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NGL, I’m kinda hoping the Ski Lodge Rilucas DTR (if it happens) comes from Riley to a still floundering Lucas. Mostly because I think it’s high time he suffered something like what the girls have gone through as opposed to “woe is me, too many awesome girls like me!” which sucks since they’re both his friends and they’ve kinda been tossing him back and forth, but it doesn’t really cause the kind of pain the girls have dealt with. Everything’s just been handed to him so far, ya know?

That dude needs to integrate his personality instead of being one way with Riley and another way with Maya. Losing them both as romantic options for a while would likely force him to integrate instead of compartmentalizing himself the way he’s tended to do so far. And Jacobs did say we’d feel bad for him once the story becomes clear…

That, and I think this big plot twist/rucaya semi-resolution HAS to center on Riley. And her just going, “Yes, I like Lucas exactly the same as I always thought I did and it’s really TRUE LOVE YAAAAAAY! What I thought would happen from the start is going to happen now!” isn’t exactly a plot twist or a surprise new beginning. It’d basically render S2 pointless in terms of the romance arcs, and I just don’t see these writers doing that.

Whether Riley’s realization involves Farkle or not is a bit of a toss-up IMO, but I think the odds are decent he’ll contribute somehow to Wiwey wifting her head and ending things romantically with Lucas (I don’t think the writers could resist that poetry, but we’ll see). I think major forward momentum on Lucaya is less likely. If I’m right and Rilucas (as a romance) finally stops for good in Ski Lodge, then I think Lucas is probably gonna have to fight his way back to Maya, tbh. He’s gonna have to figure himself out and earn it. And I dunno that there’s enough time for that to happen in these two episodes.

mcu ladies week day 2: unsung hero

dr. helen cho

I honestly don’t get why Helen gets shafted so often in the fandom. In so many ways she is the gigantic step towards character fandom has been demanding since day one of MCU existance - a smart, strong, well-rounded woc who is important to the plot and overall universe.

And maybe Helen isn’t the character we’ve wanted so much for so long - after all, she’s still a side-character, she’s a civilian and not a hero in the mask, she’s more of a Maria Hill than a Black Widow - but that doesn’t change the fact that she’s pretty damn important, pretty big step forward and deserves more attention and love than she is getting.

(yes, i’m a bit bitter. but that is only because i love her so damn much)

In the little screentime she’s had in the film we’ve found out pretty much about Helen - so don’t give all the “she’s not developed” thing either. We know that she is smart, she’s a pioneer in her field, she’s sassy and doesn’t take anyone’s crap - even if it’s a 9 feet tall murderbot, she’s dedicated to her job but she’s also feminine and bit flirty, she’s someone who has Tony Stark’s respect and trust (and it already speaks volumes about her character), she’s brave and selfless when need to be - no less a hero than her Avenger friends, which she demonstrates the moment Wanda’s mindfuck is lifted by stopping Vision’s creation even though she was most likely sure it would cost her her life - and when it doesn’t, while being heavily wounded and in terrible pain - the first thing she does is relay vital information to the Avengers, because world is more important than her pain.

I’m so, so terribly scared we’ll lose her now that Whedon’s gone. Because there is still so much potential for Helen. So many ways she can be written in other movies (and even tv shows) without just being shoehorned and doing vital things (like… you know… creating awesome things… like Vision) because we’ve already witnessed that is exactly what she strives for.

I just want more of Dr. Helen Cho. Is that too much to ask?

Honorable Mention: Laura Barton. Kickass wife and mother, who‘s kind, generous, has steel nerves and giant heart. You can hate Whedon all you want but this you can’t take away from him - this dude took two women who get unceremoniously killed in the comics before we get to normally know them (both Helen and Laura) and gave them happy, fulfilled existance (hey, for some people being a wife and a mother IS fulfilling, you know). And that, in my eyes, is something worth phrasing.

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So I’ve been meaning to do this for months now but lots of things kept coming up. And now I am nearing 800 followers. I legitimately can’t believe it. Scott and Stiles’ thoughts on the chalkboard are accurate representations of my own thoughts. So, without further ado, here we go!

The Alphas

Y'all are the best of the best and deserve a very special mention. The Alphas of my pack of followers.

bleep0bleep - I gotta start with you. First off, thank you for making this wonderful little banner since I lack any form of visual artistic ability.  It’s amazing. I think I talk to you the most of anyone on tumblr tbh (probably because of stuff about my fics). You’ve been an immense help to me as a writer. I don’t know if The War Of The Nemeton and A Crack In The Hourglass would be as good as they are without your betaing and pointers. They might have never come into existence in the first place as I was so daunted by the idea of doing a long fic initially! You’re a brilliant writer in your own right and are rightfully recognized for it! You also make epic edits. So, yes, thank you for everything and for being so awesome.

prettyinsoulpunk - You’ve been an amazing person to talk to. Always so open to discussing meta, theories, idea, etc. for Teen Wolf and other shows we both watch. I enjoy our conversations and am still immensely jealous that you’ve made it to TW cons and gotten to meet people. ONE DAY!!!! Also, your fic reviews have been the best things I’ve ever read about my works and they’ve helped me improve as a writer. I can’t wait for the day you have the time to read my two long fics and give me your thoughts. I can’t wait to hear them. Beyond that, you’ve been just a great person in general and supportive. Thank you.

haaaveyoumeted - You’ve really just been a generally amazing person since I first started following you. We’ve talked off and on about tons of things from fandom to real life stuff. You make amazing edits and are part of several of my fandoms. You’re also responsible for dragging me into the Divergent fandom and the TMR fandom to some degree as well (you were my first source of it). So, just know you’re great and you deserve the best. :D I hope everything is going well with you.

The Keepers of the Glade

Some of my favorites from the Maze Runner Fandom. Y'all have been truly amazing and made my experience in the TMR fandom quite something.

captaingally - I hereby dub you Keeper Of The Gladers. I realize that was never formally a thing in the book, but that’s basically what Alby was if you think about it. Anyway, you’ve been one of the best people I’ve met in the TMR fandom and you helped me out with the giveaway banner! You also make great gifs, edits, icons, etc. So, yeah. Thanks for being awesome.

wickedisgood - Your URL pretty much wins you a perpetual follow forever, but really you’re great. We’ve had some awesome discussions about the books and movie. You also sell some really cool TMR shirts and hoodies (which I will order eventually x_x). So, yes. You’re amazing.

thegladuh - We’ve talked a few times. You’re poetry is really good and you also post lots of other awesome TMR stuff. Also, I really like your URL for some reason, lol. I think I first found you when someone reblogged your post about Gally which lead to me writing Gally’s Story. Thanks for that inspiration!

The Betas

Y'all deserve a special little shoutout for being especially awesome!

otherbully1 - You rescued me from dealing with athenadark for the first time and I’ve followed you ever since. Your TW blogging and blogging in general is awesome. Your comments on the show and other things range from hilarious to super insightful and that’s awesome. Keep doing you! (Also, you’re a fellow Louisianian, so extra bonus points lol)

drakamena - We’ve discussed meta, ships, etc. about Teen Wolf and TMR. I’ve enjoyed our discussions in the past and I’m sure we’ll have some more when season 5 comes along. I look forward to it. Also, I still remember the short little fic you wrote and gifted to me on AO3. Thanks for that again. You’re fantastic!

shattered-addiction - Not sure if you’ll get to see this, dude, but you’re one of the first people I started following on tumblr. I think I found you through a post of yours about Are You Afraid Of The Dark lol. Anyway, we talk a lot (though life has kept us both busy so not so much lately) and I really enjoy it. You’re a cool dude and worthy of mention on here.

the-ravenclaw-prefect - You drug me into the OUAT fandom and I regret absolutely nothing about this lol. You’re in so many of my fandoms, too. We really should discuss all thing Harry Potter sometime btw. Ah, and I think I managed to pull you into Teen Wolf? Ah, who knows. Either way, you’re awesome and keep on practicing. You’re a great musician, too.

damnitxavi - The fact that this ended up being your URL will never not make me laugh. It all started as a joke your freshmen year and it still persists today. It’s just so perfect. Nothing else could ever be your URL. Anyway, I couldn’t NOT give you a special shoutout. You deserve it. You’re a great person and you’re far more talented and skilled at many things than you’ll ever realize. Remember that. Try not to be too hard on yourself. You’ll be alright in the end. Anyway, keep on being awesome, dude.

knottystilinski - Mike, you fuck. I almost skipped you because you changed your URL and didn’t tell me. THIS IS WHY WE CAN’T HAVE NICE THINGS. Ahem… Anyway, dude, you’re always fun to talk to, fandom or otherwise. We should definitely chat more often. I always enjoyed it. Maybe some Cards Against Humanity too? :D Anyway you earned a spot here for sure.

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Alright! I think that about does it for the follow forever! It means a lot to me that nearly 800 people follow me. Y'all are amazing even if you aren’t on this list. So, as always, thanks for following.