way to get what i wanted but it would not have been honest. every day i am like “maybe i should shut up more” but i really don’t think any of my decisions could have been avoided. i’m already seeing the repercussions, the other paths i could have chosen, and people keep apologizing for stepping into these alternate realities but it doesn’t bother me. i don’t want to be liked necessarily, i want to be great.  i want to be kind – i don’t want to be nice. i’m fine with being scary in the meantime. 

a witch is someone who knows what they want. 

i am going to get what i want.