it is SO WEIRD to me how for some of us, fictional characters are just as much living as our next door neighbors, we want to know about their lives and their habits and their daydreams and their favorite foods and their relationships; they’re our good friends and heroes and sometimes, in a very private way, our personal saviors from certain realities that we can’t or don’t want to suffer. they have depth and dimension beyond just fiction we connect with. they are so REAL to us and you even get to thinking that if you close your eyes and stretch your hand far enough, you can push past that final fourth wall and find them warm and breathing

and then you have other people who are like, “oh yeah, that guy from that one show? he’s a cool character i like him i guess”

Advice the signs need rn
  • Aries:tidy your room
  • Taurus:don't worry about upsetting that person, if they seem distant they're most likely not angry at you
  • Gemini:stop putting other people before yourself and take some time to be selfish
  • Leo:eat a veggie. No, pizza isn't a veggie.
  • Virgo:take a long nap, I know you're stressed out.
  • Libra:go out and buy yourself some ice cream. You deserve it. (And if you're lactose intolerant buy an ice pop instead)
  • Scorpio:I know you like being alone, but it will do you good to get out and meet up with some friends.
  • Sagittarius:do something different, you're very stuck in your ways. Even if that means just watching a new movie or reading a new book.
  • Capricorn:do that thing you keep putting off!!
  • Aquarius:don't keep waiting for that person who won't even text you back.
  • Pisces:drink some water, your skin will thank you.

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@TheEAPostblamingconsumers... What a lot of people don't get is that they had to take away some of the features of the game to allow us to connect more deeply to ours sims. By taking out toddlers we are now allowed to have CAS be more free and for us to have the ability to make our sims "realistic" without sliders. Honestly, in my opinion, toddlers and babies aren't that exciting. Having a daycare was pretty cool, but what else could you do with toddlers in the Sims4?

I see your point, and I’m honestly glad you shared it. :D

Things like this deserved to be talked about from all perspectives honestly.

I also fully understand why not everyone would be interested in playing with toddlers, but the thing is I’ve come to realize, is that whether or not you, or anyone else actually does, having a sim family is literally a major core part of the game ( the base game itself ), as a lot of the community has proven ( challenges and legacies and junk ). It’s why they have in game family trees, have the new option to create full families with, in my opinion, a much improved play with genetics button, adoption options, and openly allow and support same sex marriages, and families, because that’s what it’s about at the end of the day, as my husband would put it, because literally no matter how hard he tries to just play one sim who just lives this promiscuously exciting single life, he almost always fucks up and accidentally presses Try Baby instead of Woohoo.

Gat dammit, Bob! Wrap it before you tap it! D8<

I really don’t play with toddlers a lot either, I actually tend to get bored come the child stage, but that could have something to do with actually having a child of my own in RL ( or the fact I get bored easily period ), I dunno. 

Here’s the thing a lot of people are missing, and especially EA in my opinion is missing.

They’re selling to the wrong audience.

Their fans have grown up, a lot, newer fans have come in, but really they’re no different from the old ones. Sure they like their emojis, and their Kylie Jenners, and their One Directions ( puts hip back into place ), but they’re literally no different than we were when we were young. They like to torture their sims with ladderless pools just like their moms and dads, but let’s be honest. Why do we really play the sims? REALLY?

To live the lives we want to live. That we find more interesting than our own, and like you said, are attached to.

Though I will tell you right now I honestly had zero problem being attached to my TS2 and TS3 sims. None, at all, why? Because I made them. EA gave me the platform, but I took the time to buy it, and to install it, and to turn it on, and to spend countless hours creating an entirely different world from the one the game gave me, and that’s fucking awesome.

What I’m trying to say is, EA knows they don’t have to put in the effort to add what we like because we, the community will find a way. It shouldn’t have to be that way though, and by limiting the game by taking out key features you’re limiting, even dare I say stifling the creativity of those who do make it better, the fans, and that’s screwed up tbh, especially when it’s for a reason as shady as making an extra dollar or two. :/

I mean, they’re just now adding dishwashers…yeah, it’s gonna be for free, but that right there says a lot. This game was not anywhere near ready or as well thought out as it’s predecessors.


Alex. 23 and currently one month and a few weeks on T.

I ran away from who I really was for years and it wasn’t until I began my senior year of college that I finally began to confront my demons one by one. Thanks to the people in my life that want nothing but the best for me, I’m becoming my most authentic self and loving every minute of it.

It’s Gender Euphoria Weekend here at Ways to Raise. From July 31st - August 2nd. Trans and nonbinary folks should feel free to submit those selfies that make you feel great, or any stories and thoughts you have involving what makes you euphoric/what Gender Euphoria means to you!

Being called “pretty” never felt right to me growing up. I couldn’t believe them. I was unable to see myself as that. Instead I just felt like I was being slapped in the face. But I didn’t understand why I was feeling that way for the majority of my life. And when I did realize why? When I realized that I was just trying to fit in this box that society has forced me into after being rejected for knowing who I am in my younger years. When I was called handsome for the first time…I was able to take a compliment for once. I felt euphoric. (He/Him)

It’s Gender Euphoria Weekend here at Ways to Raise. From July 31st - August 2nd. Trans and nonbinary folks should feel free to submit those selfies that make you feel great, or any stories and thoughts you have involving what makes you euphoric/what Gender Euphoria means to you!

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going to the haunted house in disneyland with luke, who's too ashamed to admit that he gets scared incredibly easy so he clings to you the entire time

“Luke, your face seems awful pale,” you said teasingly, digging a finger into his rib cage.

“I’m fine,” he squeaked out, and then cleared his throat. “Totally fine.”

“Are you sure?” you said, smirking at him, “It’s pretty scary. Lots of ghosts and dead bodies and gore. And it’s dark.”

“Shut up,” he said, watching a small boy run into the room before him. He laced his fingers with yours and took a few steps into the room. “I’m not scared.”

You pulled on his hand leading him into the center of the room, amidst the flickering lights and the eerie organ music. Without warning, a voice came through the walls. “Welcome, foolish mortals, to the Haunted Mansion. I am your host, your ghost host.”

He squeezed your hand and you whipped around, only to find his face had drained of all color. “Don’t you DARE let go of my hand for even one second,” he breathed out.

disney!5sos night with quiffedluke and featuringluke!!! send in requests or tag us in your blurbs!!

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reyna headcanons?

  • W. W. J. D. (what would Jason do)
  • she’s used to argum and argentum sleeping at the foot of her bed. always. when shes traveling they stay with her and curl up by her feet
  • when she left the dogs at home to meet the seven on scipio they whined for days and woke up everyone at camp
  • she likes her coffee black but she likes hot chocolate better
  • she loves chocolate. it was her favorite treat in san juan and her ambrosia tastes like the pure cacao dark chocolate that she grew up around
  • she obviously speaks spanish fluently so whenever she is with hylla they speak so rapidly and heavily in spanish and nobody else can understand them
  • she slips into an accent when she gets excited or nervous and starts full on ranting in spanish when it gets extreme
  • the first week jason is missing she cries herself to sleep every night
  • she hates feeling weak, especially being a daughter of bellona. crying makes her feel incredibly vulnerable and the only times she ever completely let herself cry since san juan were when she and hylla split up, when jason went missing, and when scipio died.
  • she’s one of the internally and externally strongest fuckin characters in the series. she was worried about jason and about the camp, and then opened herself up emotionally to percy, which isn’t common for her. she was rejected by percy and then jason came back with a girlfriend so she felt betrayed and alone. leading the camp alone for so long made her weary and lonely but she still chose to fly across the Mare Nostrum by herself, which is something other heroes could barely do in groups. doing this meant she had to sacrifice one of her last companions (scipio) and potentially her ranks at both camps, but she still risked it for the sake of peace between the camps with the return of the athena parthenos
  • shes an incredibly selfless person
  • she loves nico more than she loves herself and would die for him in a heartbeat
  • nico had frequent nightmares on their quest back. he could never fall asleep so she started to sing him spanish lullabies that hylla used to sing to her
  • she didn’t train with lupa for very long. she picked up everything lupa taught her almost instinctively and left early to find camp herself
  • because of her natural battle skills and leadership abilities she became praetor very quickly
  • she loves camp jupiter. its the first place she’s thought of as truly being home

Matt. pre opp trans guy. he/him. 10 months on hormone blockers. Youvewonadhesivemedicalstrips on tumblr. (\/)(0|||0)(\/)

I officially gave myself the perfect haircut. Then when I went out with one of my partners, I got referred to as sir. I’m extremely happy about this! Im hoping more correct gendering follows in the future! ♡

It’s Gender Euphoria Weekend here at Ways to Raise. From July 31st - August 2nd. Trans and nonbinary folks should feel free to submit those selfies that make you feel great, or any stories and thoughts you have involving what makes you euphoric/what Gender Euphoria means to you!