100 Things I Love About Jikook

1. The way they look at each other so softly, smiles so bright.

2. The way they go back to Busan together on holidays.

3. The way Jimin strokes Jungkook’s hair with such a fond smile.

4. The way Jimin lets Jungkook tease him without any more than playful protest. 

5. The way Jungkook goes to Jimin for comfort and cites him as the one he goes to most often when he’s feeling sad. 

6. The way Jimin holds Jungkook by the waist or throws and arm around his shoulder. 

7. The way Jungkook bends down a bit so Jimin can feel a little taller. 

8. The way Jimin laughs at everything Jungkook does. 

9. The way they whisper to each other like they’re in their own little world. 

10. The way Jimin protects and guides Jungkook any time he can.

11. The way Jungkook does dorky things to make Jimin laugh. 

12. The way Jimin praises Jungkook and lists out all the good things about him. 

13. The way Jimin still calls Jungkook cute and “his baby.”

14. The way Jungkook uses Jimin’s mangaetteok nickname. 

15. The way Jungkook sits in Jimin’s lap without complaint. 

16. The way Jimin wraps his arms so firmly around Jungkook’s waist when he’s sitting in his lap. 

17. The way they tease each other when they’re allowed to sit together at fan signs. 

18. The way Jimin leans on Jungkook.

19. The way Jungkook clings to Jimin.

20. The way Jimin always finds the chance to include Jungkook in his twitter videos. 

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Prompt List ~ Requests Open

RULES: Send me an OTP or OT3 in the 13rw fandom and the prompts you’d like me to include. Please send the number and sentence for each prompt, in case I come back and add to this list. Drabble’s will be a few paragraphs long. Please be patient as these may take a long time to complete due to headcanon requests in the queue.

I have made this list myself, it’s been a work in progress for years. I’ll try and re-find the posts which inspired it and tag them later :)



1. “What if I kissed you right now?”

2. “I’m going to kiss you now.”

3. “Did you just kiss me?!”

4. “Is it bad I really want to kiss you right now?”

5. “This is where we kiss, right?”

6. “So are we going to kiss or not?”

7. “Don’t talk just kiss me.”

8. “You owe me a kiss.”

9. “I’ll go home, but it’s not home unless you’re there…”

10. “Stay with me.”

11. “Stay the night. Please.”

12. “Please don’t go.”

13. “I just need you here with me right now.”

14. “Just hold me.”

15. “Scoot over a little bit, please.”

16. “It’s lonely without you in the bed.”

17. “I miss sleeping with you.”

18. “I love cuddling with you first thing in the morning.”

19. “Please come back to bed.”

20. “You’re so cute when you’re half asleep like this.”

21. “You’re so cute when you’re tired, you know.”

22. “It’s too cold! Come back!”

23. “Mmm… you’re warm.”

24. “Here, take my hand.”

25. “You’re so clingy, I love it.”

26. “We’ll get through this, I promise.”

27. “I can’t stand the thought of losing you.”

28. “It’s okay I’m here for you.”

29. “Just sit down and let me take care of you.”

30. “I need you.”

31. “I can’t do this without you.”

32. “If you walk away everything will fall apart.”

33. “There’s no one I’d rather have with me than you.”

34. “I’ve made so many mistakes… but you’re not one of them.”

35. “Promise me you’ll come back… I need you to promise me.”

36. “Promise me you’ll stay.

37. “When I look at you, I see my whole world, and that scares the shit out of me.”

38. “It’s always been you. You and only you.”

39. “I’m yours, in every way possible.”

40. “I love you and I am terrified.”

41. “Please… I love you.”

42. “I think I might be falling in love with you.”

43. “I’m so in love with you.”

44. “This is why I fell in love with you.”

45. “I never believed in love till I met you.”

46. “You’re all I ever wanted.”

47. “For some reason I’m attracted to you.”

48. “When you smile I fall apart.”

49. “I don’t know what I did to deserve you.”

50. “You were the greatest thing that ever happened to me.”

51. “I like the way I feel when he looks at me. Like I wanna believe in myself.”

52. “I’ve seen the way you look at me when you don’t think I can see you.”

53. “I just really miss talking with you.”

54. “Actually… I just miss you.”

55. “I don’t know who I am without you.”

56. “We’re not just friends, and you know it.”

57. “But do you love me the same way I love you?”

58. “Those things you said yesterday… did you really mean them?”

59. “Just say it is okay. I just need to hear you say that.”

60. “Not a day goes by that I don’t think of you.”

61. “I know you told me to stop thinking about you, but I can’t get you out of my mind.”

62. “None of that matters anymore.”

63. “I’ll make it right for you.”

64. “I had a nightmare about you, and I wanted to make sure you were alright.”

65. “Is that my shirt?”

66. “You know, it’s okay to cry.”

67. “You’re cute when you’re all worried.”

68. “Despite what you think, I am completely capable of taking care of myself.”

69. “Promise me you’ll take better care of yourself.”

70. “Please don’t give up on me.”

71. “Please listen to me.”

72. “Please don’t go.”

73. “Please don’t leave me.”

74. “You’re worth any fight.”

75. “I’m not going to stop poking you until you give me some attention.”

76. “You look like you could use a massage.”

77. “He/She’s pampering me, let him/her be.”

78. “You’re beautiful, you know that?”

79. “You’re way too pretty to be out here by yourself.”

80. “We’ve become the clingy couple that you used to complain about.”



81. “Wait a second… are you jealous?”

82. “Stop being so jealous will you?”

83. “You deserve better than them.”

84. “They’re not right for you, you know.”

85. “It’s not fair that they get to be around you all day and I don’t.”

86. “I noticed them checking you out.”

87. “They were hitting on you.”

88. “Were you checking them out?”

89. “I’m not gonna stop leaving marks ‘till I’m sure everyone will know you’re mine.”

90. “This is mine. Are we clear?”

91. “You are mine, you will always be mine.”

92. “You belong to me.”

93. “I want you all to myself.”

94. “If I ever see you anywhere near her/him, you’ll have to deal with me!”

95. “I’ll kill the bitch.”

96. “No one will ever love you like I do.”

97. “Say you love me, and only me.”

98. “Say that I’m yours.”

99. “Mine.”

100. “I didn’t realize I needed your permission.”

101. “I don’t love them. I love you.”

102. “You don’t own me.”

103. “You’re too damn overprotective!”

104. “I can’t do this anymore.”

105. “Where do you think you’re going?”

106. “I just want to be alone right now.”

107. “And where do I go?”

108. “What are you doing in here, it’s 3 in the morning. Get out!”

109. “I will not hesitate to murder you.”

110. “You don’t need to protect me.”

111. “Stop looking at me like that!”

112. “You don’t scare me.”

113. “Would you just hold still?”

114. “Don’t you dare walk away from me!”

115. “I’m not the one that’s always leaving.”

116. “Give me a chance.”

117. “You see, unlike some other people, I don’t sleep with everyone I make eye contact with.”

118. “Please don’t argue with me.”

119. “Please shut up. Just shut up.”

120. “Oh my god, I don’t care!”

121. “What the hell is your problem?!”

122. “What more do you want?!”

123. “I knew you were trouble when you walked in.”

124. “I’m sorry I made you into who you are today.”

125. “We could’ve had it all.”

126. “I almost forgot you only come around when you need me.”

127. “A date? An actual date? To an actual place?”

128. “I’m tired of being your secret.”

129. “It’s hard to believe you actually care about me when you’re so hell-bent on keeping this from all your friends.”

130. “It just feels really shitty, to be the secret boyfriend/girlfriend.”

131. “Are you ashamed of me?”

132. “They didn’t just find out. They already knew!”

133. “Do you regret getting involved with me?”

134. “I’m only dating [name] as a cover. You’re still my baby.”

135. “I’m not ready for them to find out about us!”

136. “I don’t want to be just friends with benefits anymore.”

137. “I told you not to fall in love with me.”

138. “Go on, tell me. Tell me you don’t love me.”

139. “You’re not her.”

140. “I tried to move on, but nobody is you.”

141. “Jealousy isn’t cute on you.”

142. “You’re wrong and I’ll prove it.”

143. “Don’t even think about it.”

144. “Well. Yell, scream, say something, anything.”

145. “Just talk to me.”

146. “Oh, so you do speak?”

147. “Do you think at all before you speak?”

148. “Are you high or just stupid?”

149. “You’re so fucked, you know that?”

150. “We’re not going to be like them.”

151. “Do it, I dare you.”



152. “Are- are you flirting with me?”

153. “Stop sending me weird pictures.”

154. “Is there something you want to tell me?”

155. “Quit moving, I’m trying to sleep. Wait… are you… what?!”

156. “You’re in trouble now.”

157. “And how are you going to make it up to me?”

158. “Come here.”

159. “You have no idea what you do to me.”

160. “Just marry me already.”

161. “Do you trust me?”

162. “Are you going to let me go now?”

163. “Don’t bite that fucking lip.”

164. “Bite me.”

165. “Kiss me.”

166. “If you’re going to keep running your mouth like that, i can think of a few ways to make you shut up.”

167. “I’m pretty good at providing distractions.”

168. “I just want to help you relax.”

169. “You know you want it, sweetheart.”

170. “Lay back.”

171. “Does that line ever work?”

172. “Am I supposed to be impressed?”

173. “Oh don’t mind me. Just enjoying the view.”

174. “Damn that’s hot.”

175. “I think you’ll be happy to know that I’m not wearing any underwear.”

176. “Take off your clothes.”

177. “Take. It. Off.”

178. “Is there a reason you’re naked in my bed?”

179. “Well if you’re up for the challenge.”

180. “Is that a challenge?”

181. “Well… don’t keep me waiting.”

182. “I’ve wanted this for so long.”

183. “I’ve been thinking about you all night.”

184. “We haven’t had sex in like a month, you’re just going to tease me like that?”

185. “I need you so bad.”

186. “Get over here.”

187. “Quiet, they can hear us.”

188. “Beg for it.”

189. “Did I stutter?”

190. “Say that again.”

191. “Say my name.”

192. “Tell me what you want.”

193. “I want you. Right here. Right now.”

194. “I want you to fuck me.”

195. “Take your clothes off.”

196. “Stop undressing me with your eyes and start using your teeth.”

197. “You can stay but your clothes must go.”

198. “Is there a reason you’re half naked in my bed?”

199. “Put your hands somewhere useful.”

200. “That’s distracting.”

201. “Don’t tempt me.”

202. “Stop teasing me so much.”

203. "Behave.”

204. “Already? Do I really have that much of an effect on you?”

205. “How bad do you want me?”

206. “Do you know how bad I want you?”

207. “It’s like you want to ruin men/women for me.”

208. “Make me.”

209. “How about you make me?”

210. “Well if you insist.”

211. “What, does that feel good?”

212. “Do you like it when I touch you like that?”

213. “Is that your hand on my ass?”

214. “Ha! I found a weak spot on you, didn’t I?”

215. “I want to take a shower so you should probably join me. It’ll save water.”

216. “Friends don’t get each other off.”

217. “Can you do that again?”

218. “Good girl.”

219. “Good boy.”




220. “Why are we at a strip club?”

221. "Save the last dance for me.”

222. “Woah, I never knew you had a tattoo!”

223. “What even happened last night?”

224. “Do you think if we met differently, we’d be friends?”

225. “I just wanted to fit in, I don’t know.”

226. “I can’t do this without you.”

227. “You owe me.”

228. “Have you lost your damn mind?”

229. “Everyone knows my job here is to look hot.”

230. “I can’t believe you didn’t think to ask me first.”

231. “Put me down!”

232. “Would you quit moving around?”

233. “Quit hogging the blanket.”

234. “Are you throwing rocks at my window?”

235. “I’ll go if you go.”

236. “You called for backup?”

237. “Give me back my phone!”

238. “Hey have you seen my- Oh.”

239. “Look at me.”

240. “Why are you always so cold?”

241. “You make me nervous and happy and horny all at the same time and it’s confusing as fuck sometimes.”

242. “I didn’t know you could do that.”

243. “I can’t believe you talked me into this.”

244. “Everything is fine.”

245. “The boys and I will handle it.”

246. “I’ll take care of it.”

247. “I think you’re just afraid to be happy.”

248. “If my parents knew what I was doing they’d kill me.”

249. “Share your jacket, I forgot mine.”

250. “Hold my hand, we have to make this look convincing!”

251. “Please pretend to be my girlfriend/boyfriend.”

252. “We’d make such a cute couple.”

253. “Are you sure you two aren’t married?”

254. “Why can’t they see they’re meant for each another?”

255. “Somebody’s in love!”

256. “Do you remember when you use to think you were straight?”

257. “Oh, HELL no! Not in MY bed!”


Request | Masterlist | FAQ | Requests Queue

Tagged by @sonador-reveur @bumbleblossoms @oneamateurgirl1612 @badgalpratibha @aastha-got-thunder @moonlight-lyrics , thank you all! 💜 And anyone who hasn’t already should definitely check out their blogs!

Tagged Rules: Answer these 92 (!) statements and tag 20 people (92 folks…you’ve been warned 😂)


1. Drink: water
2. Phone call: @mortalghost
3. Text message: @mortalghost
4. Song you listened to: Other than songs from children’s programs, it was Angel by Aerosmith
5. Time you cried: Yesterday


6. Dated someone twice: kinda
7. Kissed someone and regretted it: no
8. Been cheated on: not to my knowledge
9. Lost someone special: Yes 😢
10. Been depressed:  Haha yeah
11. Gotten drunk and thrown up: Nope, thankfully!


12. Purple
13. Blue (especially shades with hints of green)
14. Pink


15. Made new friends: Yep! 💜
16. Fallen out of love: No…fell in though!
17. Laughed until you cried: A lot
18. Found out someone was talking about you: Yesss
19. Met someone who changed you: Most people I meet change me in at least some little way
20. Found out who your friends are: Sure did!
21. Kissed someone on your Facebook list: No


22. How many of your Facebook friends do you know in real life: Not that many. I knew almost all at one point, but now most I can’t honestly say I know. But that’s okay, I’m not on much anyway
23. Do you have any pets: 3 dogs
24. Do you want to change your name: Why the heck would I?! Love it
25. What did you do for your last birthday: Celebrated with my mom, sister, and niece Azaylia. Had some of my favorite foods, lasagna and hummingbird cake (no hummingbirds were involved in the making of it, I promise!) 😆
26. What time did you wake up: 9 something this morning
27. What were you doing at midnight last night: probably Tumbling haha
28. Name something you can’t wait for: My mom’s birthday. It’s the next special occasion
29. When was the last time you saw your mom: a couple hours ago
30. What is one thing you wish you could change in your life: hahaha
31. What are you listening right now: The sound of Caillou on TV
32. Have you ever talked to a person named Tom: Yeah. There was actually a Tom Cruz at my school…poor guy had it rough with all the same lame name jokes haha
33. Something that is getting on your nerves: cyberbullying/anon haters/trolls!
34. Most visited Website: Tumblr


35. Mole/s: I lost count a long time ago…yeah, I’m super mole-y
36. Mark/s: lots of scars and stretchmarks

37. Childhood dream: Which one?! Had about a bajillion of them

39. Long or short hair: long-ish

40. Do you have a crush on someone: @mortalghost

41. What do you like about yourself: My soul best of all. Physically, my eyes

42. Piercings: One in each ear

43. Blood type:

44. Nickname: Sunshine, Googy from my family, Awesome Autumn from Howie

45. Relationship status: In love and involved with Howie

46. Zodiac: libra

47. Pronouns: They’re fine, I guess

48. Favorite TV Show: I love several, but Veronica Mars is probably my top choice

49. Tattoos: no
50. Right or left hand: right
51. Surgery: nope
52. Hair dyed in different color: I had highlights years ago, but that’s it
53. Sport: come again?
55. Vacation: sounds nice 
56. Pair of trainers: If this means sneakers, then 3 or 4

57. Eating: nothing
58. Drinking: nothing
59. I’m about to: blink

61. Waiting for: Godot?
62. Want: a caramel ice cream sundae
63. Get married: someday

64. Career: let me get back to you…

65. Hugs or kisses: both

66. Lips or eyes: eyes

67. Shorter or taller: all heights

68. Older or younger: both. I’m an old soul but young at heart

70. Nice arms or nice stomach: who cares?

71. Sensitive or loud: I don’t understand the question

72. Hook up or relationship: Relationship!

73. Troublemaker or hesitant: well, I know I’m more cautious, for sure

74. Kissed a stranger: No
75. Drank hard liquor: No
76. Lost glasses/contact lenses: Don’t wear them
77. Turned someone down: Yes

78. Sex on the first date: No way

79. Broken someone’s heart: I hate that it’s the case, but I think so

80. Had your heart broken: I have one…so yeah

81. Been arrested: Not yet

82. Cried when someone died: Of course…and a lot

83. Fallen for a friend: Sure have

84. Yourself: I need to more
85. Miracles: YES!
86. Love at first sight: Yes…even before seeing the person
87. Santa Claus: Not since I was a little kid
88. Kiss on the first date: Maybe
89. Angels: Oh yeah

90. Current best friends name: They know who they are
91. Eyecolor: blue with a gold-ish ring around the pupils
92. Favorite movie: One? No way!

Okay, Shikha probably tagged everyone haha. But if you haven’t been tagged and have enough time on your hands to answer all these, consider yourself tagged 😀
Fives and Co. at 79′s

I haven’t posted any updates on my Fives fic lately, so I decided to share some headcanons I’ve discovered in the writing process. Enjoy! (Please note: Most of these are happy, but a couple are fairly dark, so heads up.)

-Torrent Company nearly always spends their shore leave occupying 79′s, and drinking competitions often break out between the 501st, 212th, and the 104th on the off-chance they’re all gathered together

-These games used to end in property damage, so they were threatened with being barred from the premises and/or being thrown from the upper city if they couldn’t control themselves and not behave like wild beasts

-Rex hates going to 79′s, but he’ll tag along if he can manage to drag Cody with him (so they can commiserate in their collective misery)

-Fives and Echo would accompany Torrent Company to the bar, though Echo was always the outgoing jokester while Fives remained more reserved, following Echo wherever he went

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Request: I’m not quite sure how to submit an ask from this account but can you please do an imagine where the reader feels self conscious over the fact that she’s more muscular/bulked up/stronger than other girls and that she’s told that men don’t like that? Bonus if she’s actually fighting in the war not a medic please

Disclaimer: don’t let anyone tell you how you should look! You’re amazing how you are!

TW: insecurities about weight/ appearance, anti-body positivity from idiots

If there was one thing you were tired of, it was being told you were too bulky or too muscular. Rolling your eyes as you abandoned hope for wearing something girly or feminine for the night. Once again,the feminine touch of the outfit left your muscular figure looking comically cartoonish. With a sigh, you tugged on your normal going out ensemble, covering up as much as possible before doing your hair and make up. 

Before walking out the door, you checked the mirror, frowning at the clear outline of muscled biceps through your jacket. Shaking your head, you shoved your keys in your pocket before leaving the apartment. Negative thoughts swirling around your head. 

‘It’s not like I try to be this muscled. I fight in a war for heaven’s sake, I can’t be a twig!’ Your self pity was interrupted by a lithe, little twi’lek almost running into you. 

“Sorry!” She squeaked as she took in your form, clearly not used to seeing another woman so muscled. You gave her a kind nod.

‘Why can’t I look more like her? Hell, all the female jedi do more fighting than me and they are all lean!’ You scowled as you trudged into the bar you agreed to meet your friends at. You resigned yourself to visit with them instead of joining the boys at 79′s that night. 

Upon entering, you easily found your group in a corner booth with a round of drinks. You’re former work friends waved at you with obviously drunk grins, “(Y/N)!! Over here!!” They squealed as you easily made your way across the club. 

“Hey, girl!” 

“It’s been too long!” 

“You look… amazing..” 

“Glad to see you’re still kicking.”

All these things chorused as you slid into the booth and took one of the drinks. 

“Hey, guys.” You smiled before beginning to nurse your drink, staring down that new face among your friends who was unabashedly gaped at your biceps. 

“Oh, this is Reena! She joined the office not long after you bounced into the war effort.” One of your closer friends informed you as you took her daintier hand in yours and gave it a firm shake. 

“Tight grip.” The dainty woman deadpanned slipping her hand out of yours. the rest of the night didn’t improve, Reena always finding a way to drag your figure and your friends doing nothing to stop her. 

The last straw was when Reena was overly tipsy off a fruity cocktail, and turned to you, “You know, I feel sorry for you, guy aren’t into body builder women, y’know? You should really dry to get rid of some of that.” 

With that, you slammed your shot glass back to the bar counter and grabbed your jacket, finally turning back to her for a word, “Yeah, I know, I get that everyday. But y’know what, twig bitch, I can also break you in half any day of the week, so who’s the real winner.” 

Your piece said, you marched out of the bar, ignoring how your eyes stung with tears and how your chest tightened with sadness. Not wanting to waste your night off, you trudged your way to 79′s. 

Not too much later, you were able to find a bunch of your 501st and 212th companions to get (if we’re being honest: way too) drunk with to forget your nights woes. 

Hours and countless drinks later, you sat with your face in your hands at the bar, “Guysss, do you think I’m pretty?” 

“What?” a trooper called back, signaling the barkeep for another round. 

“Do you think I’m pretty, or beautiful, or even sexy?” You repeated, looking over to Fives and Echo.

Hardcase slid in beside them, “Is this a trick question?”

“No, I’m tired of not being considered pretty just because I have more muscles than average.” You admitted, throwing back another shot.

“(Y/N), you could kick my ass any day of the week and I’d thank you.” chimed Fives.

“Don’t let anyone tell you you’re not beautiful, and if they do, beat the living daylights out of them and ask again.” Echo lectured at the same time. Hardcase waited a moment before responding.

“I’m always here if you need a good lay for a confidence booster.” He said in a sickeningly sweet offer.

“Awww, really Hardcase?” You fake swooned, him not picked up on the fake as he nodded, “How sweet; five credits in the douchebag jar. “

“Yes, ma’am.”

This is trash I apologize. requested by: @i-identify-as-jedi

20 Great Horror Movies You’ve Probably Never Seen – August 2014 Edition by Max Molinaro

Back with the second edition in a monthly ongoing series of posts listing some of the great horror films that you may not have seen.

For July’s edition click here!

  • Possession (1981) I can honestly say there is nothing else like Andrzej Żuławski’s Possession. Starring Sam Neill as Mark and Isabelle Adjani as Anna, Possession is first and foremost about a dissolving marriage. Anna is done with the relationship and Mark tries to salvage it, but revelation after revelation puts more and more strain on their hopes of living happily ever after. As the film progresses it becomes increasingly surreal and disturbing. Mark is livid and lashes out against just about everyone after Anna leaves him, clearly losing his grip. As bad as Mark is becoming, it is nowhere close to the horrors that Anna is facing. Blood drips her mouth and she frequently disappears into a mysterious apartment building. What she is doing in this apartment is something no one can predict and it is deeply troubling. Neill is amazing, but Adjani is the stand out performance in the film. It is an exceptionally physical performance and you can tell that Adjani is giving it her all. One scene where she has some kind of attack that causes her to flail around the ground is extraordinary and the ending of the sequence is truly disgusting. Possession is really an incredible film with many interpretations and some of the most unforgettable images ever put to on screen.   

  • The House of the Devil – The film that put Ti West on the map, The House of the devil is a brilliant throwback to low-budget 80s horror. Shot to look like it was done with grainy film stock used in the early 80s, the film gets the tone and look of the time perfectly. A college student takes a baby-sitting job, but finds out the job is more than she bargained for when the house’s owners turn out to be members of a satanic cult. It’s a slow burn that racks up the tension to a big climax. The film features the great character actor Tom Noonan who excels at playing both a kindly and creepy older gentleman. The House of the Devil is the first great film from one of horror’s best young minds.   

  • Cheap Thrills – What would you do for five bucks? Ten? A hundred? Ten thousands? Would you say something that’ll get you slapped in the face? Would you vandalize a neighbor’s house? Cut of a finger? Those are the questions that the characters played by Pat Healy (The Innkeepers) and Ethan Embry (Can’t Hardly Wait) have to answer when they meet David Koechner (Anchorman) and his wife Sara Paxton (The Innkeepers) at a bar one night. The film is darkly funny and equally twisted. Pat Healy gives a layered performance as man that’s always gotten the short end of the stick and never done anything about it, but may finally step up under some insane circumstances. Cheap Thrills by E.L. Katz is a mean little piece of fascinating thrills that leaving you asking “what would I do?”. 

  • The Werewolf – A stranger comes into town on a dark night, lost and confused. He runs afoul with an angry drunk and the wino winds up dead. It looks like an animal attack, but no one knows what kind of animal and where the stranger went of too. It sounds fairly generic, especially with such a simple title, but this 1956 B—movie is better than you’d think. Great makeup effects plus a 50s sci-fi twist on the classic werewolf myth and better character work than most genre films of the period, the film is a cheesy fun way to spend 79 minutes.

  • Monkey Shines – From master of horror George A. Romero, Monkey Shines Alan Mann played by Jason Beghe (Chicago Fire), who is rendered quadriplegic after a tragic accident. A friend of his, a scientist, gives Alan an unusually intelligent capuchin monkey to help him out. The monkey isn’t just unusually intelligent, but hyper intelligent due to medical experimentation. The monkey, Ella, quickly becomes attached to Alan and overly protective of him. Due to the experiments, they unknowingly become linked telepathically linked and Ella acts on the angry feelings that Alan never would act on in a million years. Alan eventually becomes a prisoner in his own home and is helpless due to his condition. His inability to move is a simple, yet highly effective way to create a ton of suspense throughout the film. 

  • The Dentist – From director Brian Yuzna (Society) and producer Stuart Gordon (director of Re-Animator and From Beyond) The Dentist is about exactly what you think it is. Corbin Bernsen plays a dentist who is pushed too far by his cheating wife and stressed filled job. He takes matters into his own hands and begins torturing and murdering anyone that his the misfortune of finding themselves in his chair. You know how you get especially squeamish with little things like nails being pulled or stepping on tacks? This whole movie is little things like that involving teeth and the mouth. It’s gross and it’s under the skin like any of the best Yuzna/Gordon productions.  

  • Lake Mungo – A 2008 Australian horror mockumentary tells the story of the drowning of the 16 year old Alice Palmer and how her parents and brother deal with the events after her death. The film is highly atmospheric and a great slow burn. There are elements of a mystery as to why Alice is appearing in home videos after her death and what she was actually like in life as opposed to the face she put on for her family. More creepy and intriguing than outright scary, Lake Mungo should be a film that sticks with you for a while. It is also pretty interesting if you’re a fan of Twin Peaks and you start seeing that the entire film plays out like an homage to the classic series.

  • The Tunnel – An Australian found-footage film that follows a small investigative news team looking to learn the truth behind a possible government cover-up regarding a recent water shortage. They enter the sewer system under Sydney, but soon they see an emaciated looking figure lurking in the shadows. They lose their sense of direction in the labyrinth and realize that something is stalking them. The Tunnel is pretty damn terrifying. It’s claustrophobic, tightly scripted, and tense from beginning to end.     

  • Eden Lake – One of several British horror films on this list today is 2008’s Eden Lake. The film stars Kelly Reilly as Jenny and Michael Fassbender (one of this generation’s greatest actors) and Steve, a young couple on a romantic getaway at a remote lake. Everything seems perfect until they have a run-in with some punk teenagers. Steve confronts them, but then decides that him and Jenny should just move further down the beach. The confrontation eventually escalates and turns dangerous as the teens chase down the couple with deadly intent. More brutal and disturbing than the initial setup might suggest, Eden Lake is a relentless thriller.     

  • In the Mouth of Madness – The last good film John Carpenter made before he lost his mojo, 1994’s In the Mouth of Madness feels a little bit Stephen King-like in a few parts and a lot like H.P. Lovecraft just about everywhere else. As the title might imply, the film is about the nature of insanity and has a bit of commentary on the nature of horror storytelling. Starring Sam Neill (second time he’s been mentioned on this list) as John Trent, a fraud investigator looking for a horror novelist’s, Sutter Cane, final transcript. Cane’s recent novel has been a massive success, but there have been reports that it has been driving some readers mad. Trent travels to the town that inspired Cane, but soon begins seeing horrible visions and the line between real and nightmares quickly becomes blurred. 

  • Psycho II – Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho is a classic, a masterpiece, and one of the most influential horror films ever made, so a sequel may seem like a crime against the art form. Surprisingly though, Richard Franklin’s 1983 Psycho II is not the horrid mess that many sequels to classics like The Exorcist II and Jaws 3 are. After 22 years in an institution, Norman Bates is released and returns to the infamous Bates Motel. He tries to lead a normal life and shed his “Mother” persona, but bodies begin to pile up and Norman starts to feel a little mad. Of course it’s not nearly as good as the original (despite what Quentin Tarantino thinks. He actually prefers the second one), but this sequel is an entertaining twist filled psychological thriller. Anthony Perkins returns to the role of Norman and he’s just always great. 

  • Inside – From directors Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo, this 2007 French film is one of the most relentless and grisly horror films ever made. Weeks after being involved in near fatal car accident and losing her husband, a young pregnant woman, Sarah, answers the door the door to a strange woman late at night. The woman begins harassing Sarah and is quickly escalates. It becomes clear that this woman only wants one thing: Sarah’s baby… Sarah is brutalized and fights to survive as anyone else who enters her home as a potential savior meets a gruesome fate at the hands of the deadly home invader. Dark, bloody, and non-stop, Inside is one of France’s best modern horror films.

  • Dog Soldiers – More British horror from The Descent director Neil Marshall in the form of Dog Soldiers. Essentially it is a low-budget Predator with the alien hunter swapped out for a family of werewolves. While on a training exercise, a squad of British Army soldiers is left out in the middle of the woods and is forced to duke it out with the pack of monsters. Gory, fun, and really well directed, Dog Soldiers is a blast. Many of you reading this have also seen the director’s work in the Game of Thrones episodes “Blackwater” and “The Watchers on the Wall”.

  • Excision – Starring 90210’s AnnaLynne McCord and directed by Richard Bates, Excision is a powerful and disturbing high school horror film. The film follows Pauline (McCord), a mentally disturbed high schooler, with hopes of becoming a surgeon. There are several expertly shot dream sequences, soaked in blood and featuring confrontations with Pauline and her ideal self. Outside the dream, Pauline is extremely creepy as she emotionally scars everyone around. She very flippantly decides that she wants to lose her virginity and propositions a guy that’s tormented her in school. They meet at motel and what happens is sure to gross a majority of viewers out. After that Pauline becomes more aggressive in her acts and eventually does something that no one will forget…     

  • The Lovely Molly – I watched the film on Netflix on a whim a while back, not knowing anything about it at all. That was a good call on my part because Lovely Molly is a super creepy ultra low-budget horror film. It’s incredibly subtle in the ways it attempts to frighten you and you’ll be uneasy for more of the film than not. Just watch, knowing that if you’re paying attention, it will pay off. Directed by Eduardo Sánchez, the mastermind behind The Blair Witch Project. 

  • Deadgirl – Do not watch this on a date. I repeat. Do not watch this on a date. It won’t go over well. Or maybe give it shot, you may have an interesting night depending on whom you’re with. This 2008 high school horror film is gross and miserable. One day two boys, high school seniors who can only ever hope of finding a girlfriend, discover a naked woman chained up in a basement. They soon learn that this strange mute girl is not just a tortured woman, but that she is in fact a zombie. This is where the film gets really heavy and after deciding that neither of them can do it, they convince a jock to rape the so-called “Deadgirl” and it’s all down hill from there. The only way I could accurately describe the film is pure melancholy.  

  • The Tenant – The third film in Roman Polanski’s thematic “Apartment Trilogy” following Repulsion and Rosemary’s Baby, The Tenant is a paranoia fueled psychological horror film. Polanski himself plays a quiet, average man who moves in to an apartment after the previous tenant attempted to kill herself by jumping out the window. The landlord and the other renters begin to complain and chastise our protagonist for being too disruptive, when he is actually being anything but. The horror takes place in his mind as all these different outside forces start to come down on him and he begins to break. This one can only be described as mind-bending and features an unforgettable third act.    

  • Berberian Sound Studio – British and psychological horror seem to be the unintentional theme of this edition with Peter Strickland’s Berberian Sound Studio starring Toby Jones. Jones plays a British foley artist, Gilderoy, who comes to Italy thinking he’s going to help with sound work on a film about horses. He arrives and soon learns that the film he is to work on is a giallo film. Gilderoy is new to horror films, so he is already out of his element being in this foreign country. Much like The Tenant’s protagonist, Gilderoy is an average and quiet man, who is needlessly thought of as greedy and rude by his Italian collaborators. All he asks is that he be reimbursed for his plane tickets, like he was told he would, but everyone gives him the runaround. From there Berberian Sound Studio becomes crazier and crazier as Gilderoy slowly becomes as insane and dark as the film he is working on.

  • Maniac – This 2012 remake of the 1980 film of the same name directed by Franck Khalfoun and stars The Lord of the Ring’s Elijah Wood as the film’s titular psycho. Shot almost entirely from the killer’s point-of-view, Wood’s character, Frank, is a shy and awkward man with a dark secret and even darker desires. His dimly lit home is filled with female mannequins. Frank murders women, scalps them (while most are still alive), then takes the top of their heads to place on his mannequins in order to give them personalities. Maniac’s violence is brutal, uncomfortable to watch more often than not, and horrifying to say the least. Wood is perfect as the awkward, yet menacing murderer, and by the end you may just feel like a maniac yourself.   

  • The Children – Similar in premise to Who Can Kill a Child (which I mentioned in last month’s edition), The Children is yet another 2008 British horror gem about two families staying at a secluded home to celebrate the New Year. Everything seems normal at first, with some typical familial drama, but the young children begin to act very strange. They soon become sadistic and violent, which leads their parents to struggle with the fact that they either have to kill their own children or be brutally murdered by them. 

Open when you want to know 100 things i love about you (updated)

1.u love me no matter what.
2.ur just soo fuckin cutee
3.u can make me smile
4.ur hilarious
5.&& ur hair😍i just fuckin love itt
6.we can talk about almost anything.
7.we have the same taste in music
8.u soo generous
9.ur such a gentleman
10.u play guitar
11.ur so sensitive
12.every time i text u i feel better
13.i can deeply trust u
14.ur the reason i randomly smile
15.yourr eyesss
16.ur honesttt
17.u give me a lott of attention
18.u love to laugh
19.u help me when im feeling down
20.u trust me
21.u always show me how muchh you lovee me & that fuckin cutee
22.ur always there for mee
23.ur smile
24.ur irreplaceable
24.u have an awesome style
25.u smell sooo sooo good & i tell you everytime i see youu
26.u r what i think about when im feeling sadd
27.u always know what to say
28.u make smile
29.u know when im crying even if u did not see me cry
30.even at my worst with u im at my best.
31.i’d drop everything just to be with you.
32.i can be myself around u
33.you comfort me when I cry over stupid little things
34.u make me feel that im the luckiest girl cz i have youu
35.to me,ur perfectt
36.u know a lott of things about mee
37.u make me laugh
38.You tell me I am beautiful, even when I look a mess.
39.i love the way u laugh
40.i could never hate u
41.ur patience with me
42.u make me feel comfortable
43.The way you can always find time for me.
44.u r just so different .
45.ur all that matters
46.u r just u
47.u always listen to me and reassure me.
48.the way u can handle me even when i say silly jokes
49.u make me feel good about myself
50.your hugs
51.your kisses
52.your cuddles
53.you love mee
54.you like my catt
55.you call me babe,baby & i love thatt
56.your hand fits pretty perfectly in mine
57.you’re not just my bestfriend u r my everythingg
58.Our late night texts when we’re both barely keeping our eyes open
59.i love that when i think in my future you are always in it
60.i love hearing you say you love me and me saying i love you
61.how much you care about me & how much i care about you
62.the way i feel safe with you in my life.Nothing could ever hurt me with you
63.how you’ve let me in your life so easily
64.how you’ve taught me so much about you
65.you know whenever im sad ,even if i don t tell you
66.u tell me stupid jokes
67.you give me the best hugs in the whole wide world.
68.i can tell you anything and you’ll listen
69.you’re so sexy
70.you don t get mad at me for falling asleep while texting you
71.we can talk for hours without running out of things to talk about
72.how well you get along with my parents
73.i love the selfies u send mee
74.and the voice messages u send mee,i just really love you voice
75.you do not only tell me you love,you show it to me
76.the fact that u didn’t stopped talking to me when u started dating
77.u understand me so muchh
78.u think the same way that i do
79.your facial hair
80.you’re one of a kind
81.the fact that we never had a fight
82.you’re always there for me
83.you deal with me when im on period
84.you deal with me when im not on period
85.how kind and gentle you are with me
86.because i feel like i know u since forever
87.the fact that my mum love you
88. I love how you wrap your arms around me and how that makes me feel secure.
89.i love your body
90.you’re so cutee
91.i love how when at my roughest looking moments you still think im beautiful
92.how tall you are
93.the way you touch me while kissing me
94.you love taking pictures with me
95.the fact that We can take pictures with the most awkward facial expressions,and we still see each other as the cutest person on earth
96.You say silly and cute things to make me laugh.
97.How my parents always say nice things about you
98. I love gazing into your eyes
99.The fact that this was so easy to write.
100.just because i really really really really love you.i don t know,i just do.We were meant to be.

draketimbers  asked:

45, 50, 71, and 79 for the unusual asks

45: how many kids do you want? 

I might pull a Bruce and adopt every kid I see, but it depends a lot. If I do have kids, at least 2.

50: what was the last text you sent?

“hjdmafndavsf okay caralho” very classy

71: tea or coffee?

coffee all the way

79: do you believe in ghosts?

I don’t trust people who don’t because ghosts are 100% real

Unusual asks!

Arie’s Corner - Fics to Love

It has been a LONG ASS time since I have told you guys what I am loving reading right now.

Jensen & Dean - One Shots/Imagines/Drabbles

@torn-and-frayed - Isn’t It Great

  •  With this angsty Dean x Reader piece, Steph has proved that she is satisfied with setting the world on fire and watching it burn. Now that I said that, you know you want to find out what the hell is going on. Join the damn club.

@blacktithe7 - Don’t Say a Word

  • This is one of her older pieces, but it is brilliant, per the usual. This Dean x Reader one shot will remind you what the word feels really means. I promise, you go read it, and you won’t regret. And don’t worry, she wrote a follow piece. (Say Something)

@sincerelysaraahh - Jensen at the Airport

  • This is a cute Jensen x Reader interaction that explains the video of Jensen’s when he was rushing to catch his flight in Rome in may. Super cute a fluffy.

@one-shots-supernatural - Restless Nights

  • This is ANOTHER take on the airport video, but this time we have Daddy! Jensen x Reader. It’s so fluffy I could float away every time I read it. I’m a sucker for daddy Jensen. ;)

@loveitsallineed - My Drab Request

  • I sent in the lines 25. “I don’t think anyone else has ever made me feel that way about myself.” 30. “There was always a little part of him that wanted to get caught.”  and Caroline came up with this piece that had me giggling like a little girl. I was doubling over in fluffy laughter at Dean’s reaction to the reader several times. 

@supernatural-jackles - Locked Up

  • Dean x Reader get locked in a freezer and there is an angsty, fluffy revelation. I love it. 

Jensen & Dean Series 

@one-shots-supernatural - The New Roomate Series

  • I put this series off for a while in the name of, “I’m too busy, I don’t have time!” Well, I’m glad I found the time. This Reader x ? series is completely wonderful. Its AU Sam and Dean, but she stays true to all of the characters and puts them all in a world where you would think this is what their life would be like if they weren’t hunters. It’s fabulous and when you find out the pairing, after quite a few parts, you’ll sigh in relief or cry. Depending on if you’re a Dean girl or a Sam girl. 

@deanscolette - Love in the first Degree

  • Another AU series. This one is Dean x Reader and you need a box of tissues, man. I’m just warning you. She isn’t very deep into the series yet, but I’m so hooked and so sad. 

Smutty Dean/Jensen Oneshots

(Damn, I read a lot of smut)

@thing-you-do-with-that-thing - Red-Handed

  • She is at it again, folks. A Dean x Reader smutastic fic. Let’s just say you’ll need a cold, COLD shower when you get done with this masterpiece by Karina. You’ll probably want to read it a couple times. ;)

@whispersandwhiskerburn - Sunshine in Rain

  • I’ve only recently discovered this wonderful writer, Angel. I tell you, she is going to have a new stalker soon. This is a smutty, angsty, fluffy, Dean x Reader one shot that will just make you sigh contentedly at the end. *sigh*

@dean-reader-stories​ - Mudder Virgin

  • This is a Jensen x Reader smutty, fluff piece where the reader decides to participate in Tough Mudder for the first time and runs into Jensen and the guys and they invite her to join their team. The reader ends up running the race with Jensen. It is one of the FIRST fics I found on Tumblr, and recently found it again. You have to read it. It’s wonderful and a big part of why I write the way I do.

@ilostmyshoe-79 - Tease Me

  • Kim never EVER disappoints, and she certainly doesn’t with this smutty, hair pulling, dirty talk Dean x Reader piece. Gotta break that tension somehow. ;)

@nichelle-my-belle - Birthday Blues

  • Dean forgets the reader’s birthday and makes up for it it in the sweetest way. *sigh* It’s bloody brilliant and full of fluffy smut.

@leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid - Now Boarding

  • A very fucking HOT take on Jensen’s video in the airport. Good lord help me. This is Jensen x Reader SMUT-tastic wonderfulness. And the best part, there’s a part 2. (Awaiting Departure)

Keep reading

101 Things To Do Before You Settle Down
  • kid1. Learning how to cook something besides ramen noodles and eggs.
  • 2. Discovering what “truffle salt” is, and the magic it creates.
  • 3. Making elaborate, delicious dinners for one, and not feeling like it’s a waste.
  • 4. Throwing a surprise party for someone you care about.
  • 5. Tasting tons of different wines, and finding out which one you actually like the most.
  • 6. Buying yourself a big pizza, eating as much of it as you want, and not feeling like you’re a bad person for it.
  • 7. Learning to ride a bike.
  • 8. Riding a bike in the city.
  • 9. Stretching.
  • 10. Buying flowers for yourself.
  • 11. Owning a plant without accidentally killing it.
  • 12. Owning an animal (even a hamster) and caring for it well.
  • 13. Seeing how much exercise you can get done without actually “working out.”
  • 14. Popping a bottle of champagne for a special occasion and serving all your friends.
  • 15. Hearing the glasses clink, and knowing that you did something worth celebrating.
  • 16. Eating good Belgian chocolates.
  • 17. Setting a physical challenge for yourself, and attempting it. Whether or not you succeed is not as important.
  • 18. Drinking eight big glasses of water a day.
  • 19. Switching to tea, at least for a week.
  • 20. Learning to say “I love you” to your friends.
  • 21. Learning how to drive stick (you never know when you’ll need it, until you’re confronted with a stick shift and have no idea what to do).
  • 22. Trying the one food that has always grossed you out.
  • 23. Learning that pretty much anything tastes good when sautéed in garlic and olive oil.
  • 24. Living on your own.
  • 25. Paying your own rent. And your own electricity.
  • 26. Learning how much you learn to cut back when you’re paying your own utilities.
  • 27. Finally organizing all of the papers and knick knacks that always collect on your table.
  • 28. Mopping your floor just because you like to see it sparkle.
  • 29. Re-doing your entire closet.
  • 30. Seeing how far you can get using just your feet.
  • 31. Spending entire days going out of your way to discover parts of your own city that you haven’t seen before.
  • 32. Traveling at least one place on your own, even if it’s just a road trip out to the beach.
  • 33. Getting lost on a pedestrian side-street in a city you’ve never been before.
  • 34. Watching a place go from “postcard you keep on your desk” to “somewhere you’ve actually been.”
  • 35. Creating a work space, even if you don’t actually have a desk at work.
  • 36. Filling it with images that inspire you.
  • 37. Learning how much you can do when you cut out all distractions.
  • 38. Kissing a stranger on New Year’s when you’re in a new place, and knowing that you’ll probably never see them again, but being totally okay with that.
  • 39. Trying a nice restaurant by yourself.
  • 40. Reading a book for hours in the back of a busy cafe.
  • 41. Having a long conversation with a stranger at a bar.
  • 42. Discovering your “signature drink.”
  • 43. Becoming a master of the “Skype date” or “Skype friend date.”
  • 44. Writing letters.
  • 45. Sending thank-you notes.
  • 46. Practicing your handwriting.
  • 47. Picking something off a vine and eating it fresh, and wondering why you ever ate anything else.
  • 48. Telling someone you like them first.
  • 49. Making the first move.
  • 50. Holding hands during a movie, and then pretending you didn’t as soon as the movie’s over, because you’re both too shy.
  • 51. Listening to the advice of someone much, much older than you.
  • 52. Talking to someone on their 50th wedding anniversary.
  • 53. Talking to someone who has been divorced.
  • 54. Getting really into a new TV show, and spending an entire weekend watching the whole thing.
  • 55. Meeting someone who’s just obsessed with the TV show as you are.
  • 56. Feeling like you’ve found a soulmate.
  • 57. Fixing something yourself, even something as simple as a broken curtain rod or lampshade.
  • 58. Calling someone for help when you really need it.
  • 59. Answering your phone for a friend at 3 AM.
  • 60. Having your heart broken.
  • 61. Thinking it will be the end of the world.
  • 62. Realizing it isn’t.
  • 63. Finally feeling ready to fall in love again, even though you know you might end up with another broken heart.
  • 64. Attending a wedding.
  • 65. Attending a funeral.
  • 66. Understanding that all things, good and bad, are only temporary.
  • 67. Learning how to fight fair with someone, and how to not go to bed angry.
  • 68. Helping your friend when they are having their heart broken.
  • 69. Learning that no two heartbreaks are the same.
  • 70. Applying for your dream job, even if you think you’ll never get it.
  • 71. Practicing job interviews with your friends and family.
  • 72. Going into an interview feeling nervous, but ready to try.
  • 73. Keeping a journal.
  • 74. Going back and reading your journal even a year later, and feeling really embarrassed of all the feelings you had, but glad that you wrote them down.
  • 75. Going to a concert with friends.
  • 76. Finally embodying that corny “dance like no one’s watching” bracelet you used to have.
  • 77. Remembering why it was so great.
  • 78. Feeling like you’re 16 again, in the best way.
  • 79. Taking a thousand pictures with your best friend, and keeping all of them.
  • 80. Accepting that you’re not going to look great in every photo, but that it doesn’t matter.
  • 81. Intentionally taking pictures of yourself from your “bad angle.”
  • 82. Learning to love your nose.
  • 83. Learning to love your stomach.
  • 84. Spending a whole weekend afternoon just walking, with no particular destination in mind.
  • 85. Remembering how good it feels to just walk.
  • 86. Calling your parents out of the blue.
  • 87. Calling your grandparents out of the blue.
  • 88. Remembering that you are so young.
  • 89. Feeling like a kid.
  • 90. Feeling like a grown-up.
  • 91. Realizing that you are both, and neither, and will always be between the two.
  • 92. Hugging someone for just a second too long.
  • 93. Wanting to hold onto them forever.
  • 94. Realizing that you are more than enough by yourself.
  • 95. Loving your own company.
  • 96. Making yourself laugh.
  • 97. Comforting yourself when you cry.
  • 98. Stretching again.
  • 99. Standing in the rain without an umbrella.
  • 100. Understanding that tomorrow is brand new and full of possibility.
  • 101. Realizing that you have your entire life to be in a relationship, and maybe it will happen soon, but maybe it won’t — and there are so many wonderful things to accomplish in the meantime.
  • by Sophie Martin (source: http://thoughtcatalog.com/sophie-martin/2014/04/101-things-to-do-before-you-settle-down-in-your-20s/)
another ask meme go
  • 1. Hardcover or softcover?
  • 2. What’s in your pencil case?
  • 3. Favourite colour of the sky?
  • 4. Best dream you’ve ever had?
  • 5. Most recurring dream.
  • 6. Childhood nightmare.
  • 7. Worst lie you’ve ever told? Did ppl believe it?
  • 8. Nervous tick?
  • 9. Verbal tick?
  • 10. Do you keep a diary? When do you write in it?
  • 11. How do you end up sitting on the couch after a movie marathon.
  • 12. Favourite word.
  • 13. Time you sleep?
  • 14. Average hours of sleep?
  • 15. Cups of coffee per day?
  • 16. First thing you do when you wake up.
  • 17. Last thing you do before you sleep.
  • 18. How long do you spend in the bathroom?
  • 19. Ideal look.
  • 20. Weapon of choice in a zombie apocalypse?
  • 21. Partner(s) of choice in a zombie apoc. Irl or fictional.
  • 22. Hogwarts House + Quidditch position
  • 23. Patronus?
  • 24. Camp Half-Blood cabin.
  • 25. Favourite article of clothing you own.
  • 26. Best childhood memory?
  • 27. Lowest you’ve ever scored on a test.
  • 28. Ideal superpower?
  • 29. A superpower you’d hate to have or would be so incompatible w u.
  • 30. Pokemon team.
  • 31. One thing you hate so much you want everyone in the world to puke all over it and cast it to hell where it’ll be destroyed forever.
  • 32. Thoughts on Dr. Doofenshirmtz.
  • 33. Any cool ancestors?
  • 34. Hey we all know you have a story you want to tell. Now’s the time to tell it.
  • 35. Number of times you fell asleep when you weren’t supposed to.
  • 36. How successful are ur allnighters?
  • 37. The coolest thing you can think of.
  • 38. Thoughts on the Onceler fandom.
  • 39. Go hug someone and tell me who.
  • 40. The answer to #2 and #25 are your supplies for assassinating #39 (theoretically). Who would it be (optional) and how would you go about doing it. (ps pls don’t actually try it out)
  • 41. Superhero/villian name + superhero/villian team name
  • 42. You’ve formed a band. What’s your band name and what type of music do you play?
  • 43. Siblings? complain about them.
  • 44. Favourite flower
  • 45. That one rly lame childhood anime fave that you try to avoid mentioning you were ever in love with and had all the merch and could quote and say exactly what happened in all 126 episodes and yea ok
  • 46. MBTI type
  • 47. Good at math? How many digits of pi can u list
  • 48. Comfort food. Something that makes u feel better just eating
  • 49. Favourite food?
  • 50. The names of all your stuffed animals. Introduce me to them. Ur first one. Their stories.
  • 51. Your OCs!! C’mon you know you want to tell me a little bit about them. Anything, everything really.
  • 52. Write a haiku about your day.
  • 53. Eye colour.
  • 54. Current look.
  • 55. Ideal date?
  • 56. Favourite au setting.
  • 57. Favourite Pokemon type, or starter type you lean towards
  • 58. Thoughts on the Barbie movies/ how many can you name?
  • 59. Futurama episode that left you speechless
  • 60. Mood music?
  • 61. OTP who have movie nights and cuddles and get locked out of their flats and end up camping under the stars in an ideal AU that you would cross hell to protect
  • 62. Art goals?
  • 63. Things on your bucket list.
  • 64. Things on your wishlist.
  • 65. What happened at work today?
  • 66. Fav chip flavour?
  • 67. How would you fare in a fight? as yourself, atm
  • 68. Ever been in a fight tell me fight me
  • 69. Favourite feel-good song
  • 70. A fanfic’s that’s stayed with you for ages and you just remember it sometimes and think fondly back of how great(or so piss-horrible it was hilarious) it was
  • 71. Fav quote
  • 72. Ship you hate to hell and Pluto (which ever one’s further iyo OR ACTUALLY TO ASGARD) and back
  • 73. How fast do you eat?
  • 74. Most creative swear you’ve ever uttered
  • 75. How many pairs of shoes do you own and what’s your favourite
  • 76. funny sound u make
  • 77. tell me what the mitochondria does. pls
  • 78. That one meme that still cracks you up every time it somehow finds its way onto your dash
  • 79. Personality fault of yours.
  • 80. One embarrassing moment of ur life you wish has been burned from everyone who was around at the time’s memory
  • 81. Elementary school moment you’ll never forget
  • 82. Fav comic book char?
  • 83. How well have you been living life? Rate 1-10. If under 10 here’s a hug and if you need it it’ll get better man have a cookie
  • 84. How you think people see you
  • 85. Favourite view
  • 86. Mood rn?
  • 87. any body alterations you want? tattoos/ piercings also
  • 88. Star Wars / Star Trek
  • 89. sexual orientation
  • 90. Fav class?
  • 91. Coolest random fact you know off the top of your head
  • 92. What will people remember you as, do you think?
  • 93. first crush, first relationship
  • 94. what would you change about yourself?
  • 95. Sports u play? Sport u would invent.
  • 96. Languages u speak or want to learn?
  • 97. something ur rly interested in!! talk abt something ur passionate abt here!! 。^‿^。
  • 98. r u the “i will do it just bc u said i can’t HAH” type?
  • 99. People you would drag to do the stuff in #97 also what stuff
  • 100. fav type of cloud
  • 101. How good’s your fashion sense
  • 102. What do you do on transit?
  • 103. Tumblr post that has stuck w/ u all these years
  • 104. ideal house/place to live
  • 105. What Pokemon gym would you be the leader of
  • 106. What would your soul look like if your soulmate gazed into it (soul gazing au)
  • 107. Favourite scents
  • 108. Rec some stuff here
  • 109. If you had to request a last meal, what would it consist of? also what did u likely do to end up in a position where u needed to even request a last meal
  • 110. Do you have a green thumb?
  • 111. What nation would you belong to? Bender or non-bender (A: TLA)
  • 112. The smell of your current shampoo
  • 113. Best and worst meals you’ve ever tried to cook
  • 114. Something you hate drawing or can never get right
  • 115. Artists/ works that inspire you
  • 116. last thing u got for free. o((*^▽^*))o
  • 117. Ever had an emo phase?
  • 118. Where do you see yourself in ten years?
  • 119. Earliest memory
  • 120. The last person you called up to talk to abt something completely unimportant and mundane like ‘the woman who just walked pass had two rly cute poodles and i want to hug them’
  • 121. Favourite kamoji (๑˃̶͈̀◡˂̶͈́๑)

100 reason why I love infinite.

1. Their superb live performance.
2. Their superb members who can rap, dance and sing
3. The way they forgot to breath during performance.
4. The way they appreciate their fans.
5. Their love-hate relationship.
6. They so greedy over their fans love.
7. Their stupid leader.
8. They forgot to age
9. Their high note.
10. Their stupid CEO.
11. Their almost bankrupt company.
12. Their dorm (used to be) that looked so poor
13. Their hot manager.
14. Their backup dancer.
15. Their relationship with other celebrities.
16. “ aegyo ” that not so cute
17. Their stupid visual
18. Their disease. “ multiple identity disorder ”
19. The way they treat each other.
20. The way they diss each other.
21. The way the respect each other.
22. They way they take care of their maknae
23. Howon’s lame jokes.
24. Sungyeol’s half brows
25. Sungjong’s sexy dance
26. Sunggyu’s unrealised aegyo
27. Woohyun’s bravado.
28. L cosplay
29. Dongwoo’s uncontrolled laugh
30. Their synchronization
31. Their teamwork
32. How they respect their leader.
33. How they diss their leader.
34. Over confident sunggyu.
35. Timidness of sunggyu.
36. The way they learn from each other.
37. Mama’s L
38. Their tears.
39. The way they appreciate each other.
40. Their acceptance speech.
41. The way dongwoo sells his member’s butt.
42. Their sexy dance.
43. Their manners.
44. 90° bow.
45. Their voice.
46. Their quotes
47. Their spontaneous.
48. They way they troll each other.
49. Sleepyhead myungsoo and dongwoo
50. Their bad habit.
51. Their deep voice.
52. They way they eat.
53. They forgot about their abs.
54. The most in confidence idol about their body
55. Their honesty to the audience.
56. Dorky myungsoo who watch porn.
57. The facts that the visual rarely bath.
58. The way their sell each other.
59. Their affectionate to each other.
60. Their sexiness out of control.
61. Tricky Nam.
62. Choding yeollie.
63. Stuttering myungsoo.
64. Spontaneous Sunggyu and dongwoo.
65. Dongwoo’s & L language.
66. Howon witty.
67. The disrespect maknae.(evil maknae)
68. The way maknae relieve tension.
69. Their white outfit.
70. The way they support each other.
71. Their cool teaser.
72. 360° first MV.
73. The way they take care of their hoobae.
74. New disease “ middle school disease ”
75. Howon randomness.
76. They are real.
77. They always improving
78. Their unbelievable dance teacher who create all those dance
79. They way they respect each other parents.
80. How real they can be.
81. The white costume that they never miss.
82. Stupidos namu~
83. Sunggyu’s & L’s brain.
84. Their leader advise.
85. Clumsy L
86. Ninja Myungsoo
87. Angelic Dongwoo
88. Stupidness Sungyeolie
89. Their acting skill
90. They never care their idol life
91. Sungyeollie’s true self.
92. Talented group members ever.
93. Did i mention, they are the 7th group I choose to devoted. (Only)
94. Their adam’s apple. (Make me crazier)
95. Just like the rainbow, each colour is different.
96. Their boldness.
97. They never hide each other weakness.
98. They always help each other.
99. Their loyalty.
100. They are my 7 colours of rainbow.

No, 100 reason just not enough. Or, should I said, I never knew why I like these dorks. *sigh* ruined life *

Naruto-kun… let’s do our best…” - Hinata, chapter 41
“You can look at my answers… Naruto-kun…” - Hinata, chapter 42
“Could it be some kind of trap…? Nah, Hinata wouldn’t do that…” - Naruto, chapter 42
“Because… I… don’t want you to disappear here…” - Hinata, chapter 42
“Anyway, how lucky I am. Good thing I’m next to Hinata!” - Naruto, chapter 42
“Plus, because you helped me cheat, you could get in trouble too…” - Naruto, chapter 42.
“I hope Naruto-kun is alright…” - Hinata, chapter 58.
“I’d like to cheer for Naruto-kun… but I’m on Kiba-kun’s team… he might get mad… but…” - Hinata, chapter 75.
“You’re wrong Kiba-kun….Naruto-kun isn’t that weak. Unlike me Naruto-kun always believed in his self-worth. I really thought that was incredible because I understand how difficult that is…Yet nobody would even look at that Naruto… nobody even tried to acknowledge him…but…now everyone is watching you….everyone is acknowledging you.” - Hinata, Chapter 76
“Thanks! You’re nice, Hinata!” - Naruto, chapter 77.
“Hinata! Stand up for yourself! This is hard to watch!!” - Naruto, chapter 79
“Naruto-kun… thank you! …I no longer want to run away!” - Hinata, chapter 79
“I don’t go back on my word… that is also my ninja way!” - Hinata, chapter 79
“I never knew Hinata was this incredible..” -Naruto, Chapter 80
“I have always watched you. Watched you for all these years! Why is that…? I don’t know why, but…When I look at Naruto-kun…I feel courage. I feel that if I try my best, even I can do it. That I am worth something. That’s how I begin to feel.” - Hinata, Chapter 80.
“Naruto-kun… In the past I was the only one looking… but right now, you are…” - Hinata, chapter 80
“He’s finally watching me. In front of the person I admire…I can’t look this bad.” Hinata, Chapter 80
“Naruto-kun… was I able… to change a little…?” - Hinata, chapter 80
“Hinata… I promise you…. I will win!” – Naruto, chapter 81
“When you cheered for me… I felt like I had become stronger… After the prelims ended, I started liking myself a little more. To other people, it may not seem like I changed much.. But I felt like I was able to change… It was thanks to you, Naruto-kun….” - Hinata, chapter 98
“Hey Hinata… do you really think that?” - Naruto, chapter 98
“In my eyes, you’re a proud failure! When I look at you… I get an intense feeling in my heart…” - Hinata, chapter 98
“Because you’re not perfect… Because you fail, you have the strength to get back up… Because I believe that’s what true strength is… I think you are an incredibly strong person, Naruto-kun…” - Hinata, chapter 98
“Thanks Hinata! Earlier I was feeling uncharacteristically depressed, but now I feel great!!” - Naruto, chapter 98
“You know about you… I thought you were a plain looking, dark weirdo… But a person like you, I really like!” - Naruto, chapter 98
“Hinata too… she’s suffered as much as you!! A member of the main family… but not acknowledged. Trying her best to change herself… thinking that as she was coughing blood while fighting you!” – Naruto, chapter 103
“Where is Hinata!? Is she watching me!?” - Naruto, chapter 105
“I heard he was back but.. what do I do…? I’m not ready… I haven’t seen him in three years… what do I say… um.. um..” - Hinata, chapter 282
“Hey it’s Hinata! Whatcha hiding here for!?” - Naruto, chapter 282
“Guided by a golden light, she now steps out into the sun!” – Chapter 297 cover
“Let’s do our best, Naruto-kun!” – Hinata, chapter 355
“Right!” – Naruto, chapter 355
“I don’t want to lose him. He feels so close to me. I’ve always felt this way.” - Hinata, Chapter 437 Cover
“I won’t let you lay another finger on Naruto-kun!” - Hinata, chapter 437.
“Why did you come here!? Hurry up and run! He’s too much for-” - Naruto, chapter 437.
“I felt like being selfish. I’m here because I want to be here. I used to always cry and give up… I made many wrong turns… But you… You helped me find the right path… I always chased after you… I wanted to catch up to you… I wanted to walk beside you all the time… I just wanted to be with you… You changed me! Your smile is what saved me! That is why I am not afraid to die protecting you! Because… I love you… Naruto-kun.” – Hinata, chapter 437
“Don’t tell me I.. Hinata… the other villagers… Thank goodness… thank goodness they’re okay…” – Naruto, chapter 441
“Thank goodness… Naruto-kun, thank goodness you’re safe….” - Hinata, chapter 443
“When Pain struck Hinata I was so mad, so full of rage, my heart instantly connected with the Kyuubi’s will.” – Naruto, chapter 490
“This war is protect Naruto-kun! We definitely won’t lose!” - Hinata, chapter 540
“Sorry for taking so long… everything’s all right now!” - Naruto, chapter 558
“Are you alright, Hinata?” - Naruto, chapter 559
“It is Naruto-kun! Just look at his eyes, you can tell. Sorry Naruto-kun… everyone’s so suspicious of you…” - Hinata, Chapter 559
“The one person I want to protect not matter the cost… always ends up protecting me instead… I guess I really am no good…” - Hinata, chapter 559
“Don’t worry about it Hinata… I’m pretty lame considering you’ve already had to save me at least twice now! - Naruto, chapter 559
“It’s all in your eyes, Hinata! Don’t get so down on yourself, you’re strong!” – Naruto, chapter 559
“Naruto-kun, I’ve always… always been chasing after you… Even now… But once this war ends, I’m going to stop once and for all. Next time, I’ll be next to you, holding your hand… walking with you! Wait for me!” - Hinata, chapter 573
“Naruto-kun are you okay!?” - Hinata, chapter 611
“Hell yeah!” - Naruto, chapter 611
“We’ll protect you!!!” - Hinata, chapter 614
“Hinata!” - Naruto, chapter 614
“Did you understand the meaning of what Neji-niisan said earlier? That your life is not only one… Naruto-kun. Your words, and beliefs that you won’t let your friends die… They’re not a lie! It’s because of those words that he was able to come this far… It’s not only you… everyone kept those words and feelings in their hearts, and that’s how everybody’s lives are connected together. That’s why they are comrades. If everyone gave up on those words and thoughts.. Then what Neji-niisan did would be pointless too… That would be the real way to kill your friends! They wouldn’t be comrades anymore. That’s what I think. So.. let’s stand up together Naruto-kun. Always going ahead and not going back on one’s words. That’s my ninja way too.” - Hinata, chapter 615
“Right.. it’s not only mom and dad… so far, everyone has… Hinata, thank you! My life is not only one…! It’s thanks to you that stayed by my side!” - Naruto, chapter 615
“Naruto-kun’s hand… is big… and strong… and… makes me feel safe.” - Hinata, chapter 615
“I won’t let go of your hand!!” - Naruto, chapter 615
“Let’s go Hinata!” - Naruto, chapter 615
—  I love all naruhina quotes ;)
1. Dance.
2. Try out some new clothes.
3. Wear jewelry more often.
4. Save some money, and then go to the mall all by yourself. Buy as much stuff as you can, and wear it.
5. Try out new hairstyles.
6. Grow your hair out, and then cut it super short.
7. Paint your nails more.
8. Exercise.
9. Write. Write every day, because it calms you down.
10. Get a whole bunch of body sprays.
11. Buy more books.
12. Redecorate your room.
13. Buy a bunch of good music and make some playlists.
14. Try not to spend all your money on junk.
15. Take walks more often.
16. Clean out your closet.
17. Clean out your windowseat.
18. Clean out your bookshelf, and donate all the ones you don’t read anymore.
19. Discover the downtown area.
20. Take a bus.
21. Perfect the art of window-shopping.
22. Try new food.
23. Find a little store that you love, and go there often.
24. Branch out.
25. Meet new people.
26. Sit up straight.
27. Do your homework and meet deadlines.
28. Try to procrastinate less.
29. Be nice to everyone.
30. Stop stereotyping people.
31. Throw things out.
32. Clear your life of all bad things in it.
33. Explore.
34. Try stepping into nature every so often.
35. Be supportive, caring, and ready to listen.
36. Try to talk to your parents. It’s okay if you can’t, but at least try.
37. Start planning for your future, but live in the moment.
38. Enter some writing contests.
39. Try and get published somewhere.
40. Re-read Harry Potter.
41. Cover a wall in chalkboard paint, and doodle.
42. Fill up notebooks.
43. Laugh more often.
44. Get a book of bad puns.
45. Try reading the classics.
46. Write something that isn’t fanfiction.
47. Write fanfiction.
48. Stay in contact with people.
49. Take more pictures.
50. Stop deleting the imperfect shots- keep the smudged sunset, your face when you blink, the picture you took without realizing the flash was on.
51. Capture the small moments.
52. Take more selfies.
53. Take more pictures of your friends.
54. Stop caring about what the world thinks of you.
55. Get Instagram.
56. Spend time with your siblings.
57. Bake more.
58. Learn to cook.
59. Wear skirts.
60. Go to a school dance.
61. Sing, even though you can’t.
62. Try writing poetry.
63. Wake up earlier.
64. Watch sunrises.
65. Watch sunsets.
66. Wear sunscreen.
67. Dance in the rain.
68. Make more lists.
69. Swim- and I don’t just mean floating and doing handstands.
70. Go into the ocean without freaking out.
71. Go to bed at a decent hour.
72. Get to know someone better.
73. Put down the phone and talk to people.
74. Get a job.
75. Learn how to budget stuff.
76. Volunteer more.
77. Start talking to older family members.
78. Buy a random book, and read it all the way through.
79. Learn how to do a back walkover.
80. Stretch.
81. Try joining some clubs.
82. Raise your hand even if you don’t know the answer.
83. Stop beating yourself up over little things.
84. Stop biting your nails.
85. Talk to your friends more. Ask them about their days. Learn little things about them.
86. Learn more constellations, and the stories behind them.
87. Don’t panic over the little things.
88. Stop putting the blame on others. Take responsibility for when you’ve messed up.
89. Forget about all the people who have hurt you in the past.
90. Walk down the hallways with your head held high.
91. People will talk about you behind your back. It’s a fact of life. Don’t let them get to you.
92. Stop throwing yourself pity parties.
93. Get off your ass and do something once in a while.
94. Take better care of yourself.
95. Let your imagination run wild.
96. Take risks, but know the consequences.
97. Try to help others and make them smile.
98. Tell people you love them more often.
99. Stop being so paranoid and worried all the time.
100. Hug people more often. Listen to what they have to say.
101. Love yourself. You’ve gotta love yourself.
—  Even though I don’t believe in resolutions here’s 101 things I want to do before 2015 ends.