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Name: Umer

Birthday: 5th March

Favorite color: Black

Lucky number: o ki honda?

Height: 5'9"

Talents: Photography.

Last dream you remember:  it was a dirty dream

Can you juggle: No

Art/sports/both: Art! any day.

Do you like writing: no

Do you like dancing: hell yeah. but like this:

Do you like singing: nu

Dream vacation: World Tour.

Dream guy/gal: already found one.

Dream wedding: A nikkah and walima with no jahaiz.

Dream pet: A cat

Dream job: Formula 1 :D

Favorite album: The wedding albums i make and get paid for :p

Least favorite song: I dont listen to those.

Least favorite album: none

Least favorite artist: - I dont bother knowing the names of those artists who i dont like.


Guys/girls/both/other: Girls

Hair color: Natural

Eye color: Natural

Humorous/serious: humorous

Taller/shorter: shorterrr

Biggest turn-off: attitude problem

Biggest turn-on: long hair, eyes, smiles wagaira wagaira.

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