way too much cute in one picture

Happy Valentine’s Day, in case you’re celebrating it in any way!

This is another drawing for @draw247 ‘s OC week. The theme for today was sharing chocolate, or something similar.

So I tried to draw something cute and romantic (?) with my characters Lillian and Cael. Characters interacting is really so much more complicated to draw than just two people who happen to be in the same picture… And I definitely need more practice with that.

Valentine’s Day threesome

Here a post (cause I got bored) of anime threesome or ot3. Either I think it cute or read way too much about. (None of these pictures are not  mine)

First off we go to one threesome I heard of since the beginning of the anime.

1. Naruto x Sakura x Sasuke ….a.k.a Team 7 or “they’re more than just a team”.

I have read stories about them and seen pictures of them together. (Kakashi is sexy fine on his own lol). And when they get older in the series raunchy stuff started happening and you get the idea.  

2. Next Hikaru x Haruhi x Kaoru (trio freshmen) 

I ship Haruhi and Hikaru because they are cute together but add Kaoru in to this and its a hot threesome mess just waiting to happen. The boys already show a really close brotherly love. Haruhi being one of the first to get in their circle, will just take the chance and only happen once. Just once. 

3. Natsume x Mikan x Ruka or Luka

The ot3 who’ll become a threesome when they get older. Yeah that’s what I thought about these three reading the manga. I’m Sorry. They could do a good cop bad cop routine… ok I’m going to stop.

4. Gray x Juvia x Lyon (the more of a love triangle but still ot3 paring)

Lyon likes Juvia yet Juvia likes Gray and Gray just wants to be out of this meSs. Juvia ship these two even though she like Gray. Two cold yet they’re hot guys and hot water girl. They get to talking and it happens but nobody knows about it. Maybe Ezra does. lol 

5. Amoine x Momoi x Kuroke  (the its not gay if its in a threeway  ot3p)

This is my headcanon of them cause its funny.  Aomine be in the middle cause he’s tall of course. But then Momoi would want Kuroko for herself. Cant find Kuroko cause he’s quiet but be sitting on the bed waiting. lol.

6. Zen x Shirayuki x Obi (medevil ot3)

Zen and Shirayuki moments, Obi having his moments with Shirayuki and Obi teasing Zen about how to charm her. It’s the threesome you want to happen but they’ll just tease you of how close they are. (chanting of OT3 in the background)

Those were favorites and head canons. I realize I didn’t have two girls and one guy ot3. I look for some but it just turns into a harem (in my opinion). Im just stupidly blind and its out there.  Happy valentine’s day!!

Bay Area Chowder Things

by me, a lifelong Bay Area citizen

• chowder definitely lives in San Jose (fight me on this)

• drinks A TON of boba tea. Like all the time.

• at some point he’s put in his Instagram bio that he lives in the “bae area.” He thinks it’s a super cute play on words

• owns five million apple products. Like iPad, iPhone, iWatch, iPod, the mini iPad, you name it

• one time he saw Mark Zuckerberg’s car in the parking lot of a Whole Foods. He took a picture for posterity

• SAYS “HECKA” LITERALLY EVERY OTHER WORD. He’s too pure for “hella”

• (honestly he uses hecka way too much, to the point where it doesn’t make sense grammatically. Like at the rate of my cousin’s boyfriend, who once uttered the memorable phrase (to my grandma, nonetheless) “yeah my mom’s got hella friends”)

• refers to San Francisco solely as “the city”

• but honestly never day trips up to San Francisco even though it’s less than an hour away

• visits Tahoe in the summer and winter. He snowboards but isn’t very good at it since hockey is his thing and he’s only there in the winter once a year

• went to Happy Hollow all the time as a kid. Like once every week. He loved all the animals but was perpetually disappointed over the lack of sharks

• grew up at sharks ice. He’s been skating there since he was five. He played for the junior team. Chowder has been breathing teal since the moment he took his first breath

• doesn’t get angry over anything but will fight you over the correct pronunciation of Silicon Valley (he says siLIcon, hates it when people say siliCON)


• doesn’t even care about football but will defend the raiders with his dying breath

• (don’t tell anyone but he likes the forty niners too)

• happy to support the Warriors, the Giants, and every other sports team from the bay that’s doing well

• basically chowder is really proud and happy to be from the bay :)

myloveforateacher  asked:

1, 6 and 18 from the TC question list <3

oooh thanks for the ask! ❤

1. What three things remind you of your tc?

one, anna karenina (because shes just??? exactly the way i pictured anna when i read it); two, weimar germany (which she knows WAY TOO MUCH ABOUT its adorable)……….. aaaaand three, scarves (because i’ve started tying mine the way she ties hers and ugh my poor gay heart)

6. What quirks does your tc have?

mainly it’s just that she’s SO BRITISH OMG and so she has this really posh accent and she got really embarrassed when this video she showed us had swearwords in it and shes literally so cute ohmygosh

18. How tall are they compared to you?

i think shes like…….. maybe a couple of centimetres taller? and im not very tall so like. yeah

Replies from Yesterday

@leysendris replied to your post.

Awwwh, so sweet! Do they hand-holding on the last two pictures? It looks this way and its so cute <3

They are holding hands in the last one! I wish the screen zoomed out enough to show their hands, but it never did. And thank you! I’m overwhelmed by their adorableness!

leysendris replied to your post.

I like the first picture best, she looks so badass :D

Thanks so much! <3 (Hyraa would love being called a badass)! XD

@moonspeakmini replied to your post.

love the helmet! I think I have one but I can’t remember loll.

Thank you! I really love the helmet too! XD You probably do, I think I got it from completing the Mandalore’s Revenge chapter of KOTFE. Or it was something that I got from doing KOTFE-related stuff last night. c: 



I made a bunch of this stuff a few years ago, and not only is it just taking up way too much space now, but I desperately need to help my kitties. It has become an emergency for my one kitty Topaz, and she really needs medical attention!

There are boxes, iPhone 4/4s cases, jewelry, contact lense cases, and other stuff like the mini sundaes, picture frame, and clock.

If you want measurements or anything for any specific box, please just send me an ask. Shipping and handling will depend on the size of the item and where you live. If you want an estimate please message me which one you’re interested in and your address.

If you would just like to help out Topaz and Chico and do not want to buy anything, you may send donations to my PayPal if you prefer. Just send an ask and I will give you the email!

Please at least reblog this and the emergency post if you can!! Thank you!

Whenever Arin goes out on trips that Dan can’t go with him on, Arin always makes sure to leave plenty of his favorite tee shirts behind because he knows how much Dan likes to wear them around the house, even if they are a couple of sizes too big for him. //And maybe Arin asks for a couple of pictures of Dan while he is in one of Arin’s shirts just because he misses his snuggle man so much, and Dan sends him these cute selfies of him snuggled up on the couch, letting the shirt hang in a way to expose a bit of skin. The more compliments that Danny gets for his pictures, the more risqué they become.

i had a dream that i was at a con and i had a really cute cosplay and some guy asked to take a picture with me and i was like “sure” and then he was like “here come to my booth i’ll get you something free” and i was like “oh sweet”

so we go to his booth and hes got these really nice and cute kirby charms and im like “hell yeah i’ll take one of these” and he’s like “ok thats $50″ and it was a dream so i was like “ok……..thats really expensive but they’re really nice so ok….” instead of just walking away because $50 is way too much for a charm and he said hed give me free shit, but i give him my card and he charges it and then is like “ok your total is $200, heres your charm and your sticker”

and now im like “what the fuck i didn’t want a sticker, what kind of sticker is $150″ and he gives me this fucking inspirational word sticker, like those magnets you buy but huge and a sticker and im like “what the fuck i dont want this give me back my money” and hes like “well it comes with the charm” and im like “yOU CHARGED ME $200 FOR THIS SHIT BYE” and made him cancel my card and walked away



Selfies With Your Bias: Kai-Jin Edition

Tagged by cumgodkai & snowjjong. I’ve also been tagged to do Selfies of 2015 by many (I forgot who specifically) and I’m going to substitite that with these

Ahhhh Thanks so much for tagging me. You can tell I had way too much fun with this one but look at how cute we are ^_^ let KaiJin be a ship =D… I had sooooo many Kai pictures to choose from so I picked my top 6. The pictures have captions when you click on them


* randomnoona * kyungthugsoo * kyungnini * thebuttofsehun * miss-honey-gee * jiminiesthighs* imyourchingyu * kpopismyculture * imsodonewithkpop * kaiiijong * drjonghyun * jidorks * church-of-minhowetchen * tastykai * kaiternity * fornikaible * baekyeolovexoxo * its-scarlette * jiminiesthighskairamisu * whatthefuckkpop * leilugh * everythingshinee-and-morebigbang * minswaggeu * yinggandwang * death-by-jongin * nuxxi * j0ngsin * ggshineexo * fyea-jongin * jongvi

**This is open to anybody else who wants to do it as well. If you see it, you can do it (whether i follow you or not ^u^)***

Pinterest DIY projects are a trap. They make everything seem so simple, but I’m willing to bet that these little ideas were crafted by subs at home who have way too much time on their hands and were able to perfect them after they themselves tried it a dozen times. I only came here for one thing and you haven’t even given me the proper instructions! Just a picture of what the end result should look like for a step that wasn’t even explained thoroughly or even at all!! How is that teaching? That’s like if I were to show my students a picture of someone kneeling and then tell them “that’s submission” NO!! There’s so much more!!

I just want to make cute bowties for my hair out of fabric I already own. This gal is no Giselle from Enchanted where she can just whip out cute dresses out of curtains.