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Waiting For Euphoria - sazzykins - Yuri!!! on Ice (Anime) [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 1/?
Fandom: Yuri!!! on Ice (Anime)
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Katsuki Yuuri/Victor Nikiforov, Katsuki Yuuri & Victor Nikiforov, Mila Babicheva/Sara Crispino
Characters: Katsuki Yuuri, Phichit Chulanont, Victor Nikiforov, Nishigori Takeshi, Mila Babicheva, Christophe Giacometti, Jean-Jacques Leroy, Yuri Plisetsky, Georgi Popovich, Otabek Altin
Additional Tags: Burlesque, Alternate Universe - Burlesque Club, Slow Burn, Rating May Change, Bless Phichit for enabling so many fandom things, Bless the Eros persona for enabling even more, Mutual Pining, Double Entendre, characters who talk too damn much, Angst, Angst with a Happy Ending, Humour, I hope, will victor go into cardiac arrest first, or will yuri spontaneously cobust from self induced embarrassment?, there’s only one way to find out!, characters aged up to be able to legally work in bars, because I refuse to have a burlesque club without at least an equal ratio of women

Yuuri Katsuki and his flatmate Phichit Chulanont are broke ex-students who are facing the retail hell of the holidays while trying to break into the competitive arenas of entertainment. After a mistake with a Wanted advert, Yuuri ends up auditioning for a style of dance that is most certainly not ballet and as it turns out…he’s kinda good at it! However, trying to keep his night-work separate from the rest of his life becomes a damn near impossible task when the Mr. Perfect who comes to his store regularly starts showing up at the club and seems to take a shine to his stage persona!

Inspired by @runesque‘s burlesque AU art which is amazing and you should all go see it!


Now I can’t help but wonder…

Is Grell talking about Beast…

…or herself?

Hetalia Fan Follow-Up Survey Results

Thank you for responding to our second survey! Even though it was a follow-up, and was live for a shorter amount of time, we still got 154 responses, and some very interesting results therefore! There’s a breakdown below the cut!

As with last time, the most important results have been bolded! However, since there were a lot fewer questions, it’s easy to read the whole thing!

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I hate the Jashi ship. Jack doesn’t age, but I would say that in the OG series he was at least 35, I feel like Ashi has gotta be in her early twenties maybe JUST reached that. Honestly I’m starting to get Wolverine/Jean grey vibes with this ship and hghghghghh. I have a comic where he looks forty, has been around for at least two hundred years and hits on Jean grey-who’s like a senior. It just feels wrong and creepy. Jack also doesn’t age but he’s technically gotta be 85 years old now. That’s kinda….weird. Jashi just doesn’t feel in character for Jack-he’s never showed interest in women or men. But he’s always been open to befriending people or being fatherly in a way.

…it’s just weird to see the fandom turning my favorite character into a creepy old guy (some of the fan art they’ve made is straight up perverted). I’m getting so many bad weird…vibes. The whole thing feels wrong and I can’t believe people support and ship something like that. It’s not one of those things where, oh let people have their own ships and don’t hate! It’s just a bad ship in general and I don’t like seeing it whenever I look up the samurai jack tag. It’s too troubling. Can we go back to the father/daughter relationship?

HOGWARTS AU (part one of???)

Okay Listen I know I said I was going to post something in this LAST NIGHT but I am complete garbage and spent my off day journaling instead of actually writing. I’m still working on chapter one of Werewolf Dex (Title TBA), and because I said I’d publish yesterday I’ll do my damnedest to get that up tonight. However, IN THE MEANTIME, I present to you these thoughts on House alignments and ages of our boys. 

Sorry…excuse me….Haus alignments.

Under the cut because this is getting long and starting to include ramblings on the background of the AU. This is something. @itsybittle​ I am so sorry and you so did not ask for this but your headcanon post will not leave me alone and it got me started on Actually Writing this au that my dear friend @actualhockeyrobot​ and I have been talking about since like, April, so it only felt right to tag you both in the MESS that is to follow. Without further ado….

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I’m always keeping an eye on dat Aminorphs tag, and I’ve seen a smattering of folks doing readings of either entire books, favorite chapters, passages, scenes, dialogue… you name it, folks are recording it, and I’m listening and loving every moment. You’re all precious and I adore you.

I have a proposal.

Back in the day, I was very much into Discworld and all things Terry Pratchett. Still am, just less so as I’ve aged (and got too lazy to keep up with the booming fandom TBH). My forum did something very similar to what I’ve seen in the tag; reading passages and scenes and what-not, and posting the files to share.

What it all boiled down to in the end was a patchwork quilt of so many people reading so many chapters. It was really interesting to hear everyone’s interpretation of the characters; everyone had a slightly different, unique way of reading characters. Everyone had a different voice, accent, cadence. Everyone brought a different kind of emotion into the project, and the end product (a book read by dozens of people) was really lovely to hear.

Would anyone be interested in coordinating a similar project? 

I’m really just spit-balling this idea right now, “10,000 foot view” and all. Not trying to step on any toes, or co-opt anyone’s idea. 

Ok so the first episode of season 2 was last night and seeing the way the tag was going, I slept on it to see if the tag would change. And it didn’t. 

I really don’t want to be the one to say it, but I will be the “bad guy” to speak on behalf of TWD fandom (which I’m gonna need you guys to back me up on this if you agree).

Last year when FearTWD came out, it was an interesting new spin-off from The Walking Dead and everyone was pretty much excited to see how our universe came to the way it is. Not long before the show began, the tag started getting a little trigger happy with a particular character. Okay, odd…but whatever. Then, throughout the whole first season, we had to deal with the ftwd tag being nothing but ADC/Alicia Clark/The 100 and about 10% about the actual show.

Now, a year later for season 2, we’re back at it again. Except 10x worse.


This is so unfair on so many levels. I just think it’s so rude that one fandom would hijack another fandom’s tag like that.

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50 Shades of G(r)ay - Chapter 1 - esompthin - Hamilton - Miranda [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
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Chapters: 7/7
Fandom: Hamilton - Miranda
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Alexander Hamilton/Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton/John Laurens, Thomas Jefferson/James Madison, Alexander Hamilton/Elizabeth “Eliza” Schuyler, Alexander Hamilton/James Madison
Characters: Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, John Laurens, Gilbert du Motier Marquis de Lafayette, Hercules Mulligan, George Washington
Additional Tags: Soulmates, Soulmate AU, Lams - Freeform, jeffmads - Freeform, mostly jamilton tho, Addiction, French, but not an addiction to french, don’t get confused, Spying, kind of, Mental Breakdown, madham, way too many musical lyrics

Soulmate AU, in which your world is gray until you touch your soulmate. Then your world bursts into color. But, once you stop touching, it goes back to gray. This can cause some people to become a bit attached to their soulmate. Alexander never had that problem. He thinks the whole thing is stupid.

milena-kunis  asked:

Do you have something on Eric's lack of motivation?

Not much but the fact that writers were way too lazy on their main character. The show had many arcs and gave Eric zero development during its final seasons. It was something they did often, they would sacrifice well done characterization and potential arcs for funny things (or more like, things they thought was funny). 

There’s a lot of discussion on why Eric is the way he is, and what kind of career/s he could have, all around the fandom. You can look at the Eric tag on this blog for that!

Juvia’s many BrOTPs: Lucy

**Updated January 8th, 2017**

Juvia and Lucy’s friendship is one of the most significant that Juvia (and Lucy!) has formed in Fairy Tail. As the “gruvia” tag is so dead, and Juvia and Lucy can all use some positivity, I thought I’ll come back and update this friendship post!

For many reasons. One, I’ve been wanting to reread the manga lately and this is a good way to do that. The other is to remind myself (and I guess others in the fandom too), that Juvia’s character while inherently and 120% tied to Gray from the beginning, has had plenty of friendships developed since her appearance.

I thought I’ll start this series with Juvia and Lucy because Juvia’s full of sass and attitude whenever she’s interacting with Lucy. I’m not talking about “love rival” comments either. I mean things like this:

Or this:

(The rest put under read more cuz this, as always, got very long =__=“)

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anonymous asked:

The thing about the IWDS is that sometimes I think they focus too much on westallen when there are many great things on the show that dont just involve shipping. Focusing too much on couples has ruined a lot of other shows including Arrow so I really dont wanna see it ruin the Flash. Barry and Iris are characters outside of westallen and they're literally in the middle of a huge SL about the singularity and all ppl are focused on is the next westallen kiss.

Alright, gather around because I’m going to explain to you why Westallen is important to the IWDS and why you can support Iris West while still fangirling over her relationship with Barry and still care about the show.

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Annoying Character Misconceptions

I’ve been in the Naruto fandom for years, and i’ve always been annoyed at how people misrepresent certain characters, especially the females. Seriously people, knock it off. I actually don’t care how much you love/hate the character, hate/love the real character and not your fantasy of them.

Tsunade: I’m sick of people only remember that she’s Sakura’s teacher and Jiraiya’s love interest. She lost two of the most important people in her life, one of them bleeding to death while she watched. She went through traumatic experiences as a young adult, yet kept strong and helped a lot of other people. She needs more recognition for being an incredibly strong person.

Ino: Stop representing her as the pretty, stupid b*tch who hates and bullies everyone in her path. Yeah, she’s gorgeous. And yeah, she could kill you, look like a model doing it, and never once chip her nail polish in the process. But in case you forgot, she’s the person saving others from the bullies, not the one bulling them. If she was such a jerk, why would she have helped Sakura back when Sakura was a sobbing mess in the dirt? Oh right, because Ino is a genuinely wonderful girl who looks out for other people and gives everyone she meets a chance, regardless of whether or not they’re on her level. The only reason why she was mean to Sakura later on was because Sakura took her friendship and threw it back in her face over a guy. Oh, and the stupid thing? Ino ranked ahead of Sasuke in class scores, look it up.

Hinata: I know that she was clinically shy in part one of the story, but i’m sick of people wishing that she became outgoing like Tenten or one of the other girls. You don’t need to be outgoing in order to be confident, and you don’t need to be showy in order to be beautiful, or loud in order to be strong. THAT was the point of her character. Her character development wasn’t supposed to peak at her acting like her road to ninja self, that’s never going to be her. Do I like the way she was portrayed in TL? No. But that doesn’t matter. She is supposed to show that quiet composure and confidence is just as real and brave as the louder kind. That’s why she has the lion for her symbol, too. Because her challenge of facing the failures of each day and having the strength to move on and try again is just as real and requires just as much bravery as the other struggles we see.

Sakura: She’s not perfect. Deal with it. No one in this entire series is perfect. And I’m sick of people representing her as this rock of emotional stability and kindness. She’s not. She’s not the kindest person in this series, far from it. And she’s not the strongest or most selfless, almost the opposite. People project their fantasies for a feminist icon onto her, then pretend that it’s the real her. She’s just as flawed and everyone other character in this series. She can be annoying , clingy, selfish, mean, self-centered, and rude to a lot of people; and this isn’t on rare occasions. Physically, she’s one of the strongest people in the series, but the doesn’t make her a strong character, especially considering she is one of the most emotionally fragile people we see. If you like her despite all of that, power to you. But don’t create an idealized version of her then force that image onto everyone else.

Karin: She’s not a crazed rapist. She’s not an evil person. And she’s not a horny, weak, fangirl. Is she in love? Yes. Is she mentally unstable? Probably. Is she morally grey? Without a doubt. Does she do questionable things? You’d be blind not to agree. Does she do things that even her fans don’t like? Of course, she’s not perfect. Is she is slut? NO, we’ve only seen her make advancements on one person, and that amounted to flirting only. Karin is a character with a lot of depth and complexity, having went through a lot of trauma and a generally horrible life. She had to do many questionable things in order to survive, but that’s the life she was given. She’s not stupid, the series shows that she’s very cunning. And she’s not weak, as she’s very resourceful. Not to mention those chakra chains of her’s which, I fain point out, can easily restrain tailed beast when fully developed. She’s one the most powerful and talented we’ve seen. On the other hand, Karin fan: STOP MAKING HER THIS CUTE FLUFFY LITTLE BALL OF INNOCENCE.. I understand the appeal of making her cutesy and adorable, but don’t ignore the fact that she’s a dangerous criminal with a dangerous mind. She’s not this clingy emotionally dependent weak girl in need of Sasuke or Suigetsu’s protection that I see in way too many fanfics. She’s a strong and stand alone woman who puts the HOT in psychotic.

Get your characters right.

Really tired of the bad part of the fandom

I think we actually need to set some fandom rules…There has way too many problems lately.

With fans: pestering the creators about the characters sexuality, romantic preferences, gender idenity, and ships.

Fans literily going out of their way to harras and bully other fans over anon simply because they dare to have different headcanons and opinions; calling them names and trying to justify their bullying with very faulty evedence that is only based on maybe’s and kinda’s. Even though said fan hadn’t even said anything problematic.

And fans who write long rant posts, tagged to the creators, calling them cheap, homophobic and talking about their argument as if they own the show and not the creators.

I seriously think we need to do something to get all this to stop, for the sake of other fans, and the WoY crew.

What do you guys think?

anonymous asked:

Are you too getting tired of all the drama llamas in the steven universe tag? Let me love my flawed character damnit!

Holy shit anon, and how
Like damn, I love this show, but the fandom can be really exhausting. It seems way too many people in it have trouble with nuance, and that is really doing the series a disservice. I am so not into this cinnamon roll/problematic trash dichotomy that seems to be more and more common in fandom spaces these days.

Let’s hope things will calm down a little until the next Steven Bomb :c

So I recently reached 2,000 followers and wanted to do something special for you guys. I’ve seen people in other fandoms do similar things and thought that I would try my hand at it. 

The way this works is you either submit a picture of yourself or message me with the tag you use for selfies. I will then “cast” you as a character from FMA or FMAB based on who I think you look like. It sounds fun!


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I’ll cut this off when I start getting too many. If you don’t want to see this, blacklist “lieutenant fan casts”