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i’m genuinely so invested in 13 reasons why and the cast. i’m highkey rly sad i’m done with it already. i loved it so fucking much and i love the depth of each character and their backgrounds. and i love the cast so much they did so welll bringing one of my favorite stories to life holy fuck! really felt like i was living in their world. the cast is also just so attractive and diverse, ethinicity wise and sexually etc. i fucking love seeing all the premiere photos and instagrams and cast pictures together bts and just hanging out like such a cute little family. miles and brandon are adorable lil bbs. i love alisha katherine and dylan so much too. It’s amazing and i praise my bb selena for handling this project in the best way possible. ok i guess i’m done talking about this for awhile? Idk maybe. I wanna watch it again lmao and again and again. i want a season 2!! i know it might take away from the original story but there is so much more to go into with the other characters that i would love to watch and see unravel. clay and skye? whatd mr porter do with the tapes? tyler’s guns? did bb alex survive? how do people cope w their actions when they find out about his suicide attempt? how is jessica doing with her rape? did she get justice and did bryce pay for it? Howre the parents after hearing hannahs audio files??? I NEED TO KNOW this show got me rly fucked up. reading it was one thing but seeing it made it seem so much more real and added another dimension of heartbreak for me. God everything about this show and it’s cast was perfect. also I miss jeff

Peacock and Other Theories

I thought about it on my way home and so I’ve basically jumped off the turtle!Nino bandwagon and jumped on the peacock!Nino bandwagon.

I have a lot of reasons for doing so. 

One, as was stated in my previous post, Nino shares a color scheme with Duusu–that being red and blue–as well as the eye print theme - 

This is important because a majority of the other miraculous holders share color schemes and themes with their kwami - 

Pinks and blacks (cuz Tikki seems more like a deep pink than red), plus, Tikki has freckles like Mari if you look closely enough at the image above. Additionally, Marinette has spots on her clothes.  

Adrien only has a black shirt, but his eyes are green like Plagg’s and his shirt stripes, while also having yellow, are variations of green and purple (the inside of Plagg’s mouth is purple). 

Alya has oranges in her shirt and has a general warm color theme in her hair and eyes. Also, depending on Trixx’s final design, the kwami will either have matching yellow eyes to Alya’s (as it looks like it does above) or purple eyes as was in what was initially announced of the fox design. Either one works as Alya has purple accents in her shirt. Also, she has that beauty spot and Trixx has little spots above their eyes. 

Yellow and black, stripes, blue eyes. Pretty obvious I think. 

Furthermore, I had previously argued that Nino looks more like a turtle than a peacock as far as his facial features, but I’m not so sure anymore. Nino’s nose has always been rather exaggerated and I presumed to think he looked like a turtle because of how his smile turned out, but I think it would be silly not to admit that Nino’s nose is rather beak-ish. 

And while his hair could look rather shellish–in reference to a turtle–it could also be flat like a peacock’s. With the symbolic adornment of Nino’s hat in place of the sticky-up feathers. 

The other miraculous users look respectively like their “animals” too, as I’ve pointed out before. I don’t have comparison pictures of Mari and Chloe, because they don’t look like actual bugs, but their features are small and “buggy,” so that’s worth considering. Also - 

Cat. So much cat. 

Wide smile beneath a cute nose. Fox, fox, fox (I called this one WAY before the spoiler, just fyi. It’s so obvious). 

So yeah, anyway. Peacock!Nino. I know the peacock we’ve seen is clearly feminine, but if it is Mama Agreste, I don’t see her as being the active peacock miraculous holder. She doesn’t fit the age demographic for being a hero and the kids already have their teacher/guide in Master Fu. I would imagine that scan is of the past or a short time period of use, or is symbolic. Whether it’s through Adrien or Mama Agreste, I think Nino has a good chance of eventually getting the peacock, especially with that eye shirt he has as well as being Adrien’s best friend. 

Like usual, this is all speculation and really holds no basis in canon. It’s all based on my observations, as usual, which change depending on the info released, but as of now, this is just an idea I had floating around in my head. I also think it would be really cool to see Nino sporting something as flamboyant as the peacock. He’s so chill, I assume he would pull it off swimmingly, especially since he’s already a performer :D

Oh, also, since we were talking about color and design connections, I’d like to show you this guy - 

Next to this guy - 

Next to this guy - 

Next to this cutie - 

Next to this guy - 

Colors and designs sure are interesting, huh (and scarves sure do a good job of covering things up, hmm?)



winter! with wonwoo

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requested by anon!

  • winter takes its human form on wonwoo
  • imagine him in turtlenecks and long coats
  • matching winter outfits w bf! wonwoo
  • while roaming around the streets
  • “my hands are cold, can I hold yours?”
  • and you’re dying on the inside bc soft wonwoo is your fav
  • he’ll occasionally steal glances at you while walking and when you catch him he’ll just giggle
  • “I can’t help it you’re too cute”
  • matching outfits means the need to take cute pictures!!
  • solo shots first
  • when he’s taking yours he’d say things to make you smile
  • “wow beautiful”
  • “what a beauty”
  • “omg you’re so cute”
  • all your pictures will turn out 3 ways
  • smiling
  • covering your mouth bc you laugh too much
  • failed stone faces from trying to control laughing
  • it’s unfair bc his pictures will turn out real cool
  • model poses
  • and you’re like “not fair wonwoo you look like a model??”
  • “but you’re the cutest, no one can compare”
  • smooth
  • lunch dates at really cosy places
  • more hot choco!!
  • hot soup is a must during winter
  • hungry! wonwoo is super cute he’ll be so busy eating and wouldn’t realise the mess on his mouth
  • imagine wiping his mouth and his eye smiles appear
  • and when you’re about to put your hand down he’ll grab onto it
  • “what?”
  • “nothing, I just want to hold your hand”
  • “eat your food, wonwoo”
  • more roaming after lunch
  • just sitting on a bench appreciating the view while holding hands
  • and all of a sudden it started snowing
  • wonwoo starts laughing bc your hair is filled with snowflakes
  • “don’t laugh at me you have it too”
  • and then you ruffle his hair to get rid of the snow
  • while doing so he just stares at you
  • “stop looking at me”
  • melting under his stare aHH
  • he says nothing, just watches you blush and slowly leans in to kiss your forehead
  • “the view out there is beautiful but this view in front of me is exceptionally beautiful”
  • mushy wonwoo :’)

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Hc: Alex really loves the pictures Thomas takes, not just the ones of Alex himself. They all have so much feeling behind them. You can feel the love Thomas put into each photo when he took it. Looking at the pictures of himself make him feel loved. He wants Thomas to feel that way too. So, he tries taking pictures. He loves looking at Thomas the most when he's distracted, whether it's because he doesn't know Alex is there, or he's caught up in his photos, his openness is beautiful. 1/3

this killed me..this is just too cute and adorable hhnng I love this!


Lin x Reader

This idea just kind of showed up and slapped me in the face because I just moved to a new house and I too, am surrounded by boxes. This gets super angsty, sorry. Also there’s about 1,161 words because I lack self control. I also didn’t edit this, I just kind of wrote it. 

Moving was never your favorite thing to do. The endless boxes are have to sort through, the re-organizing once you’ve settled into the new place. Lin however, loved moving.
“It lets you look through things you may not have seen in years! Memories Y/N, memories!”
You never really felt like you could match Lin’s undying enthusiasm for life. With a sigh you began to sort through and unpack the boxes that were piled all over the place.

You had finished the bathroom, and the kitchen. Remembering the time that Lin accidentally dropped a frying pan on your foot, breaking 3 toes.
“Holy shit! I’m so sorry! Should I call 911?! Oh god are they broken? Please don’t break up with me, I didn’t mean to break your toes.”
“Why would I break up with you over this you dork?”

Moving through the boxes you made your way to the boxes in the bedroom, sorting and hanging up shirt after shirt. Once those were done you found a box that had a little stuffed dog that was won for you years ago.

Third date, going smooth. Things are great, he’s great don’t mess it up. You silenced the thoughts in your head as you and Lin walked hand in hand down the street. “Oh! An arcade!” you blurted before you could stop yourself, cursing yourself afterwards. He probably thinks you’re a massive loser now, what girl plays video games?
“You wanna go in? I love video games” You were shocked when he met your enthusiasm with no sign of mocking.
“Uh, heck yeah!”
The date which consisted of a nice dinner soon morphed into a three hour competition for who can beat all the games in this arcade. The last was the claw machine, you were dreading it. The score was tied and you could not for the life of you win at the claw machine.
“Alright, hate to break it to you, but I’m kind of a boss at this.” You laughed.
“Oh really?”
“Oh yeah. I can win anything from the claw machine. It’s a God given gift.” He shrugged his shoulders. You were skeptical. There was no way.
“Alright then I want that dog. All the way in the back behind the monkey.” You placed your hands on your hips and waited for his story to be proven fake. He merely smirked, put the coins in and began focusing. When he had it lined up, he hit the button and watched as your eyes bulged and your mouth fall open. You were soon handed a stuffed dog.
“I think, that means you lose the game.” You were completely fine with that.

You smiled as you set the dog down, remembering the end of the night and how when he kissed you goodbye you already knew you were falling in love with him. You continued slowly, in no rush to finish unpacking the bedroom because the living room was last and had the most work by far. When you eventually made your way out there you found yourself laughing at the pictures and the stories behind them. It was easy to overlook the pictures when you see them everyday, they melt into the background. The picture from the Christmas where Lin covered himself head to toe in Mistletoe,
“I’m not kissing anything lower than your lips, let me make that clear.”
The picture you didn’t want to take from a vacation where you go too much sun,
“Lin, come on. No! I look like a God damn lobster!”
“A cute lobster!” 

One of the last things you found in the mountain of boxes in the living room was his sheet music. You don’t remember packing it and whoever did was a cruel, sick person in your eyes. You pulled out the sheet music he had been working on right before it happened. Tears filled your eyes as the unwanted memories flooded in.

“Okay, I’m flying at about twelve percent right now, I need some coffee. Do we have any?” Lin called from his spot at the piano, where he had been practically all day.
“Um, no I think we’re out but I can head to Starbucks and get you something if you want?” He thought about it for a second before sighing.
“Nah, I’ll go. I need to get up and move before I become permanently stuck to the piano bench.” You laughed.
“Okay well, if you feel so inclined I’ll take a frappuccino.”
“Surprise me.” He acted as though he were deep in thought before smiling, “Something sweet?”
“Little bit of cinnamon.” You both laughed at your shameless reference to In The Heights. He kissed you before turning to head out the door. Turning as he walked out to say, “I love you.”
“Love you too,
When he was gone you made yourself busy by cleaning up a bit, fiddling about your apartment for something to do. You had almost lost track of time when you realized that Lin hadn’t come back yet. It was a fairly short walk, there should be no reason for him to be gone this long. Still you tired not to worry. Maybe he just ran into a friend, he’s a popular guy. When he went from being an hour late to two you grew a bit more anxious, deciding that if he was talking to a friend you were going to go drag him back. You grabbed your keys and phone before heading to the door. You were stopped, however, when there was a loud knock on the door. You rolled your eyes, of course Lin would forget his keys.
“You know, for a genius you should do act like a-” you stopped when you were face to face with two police officers. “Uh..”
“Y/N?” One asked.
“Yes? What’s going on?”
“There’s been an accident. Your..boyfriend? Lin-Manuel, he didn’t make it…” The officer kept talking, explaining all that had happened, that the paramedics tried the best they could. He apologized and just kept on talking but you couldn’t hear it. You couldn’t hear over the sound of your world crashing down at your feet.

And now here you were, alone, surrounded by the memories with Lin that he used to love to dig through. Standing in a new apartment to get away from the memories of him that haunted you every step you took in that apartment, surrounded in them once again.

You know, not all memories are good, Lin.”
“Yes, you’re right. But they’re still important regardless, and besides nothing in this house holds bad memories for me. Because of you.”
“Sometimes the good one’s are the worst though, because you can never go back.”
“Those are the best! Because whenever things are bad, you can look back to those memories and say, ‘things were great, so things can be great and things will eventually be great again’. If you can keep that mentality, you can get through absolutely anything.”

If anyone wants to yell at me for making this unnecessarily sad, you can, my messages are open

Rocky As Your Boyfriend...

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ooooh boy. This is an interesting request. This kid is literally the same age as me. We are only a month apart… but he’s a cutie so I don’t mind being close~ also he is so much cuter than me?? Look at his cheeks!!

How He First Noticed You:

• So he is a quiet bean so he won’t make the first move

• He would see you at a convience store near the boy’s dorm

• He would be buying the usual unhealthy food- like Kancho and Pepero…

• You would be in a pair of sweat pants and a large t shirt with a messy bun and an I don’t give a f**k face

• But the way your lips pouted and how round and big your eyes were didn’t make you look all that intimidating

• You were literally only out because you had been up studying for a test you had coming up and you were too tired to cook

• But something about your cute face and grumpy expression reminded him of a spoiled kitten

• After that night, he would go to the convenience store way more often just so he could see you

• Sadly he doesn’t see you around much but when he does he enjoys looking at the items you buy and the cute outfits you always throw on at 2 A.M.

How You Meet:

• So apparently you were a close friend of JinJin

• Your parents were good friends so you had grown up along side the group’s quirky leader

• Rocky figures out the friendship when he notices that JinJin had a picture of you on his phone

• It was a selfie that was using one of Snow’s many filters

• it was too cute in Rocky’s eyes

• So he decides to ask Jinwoo about you

• And somehow you end up being invited over

• Oh boy, the moment he lays eyes on your bright eyes and your soft hair and big smile, Rocky swore he was seeing an angel

• But even though, he wanted to talk to you, he’d be the type to completely avoid you

• Anytime you’d be alone with him and he could talk to you, he’d run

he’d run away so fast poor baby

• But one day, Jinwoo would approach him and ask him why he hated you… and he would be so shocked

• Jinwoo would say how you had noticed how he didn’t want to be around you and you felt like Rocky didn’t like you

• He didn’t want to hurt you so he’d build up the courage to talk to you

• He had rehearsed repeatedly what he wanted to say to you, but the moment he opened his mouth, his mind blanked and his voice cracked

• Lil bean would be so embarrassed but when you told him you found him cute he would realize you were definitely someone special.

Boyfriend Habits:

• back hugs and forehead kisses

• he would love watching you when you studied

• he would find it cute the way you’d bite your lip and tapped your book every time you were focused

• constantly staring at you and calling you beautiful

• waking up and finding out he had made breakfast for you all because he wanted your smile to be the first thing he saw every morning

• encouraging texts when you’re taking finals in school

• he would even make you special lunches just to make sure you were healthy and he would cuddle just to make sure you were sleeping

• this boy would make sure you were so cared for and loved that he would probs forget about himself, so it would be up to you to give him some TLC too~

college au otp prompts that i may or may not want to write, based on my own recent experiences:

  • we’re in general bio discussion and the topic is meiosis and… uh… why is the graduate student instructor telling us that we’re going to act it out? and assigning us all chromosome numbers and telling us to find our homologues for crossing over…? oh hey homologous chromosome, you’re cute.
  • i was sitting in the student union doing a long, boring reading and daydreaming when suddenly it was like something exploded so i looked up like holy shit and you were standing there staring at the bag of chocolate that you just used way too much force to open, and i couldn’t help but laugh at you
  • you were sitting behind me in the lecture hall at 8am and i was looking up pictures of cute puppies and i heard you go awwwww!!!
  • …are you wearing a homestuck hoodie? and do i dare compliment you on it and thus mark myself as homestuck trash too?
  • i’m a forestry major and you keep calling me a forest-tree major and iM GONNA EITHER THROW SOMETHING AT YOU OR KISS YOU TO SHUT YOU UP. haven’t decided which one yet.
  • i walked into the deepest recesses of the library to study for my math midterm and found you crying behind a bookshelf, are… are you okay?
  • we have a mutual friend who sometimes never stops talking about technobabble and we met when we went to dinner with them and you and i kept making eye contact and instantly bonded over our vague smiling and nodding as our friend kept talking. (it’s cool that their stuff makes them happy but we both have no idea what to say)
  • a group of us agreed to go stargazing in the field in the center of campus but wow uh it’s cold out at night, wanna cuddle?
  • i’m at my desk doing homework and you were on my bed doing homework but you fell asleep and now it’s 3 am and i don’t have the heart to wake you to send you back to your dorm, so i’m just gonna get in bed and deal with the awkwardness in the morning because right now i am too tired to think more than three minutes ahead
  • it’s raining and you forgot your umbrella so i offered for us to share but this was a mistake because you’re tall and i am not and the wind is blowing water in my face and goddammit get down here

Am I the only one who sincerely likes Bong Ki? He’s so low-key and cute in his own way. Kinda affectionate for his family, loves his sister, kinda scared of her and his mom, kinda cares more about his own skin, but is still nice enough to be thoughtful for them. Andddd of course I love Guk Doo. It makes me irritated that watchers are saying he’s too much and just pushing him out of the picture. Think of the guy’s feelings lol. Hee Ji is ok. I don’t dislike her, she’s trying to figure out what she wants. You can’t attack a girl for it. Overall the three of them are adorableee. Thank you for this selfie. So kind. 

When Barry finds the video of Iris

I need Barry sitting alone against a wall in the time vault because this is where he found out that their future had changed (and it’s just too much to be anywhere else). I need his hair disheveled because he’s been running his hand through it all night ( a nervous habit he has when he’s trying to process things).
I need him to feverishly grab his phone and pull up the album of photos he has dedicated to Iris. I need to see the cute pictures he took of her, the ones she took of herself when she secretly stole his phone, and the ones they took together because they were THAT ANNOYING CUTE COUPLE THAT ALWAYS TOOK PHOTOS TOGETHER. Then I need the last swipe left to be the video and I need the tears to be slow and soft first because he doesn’t want to blur his vision too much. He has to see her smile (the way her eyes turn into crescents when she does) and he has to hear her voice because he’s always loved the way she would say his name. I just, I really need this 😭😭😭

I can’t take good selfies so just have this mirror thing from my instagram story! 😅

Ok, so, hey! My name is Lena, I’m 17 years old and I’m from Germany! 😊
I’m not new to penpalling but I took a break from it/got out of it for a while and lost contact to most of my penpals… so now I’m looking for some new penpals!! (I’ll also write to some old ones just not sure if they still want to reply 🙈).

As you can see I babble way too much and I can’t really be brief… I’d love to write long letters and/or pretty ones full of art, pictures, poems (if you write them, I don’t, only stories), cute gifts/stationery, sweets, receipts, … 😊✨
If you’re not keen on all that artsy stuff that’s fine with me as well, the content matters after all! I don’t really have a “perfect penpal”. Of course it’s always nice to have similar interests but why not get to know someone really opposite of you? Just contact me if you’re interested, I’ll continue with some info about me so you have an idea of who I am! 🌻

I speak English and German (and Latin but you can’t really speak that) and I’d love to help people with their German! We could also skype for that or so that I could practice speaking English 😅 but I’d have to get reaaally comfortable with you for that^^’ One day I also want to learn Spanish… but that’s not gonna happen due to my procrastination skills 😂
I love travelling and I’ve been to some cool countries actually I’m proud of that haha but my list is still going on!! ✈
In general I like going out into nature! Other hobbies are reading, drawing, writing sometimes, the occasional watching tv series/movies and sometimes even anime (not really into anime anymore but who knows). I also used to cosplay, might get back into it and I enjoy all kinds of creative hobbies 😊I also love photography and I’d be happy to send you some pictures and also receive some from you (also postcards! ♥) 📷
Music is a pretty big part of my life too! My favorite band is probably Red Hot Chili Peppers ♥ I recently discovered Kaleo, I’m listening to Seether a lot atm, I enjoy some songs by Die Antwoord and I’ve been long fascinated by Rammstein… soo my taste in music is all over the place and I’d love to get recommendations from you! 😊
I’m vegetarian trying to go vegan 🌱 it would be cool to swap receipts with other veggies but not a must!!
I also love cats 🐱

Ok, ok, I’ll stop here or else I won’t have anything to write in my letters! 😅I don’t care about your gender, age, religion, race, sexuality (I’m more gay than bi but definitely somewhere on the LGBT+ spectrum 🌈) etc.
I just want to get to know some of you and finally write letters again!! ✉✨

Contact me 😊

e-mail: lenagloeckner @ gmx . detumblr: drop-in-an-ocean.tumblr.com
instagram: _ifseascatchfire_

Wedding HeadCannons

I was at a wedding yesterday and I nearly cried. I’ve known the bride since she was 4, I grew up with her family. It was too cute. I know I’m way too into Jaylos, but I have Benlos wedding headcannons. As much as we love our Villain Kids, they’ll grow up into adults one day and could get married. Ben will need a King with him to rule.

 - Ben and Carlos talk about getting married for a while, but Ben surprises him with a cheesy picnic and proposes. It’s small and private and Jay, Mal and Evie are hiding, taking secret pictures

 - Jay is Carlos’ best man and Chad is Ben’s. The grooms are kept separate, as tradition is, Evie and Mal spend the day running between the rooms, helping with both. Evie surprises them in Ben’s dressing room, gushing over how good Carlos looks while Mal drops by Carlos’ room, subtly mentioning how handsome Ben is in his suit, making each groom even more exited to see each other

 - Carlos has Evie and Mal as bridesmaids while Ben also has Doug and Lonnie

 - Mal, as the ring leader of their little group, gives Carlos away

 - Dude is the ring bearer. Roger and Anita get involved and the Dalmatian puppies are flower girls (flower dogs?)

 - Everyone takes bets on who will cry first, Ben or Carlos, and Jay shocks them all when he tears up

 - Fairy Godmother officiates the wedding and gives each a heartfelt speech. She’s watched Ben grow into a king, she’s known him since he was born. She was Carlos’ teacher and mentor into goodness, she’s watched him grow from a mischievous boy to a kind young man

 - Cruella skypes in for the wedding, but Evie mutes her when she starts cooing at the dogs

 - For the parents’ dance, Ben dances with Belle and King Adam offers to dance with Carlos

 - Tale as Old as Time is their first song to dance to as a married couple

 - Ben wanted white cake, as tradition, but Carlos insists on chocolate cake. With chocolate frosting. Next to a chocolate fountain.

 - They haven’t even left the wedding hall before Evie is pestering them about when they plan to adopt because she’s so excited to be an aunt

Your Faves Are Problamatic: Thayne Jasperson

•Thayne’s cuteness is too extreme so you will squeal in public if you see a picture of him
•He can make you cry by just singing one verse in his angelic voice
•He knows way too many accents it’s almost insane
•If you were in a dance battle with Thayne, you will lose. every. Time.
•he makes you jealous over his perfect hair
•The way he says “Hamilton” will just change your life
•He is secretly a water dog

sushmos  asked:

do you have a reference for your sona? I think he's super cute and I really wanna draw him :,). I absolutely adore your art, by the way!!

I decided to redraw him since the other one was really old, but here he is!! Everything he’s wearing I own irl, for example, this is the sweater!

Also, thank you so much??!! You’ve put a giant smile on my face, you’re too kind!! Thank you!!! ♡♡

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(this is captainmazzic's main blog) OH MY GOD ALL THOSE ELI'S THEY ARE SO ADORABLE and aaaaaaaa I see mine lookit how CUTE he is help help too much Imperial cinnamon roll in one picture how did you even manage, bless you <3 <3 <3

My love for Eli just keep pushing me to get this done! I absolutely love everyone’s version of him (if i didn’t mention that already!)

You’re most welcome!! Everyone is just so creativity when comes to him, I just had too!

And ur version is just way too cute with his red hair and freckles 💕💕💕

Book of Endearment

It didn’t really matter what you were doing, or saying, everything you did, to him, was endearing. It could be when you had just finished eating a messy sweet, and the remains were stuck to the corner of your mouth and cheeks, but you would continue to have serious conversation with him, not knowing it was all over your face or when you would run down the the hallway with those fuzzy socks you loved to wear and accidentally trip when you attempted to pull a Risky Business. From the little things to the not so little things, everything you did made his heart swell so much so it felt like it could explode, with adoration and love.

And sometimes he hated that even without your knowing you held that over his head. In the middle of those rare heated argument, you could scrunch your face up in frustration, and he would become distracted by it and soon he was kissing all over your face apologizing for whatever he may or may not have done, giving you a nice big cuddle on the couch.

As creepy as it sounded, one of his favorite time to soak up all of your endearment was while you were asleep. The cute little pout that graced your lips or the whimpers you let out when he would scoot too far away. It reminded him of a puppy in the best ways possible. If he could, he would take a picture of these moments to have forever and he probably would if you didn’t get so upset when he giggled at you for those little imperfections that he loved so much. In fact, when your cheeks turned crimson as he chuckled at you and slapped is chest shouting at him to “shut up”, he would just burst into a ball of love from how adorable it was. In his ‘Book of Endearment’, he would title the chapter ‘Embarrassing Endearment’, starting on pg. 48.

You often times failed to realize that he wasn’t perving on you like you claimed he was, but he was admiring you. Part of you hated it because, he was him. He was Harry Styles the pop-star that with his charm and beauty, could get any girl he wanted but somehow picked you. With that knowing, that at anytime he wanted, could have someone who you thought was prettier and better than you, you felt insecure when he stared at you. But another part of you, the smarter part he liked to say, knew him as Harry Styles, the four-year-old boy at heart, just as clumsy as yourself, ball of sunshine, that always spontaneously reminded you of how beautiful and amazing you were to him. That Harry Styles, was the real Harry and at the end of the day you knew that. He was the Harry that watched you do those endearing little things that you hated he saw but, loved he admired.

You were singing one of his songs - though you knew he hated it when you did - quite loudly, and quite obnoxiously, in the car. You were smiling and though you sounded horrible, even he would confess to that, and though he hated to admit it, he absolutely loved that you were doing it. You were unashamed and secure and that made him feel happy, that you were so comfortable with him. In his ‘Book of Endearment’, this would be on pg. 14, titled; ‘Openly Endearing’.

“Harry.” you had whined one afternoon. It was storming outside and usually you could put on your big girl pants and suck it up but this one caused for the radio to pause and that scary beeping noise that you hated so much to sound and the power to go out while you were upstairs alone. In other words, you couldn’t help but cling to Harry’s side like a child because you were shit scared.

“Such a baby.” he teased while doing his best to light the candles with you hugging onto him. Bending down to kiss your forehead he mumbled, “My baby.”

You would have tease him for being so cheesy but, before you could, a very bright flash of lightning proceeding a loud crash of thunder that shuck the house made you press even closer - if it were possible - into him.

He chuckled at you - like he often did - before walking the both of you to the sofa and plopping down on it. You adjusted so that you were snuggled against his side and he welcomed you with open arms - literally - and you both watched in comfortable silence as the little symbol bounced around the TV, him stupidly muttering encouragements to get to the other side.

“You are so stupid.” you giggled though the flash of lighting quickly shut you up.

“Am not.” he countered.

“You are,” you sighed “And I’m sure your four years old.”

He scoffed, “C'mon Y/N, I’m obviously five.” You rolled your eyes.

“Imagine what people are thinking of me right now,” you mumbled into his shoulder. He strained his neck to look down at you in confusion, “Dating a five year old,”

He laughed one of those hearty and genuine laughs and now it was your turn to sit back and admire. Harry wasn’t an easy person to make laugh, and though you were capable and had seen him laugh harder, you felt pride in the fact that you had made him do that. You loved to see the corner of his eyes crinkle, and with his hair tied back you could see every little crease when he smiled.

You refrained from poking the indent in his cheek, but couldn’t help the growing smile when you felt his stomach shake and that high-pitched laugh you loved so much emit from his mouth, where those boyish blocky teeth lay.

You would love to sit and watch it all day, in fact you had joked to him one night while you were laying bed, that you would put compilation of it on the TV and watch it all day, but in all honesty, there was some seriousness in your confession.

“What?” he questioned once he calmed down looking down at you with that post-laugh glow.

You smiled up at him before leaning up to peck him on his lips, pulling back then saying,“Nothing.”

You would take this and sneak it into his ‘Book of Endearment’, put it in the back where he couldn’t find it and title it; ‘Harry’s Endearment’.

Let him not forget about, maybe his most favorite chapter in the ‘Book of Endearment’, ‘Bedroom Endearment’, on pg. 31. God, this was favorite.

It was probably his favorite because it was the rarest one and since it only came ever so often when it did it was like seeing it for the first time all over again It could be when you both had a little too much to drink at dinner, and decided to drunkenly hop in the sack to do the deed. It would be clumsy and full of giggles. Your usual hypersensitivity to those ticklish spots would intensify making every kiss and caress cause you to erupt into a fit a chuckles.

Or it could be when you were completely sober. In bed with Harry, you were extremely shy and every little touch he gave you caused you to flush. But, he would always kiss every inch of your body, muttering how amazing it was as he did. And hearing it from him made you giddy, like a school girl, and you would always be full of smiles for him. And your happiness was infectious and it resulted with the both of you giggling and grinning at each other as clothes were thrown across the room in a haste for each others bodies.

“Whats got you so smiley, sweetheart.” he would ask kissing around your neck and you could feel his teeth against it in his own smile. “Hmm?”

And he would continue to kiss around your neck until he found that spot. It wasn’t the spot that would have you closing your eyes in pleasure and gripping his curls but instead, the spot that made you flinch and push his head away biting your lip to stop from barking out a laugh. “Cause your tickling me.”

“Me? Tickling you? I don’t think so, love.” But, he would continue to blow raspberries into that spot.

At this point you were doing your best to sit up to escape his mouth but, he held his arm around your waist tightly locking you in your spot, “Harry!”

“Alright alright.” he would say before gripping your waist and flipping you over quickly before climbing in between your legs so he was level with your face, “Enough playing, yeah?”

You would smile up at him, your eyes shining in glee and nod.

“We’ve got some business to take care of right?” And he would get down to it but not forgetting to ‘accidentally’ dig his fingers into your side or elbow your thigh to get a little shrill from you because he loved hearing it. Almost as much as he loved being inside of you.

He was sure that just one day, any person could get an entire book full of endearment from you but, he like to take those more special moments and document them. Because if the sun stopped shining and those moments stopped coming, he would want to look back on them and reminisce.

You were his ball of sunshine jut like he was yours and he would do anything he could to keep you full of endearment.

And he often told you this, because you were to special to him for him to not tell. And when he did and you would giggle into his neck or chest, or hair or anyplace, he would capture it and put in the very back of the book as a sort of finale. Behind ‘Harry’s Endearments’ on pg. 88.

He would call it ‘Simply Endearing’.

Okay so this is the first thing I’ve ever written that I thought was good enough to be shared with the rest of the world so feedback would be greatly appreciated. Hope you enjoyed!

a bunch of theme stuff masterpost

so i love theme decorating and i have WAY too much of this stuff saved so i spent hours putting together this post of (almost) everything i have unecessarily saved to my computer. i hope you all enjoy these goodies (◠‿◠✿)

this post includes:

  • 110+ banners/dividers/sidebar frames
  • 130+ cute pixels
  • 60+ bgs for redux themes (+ HD scenery)
  • 50+ drawings for sidebars/update tabs
  • 16 transparent 1D-related images

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anonymous asked:

S/O had really long hair, (like, so long they would sometimes sit on it.) but then suddenly gets their hair cut to just below the shoulder blades, without having discussed it with their lover, or even mentioned they were going to cut their hair. What does their lover do when they see S/O for the first time after the cut? (Junkrat, Genji, and S-76, please.)


-Seeing his s/o’s hair way shorter than it had been before was a big surprise to him. He was curious as to why they cut their hair though, he thought it was beautiful. One of the most beautiful things he had ever seen.

-Although a bit disappointed at first, he started to come around. When it was long and he ran his fingers through it, he would catch a tangle and hurt his s/o. Now whenever he can run his fingers through their soft without being too worried.

-His favorite is when his s/o puts their hair up. He has a thing for seeing their bare neck and shoulders.


-Genji notices his s/o’s hair immediately and is immediately enamored. He loves being able to see their face more, because before the long hair had a habit of falling into their face.

-He’s excited to decorate their hair with combs and headbands, and will buy all the ones that he think are pretty. When their hair was long, they couldn’t do much with it because it was so heavy that it didn’t want to stay in anything but a ponytail or a braid.

-He can’t stop taking pictures of their hair too. Everytime that his s/o did their hair a new way, he had to take a picture to remember how cute they were. He likes to show it off to Zenyatta every time he sees him.

-Secretly has a Pinterest where he pins hairstyles for his s/o. Don’t tell anybody.


-At first he didn’t even realize it was his s/o that had walked up to him and greeted him. He had been looking at some data while walking down the hallway. He thought it was just another new recruit trying to make nice with one of the higher ups.

-He had to do a double take when they had hugged him and kissed him on the cheek. When he finally got a good look at them with their new haircut, he couldn’t help but blush a little.

-He thought it was sexy on them, he always kind of had a thing for shorter hair. Plus it wouldn’t get in the way on missions, he was always worried it would somehow snag on something or someone would grab it.

-Also maybe now it won’t get in his face when they’re cuddling or sleeping in bed together. Maybe it will stop clogging the drain since it’s shorter now.

smashing-bricks  asked:

Omg that Regis/Noctis prank war h.c is so cute!! (˃᷄ꇴ˂᷅ ૂ๑) if it's not too much, may I ask for a cute headcannon or drabble about Regis telling young Noctis a scary story to convince him to go to sleep?? I'll draw you something cute in return~ (*ˊૢᵕˋૢ*)

Hmmmmm, Scary stories? I don’t think i can write one with a scary story.. but I’ll write one with him telling little Noctis a story!  Drabbles be hard, well….starting the beginning of any story is hard for me, blah~

the beginning may be sloppy but bare with me okay?

and cute picture? can i pick or is it a surprise? ether way i hope i meet you standards!

all right, let’s do this!

“But I don’t want to go to bed!” Regis sighed at the response he received.

“Noctis, it’s past your bed time, you need rest.”

“I’m not tired yet!” He said stubbornly, unknowingly puffing his cheeks out. It seems not even a king can escape the the terrors of a stubborn child.


“No!”  He took a deep breath and closed his eyes. Seemly to gain patience but truthfully, he know if he continued to look at his son’s pouting face any longer, he would give in.

He had such an adorable son.

“It’s time for bed.” He said a touch more sternly. Keep his eyes closed as long as he could.

“Dad…” He opened his eyes as he heard the slight tremble in his son’s voice and immediately regretted it.

He had faced many enemies in his life. Kept calm in the face of many challenges. But nothing could ever prepare him for such an sight.

For staring up at him were The Eyes.

He could feel his resolve crumble as he glazed into his son’s watery eyes. He could also tell that Jared was smiling behind him, shoulders shaking in mirth.

He quickly tried to salvage the situation, not wanting his son to cry, he found a blessing when his eyes landed on a book on the table behind Noctis.

“If you’re willing to go to bed Noctis..”He started gently. “I’ll read you a story.”

He knew he had him when Noctis’ perked up.

“Really?” He nodded, holding out his hand.

“Of course. But only if you’re willing to go to bed.” Noctis bit his lip in thought before placing his hand in his father’s.

Regis was finally able to take his son to his bed, pulling the sheets back and tucking him in.

“What story would you like me to tell you?” He asked, reaching for the book on the night stand, Jared leaving the room to give them privacy.

“Can you come up with one?” came the quiet reply.

Regis looked at Noctis, who had bowed his head so he didn’t look at him.

“Is that what you want?” Noctis nodded shyly, not looking up.

“Well alright.” He allowed Noctis to get comfortable as he thought carefully.

His son wanted a story that came from him, it shouldn’t be too hard, but it was.

He thought about what he could tell him, but nothing seemed right.

“What type of story would you like me to tell?” He asked, hoping for a solution.

Noctis hummed, tilting his head to the side.

“….Can it be a story about friends?”


That word brought an image to the forefront of his mind, an image that he had photographed and kept in his room.

An image of four friends and a car.

It brought many fond memories to him.

Memories that were bittersweet but irreplaceable.

He opened his eyes that he didn’t realize he had closed and smiled at his son.

He had one story he could tell him.

“Once, a long time ago, there were four friends who were on a journey…”

He spoke of familiar faces, of places that seem so very far away now. He spoke of the silly arguments that took place between the four and the shenanigans that they got caught in.

As he spoke, fonder times seemed to come to life, memories that seem so faded, gaining clarity as he told his tale.

His son was enchanted by the story he weaved, desperate to listen to more, even as his eyes grew heavy.

He finally stopped speaking as he noticed his son barely awake.

“Time to sleep.” Noctis whimpered and looked at his father with drooping eyes.

“Were they happy together…?” Regis stilled and recalled how things seemed to turn upside down as their journey ended. Friends that were separated by the wall he held.

Separated, he knew that the times they shared were no more.

But when they were together….


It was a simple answer.

“Yes Noctis.” He said with a gentle smile. “When they were together, they were the happiest.”

His son smiled, before finally drifting off to sleep.

Regis leaned forward and placed a kiss on his son’s head.

He quietly stood and left the room, heart both heavy yet lighter.

Heavy with burden and regrets, but lighter as he remembered better times.

He could never go back to those times, and for once, for a brief moment…

Regis smiled to himself.

….He was alright.

(This wrote itself….huh….that never happened to me before…. hope you liked it!.)

Things that definitely happen while A & N are continuing their relationship long distance between Andrew’s graduation and them getting on the same team (this is long af, sorry not sorry):

• one of them gets injured (probably Neil). The other flies/drives/swims to be by their side so that they can bitch them out in person, seeing as doing it via phone is not nearly as satisfying.
• one of them gets sick (probably Andrew. Seeing as his diet is just alcohol + sugar. That is not good nutrition Andrew) and does a terrible job of pretending that they are fine over the phone so the other doesn’t get upset.
• one of them appears in a sports magazine in photos with another person with an article about how they are 100% banging and it’s serious. The other rings for the sole purpose of mocking the shit out of them.
• (Just imagine Neil photographed with like…one of the ladies on his current team in the local supermarket buying cereal and milk and ice cream.  She’s wearing his hoodie (“It was cold, Andrew! I was being nice!”). She also calls him to make fun of him because she’s an asshole, which is Neil’s type except for how Neil’s type is actually only Andrew.)
• (Even funnier: Andrew getting photographed with Renee when she’s visiting him, cue rampant media/fan speculation. Neil: “All these years and she’s still your hetero-date! Also, tell her hi and be strong from me.”
• One of their Fox family has a crisis of some kind. Andrew and Neil coordinate what needs to be done to sort it out over the phone in that divide-and-conquer way that people in long-term relationships get over time.  Solutions range from calling Renee to travelling to be with them to planning assassinations.
• Evening calls where they each recount their days, Neil faithfully because he likes to chat to Andrew, and Andrew sarcastically because he’d rather just listen but recognises that Neil needs to hear it, needs to know that everything is okay with him.
• Late night calls which are mostly silence – reassurance, stability, being able to hear the breath of the other reflecting how their heart is quaking in their chest because they’ve already seen the darkness inside of each other without shying away.
• Watching the other play on TV (lets be real, Neil would do this anyway. Andrew would do it so he has an idea of what Neil is actually talking about when he does his usual Post-Match Breakdown™ to Andrew on the phone later).
• They go to the other’s games when it’s local and they aren’t playing themselves – Neil stutters over his invitations, but if he goes to the trouble of asking then Andrew always comes.  Andrew just gets tickets sent to Neil, seeing as there’s no chance that Neil would say no to watching Exy.
• Telling the people they’re around on a daily basis little bits of information about the other (Neil. This is Neil. When he’s at a bar with his teammates he excuses himself to answer his phone by saying, “Uh, sorry, it’s my partner.”  He excuses himself from social events because, “Andrew’s playing tonight.”  When he’s asked what his weekend plans are, usually it’s either, “I’m flying out,” or, “Andrew’s around.”  Subtle, unlike the expression on his face, which his teammates agree is super cute for a ruthless, raised-by-criminals striker who enjoys bodychecking way too much.)
• (Andrew only really mentions Neil once – when someone hits on him, he informs them plainly, “I’m seeing someone.”  When Neil is in town his excuse to get out of team plans is, “I’m doing something,” because his sense of humour is. Terrible. His lack of confirmation of who he is actually seeing + whatever pictures surface of the two of them together just makes his team gossip worse than the fans.)
• Morning arrivals when one picks up the other from the airport and they get breakfast on the way back, quiet and enjoying being together in the same room.
• Late night arrivals where one sneaks (badly) into the apartment and joins the other in bed to pass out (so they can wake up together in the morning).
• Late night arrivals where the other is still awake waiting for them. Clothes go everywhere. Couch sex is had. They go to bed together. (This is Neil’s favourite – Andrew likes to wait up for him).
• Just, being together when they’re living apart!!!

Live Stream (AO3)

Summary: Dean Winchester, a famous youtuber, is finally showing all of his fans who his partner is.

Castiel hears excited chattering coming from the doorway. He lifts his head to see two young girls walking into the classroom watching something on one of their phones. 

A few more people shuffle in seemingly doing the exact same thing. By the time his classroom is full, the whole room, well, mainly the girls, are watching something on their mobile devices and chatting - or what Castiel might call squealing - with their friends.

Class officially starts now but no one seems to even notice he is there. What on earth is going on? Castiel slowly walks over to the front row where the first two girls who walked in are still fixated on the tiny screen 

“What are you watching?” he asks, stunning the girls and seemingly most of the class out of their daze.

“Um, sorry Mr Novak it’s just one of the most popular Youtubers is live streaming on Facebook and he promised everyone that he would show us who his girlfriend is today.” 

“And that’s a reason to interrupt class…why?” he asks, glancing between the two girls.

“You probably wouldn’t understand but it’s kind of a big deal, Mr Novak. I mean it is Dean Winchester,” Castiel’s eyes go wide, “and he’s a local here in Kansas so where all trying to see where he’s going.” 

As soon as she finishes, Castiel cranes his head over the girls to look at the screen. 

“Okay, guys, so I’m gonna turn this off for a sec cause I’m nearly there. But I’ll bring it back up as soon as I reach my destination and be prepared cause if you think I’m cute then you obviously haven’t seen my partner.” Dean says, and with a quick wave the video finishes and Castiel hears a collective groan throughout the classroom.

“Alright, everyone, I think it’s time to start some work.” Castiel says, clasping his sweaty hands together. 

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