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voltron crew and twitter
  • Shiro: Rarely tweets. If ever he does, he keeps it really short. Always greets his friends on their birthdays. Always ends tweets with "- Shiro" Once tweeted about stupid politics, but quickly deleted it.
  • Keith: Rarely tweets but ALWAYS replies to mentions. Bitches about Twitter character limits. Posts doodles of space and stars, tagged Shiro in it once and beamed when he got a like and a retweet. He posted more after that.
  • Lance: Twitter Famous. Very noisy and likes to chat way too much. Gets into twitter wars and LOVES it. He mentions Hunk way too much, causing Hunk to use twitter more. Uses way too many hearts and kisses. Retweets a lot.
  • Hunk: Only ever replies to Lance tbh. Posts a lot of what he cooks and bakes. Gives baking advices to people who ask and is always happy to give away his secret recipe. Once had to teach someone maths over tweets.
  • Pidge: Emoji master. People hardly get what she's trying to say, except Keith. Keith always knows, even if they're just a series of emojis. Accidentally posted codes she was supposed to use for hacking. Got reprimanded by Shiro.

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viktuuri totinos ad: viktor is the totinos guy and yuuri is kristen stewart

“Hey Victor, where are the Totinos?” Christophe asks from the couch.

There’s a man in the kitchen. Victor doesn’t know he got there, but he doesn’t question it. He stares, silent – there’s a box of Totinos on the counter to his left. With one hand, he reaches for it, and then pauses, second-guessing himself.

“Hello,” the man says, and his hair is as black as a raven’s wings, his eyes as brown as the depths of the earth. Then, the stranger glances at the box, steps closer to Victor and picks it up. He’s wearing a black outfit with silver crystals scattered up one side. “Totinos?”

“For… For my hungry guys,” Victor explains, quiet, sparing a glance at the couch where Christophe, Yurio, Georgi, Leo, Guang Hong, Michele, Seung-gil, Phichit, and more are sitting, watching Skate Canada.

“What are you hungry for?” the man asks, and his voice is sultry, enticing.

In an instant, he’s pressed against the kitchen counter. The stranger takes the box in hand again, removes a Totino and traces it down Victor’s cheek, a smooth line. Victor watches, entranced, and then meets the other man’s lips, hand slipping up his shirt.

“What’s going on? Are you making out with somebody back there?” Christophe calls, and laughter comes from the other side of the room.

The scene fades to black. Totinos.

First Lines

Rules: List the first lines of your last 20 stories. See if there are any patterns. Then tag 10 of your favourite authors!

Tagged by the ever amazing writers @bixgirl1, @writsgrimmyblog, and @dictacontrion and here I am finally doing this 600 years later lol *irons fingers*

1.  “Potter?” – ‘Model Behaviour’ (NC-17, Draco Malfoy/Harry Potter, 38K and counting)

2. “This is unexpected.” –Snarl’ (R, 4k, Sirius Black/Remus Lupin, Remus Lupin/Nymphadora Tonks)

3. Scorpius stood in front of the mass of hovering sheets, stacked pillows, and the silhouette of what he was certain was either his best friend, or a particularly knobbly-elbowed and badly kept mop. – ‘You and I’ (NC-17, 32k, Albus Severus/Scorpius.) 

4. “This isn’t an arrangement,” Harry mumbles to himself as he stands in the Library aisle. – ‘Flutter’ (NC-17, 4,9k, Draco Malfoy/Harry Potter)

5. Teddy Lupin has had some stupid ideas in his time. – ‘Crush’ (NC-17, 9k, Teddy Lupin/James Sirius/Scorpius Malfoy)

6. “Well, hello, Moony. Haven’t seen you in a while.” – ‘Whimper’ (NC-17, 6k, Remus Lupin/Sirius Black, Remus Lupin/Nymphadora Tonks)

7. It was Victoire who gave it away. – ‘Hanging on Your Words’ (NC-17, 6,8k, Teddy Lupin/James Sirius)

8. “I think you’re going to have to make me.” – ‘Be Quiet’ (NC-17, 3,5k, James Sirius/Scorpius Malfoy)

9. “Fuck…Fuck!” – ‘Teeter’ (NC-17, 10k, Draco Malfoy/Harry Potter)

10. “It’s not me,” Remus growls, tearing at Sirius’s shirt then moving to the fly of his jeans. “It’s not me, it’s ―” – Howl’ (NC-17, Remus Lupin/Sirius Black, Remus Lupin/Nymphadora Tonks)

11. Valentine’s is her busiest night of the year. – ‘Trade’ (NC-17, 2k, Harry Potter/Pansy Parkinson)

12. He’s not James. – Safe’ (R, 2k, Sirius Black/Harry Potter)

13. Faint sunlight filtered through the fraying and hole-ridden curtains of the attic room. – At The End of The Rope’ (NC-17, 35k, TeddyLupin/James Sirius)

14. With a groan, Teddy rolled onto his back, stretching out his shoulders and cricking his neck. – ‘Those Who Wait’ (NC-17, 15k, Teddy Lupin/James Sirius)

15.  Fay Finnegan’s Christmas party was without a doubt the worst party Hugo Weasley had ever been to. – ‘The Quiet Ones’ (NC-17, 10k, Scorpius Malfoy/Hugo Weasley)

Okay, I know I’m meant to do 20 but that just seems like way too many now haha. Conclusions I can draw form this? 

1) I write a lot of explicit stuff 

2) I write a lot of Next Gen (and a lot of Teddy and Scorpius, which tbh is not a suprise to me) 

3) I swear a lot LOL

4) I need to write more Wolfstar

I’m pretty sure everyone has already done this, but I’ll tag @gracerene09 @huldrejenta @mugglelissa @jadepresley @candawrites @ohlookagaydraco @ravenclawsquill @firethesound and anyone who wants to jump on board and do it!! <333

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I feel like a lot of blogs are way too cool for me ?? do u feel this way if so any "too cool for you" blogs you follow that u can't believe followed you back (or haven't whatever) ?

do you mean every single one of my mutuals?

no but seriously I feel this way all the time. I cannot believe so many amazing blogs follow me (a lot of which I used to lurk on when I was just starting to like dnp and was low key obsessed but too scared to actually follow people from my main). 

shout out to a few of them because I love them and hope they know that: @doinganap @ratinof @danslester @danieldaily @astronautdan @fringegaps @hobbithair @donthavetobebrave @fallinghowell @cuddlesphan @cringe-attacks @snowbunnylester @dandromedas @dannyhowell @dantlers @pseudophan @writerdan *insert an endless list of etc. because I know I forgot so many people sdfghjk and I seriously do feel that way about all my mutuals*

You heard that right, my dudes: 100 (presumably) separate people have decided to stick with this loser.

And to celebrate this great phenomenon, I thought I’d do some shoutouts!
But in general, I wanna thank each and every one of you for slamming that follow button. If you didn’t make the list, do not fret: your local garbage (me) may have forgotten, as she is wont to do, and as such, she apologizes profusely in advance. Having said that, I imagine if I ever make the remarkable climb to 200, I’ll do this again, so FEAR NOT: YOUR CHANCES HAVE NOT YET ENDED.

So. Let’s get into this, shall we ? I do believe we shall!

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…because why the fuck not.  Answer the questions and tag as many people as you want! 

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FAVORITE CHARACTER WHO’S ALIVE: Raven. Motherfucking. Reyes.

FAVORITE DEAD CHARACTER: I miss Wells Jaha, but Luna’s a close second


FAVORITE OLDER ARKER: Abby, I guess?  Never really cared about the older generation, tbh. 

FAVORITE GROUNDER:  I think it’s a three-way tie between Luna/Lincoln/Roan. 


FAVORITE EPISODE: I liked Nevermore

FAVORITE LINE: I don’t think I have a favorite line - there are too many good ones.  “It won’t survive me.”  “You may be the Chancellor, but I’m in charge.”  “Human beings have free will - we get to decide how we should live.” “We all have a monster inside of us, and we’re all responsible for what it does when we let it out.”  

FAVORITE FIGHT SCENE: I loved Clarke’s fight with Anya in the second season.  

FAVORITE VILLAIN: I liked Anya a lot, although I also enjoyed watching Lexa.  This show is so morally gray though, how many characters exist that can say they’ve never been a villain, at any one point in the story?  

FAVORITE CANON COUPLE: Raven Reyes and happiness.  

FAVORITE FANON COUPLE: I just want Raven to find love, ok?  I don’t care who it’s with (as long as it’s not Finn or Lexa).

FAVORITE ‘KRU:  I mean I’m always rooting for Skaikru, but I guess I liked the idea of Floukru the best?    

FAVORITE HEADCANON: I love the headcanon that Clarke can hold her alcohol really well. 

FAVORITE SURPRISE PLOT-TWIST:  The big betrayal at the end of Season 2 blew my mind - I never saw it coming.  Loved getting psyched out like that!  


FAVORITE HAIRSTYLE:  I think Raven’s makes the most sense, but Bellamy’s wayward curls are far and away my favorite.  

FAVORITE SET:  Dropship.  No doubt.  The oil rig was pretty badass, too.

FAVORITE SONG: Raign’s cover of “Knocking on Heaven’s Door” still makes me tear up a little, but I also think the Clexa Theme by Tree Adams is absolutely stunning.  

FAVORITE ACTOR: Bob Morley is fucking amazing.


Tagging a bunch of my favorite 100 blogs, to get this thing started! (If you’re interested, of course)  I’d love to see people’s responses to these!  

@bllrke, @griffinnblake, @rosymamacita, @kay-emm-gee, @lukesaysbreathe, @indygoh, @spacexualkids, @winterhalcyon, @zoemonroe, @abazethe100, @rashaka, @easnadh1, @verbam, @kindclaws, @emcri, @bellamyblakesprotectionsquad2k17, @ravenreyess, @sassamyblake, @merdok1993, @chatnoirs-baton, @ponyregrets, @wellsjahasghost, @alienor-woods, @rumaan@blyedeeks, @bellarke, @the-ships-to-rule-them-all

I'm moving blogs

Some of you probably already know this because I’ve been sloooowly re-following people over on my new blog, @soimonella. I just thought I should actually announce it here, because it’d be really rude not to.

If I’ve missed you, let me know! It might just be me being really slow getting around to re-following you!

  • when ppl call me nicknames: (๑✧◡✧๑)

I’m always keeping an eye on dat Aminorphs tag, and I’ve seen a smattering of folks doing readings of either entire books, favorite chapters, passages, scenes, dialogue… you name it, folks are recording it, and I’m listening and loving every moment. You’re all precious and I adore you.

I have a proposal.

Back in the day, I was very much into Discworld and all things Terry Pratchett. Still am, just less so as I’ve aged (and got too lazy to keep up with the booming fandom TBH). My forum did something very similar to what I’ve seen in the tag; reading passages and scenes and what-not, and posting the files to share.

What it all boiled down to in the end was a patchwork quilt of so many people reading so many chapters. It was really interesting to hear everyone’s interpretation of the characters; everyone had a slightly different, unique way of reading characters. Everyone had a different voice, accent, cadence. Everyone brought a different kind of emotion into the project, and the end product (a book read by dozens of people) was really lovely to hear.

Would anyone be interested in coordinating a similar project? 

I’m really just spit-balling this idea right now, “10,000 foot view” and all. Not trying to step on any toes, or co-opt anyone’s idea. 


They all looked so happy in this frame! ( ´o ωo`)c

I was tagged by @seulgisbbby & @iloveyoonjin to do a get to know me tag and the questions where reaaally similar so i just merged them together!, anyway thanks sm for tagging me !! 👼🏽💘✨💕🌟🌈🍒💗💛💓

answer the 30 questions and tag 30 followers that you would like to know better!

1. NICKNAME: emi, emily, ojos de gargajo 🤷‍♂️ 

2. GENDER: female

3. STAR SIGN: star sign - pisces 🐟

4. HEIGHT: im 165 cm tall

5. TIME: 6:05 pm

6. BIRTHDAY: march 18

7. FAVORITE BANDS: tbh i like way too many so mainly bts

8. FAVORITE SOLO ARTISTS: beenzino, giriboy, iu 

9. SONG STUCK IN MY HEAD: 365 FRESH by Triple H 👅

10. LAST MOVIE I WATCHED: i watched a movie that namjon recommended called a frozen flower and uuu boy im still thinking about it (its nsfw btw)

11. LAST SHOW I WATCHED: im on ep 3 of we bear bears 🐻 

12. WHEN DID I CREATE MY BLOG: this new one like a month ago 

13. WHAT DO I POST: mainly aesthetic pictures and bts i think but i dont have a set theme i just post we i like 

14. LAST THING I GOOGLED: shimanami tasogare manga jejej

15. DO YOU HAVE OTHER BLOGS: only my old one!  

16. DO YOU GET ASKS: not rly 🐢

17. WHY DID YOU CHOOSE YOUR URL:  i love the el perrito super gordito meme but im thinking of changing it since it’s too long :/

18. FOLLOWING: 66 👹

19. FOLLOWERS: 24 lmao

20. FAVORITE COLORS: blue as you can see from my blog 🦋 

21. AVERAGE HOURS OF SLEEP: like 8/9 hours since im on a trip visiting my family  

22. LUCKY NUMBER: 348 it has a deep meaning but its too long and dumb 💀  

23.INSTRUMENTS: the guitar kinda but not rly

24. WHAT AM I WEARING: a denim skirt and a black t-shirt

25. HOW MANY BLANKETS I SLEEP WITH: just one cuz its hot 

26. DREAM JOB: a translator or being able to live off my art

27. DREAM TRIP: a backpack trip wherever or just camping near the sea 🌊☀️

28. FAVORITE FOOD: chicharrones en salsa verde🐖💕 !

29. NATIONALITY: mexican🇲🇽

30. FAVORITE SONG NOW: touch it by exo🎶

31.PETS: two chihuahuas🐕💗🐕

32.FAVOURITE ICE CREAM FLAVOR: i like strawberry and salty cheese 🍓🧀

33.WHAT’S IN MY BAG:  i usually just take around my cellphone, money and lipgloss

Thanks for tagging me💞💫🎀 i cant tag 30 ppl since i dont even have 30 followers asdfdjskl but it was rly fun! i tag any1 who wants to do this kfghsjakj

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You should stop asking for followers a lot. It's getting quite annoying. sure, you CAN promote yourself now or then but you do it WAY too much, it's really annoying tbh. You have so many followers already like; can't you just be happy with where you are sometimes?It's like you're so hungry for followers all the fucking time? trust me, a LOT of your mutuals are getting really annoyed at all your "I'm so close to ___!!" Please do it when you're near a milestone, not when youre far away.

  to start off? i just wanted to let you know that nO ONE is obligated to follow me and if you simply dislike my habits that much you could have unfollowed, blacklisted my self promo tag or blocked me. 

  i typed these long ass paragraphs to tell you about my whole tumblr life, but i doubt you’d care, so here’s a summary: i dont care if it is a sin for me to say so, but seeing my follower count grow makes me happy, i AM hungry for more followers. and i’m admitting it?  it’s why i self promo. really i’m sorry but i can’t be happy with what i have ( at least not until i hit 6969 ) i’m sorry if that disappoints you?

  the thing is, i’m not only here for the followers? i’m also here for my friends? but you know, sending these messages really make me doubt if i’m friENDS with anyone

  if you really disliked me that much to talk about me behind my back with other people, you could have reached out to me and i would have probably stopped self promoing as much as i used to. 

  i have been trying to promo less? ( oml this sounds fucking ridiculous lmfao ) but i have been trying to have more self control and stop begging for followers as much as i did. i dont know if you’ve noticed :) but :) i :) am :) trying :) ( and i dk but i consider 100s to be a milestone and nowadays i only ask? when i’m close to 100 ??? i’ve stopped asking when i’m far away from my milestones but i’m sure you have different measures than i do

  i just wanted to finish off by saying? that this is MY blog. i am always open to constructive criticism, but honestly it’s not your place to be telling me my mutuals get really annoyed at me ON ANON ( because bby?? that gives people social anxiety ) you are always free to unfollow me if you want, but at the end of the day, if you’ve talked to me and have considered me a friend before, it shouldnt have been hard for you to FUCKING taLK TO ME 

30 Question Tag

Rules: answer 30 questions then tag 20 blogs you would like to know better.

I was tagged by @minsbugi ILY KENIA <333

1. Nicknames: Mac, Macy, my mom’s phone autocorrects my name to Max sometimes ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

2. Gender: female

3. Star sign: Libra

4. Height: 163 cm which is 5′4′‘ also according to google (KENIA YOU ARE SO SMOL I WANT TO HUG YOU NOW)

5. Time: 21:45

6. Birthday: 16 October

7. Favorite Bands/Groups: exo, bts, infinite, blackpink, twice, vixx, btob, bap, nct.. way too many tbh

8. Favorite solo artists: iu, punch, all of exo doing solo songs, lu han, kris wu,

9. Song stuck in my head: do exo teasers count?? no? smh, sun and moon by NCT ^.^

10. Last movie watched: wonder woman

11. Last show watched: the best hit [kdrama]

12. When did i create my blog: this one was created one (1) day after the pd101 finale so uhm, 17 June 2017

13. What do I post: pd101, wanna one, occasionally nu’est and jbj (yes it’s a thing now)

14. Last thing googled: cm to feet and inches hahaha (minus the hahaha)

15. Do you have other blogs?: yupp! my main is @baekhyeun and I used to have a teen wolf/marvel/star wars blog but I haven’t been active there for a while :///

16. Do you get asks?: Not often but I’d love to get more bc I’m a sad cat teen lady who cries over anything and everything way too often ;-;

17. Why did u choose your url?: kimjaehwan was taken so the next step was kimsjaehwan (it was also between this and a minhyun one tbh) (i also rlly love jaehwan)

18. Following: uhm 300 bc this is a sideblog

19. Followers: 800+ here

20. Favorite colors: red, pink, navy, grey, pastels and vibrant colours

21. Average hours of sleep: 6-8 

22. Lucky number: 16

23. Instruments: I have a basic knowledge of how to play the guitar but nothing else RIP

24. What am I wearing: pj’s bc I’m gonna gif then sleep hahah

25. How many blankets I sleep with: 2 now that it’s winter

26. Dream job: programmer or baker or actress (a dream hahaha)

27. Dream trip: italy, france, korea and greece

28. Favorite food(s): pizza, pasta, AVOCADO TOAST, a lot (i love food)

29. Nationality: south african but my ethnicity is indian ^.^

30. Favorite song now: Never by Nation’s Son ;-;

Tagging @emperorhwangs @jeo-jang @produced101 @minhyum @dxnghyuns @seonnho @parkjiihoons @daeswhis @kagndaniel @ong-seungwoo you don’t have to do this if you don’t want to ofc ^.^


You love him. I’m not saying in what way. Maybe you don’t know yourself. But anyone paying attention could see how much you care about him.

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that anon needs to filter by relationship tag (highlighted in grey), not the tag Gramon (as you said). I rarely see many people consistently tag their work on ao3 with ship names tbh. But there are definitely way more than two pages of Gramon fics up there. Also, gotta say again, I love your latest one 👌

Fantastic point ☝️ I’m pretty terrible when it comes to navigating ao3, I just learned how to save fandom tags not too long ago. :(

And thank you again, your comment was a wonderful message to wake up to this morning. :D 🖤


❤️  tagged by my favorite ever eve @yourplisetsky​!!! ilysm, honestly im so happy you’re my mutual tbh   ❤️

sorry it’s mostly cats and memes,,,,,but that basically sums my life u and then other stuff too. i’m way too shy to put my face on the internet yet tho sigh :-( also i luv pizza…im not sure how many blogs i’m supposed to tag but here goes nothing!!! please do it so i can see! ❤️ those are all my mutuals btw i love u guys even if we don’t talk WE SHOULD PLZ!!!

@jerza​ i love your blog!! especially the graphics you make!!
@victory-for-victuuri​ your blog is A+++++++++!!!!
@seungoffireandice​ I LOVE UR URL
@neveraines​ u always like all my posts i see u <3
@otabekismybff​ otabek is my bff too OMG
@doberttinson​ you’ve helped me so much dude!!!! imy!
@eggpress​ you helped me TOO omg!!!! you’re so sweet and ily
@v-katsukis​ we’ve talked and you’re so sweet!!
@thicctor-nikiforov​ u included me in your follower forever I LOVE U
@vikkturi UR ICON OMG yes


Thanks for tagging me @tiedtonguesandflashcards

•Relationship status: Happily unavailable.
•Favorite color: Forest green (any shade of green tbh)
•Lipstick or chapstick: liquid mattes
•Last song I listened to: In deiner kleinen Welt - Philipp Dittberner
•Last movie I watched: The Witness House
•Top 3 characters: Leslie Knope, April Ludgate, Dwight Schrute
•Top 3 ships: Leslie/Ben, April/Andy, Bonnie/Damon(judge me i dare u) (but also renruki is life and endgame, so bite me)
•Books/manga: I like way too many books, just message me if you want to talk books. I don’t care for manga, I’d rather just watch the shows.
•Top 5 musicals: meh, I’m not big on real musicals except for Singing in the Rain. I like pretty much any cartoon musical though.

tag nine people you would like to know
@langblog @linguafreund @y3lir-languages @malteseboy @cestquidanni @blackteaandlanguages @suplanguages @penguinlang @historyandlanguages

Do it if ya like, I’m just shit at remembering blog URLs sozz