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Guys, our local Viet-tien market started carrying one of the special kitkat flavors and it was the green tea one and ommmmg. I love kitkats for the crunch but the flavor is so smooth and pleasant.

Kinda wonder whether what Mary wants is hunting or family, because don’t get me wrong I’m all for both, both is good, and it can work for Sam and Dean and hopefully Cas but I don’t think it’s what Mary actually wants..
I mean, I’ve been buying the ‘kill all the monsters to give sons a normal life’ thing but now I think.. if she really wanted family, she wouldn’t have had the urge to hunt when Dean was a kid and all? Maybe she’s really kidding herself? Or is this also still the messed up cupid/resurrection thing affecting her?

I also wonder if John would’ve been able to/wanted to stop after Azazel’s death if he’d still been alive back then..

What I’d also like them do with this character story is the boys not ‘because mom’-ing everything about her, because that way they can never develop an honest relationship with her. I’d like them to temporarily(!) break with her so she can earn her place in the family by herself and not based on expectations. 


Okay, so I have to fire this cowboy host at work, and I need your help. We’re gonna do a little roleplay. I’ll be the boss, and you’ll be the employee I’m firing.

Fresh off the Boat, Season 1, Episode 8.

im posting a preview of a giant project that’s killing me because of how large it is. and im not even done yet.


missing a few key cures from some series but will add em in eventually. also all the international cures as well. debating on dark cures too. might cave because i like em so much.

tiny preview is tiny

update … added more! most notably, some international cures from hapcha. would have done more but net crapped out on me in the mid. NO REFS = NO CURES. RIP ech will continue when i return home tomorrowwwww

update2 … added the rest of the international cures! will work on dark ones now~

wish i could play through pokemon games again like it was the first time i was playing them

446. George accidentally came out to his mother one day. He told Molly that he had to tell her something. At first he stuttered, struggling to find the right word. After a moment, Molly blurted out, "Wait, are you gay?" and George, slightly annoyed, just goes "Well YES, but that's not the point!"

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omg some mad love / arkham / dr quinzel head canons would be amazing please!!

(very long one here, i hope to do more Arkham because this is just a small introduction!)

Dr. Quinzel was not experienced enough to take on Arkham patients. Her degree in psychiatric medicine was not even six months old when she was assigned to take on some of the most dangerous people in Gotham. She was young, she was way too pretty, too fresh, for such insanity. It was going to damage her perception of humanity, of rights, of morals–but the operators of Arkham Asylum didn’t care when they hired her. They wanted someone, anyone, to help them get to these patients because they couldn’t and maybe a fresh new face like Harleen’s was the answer. And upon her arrival at the tattered, inhumane looking institution, Harleen was given the patient that no one would stand in the same room as. She was given the most dangerous, the most unstable, the one, the only: the Joker. 

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i still have pumpkin from last night’s jack-o-lantern carving in my hair.