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Model Iskra Lawrence Slams Critics Who Call Her “Fat” With the Most Powerful Photo

Even if you’re a gorge model working for a huge brand like Aerie, you still have to deal with body shamers and rude comments online. Iskra Lawrence is super tired of it, and she’s fighting back in a really powerful way.

Some dude called Iskra a “fat cow” on Instagram, commenting that plus-size models promote obesity, that “everyone needs to stop eating McDonald’s” and “people like her [eat] too many bags of crisps.” (FYI: What we call chips, Brits call crisps.) Ugh. So she decided to stage a photo shoot eating crisps (er, chips) and write how she really feels about being body shamed.

“This is for anyone who has ever been called FAT,” she writes. “Opinions are like arseholes — everyone’s got one.”

NGL, I’m kinda hoping the Ski Lodge Rilucas DTR (if it happens) comes from Riley to a still floundering Lucas. Mostly because I think it’s high time he suffered something like what the girls have gone through as opposed to “woe is me, too many awesome girls like me!” which sucks since they’re both his friends and they’ve kinda been tossing him back and forth, but it doesn’t really cause the kind of pain the girls have dealt with. Everything’s just been handed to him so far, ya know?

That dude needs to integrate his personality instead of being one way with Riley and another way with Maya. Losing them both as romantic options for a while would likely force him to integrate instead of compartmentalizing himself the way he’s tended to do so far. And Jacobs did say we’d feel bad for him once the story becomes clear…

That, and I think this big plot twist/rucaya semi-resolution HAS to center on Riley. And her just going, “Yes, I like Lucas exactly the same as I always thought I did and it’s really TRUE LOVE YAAAAAAY! What I thought would happen from the start is going to happen now!” isn’t exactly a plot twist or a surprise new beginning. It’d basically render S2 pointless in terms of the romance arcs, and I just don’t see these writers doing that.

Whether Riley’s realization involves Farkle or not is a bit of a toss-up IMO, but I think the odds are decent he’ll contribute somehow to Wiwey wifting her head and ending things romantically with Lucas (I don’t think the writers could resist that poetry, but we’ll see). I think major forward momentum on Lucaya is less likely. If I’m right and Rilucas (as a romance) finally stops for good in Ski Lodge, then I think Lucas is probably gonna have to fight his way back to Maya, tbh. He’s gonna have to figure himself out and earn it. And I dunno that there’s enough time for that to happen in these two episodes.