way too much love for this show and this cast


There are too many heart eye, lady-loving lesbian, I-wanna-have-your-baby, moments between Kara and Lena for their relationship to be purely platonic.

The writers and producers and directors must realize the moments between them that imply more and clearly like those moments because they occur quite frequently.

And they didn’t have to cast Katie McGrath, a woman who often plays lady-loving roles as Lena, but they did and it seems like too much of a coincidence to not be important. 

And lastly, the actresses have so much chemistry that it would be a crime if the show didn’t take advantage of it in some way other than friendship. 

Although, I don’t think that they will ever put Kara and Lena together. It breaks my little gay heart and enrages me all at the same time. 

"I'm not cute!" Fred Weasley Imagine

carryonmyfandoms said:
If its not too much trouble could I have an imagine about Fred showing off on front of the reader and he messes up but like tripping or falling or something and embarrasses himself but the reader laughs and calls him cute? Its okay if you can’t!

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“Dark Angel” deserves a Season 3!

This was where I fell in love with those fanfiction green eyes way before “Supernatural” and Dean Winchester were even in the works.

It was a good show. Heck it almost was a great show!

The cast was excellent (namely this guy called Jensen Ackles who played Alec mostly *wink*) and the plot had so much potential. 

There were so many things they could have explored with this show! It ended too soon :(

I remember actually crying when the show ended. I had two reasons;

1. Dark Angel was over and I’d really grown to LOVE the show.
2. I’d never see those gorgeous green eyes ever again (thank God for Supernatural and Smallville though ‘cause they made sure I did see them again)

Anyways… Dark Angel deserves a season 3! I mean who doesn’t need more of this!!!

And definitely more of THIS *_*

ABC of Me

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A - Age: 21

B - Biggest fear: Flying

C - Current time: 08:15 pm

D - Drink you last had: Irn Bru

E - Every day starts with: the desire to throw my buzzing phone out of the window

F - Favourite song: Oh dear. I honestly don’t have one. I listen to way too much music.

G - Ghosts, are they real?: I live in one of the most haunted cities, so yes. I do believe they exist.

H - Hometown: Pitlochry, Scotland

I - In love with: my boyfriend, Klaus Mikaelson, Music, Books & food ;)

J - Jealous of: People that get to work with my favorite TV show cast members.

K - Killed someone: I would have to kill you too if I’d tell you anything ;)

L - Last time you cried: Yesterday. I watched my quilty pleasure; Pride and Prejudice.

M - Middle name: Marie

N - Number of siblings: 1 brother

P - Person you last called/texted: My friend Olli

Q - Questions you’re always asked: “Are you serious?” “You know that´s crazy/illegal, right?”

R - Reasons to smile: There are a lot. Music, Food, certain people, shows, the smell of rain, books etc..

S - Song last sang: Carry on my Wayward Son

T - Time you woke up: 06:00 am

U - Underwear color: Black

V - Vacation destination: Pretty much all of Europe and if I would not suffer from Aerophobia then I’d definitely had to visit New Orleans.

W - Worst habit: I get way too hot-headed sometimes. 

X - X-rays you’ve had: Only one, when I had a knife in my back (long story).

Y - Your favourite food: Pizza all day every day

Z - Zodiac sign: Sagittarius

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December 2nd, 2015: the day the cast remembered 4 years of Austin & Ally. 
I’m fine, really. :’)  I swear – this is the best show Disney’s ever made. This cast kills me in the best way possible…..so much love for all of them, no matter what. Happy four years guys, it’s been fun seeing the journey with ya!! <3 :) 


I really enjoy how Kanan’s apprehension toward the clones is completely justified and not ignored.

And I appreciate how much of the tension in this situation is driven by mutual fear and shame - and I am so proud of these good old farts for removing those chips (and glad that they survived the experience - I wasn’t sure whether the symptoms poor Fives began showing right at the end, like blurred vision, were because removing his chip put him into a decline or simply the result of intense stress and exhaustion).

I’m finding more to love in the minor character designs than in the main cast, curiously enough.  I mentioned how much I enjoyed the Inquisitor’s personal aesthetic, and Kallus’ horde of freckles, and there’s a tremendous affection visible in the way the aged clones are designed - the shiny pink of the scars on their scalps and Rex’s Papa Smurf beard and the too-long-in-the-sun freckles and moles all over Gregor’s shoulders.

I would like to know at what stage of her physical maturation Ahsoka’s eyeballs shrank to maybe one third their former size.


I’m back with this scene again, but to talk about something else. To talk about Harry Shum Jr and his amazing acting. Just look really well at this. Notice those small movements he makes with his face? Look at his eyes, how they look full of tears? How he moves them, too? And remember the way he talked in this scene, breathless and hurt. He was blowing me away with his performance since the very beginning, with the way he was so successfully showing all of Magnus’s layers, the way he moved his body and his hands, his facial expressions, the way he talked, changed from sassy to snarky to compassionate in a moment, and really everything. But this. This is just perfect. He has succeeded in making me love Magnus even more. I am so happy that he is our Magnus and grateful for what he is doing.

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um anon you own my heart?????? spring awakening is literally my favorite show and i saw the deaf west revival on bway twice i’m trash for this musical tysm for sending this lmao

Favourite Character: moritz 100% always, but specific for this production not just the show i liked what they did with ernst too, but like moritz is and always will be my favorite 

Least Favourite Character: um idk herr knochenbruch??? i feel like i never loved ilse as much as everyone else but i still like her and love her music and her story maybe it was just the way i’ve seen her portrayed 

Favourite OBC Cast Member: if we’re talking about obc spring awakening then johnathan groff, lea michelle, and john gallagher jr. i know it’s basic to say the three leads but i honestly look up to all three of them still and love them with all my heart

Favourite Current Cast Member (If Applicable): um lmao alex boniello my friend and i made a fan account for him and like gave him gifts at the stagedoor and tweeted him and he like got to know who we are lmao we still try to keep tabs on him, also i think austin mckenzie was incredible, also the entire deaf cast were so incredible and i remember sandy being so sweet when we met her and also treshelle gives the BEST hugs

Favourite Song: um all of them lmao??? but probably left behind, those you’ve known, and then there were none, touch me, and mama who bore me reprise?? but also like totally fucked and bitch of living will always be classics

Least Favourite Song: maybe word of your body?? it’s always been too slow and kinda uncomfy for my taste

Favourite Act (If Applicable): shittttt um act II probably even though like all of my favorite characters are dead or die then it has really beautiful songs and i feel like melchior develops a lot and like shit idk it makes me cry every time lmao

Favourite Ship: um????? man i don’t have a lot of musical ships maybe like ernst/hanschen??? even tho that feels wrong bc i know hanschen is just trying to be manipulative

Least Favourite Ship: melchior/wendla it just feels so wrong because she really doesn’t know what she’s doing and he manipulates her and like idk maybe they are in love but they’re just so young, in this version it felt less weird i guess bc austin was so young and sweet and baby faced but like when you read melchior you’re like……….sir

If There is Something I Would Change about The Musical: not have moritz die bc like i know it’s crucial to the plot but he’s also my favorite ever

Ratings: 10000000/10 guys you should all love spring awakening

thank you so much for asking!!!!!!

send me a musical!!

So, Homestuck 2.0 is a topic of discussion, so here’s my take on it.

I, honestly, would love to see it, especially if they lengthen it to be a TV show. There is too much content to shove into one movie. A TV show would give the characters, story, and relationships much more time to develop.

They would also need a diverse cast. I think the only way to properly represented do Homestuck would be as a TV show with a diverse racial appearance, the canon sexualities, and in character, no matter how unconventional the character may be. No toning down the violent nature of some characters. No misrepresenting the abusive relationships. No shying away from the LGBTQA side of it.

What I am most concerned about is that Homestuck is told mostly through chats on the internet. It will most likely be challenging to represent the conversations in a way that wouldn’t bore anyone with long walls of text. They would most likely have to cut a lot out, but doing so could potentially cut out a lot of the character Homestuck has.

I know that no matter what, people will be unsatisfied with how it turned out. There are too many headcanons for height, race, and sexuality to make everyone happy, but I believe this is the best way to do it and upsetting as few fans as possible.

Of course, my desire for a TV show probably completely stems from my not wanting Homestuck to end, so I’m a bit biased.

UtaPri All Star After Secret Ichinose Tokiya’s Route (Part 1/3)

Hi, everyone. Apparently, I finished translating all of Tokiya’s screencaps I took for part 1 so I decided to post this first. Ren’s part 2 is coming up soon after this! (My Tokiya…… ^w^)


Chapter 1 starts with Haruka and Tokiya sitting on the couch, watching Hayato on Ohayahho~ news. In the show, Hayato tells that he’s going to be everyone’s cupid and as the exciting angel of love, casts a spell that’ll reciprocate a girl’s love. Haruka tells that Tokiya’s air is real different compared to Hayato and he remarks that this recording was too energetic. After the show ends, Tokiya criticizes his performance but doesn’t hate it so much anymore. Haruka‘s sorry since she has to watch an episode every morning. Tokiya has no objections but instead says that it’s a good way to study his previous performances.

He also adds that it feels nostalgic and and doesn’t hate it that much. He blushes(Why is his blushing face sooo adorable…… ? >_<)while Haruka tells that it feels like a dream to compose for an idol like Hayato, or rather Tokiya? Hayato always gave her energy so she’s really thankful to him- no Tokiya. Although she doesn’t have to go on, and on but when she does, it makes Tokiya accept his past as Hayato. Tokiya opens the window to let in some fresh air, Haruka talks about a skydiving scene that he did as Hayato. He invites her to the TV station since she has never been to that one, but she refused saying she remembers all of Hayato’s performances especially, the skydiving one. He tells her that she doesn’t need to remember them in such a detailed way. Haruka‘s like “ But it was so amazing", which gets him jealous and he asks her who she’d choose between Hayato and Tokiya. He keeps pressing on for the answer but Haruka‘s like “ Both are important to me" (LOL) and she can’t choose. Hayato’s in Tokiya, after all. (Does it mean that either of them will do?).

He speaks in Hayato’s voice and asks her to choose him and that gets Haruka all flustered and embarrassed. (^w^) He then speaks in his normal voice and tells her that since she’s his lover, she she should only look at him.(○~○)

(I just HAD to translate those 2 lines above! I found that adorable too..)

He ends the teasing, telling her that “both are important” is the answer that made him happy. Tokiya points out that she has matured but her innocent and pure heart and self haven’t changed. He gets strengthened from her as both his composer and a woman. He also says that he can’t make out her music when he listens to it in CMs, dramas, etc. Haruka‘s astounded when he admits this and tells that she’d be very lost without him by her side. They promise that they’ll support each other in everything and the wind blows, Tokiya smiles at her and Haruka smiles back. As the wind made their hair blow, he kissed her forehead. He pointed out that her face is really red and he can hear how fast her heart is racing. He holds her, close to his chest, so she can hear how fast his heart was beating. He tells her to not be shy and that he wants to feel her more. He kisses her cheek and tells that words aren’t enough to express how he wants to stay like this, forever. Haruka also felt the same. Haruka gets sleepy after a while. Tokiya calls her name which made her more attentive and asked what she wanted to do. Haruka wants them to stay as they are now and Tokiya admits that he’s worried that he’ll fall asleep. They spend the day relaxing.

(When I heard him say “I want to get more close to you”…. I almost fainted! >_< He’s really bad and good for my heart…..and that CG too) As night fell, it was work time. Haruka thought of ballads and catchy tunes for their new song, so she has a couple of demos. Tokiya looks forward to hearing them. Haruka starts with the first one. After the demo’s done, he’s silent. He’s like this till the last demo. Haruka hopes that he’d advice her. He tells her to play the last one but she wants to hear his thoughts first. He wants to hear the last one before they begin discussing. He notices that she is hesitant and she tells that the tune’s image is very different. He asks her if it’s a risky song, to which she replies yes. After Haruka played it, he murmurs about how different it is. He’s quite surprised. He smiles at her. She risked this. He stood up and chose this song much to Haruka‘s surprise. She admits that, she thought he wouldn’t pick it to which he replies that this is the song that he wants to sing, the song that can make him find a new self. He wants to test himself and this is the first step. He tells her that he’s changed and bring out this song’s charm which will surprise her and his fans. He asks her to describe the song’s image in one word to which she replies “Emotional”. She wants to expand his range of feelings and Tokiya’s glad he asked her. He hugs her, telling her that he loved the song. He starts planning the choreography, lyrics and other things. He knows it’s gonna be hard but he hopes that Haruka is going to accompany him on this journey. She tells him she will and she wants to support him in this new challenge of his.

I really love the dynamic between Amenadiel and Lucifer. Although Lucifer was cast out of Heaven, Amenadiel still considers him to be his brother, and vice-versa. The relationship is strained due to Lucifer’s falling out, but it just goes to show that they were really close back when Lucifer was in Heaven. 

I may be reading way too much into this, but i think Eliza’s silence on twitter is speaking volumes. 

From what I can tell most cast members and writers have posted a farewell to Lexas character, and Alycia. Alycia herself made various posts on the night to comemorate Lexas character, and her time on the show. 

And here we have the actress playing the lead female AND Lexas love interest– complete silence for 3 days (which I dare say is bold because it could be perceived as disrespectful since all other cast members have commented and thanked Alycia, and wished her luck). No comment on the death, or the execution of it. No goodbyes or thanks to Alycia. Nothing.

And I don’t think the silence can be put down to “oh she’s busy” or some bullshit. She literally live tweeted last episode, and this was supposed to be the biggest game-changing episode in the season. And she didn’t watch it live, despite Jason urging viewers to do so.

I honestly believe her silence is one of the strongest messages. The cast are not happy. The fans are nothing less than devastated. Jason; you royally fucked up.