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saturn in the houses

first house - saturn in the first house can seem like a very negative placement, because the shadow of saturn is cast on your identity, outlook and personality. and it’s true, this placement can make you come across quite stern or perhaps even cold or standoffish. you may be shy or just quiet, and you’re probably very mature for your age too, which can make things tricky. but, saturn in the first house also brings a surprisingly good sense of humour, sympathy and straightforwardness that will serve you well if you can put it all to good use. you more than likely have a serious outlook on life, and this can lead to negative thinking patterns and self-confidence issues, but with self awareness, hard work and patience, you can master your troubles and learn to manage them well.

second house - when saturn resides in your second house, you may find that wealth is hard to come by. and this is wealth in all its forms, not just money, but possessions, and even your sense of self-worth. you may control your spending to your own detriment, or perhaps you simply prefer to save your money and invest it rather than spend it. you can struggle greatly with your self-worth, finding it hard to appreciate your own value. it’s important that you don’t focus too much on the material side of life, though it seems so heavy; if you let it, it’ll drag you down. instead, try to work on something that will bring you a sense of fulfilment and validation in your abilities.. it’ll be so much more worth it. learn to find comfort in your surroundings, rather than coldness.

third house - this placement makes for a serious student, maybe a stern sibling. you often appear older than your age, because of your quiet, sometimes cold manner. you study hard and take in a lot from those around you, listening very carefully to your peers and family. because of this, you learn a lot throughout your younger years, and may be quite wise for your age. the only trouble with early wisdom is it can feel like a burden, making your days heavy and gloomy. it’s important that you try to find enjoyment in little things, learn about what interests you, and make the most of your amazing talent for listening; people will love you for being able to hear them out fully, and that way, you won’t have to do too much talking yourself! this placement often shows talent and wisdom but difficulty showing it, so try to trust yourself and let go a little!

fourth house - in the fourth house, saturn can cast a shadow over your childhood and perhaps leave you feeling down about your past. you may have felt that your family were cold, harsh or impersonal and that feelings and warmth were out of bounds, leaving you struggling to express your emotions healthily as an adult. there’s a tendency to shut down emotionally with this placement, and you may find it hard to connect with your own nurturing side. however, saturn in the fourth house often shows that if you can overcome your own issues with caregiving, you will find yourself to be an incredibly nurturing person; just don’t see it as a responsibility or a task! learn to experience the joy of caring for another, of loving purely and platonically, and you’ll see what i mean. this placement also makes for a sensitive and loyal individual, who can quietly commit to their home and family.

fifth house - saturn in the fifth house can bring restrictions when it comes to self-expression, dating and love, spontaneity and playfulness. this may sound like a placement that screams buzzkill, sure, but there are many positives to it too; this placement brings patience, the ability to really back a good cause, and a quiet, slightly brooding sense of humour that can really light up the room. a lot of people think this placement is doomed to a loveless life or a misery existence, but this just isn’t true; saturn teaches, and its lessons here revolve around love, creation and exuberance. perhaps you need time to discover who and what you love in life, or you need to make a conscious effort towards learning to express your passions and communicate your feelings creatively. all in all, i really don’t see this as a bad placement, it just takes some getting used to. and when you’re used to it and can put your best foot forward, you’ll find happiness in abundance.

sixth house - saturn in the sixth house can indicate a few things; firstly, that you have an enviable work ethic; secondly, that you may struggle with niggling health issues, and thirdly, that you can suffer from having the weight of the world on your shoulders. that being said though, i think this is one of the better placements of saturn, as long as you don’t give in to negativity and work addiction. you may feel you have a responsibility to do well, to work hard and achieve things, but in order to flourish, you must learn to work for your own pleasure and pride, rather than trying to get it from others. an important lesson to learn with this placement lies in recognising what is really healthy in life; the soul must be nourished as much as the body, mind and bank account, so be aware of your habits and let yourself relax once in a while!

seventh house - in the seventh house, saturn can have quite a harsh ring to it at times; but don’t worry, you aren’t doomed to a single life! in actuality, saturn here actually denotes very long-lasting, committed and comforting relationships, as long as you are willing to make some effort and learn some lessons beforehand. your relationships may be karmic experiences for you, and you may attract or be drawn to saturnian people. you may fear abandonment but push people away so you don’t have to feel the pain, you might struggle to open up to people and perhaps you’re a little cold in your relations with others. the first step to fixing any shortcoming is to be aware of it, and with seventh house placements it’s doubly important to reflect on your issues, where they come from and how to heal them and move on. and once you do, you’ll find relationships to be wonderful things, and may find you have a great head for business too, actually.

eighth house - in the eighth house, saturn can bring a lot of fears. fear of being out of control, or of being controlled, can be a major issue for you if you have this placement. you may be a very intense person who perhaps even fears yourself; the depths of your emotions and the intensity within you can be hard for saturn to handle, as chaos and control don’t mix very well. but if you can become aware of your issues, work on shedding them and becoming something new, you’ll start to see the good sides of this placement; and there are many. inner strength is a seemingly endless resource for you, and you can understand others easily because of your own deep feelings. your strength will help you to overcome whatever stands in your way, help you to heal and become powerful in whatever way you need to. transformation helps to dust off the negative side of this placement and polish its better traits.

ninth house - the lessons of saturn in the ninth house often revolve around the mind; specifically, the opening and closing of it. saturn here can indicate a practical-minded person who prefers to keep their feet on the ground than have their head in the clouds, and there’s nothing wrong with this at all! but all work and no play makes for a dull life, and by keeping your mind closed to new possibilities, you lose the chance at learning and expanding on your perceptions and experiences. saturn in the ninth house brings a brilliantly sharp mind and a huge wealth of knowledge if they let it in, as well as commendable wisdom and a steady outlook on life that can help others greatly. it takes time to build these traits, but keeping an open mind and heart will help a lot, and you’ll know when it’s working because you’ll be able to call on your intuition, knowledge and experiences to judge and advise on situations, without lecturing or preaching.

tenth house - saturn in the tenth house can seem like a very natural, easy placement, as it is in its own house. however, i think any planet close to the midheaven is under a lot of scrutiny, and saturn especially can struggle with judgement. here in the tenth house, saturn can make you a focused, patient and hardworking individual who knows what they want and isn’t afraid of a bit of effort to achieve it. on the other hand, saturn often brings fear of failure and so you can struggle to commit to any one path, or perhaps find it very difficult to put your talents to use or see results from your hard work. these things, mixed with typical saturnian perfectionism, can make it hard for you to get going with your goals for sure, but be patient; working on your self-confidence will help immensely, as it’ll help you to stop caring so much about others’ opinions of your life. you can potentially come across a little cold, but underneath any protective layers you wear there’s a heart of gold that just needs a bit of love and care to come out.

eleventh house - in my opinion, this is one of the more difficult saturn placements, especially in youth. it can bring a deep sense of otherness, of being different to everyone around you. you may be quite asocial, or perhaps you’re very lonely, but either way, it can be hard for you to establish friendships with people your own age. perhaps you had to grow up quickly and so you feel older than your peers. the thing is though, if you can find real, true friends, you’ll keep them with you for life; you’re loyal, straightforward and kindhearted by nature, you just need someone who can return what you give. you may struggle with feeling you can’t match the expectations of those around you, and this fear of failure can even extend to your dreams and aspirations. but if you can cut yourself some slack and relax your ideals a little, you’ll find that it’s okay to just do enough, and to be yourself. it takes time, but this placement does have its perks.

twelfth house - saturn here brings difficulties in accepting reality for what it is. you can be burdened by guilt and anxiety without knowing the cause, and your fears and sensitivities can leave you reeling at times. however, with time, patience and work towards understanding yourself and your wounds, you can make great progress in healing and recovering, in order to make the most of your talents. there can be a double-edged sword with this placement in that you feel lonely and cut off from others but simultaneously find it hard to open up and really talk to people. this can easily spiral, so it’s important to get your feelings out somehow; perhaps through a diary or a blog, so you don’t have to actually talk to someone to express yourself. the lesson to learn here is that, yes, life is awful and painful, but it’s also beautiful and refreshing, and you can see both at once without becoming encumbered or fearful. it’s okay to be afraid, but you mustn’t let fear control you. watch the flowers and become one yourself, open up and bloom.

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what the heck i love buzzfeed unsolved!!! i feel like pidge and keith would have a show like this which i would also watch religiously, i think it'd be fun to imagine them doing it in space literally seeing any space alien and freaking out. it would be 10/10

i’ve spent way too much brainpower trying to sort the voltron cast as to who is a ryan and who is a shane

team ryan: lance, hunk, coran

team shane: shiro, keith

team ‘believes in the supernatural but when confronted with it doesn’t get scared and instead tries to fight the ghost’: pidge, allura


(I write this with love as somebody who watches way too much Sci Fi)

Mr. Leader: Snark™ but also gets all the ladies and can be Extremely Serious when the situation requires it. Probably bad with feelings and if he isn’t actually in charge, he acts like he is.
Examples: James T Kirk(Star Trek), Jack O’Niell(Stargate Sg-1), Cameron Mitchell(Stargate SG-1), John Shepperd(Stargate Atlantis), John Crichton(Farscape), Han Solo(Star Wars), Malcom Reynolds(Firefly), Will Riker(Star Trek Next Generation), Tom Paris(Voyager)

Wise Leader: Sometimes Mr. Leader comes second to Wise Leader who is older and more seasoned. They do not let loose very often but when they do its HILARIOUS.
Examples: Jean-Luc Picard(Star Trek Next Generation), Benjamin Sisco(Deep Space Nine), Katheryn Janeway(Voyager), George Hammond(Stargate Sg-1), Hank Landry(Stargate SG-1), Elizabeth Weir(Stargate SG-1), William Adama(Battlestar Galactica), Laura Roslin(Battlestar Galactica), Leia Organa(Star Wars)

Right Hand Man/Woman: This one is all in the title. Loyal and dedicated backup but will also question the leader if necessary. Serious.
Examples: Chakotay(Voyager), Zoey Washburn(Firefly), Kira Nerys( Deep Space Nine), Saul Tigh(Battlestar Galactica)

HONOOOOOR: In my experience this is often a male person of color, or possibly the only POC if this show took place during the 90s. This is the character who comes from a very war-like society that is all about HONOR and COMBAT. If they don’t come from a society based on that, they have still somehow ended up being the most hypermasculine fight-y type. One word description? Grrr
Examples: Worf from Star Trek Next Generation, Teal’c(Stargate SG-1), Ronan Dex (Stargate Atlantis), D’Argo(Farscape), Aeryn Sun(Farscape), Kara “Starbuck” Thrace(Battlestar Galactica)

Bill Nye the Science Guy: This is the one where I can actually say I’ve seen both men and women play this character! This is the hard science one, who maybe isn’t good with people, kind of an outsider. Sometimes its just a character flaw and sometimes its because they’re a literal robot. This is usually the smartest most grounded character on the show until some alien pollen sends them haywire.
Examples: Spock(Star Trek), Data(Star Trek: Next Generation), Sam Carter(Stargate SG-1), Rodney McKay(Stargate Atlantis), Simon Tam(Firefly), Seven of Nine(Voyager), The Doctor(Voyager), Tuvok(Voyager)

Feelings™: This is the one with all the Feelings AKA the heart of the group. This is the one who just wants to understand everybody and be friends with everybody and/or fix everybody. Sometimes they can be a little bit grumpy about being in this role but they do do it the second they’re called upon by a story to Feel Things.
Examples: Leonard “Bones” McCoy(Star Trek), Deanna Troi(Star Trek Next Generation), Julian Bashir(Deep Space Nine), Daniel Jackson(Stargate SG-1), Teyla Emmagan(Stargate Atlantis), Shepherd Book(Firefly), Zotoh Zhaan(Farscape)

The Kid: This is the young naive innocent who shouldn’t be out here with all these big bad scaries. Should probably go back home to mom and dad if they’re still alive or if home hasn’t been somehow destroyed. Can be either the most adorable or the most annoying character. Might mature into something very different by the end of the series or remain The WORST for 7 SEASONS.
Examples: Wesley Crusher(Star Trek Next Generation), Harry Kim(Voyager), Luke Skywalker(Star Wars), Lee “Apollo” Adama(Battlestar Galactica), Kaylee Fry(Firefly),

The Asshole: There is no I in team but there is in survive. This character is all about self preservation and coming out on top. Gives no fucks about other people’s well being but maybe will a little by the end of the series.
Examples: Jayne Cobb(Firefly), Quark(Voyager), Rygel(Farscape), Gaius Baltar(Battlestar Galactica)

Can you tell I watch a lot of Sci-Fi? Feel free to add your two cents

Imagine being the female version of Jack....

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“Always figured Jack loved the sea and himself too much to love anyone?” Will questioned as he watched you stand by the wheel, your back was to him, yet he could see the way Jack looked at you, and he heard the whispers. 

“Ay he does, however you will soon learn that that lass up there is not just any flusy, she be just like him. So in a way, he is just dating himself.” Gibbs replied, 

Will’s eyes once again casting up towards the two again, this time to see Jack has moved forward slightly and kissed you, before you both took a swig from your rum bottles. A genuine smile showing on Jack’s face before he once again looked at his compass, and back at you.

First Post! 🌱

Hi guys! I’m S and this is my new art/studyblr! I created this blog to motivate and inspire myself and I’m super excited to join the community!

  • I’m an upcoming senior in high school (c/o 2018)
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Why I fell in love with Riverdale's cast

Usually when I watch tv shows, I get easily attached to the characters. But when I discover the actors in real life, watch their interviews and stuff, I’m not gonna say I’m disappointed, but I’m kinda sad they aren’t like I imagined them you know? Sometimes I don’t like their personalities, or my otps in the show don’t even get along that well in real life and stuff like that. Usually I fall in love with fictional characters, not the actors behind them. But with Riverdale it’s just so different. The moment I began watching the first episode I just knew I was gonna be obsessed with it. I knew I was gonna love the cast. And then when I watched interviews, they were so much better than my expectations. I loved the actors even more. Every interview shows how genuine they are, how they get along so well and care for each other. They’re all so funny, humble, pure and loving. You can really see the chemistry between them. They actually show that they enjoy working together everyday. I don’t know how to explain it but it felt like I knew them for a very long time. They seem like a family, and they made me feel like I was part of it for some reason. Also the thing that surprised me is that each actor is perfect for his character. I know that it’s supposed to be like that since there’s a casting process and they’re basically looking for the actor who would fit the character well, but it’s insane how they make it feel like they’re actually these characters when they play them and how they don’t seem so different from them in real life (especially since the characters are 75 years old and well-known, so it’s not that easy). There’s a part of Betty in Lili, a part of Veronica in Camila…
I don’t know if you guys feel this way too, maybe it sounds weird and not very clear, but that’s how I feel. And to make a person feel all of this just in a few interviews (because the show just began so we don’t know that much about them after all), is pretty special.
To conclude all of these messy thoughts, I think I’m just gonna say that I’m so grateful for this lovely cast. They’re already gaining so much audience, fans, recognition…and I couldn’t be happier because they truly deserve it.

Training Wheels // Jungkook x Reader.

Résumé: Jeon Jungkook knew how to make you fall for him, to make you succumb to him and follow his every command. But will you find out about his intentions? Or would he make you fall for him too deep that it would be too late for you to find your way out?
Length: 1 370 words.
Inspiration: Melanie Martinez – Training Wheels
AU: Bad boy

part I

© (gif)



“Do you love me?”

You gazed up at the ceiling, hooded eyes tracing over the faint designs carved into the white as the moonlight casted its lustrous voiles on both of your sweaty bodies, showing what you have done when no soul was aware of the sinful touches and sounds to your nocturnal minds and hearts’ desires.

You knew you shouldn’t ask Jungkook such questions, yet the abstract pain of curiosity that keeps clawing at your tongue was too much to handle, so after successive cycles of day and night, of Moon around Earth and Earth around itself, you had finally said it.

The brief pause that followed after your voice died into silence made you want to vanish from shame, but then words resonated around the walls concealing your secrets and into your chest, finding the all too familiar path to your heart.

“I do.”

Your shimmery red lips curved upwards akin to the grin of the starry sky, and you turned your head to observe Jungkook; curtains of velvety hair skimming along his skin all the way down to his eyelashes, which were fluttering above spacey, doe eyes that held their own realm within their bottomless voids as continuous little puffs of hurried breath caressed their way out of his throat, between frail tissues of lips and softly into the cool air.


He hummed this time.

“I love you, too.”

“I know, Y/N.”

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Why I love our cast

You wanna know something amazing about our cast? They love each other. They fucking love each other. And with that they’re able to put together amazing on screen chemistry that doesn’t just come from acting.
Example: Matthew literally thinks of Emeraude as one of his sisters. He calls her his 3rd sister. And that’s fucking beautiful to me.
And Emeraude and Katherine are total real life BFFS, which shows when Izzy and Clary help each other. They are best friends in and out of character.
AND Matthew and Harry. DEAR LORD THESE BOYS FUCKING LOVE EACH OTHER! I always talk to people who have a hard time seeing two people who play an onscreen romance being friends. BUT DAMMIT, Matthew and Harry are such good friends and care for each other it’s amazing. And that shows through Malec.

But obviously they’re amazing actors too and that shows considering: Dominic and Alberto are pretty much best friends. (#dombertoisreal) and yet on screen they play two guys who kinda hate each other and are (were) fighting over the same girl! Watching the show, you wouldn’t know in real life they’re best friends!

I just. This post was totally random and kinda went every which way but I love our cast so much it’s not even funny and there’s just so much love. And I hope it never goes away.

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okay I'm going to ask you this because i've always loved your take on things, especially about malec. have you seen the sdcc trailer? do you think they'll break up?

No. I don’t think Malec will breakup.

About that trailer. I know a lot of theories are going around but, here’s what I think. Possible spoilers below so please skip this entirely if you don’t want them. I had fun discussing the trailer below but please take it with a grain of salt. These are, after all, just theories.

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because talking about ag//nt c//rter is literally going to kill me one day, i’m gonna just copy and paste some points i made a while ago to answer everyone’s questions (w/ slight alterations and better organization

the racism:

- no woc in the main cast at any point in either season in a show meant to be about girl power or some shit

- no moc in the main cast in the first season

- erasure of gabe jones and peggy’s relationship with gabe jones

- jason was not only manipulated and dominated by a white woman, he also was made to seem evil, put in awkward disney-fied racism scenarios, postured as the lesser competitor in a godawful love triangle where he was the much better choice on nearly every fucking level including mirroring steve in a lotta ways, made intangible and had his voice taken away for too fuckin long goddamnit, was not chosen by peggy after aladatbuullllshit

- ana jarvis was shot, like….. yeah, shoot the jewish woman who escaped the n//zis…. that’s not wrong at all……

- the fandom/writers/showrunners tried manipulating woc into watching the show with hopes that s2 would be more diverse

- the same fandom then proceeded to be fucking awful to jason, the only ant in that bowl of milk

- the show taking place in two cities with large populations of color even in the 40s and yet still being white as a fucking toilet is, in fact, whitewashing

the romantic shit (sexism/homophobia/shit):

- erasure of angie in the second season along with her possible romantic relationship with peggy because being gay wasn’t invented yet or something

- sousa was just as sexist as the other men but, somehow, because he was a benevolent misogynist that’s enough for peggy to run into his arms

- why would peggy pick sousa? why would peggy pick sousa, who is engaged to one of her friends?? WHY IS HER FRIEND JUST OKAY WITH HER HUSBAND EMOTIONALLY CHEATING ON HER? BITCH IF THAT WAS MY ASS,

shit i just have an issue with:


- the musical number

- !!!!!too much thompson!!!! and thompson was really just there to make sousa look better by comparison when sousa was also a, how do you say, dickhead?

- not enough dottie in the second season 

- there was no need for peggy to leave new york because the second season meant nothing, it was like j.o.n.a.s. la

- they had a black girl at howard’s house but didn’t utilize the fact that dominic has The Face™ 

add what you want

anastasiabway "Audience members were there from Japan and New Zealand, and it became clear that through the show’s much-loved anthem ‘Journey to the Past’ the character of Anastasia had connected with many of us, immigrants in one way or another… Ms. Altomare acknowledged that the song, ‘Stay, I Pray You,’ which she performs with the ensemble, has new meaning for her, now, too, given world events. ‘I think of all the people who’ve had to leave their homeland…Anyone can relate if they’ve had to say goodbye to a place that they loved.’” Follow the link in our profile to read more from Jose Solís on @nytimes.

all things Extra™ in the book of mormon
celebrating my tumblr passing the 100 followers mark woo!! thank you all so much uwu this is footage from the london boot with the olc (gavin creel, jared ge...

heyyy i passed the 100 followers mark yayyyy!! so i made this video of everything Extra™ in bom bc y’know, trey and matt and the entire cast(s) are all just so extra that’s why i love them and that’s what makes the show great lol

yes it’s 24 minutes long bc im bom Trash

i hope y’all like it, thanks so much for the follows ily!!!!!!

I don’t see Supercorp as a romantic pairing. I just don’t and haven’t viewed it in that light, and the show hasn’t given me a reason to think it’d ever be a possibility. But I love their dynamic. I love Lena Luthor. And I love her scenes with Kara. It’s a dynamic I look forward to seeing on Supergirl. 

Watching the cast make fun of of “Supercorp” in a song was very uncomfortable to watch. It felt incredibly disrespectful. And I just thought it was rude. As I said, I don’t ship it, but there are so many “ships” on TV that aren’t canon, or that aren’t together anymore, that I enjoy watching, and that I enjoy connecting with, and it just made me think about what it would feel like to see the casts of those shows do something like this for a ship that I like. And even though Katie McGrath was laughing along, it looked like that was pretty much all she could do. She’s been super respectful about it in the past, just like I feel Danielle Panabaker has been respectful about Snowbarry fans — she’s responded to questions about it by saying, “that’s not a storyline they’re doing right now, Barry’s very much in love with Iris, but I love their friendship,” etc. So I applaud McGrath for her comments about people pulling what they want from the “art” they consume, and interpreting things in a way that enhances their enjoyment. I believe in that, too (as long as the writers don’t bend their show to fit a specific group of fans’ perception of how it should be *cough* olicity *cough*). As for the rest of the cast, participating in this shit… I just feel so uncomfortable about it. 

I’m even disappointed in Mechad for getting up and dancing. Like people are mad about Jimmy and Kara not being together anymore (myself included) and are freaking out that the show has moved to follow Mon-El as the main love interest from here on out, and imagine if they did a song about Karolsen like the one they did for Supercorp. The whole thing just pisses me off. And Jeremy screaming about them just being friends… fuck, we had to sit through Winn whining about Kara not loving him back… Lena has more a chance with Kara than your character, buddy. I’m shutting up. Sorry for the rant. I just had to. 

More playride hcs!

(Okay, I love this ship too much and have way to many headcanons for them)

-Christine being the theatre kid we all know  and love adores cast albums, and Brooke knows that for a fact.

-Whenever Christine gets so excited for a cast album to come out, Brooke already has it pre-ordered for her. It’s just a rule, sorry.

-Speaking of this theatre kid, Brooke sits on the front row of all of her shows. Once the performance is over, she has to stop herself from running onto stage and sweeping her off into a hug.

-Once Christine is off stage, she’s searching for a certain blonde in the crowd of people, but Brooke always finds her first. And then, surprise hug attack!

-Brooke isn’t really into musicals, but she loves indie and pop music. So Christine keeps track of all of Brooke’s favorite bands, just in case one of them is playing nearby.

-One of Brooke’s favorite bands made an announcement they were playing in New Jersey and she’s practically screaming at Christine over the phone.


-”Oh I know. I already bought the tickets.”


-”Sorry, I forgot to mention. I also got ourselves some backstage passes.”


-When they go to the concert, Christine can’t see because of all the people, so Brooke puts her on her shoulders.

-And that was one of the best nights of their lives.

-Brooke is secretly a writer and used to write songs for fun all the time. Now, she writes songs for Christine.

-She got so nervous singing one to Christine for the first time, and her voice caught in her throat every few seconds, but Christine had star eyes.

-Christine was so overwhelmed with happiness she started to cry.


-”These are happy tears, Brooke. I love it so much Your writing is incredible!!!”

-And Brooke is just so happy!! Like wow, Christine really helps her feel good about herself.

-Oh, and Christine gives Brooke such a confidence boost. Brooke was never a confident person, but Christine really has helped her grow as a person.

-They go to the park and have picnics all the time during the summer; Christine always makes these really good sandwiches, while Brooke brings them supplies to make flower crowns and bracelets.

-One day it got really hot, so instead of the park they headed over to a splash pad.

-There were these buckets of water that tipped every few minutes, and as soon as Christine spotted she pulled Brooke into a hug and ran with her under it.

-”Christine, no!”

-”Christine, yes.

-And Brooke tried to break out of her grasp, but boy was this little girl strong. And soon enough they were drenched in freezing cold water.

goodbye pretty little liars.


pretty little liars. 7 years. countless months, weeks, days (particularly wednesday monrnings at 6:30 am), minutes and moments that have kept you and me on the edge of our seats at times giving us severe anxiety and other times, shooting a shiver down our spines by showing us some of the most heartfelt scenes that are solely based on the power of friendship and at times much more.

I am not going to lie, I will terribly from the pit of my heart miss everything this show has to offer. my love and passion for this show cannot be penned down as it goes beyond words. my love for each of the actors and actresses and the characters they have portrayed is unfathomable and indescribable. i want to thank each and every one of the cast members and writers (yes marlene, you too) to help me in ways not many people or things could; to give me something to look forward to every week for the past seven years ever since I was at the age of 10. thank you for creating an environment I can feel so comfortable and happy in. thank you for being my escape, all of you.

starting with aria, thank you for teaching me that fighting for what you love is so important in life. I will truly miss your passion for love and literature, your passion and talent for photography. I will miss seeing and taking a moment to sink your crazy outfits in. I will lack the witty short one liners you effortlessly pull off. thank you lucy for making a character come to life so perfectly.

next, spencer. spencer, I love you. thank you for showing me being the black sheep of the family is okay. it is okay. it’s all okay. thank you for showing me you can always find your place in the world no matter how crazy it can get. and to troian, for being the best actress on this show. for being so brilliantly smart at everything you put your mind at.

next, alison. thank you for teaching me karma can be such a bitch and you need to be nice to people and pull out like a phoenix from the ashes. and sasha. you. you for etching love and growth into all our minds by being so perfect in unexplainable ways.

okay, emily is next. emily. emily fucking fields. thank you. THANK YOU. SO. MUCH. for showing me being yourself is the single most important thing in your life. there is nothing to live in it, if it isn’t for your own true self. I don’t even know what or how to say what I need to. I honestly cant. except I love you. and shay for sharing so much of your life with us. to show that fitting is isn’t necessary (funny how you were having lunch in bathroom stalls)

finally and lastly, hanna marin. my favorite liar out of all of them. just one thing for hanna. thank you for showing me myself through you. and the same for Ashley.

time has truly gone by with a drop of a dime. like a curl of smoke, away into the air and…. gone. I look back at my young 10 year old self and be so proud of how I stuck by to something, dedicated my nights and days to it, coming up with explanations for the A Grade mysteries (wren, lol) this show has fed us over seven years. I am so happy to be a part of something and making so many friends. the show was great, but what was greater was what came with it. my friends. meghan, gianna, katherine, five lying bitches and so many more. I am grateful to all of you.

please marlene, make me happy just one more time. one more time this wednesday. in your own crazy way you have made me happy, not always but you have. so please, one last time too. it has been an indescribable feeling coming this far. i believe ive built a family spread out over the globe. goodbye, pretty little liars. forever. <3

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Warning! Tears will run down your face like a waterfalls but really what a beautiful video! by one of my fav YouTubers “Song2519″ I swear a God i have never in my life i truly love a fiction character they way i love Lexa Kom Triku❤since this new S4 of the💯 have started, my tears run down my face just like Clarke’s with the memories of Lexa & Clexa’s. I miss her SO incredible much, maybe is ridiculous but DANMIT!! 😢💔hurts like hell… I have a mix of feelings cos i love Eliza Taylor and i wish this girl have lot of success in her carrer, so only for her and the other amazing guys in the cast i wish the show keeps on but in the other hand i wish the show ending last season, cos the lost of a character like Lexa was just too much… i know & i have listened in person Alicia’s way to feel & look at that mistake & i respect her, she moved on and i guess she wish her fans too, keeping Lexa as a wonderful character she played. But danm isnt so easy dear Alycia, you made Lexa so incredible real and powerfull and loving… 🕯❣️


HELLO FELLOW SHIPPERS DO YOU HAVE A MINUTE TO SPARE FOR OUR LORD AND SAVIOR, THE FRIENDS-TO-LOVERS TROPE? (Actually, technically, it’s friend-of-friends to lovers back to friends to lovers? Maybe?)

I’VE GOT A DOOZE FOR YA. It’s a channel 4-turned Netflix series called Lovesick, but it used to be called Scrotal Recall, which was, imho, a far more memorable title, though I don’t think it conveyed the sentiment of the show.

So basically,

This is Dylan (Johnny Flynn). He has chlamydia. 

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It’s not great. 

So now he has to go around and meet with every girl he’s slept with, to tell them to get tested too. He takes this as kind of a personal challenge, a way to look back at the relationships he’s had and what went wrong (each episode is named after one girl and plays half in present day and half in flashbacks to the relationship).

As it turns out, what often goes wrong in Dylan’s relationships has to do with his best friend, Evie (the fucking fabulous Antonia Thomas, who was in Misfits). 

These two are def in love with each other, but cannot get their shit together to be in the right place at the same time. It’s a great ship, because thanks to flashbacks, and these dummies’ inability to get on the same page, there is ALWAYS UNREQUITED PINING.

Also in the crew? Dylan and Evie’s other best friend, Luke (Daniels Ings), who is basically British Barney Stinson, in the best way. Dude seems like a cad, but really is just a super loyal softie who wants to be loved. Plus, he’s pretty hot.

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Anyway, WATCH THIS SHOW. I don’t want to give too much away, but it’s sweet and funny and angsty and heartsick all at the same time. The supporting cast is a delight as well. WATCH.

Alicia Zimmermann of @omgcheckplease - model/actress/wife/mom, in chronological but never mutually exclusive order. Effortlessly glamorous (well, maybe a bit more effort nowadays) Alicia has the self-assured smile of a woman who has her own damn career thanks, and isn’t fazed by the frequent absences of her husband. Perhaps I’m reading a bit too much into how often she appears in tweets and in the comics without being attached to Bob’s side but WAGs are well-known for hardiness when it comes to an itinerant and often single-parent existence. Alicia is her own woman in a household of hockey men.

She loves her alma mater, Samwell, possibly more than anyone in the younger cast. She is immune to the famous Zimmermann Charm or at least claims to be. We know that she’s very tall because no way would she show up to grassy Lake Quad for graduation in heels or wedges. She gave Jack her glacier-blue eyes and those killer cheekbones. Intriguingly, the tension as well as the more private communication seems to be borne out in canon as being heavily between Jack and Bob - which is by no means to say it doesn’t also exist with Alicia, but there seems to be more ease and frequency between her and Jack. She is mentioned with a fair amount of regularity in Bitty’s tweets and in a way that suggests she stays well-informed of the minutiae of her son’s life. Perhaps it suggests that his mom has always been non-hockey discussion and therefore less of a pressure point. 

None of the other Haus mates seem phased by her presence or her by them, and it’s only Bitty who clocks the incongruity of a Michelle Pfeiffer figure descending from a cloud of Givenchy to stand and gab in the Haus’ shabby kitchen with jocks in varying states of undress.

One thing has been for sure from the start: she’s as in love with Bitty as Bob.

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Oi. 2 things. Thing 1-Do ppl saying "you've bullied the cast, DG, everyone for so long, blah blah. You're no true fan" realize they're doing nothing but saying how they watch your blog? They can't be a random passer byer and make those claims to what you have said. They're just proving they have nothing else better to do than to sit and lurk your blog for God knows how long. Maybe if they showed more interest in OL than your blog/giving you grief EVERYONE would be a little happier. Thing 2--

Thing 2–The only thing you have bitched about negatively as far as the cast goes is their action/reactions to the bullying in this fandom. This is coming from someone who has been on total opposite ends as you as far as SC being responsible/part of the problem. I strongly d/a w/ what you said a lot of the time but I understood your frustration & the frustration from others that nothing was done when a madman got his 2mill followers help him personally attack women in this fandom. Not only are you guys in the right for showing your disdain for that but it has NOTHING to do with your fanning over the show. You can still be a fan of the show & not like what actors do in their personal life. Are these anons saying bc they like the idea of S/MM over SC that they’re better deserving to go to the OL premiere? A night that hopefully will focus on the show not the personal lives that some have had issues with? I can’t type screw off fast enough to that sentiment. Lastly, DG. We’ve all praised DG creativity. Even ‘nasty shippers’ who’ve taken issue say her storytelling is great. Doesn’t mean in real life she has to be a good person. She’s said some v inappropriate remarks about rape which I shouldn’t have to explain how that can be offensive. She’s said some very rude things directly about OL fans. Where was outrage then? I’d bet $ antis liked tweets of her calling out fans. I don’t get outrage about ppl not overly liking her.  I wanna end it by saying your liking of DG and her shady comments has no bearing on how you like the show. Your feelings about being bullied in this fandom by outside sources who have mooched their way in pretty much w/ blunt force & who’s actions have affected cast/crew perceptions, has no bearings on how much you deserve to go to the premiere or not. They were hard as hell to get & you won. End of story. End of rant too :)

I love you so much, anon. thank you. you are the definition of a true fan. in the midst of your messages I got a lovely anon saying they were gonna throw a drink in my face so I’m choosing to post this instead and letting love be louder than hate bc who has time for that shit. anyway, thank you again <3

There's No Place Like Home, A Reactionary Post

Let’s Party with the crew of Prognosis Homicide!

Major Crimes, S2xE9: Episode Review

That Amazing Cast of Prognosis Homicide
Wresting with age, Not past their prime
The Concept of Home
Lust is in the air…

(FYI this is rather image heavy)

After The Deep End’s heavy heavy episode - we dive into comedy. One thing that this show does very well is balance out it’s heaviness with it’s lighter episodes. Something a little show called Deep Space Nine was so also very good at as well. And if you know anything from me in this blog it’s that I’m a huge fan of that show. Seriously go watch it. I’ll wait. 

Instead of the show opening up at the scene of a murder - we get Provenza at the shooting range. It’s a nice change of pace because sometimes I think that this show follows too much a pattern.

You have to give the props department their due. Their so creative, this board stands out so much because they can’t show a penis on cable tv. So instead they take that part of the photo of their dead guy out and replace…with a leaf. ;)

So obviously a crack at them not being allowed to show the guys penis. They can blow some guys head away but penis’ and vagina’s shown in a non sexual way are off limits?

Also you have to love Mike’s facial expression here. 

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